Monday, March 26, 2012

Contented Woman's Daybook

Today Outside my Window? Oh it is so beautiful today! I see glistening green trees and a white flowering tree, God planted in perfect sight. The green leaves glisten like little diamonds.

I am thinking... Some things perhaps need to change in priorities. Some blogging on other blogs may have to take a slow-down as God sees fit. I'll be darned if my family time is taken away because of a blog. (Many feelings on this, things noticed lately) Not complaining, just wising up? Life is a constant wising-up is it not? : ) But on the other hand, if we as bloggers do not glorify GOD in this present society with the gift of our typing fingers who will???? It's all about the Lord's leading in cadence.

I am thankful for... For my husband. We had such a nice time yesterday. I was having a little episode of sore throat feverish relapse after attending a shower Saturday so we stayed home and listened to a sermon and then went to get lunch and a wonderful spring day drive through a nearby two-hundred year old town frozen in time. I'm thankful for our girls. My husband and I are so very thankful for beautiful girls inside and out who love the Lord Jesus Christ and are not seeking peer approval of any kind. My husband and I watched Michelle go the mailbox the other day through the window...He shook his head and said..."She's beautiful. Inside and out. They all four are. A guy would be a fool not to see it." Thankful for a husband who will notice and verbalize that. It makes me feel good inside.

I am wearing... A hot pink cotton polo shirt, dark blue and white workout capris. Yellow flip flops, full makeup and my hair up in a Victorian bun. Glasses on my head. Lavender perfume on. (ready for a productive day!)

In the learning room... The School of Christ. The School of Christ...

I am remembering... I need to write several Easter cards to some folks today. Also several notes of encouragement as well. My giving of self. I need to make sure and remind dh to get salt for the water softener.

I am going... Probably for a walk today to the pond to read. I love that sun's vitamin D!

I am currently reading.. A wowee book. "Giving Yourself Away" by David Dunn written in 1947. This one is a life changer...I wrote about it in my Vision for a Godly Home blog.

I am hoping... My baby Becca gets well and God's healing power touches her body in some miraculous ways soon. She's been going through somewhat of a health crisis, she's a quiet girl, her still waters run deep at times. She's sensitive like her mom so the way people treat her affect her.

On my mind... Several sweet people at the shower I was able to visit with. Very nice ladies, jewels. A darling young lady I had the privilege of sitting with. Sometimes the quiet ones are the hidden jewels are they not? I reiterate...a privilege and as my daughter Marianna says, "I value that girl's respect". So true Marianna. Those sweet ones are the true saints of God many times, the ones who are overlooked. Christ is there and I'm convinced the Lord's angels are smiling upon them. It will always be that way in life. The sweet things often are the most overlooked. Angels themselves in disguise many times...

Noticing that... I've got to get going!

Pondering these words... Jesus answered nothing ...

From the kitchen... Yikes. Not sure yet, I had better go take a peek into the fridge to see what is on hand. I may try a brown rice pizza for a change if I have the goodies for it. Edit: *Ehem* Yes we have no "bananas". : P We will have a pasta dish tonight. Hubs will be happy...

From the working room...Sewing today, if I can fit it in. I love creating my own clothing. I keep it very, very simple and jazz things up with belts and such.

Around the house... Very quiet. Doglets sleeping, nice music from Christian radio.

One of my favorite things... Spring. Hope. The Father's Presence I feel so strongly today. He's always here but there's something about today.

Photos I would like to share..

Is this not the sweetest thing? A mommy and her baby calf right by our backdoor.

Isn't this cute? Our kitten, Marilla watching the mommy cow through the window.

Mommy and youth in the front yard by the pond...

These were taken a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Lundy's cows were here to visit and so glad we had not put in the garden yet!

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Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Hey Mrs. Amelia.
The description of your day and you being all made up for a productive one was so adorable and sweet telling! I hope it was restful and that you are feeling better. I hope your youngest feels better too.

The cow pictures are so sweet.
You said they came visiting before the garden was put in. What did you plant this year?

Love those words of Jesus. I need to ponder them a good bit as well!

I will email you soon. I am so sorry. It has been rather crazy around here picking up everything and moving to a whole new place. I will fill you gals in this week!
Hugs, Carmen