Monday, August 23, 2021

Life Means So Much...Everyday is a Journal Page, What Will we Compose?


This song by Chris Rice really ministers to my heart, I've loved it for years.  It's such a truthful reminder, let us consider the words to this  beautiful song...


It's donned on me that the evening that our little dog probably was in trouble, or somewhere he shouldn't have been, I was distracted and very, very upset by a most calculating, prying individual who was upsetting one of my loved ones.  We've all seen their likes.  It's very upsetting the amount of energy they took from me that afternoon.  This song brings things home and how we must keep things focused on our loved ones in our own home.   Every day is a journal page what will we compose?

Speaking of calculating people, there's a lot going on in this big world and perhaps in our little worlds, much like it was that evening and night our little Peanut went missing.  Let's make sure and give our love and energies and care to those in our homes or even outside our homes who we really care about, it could be one of our children, young or old, our precious fur angels who need our attention as in my situation that evening.  Let's be careful not to be distracted by those who cause trouble or even troubling news.  There are people and situations who are used  by the enemy and we must recognize it.   They will steal our Joy, steal our time, and they will distract us from those in our own homes.   Some of it is inevitable but let's try hard to carry on in calmness, and do the next thing as  Elisabeth Elliott said.  I'm preaching to myself too! 


Many of us are in those sandwich years, our generation could be called the Sandwich Generation.   We have elderly parents and have younger sons and daughters too, and  grandchildren.  So.  We must carry on on the strong wings of prayer!   There are times I have to look up to the Lord and say...Oh God, you're going to have to help me with this one!



Now, I must say I'm a firm believer in keeping up with viable news on the radio etc. those who share my values.   My father was a city councilman, I grew up with political pamphlets etc. in our home, but I know when to turn it off even if it's a viable source.  I get my information to educate myself and when it repeats or becomes a bit much, I know it's enough.  


One thing that will help greatly with news coming in is to make things prayer points, we can cast our cares on Him and He gives that Peace.   God wins, if you read Revelations it is rather eye opening to how He works things.  He wins. 

When I do find my mind going to things that are not peaceful thoughts and could cause worry, I sing and sometimes I raise my hands to the Lord ....Holy, holy, holy........Lord God Almighty....Early in the morning our song will rise to thee!....Holy thou art holy.....merciful and mighty....God in creation, blessed trinity...   It just scoots those  bad thoughts away!  *HERE* is one version by Keith Green in entirety.



In the natural end of things...I  believe if God's children would pay attention to real facts, those presented by true believers, get with the Lord and have a tiddle of discernment to what is up we wouldn't be in this lousy mess.  It's hard for people to have any discernment when they are filling their minds with tv programs or movies that have things in it that God hates.  It dulls their senses and then throw in the artificial sweeteners and junk they eat etc. that dull their minds, it's a disaster and this is in the churches too.  I've never seen such a twisted up mess, people calling good, evil and evil, good.  

We all have little governments in our home, let's keep our homes an atmosphere of praise and have a sweet spirit and smile, don't be a sour puss, our kids do not need that, our  grown kids do not need that, our husbands do not need that and it's okay to ask our husbands to smile a bit too.  We'll be eating out and I look at a table with a family and the children look like  good kids and I look at the parents and they seem so sullen and no fun at all to be around, and even rude, I saw the father pass the waiter as he left and just coldly hands the tip to waiter, moving as if the waiter was almost invisible as if the man was giving a snobbish hat-tip. They probably just came from church, the kids were wearing matching Christian tshirts.  

Let's love others, I mean really love others, showing care right in our own home and outside the home.  I see people who are very right-on in what they say but aren't all that nice, it's a bit like what Corinthians says about being a clanging cymbal eh?

It's been a difficult time, losing little Peanut, I miss that little baby dearly but God comforts and helps me, He even sends surprises and Gifts my way.   He'll do the same for you too, we can ask Him to. 

Speaking of loving others, I so appreciate the loving and kind comments that were made on my last blog about our little Peanut.   Those comments touched my heart deeply and mean the world.  Thank you so much.  



I recently heard this quote by Ann Frank

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” 


 This is a little garden banner I bought in remembrance of little Peanut.

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 A little garden statue I came across, I thought this was so sweet.

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So, in my garden under one of the Lilac trees I have a little memorial for little Peanut and all of our precious pets who have crossed over to the other side, I'm sure I've shared about the middle aged man who was in the nursing home for physical care I met who was greeted  by all of his pets when he had crossed over to Heaven before the paramedics brought him back.  Yes, it's true.  We can't argue with a testimony. 

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I hope you all are doing well, we have quite a lot going on here, a wedding being planned as my oldest daughter is getting married and it should be quite a nice affair.   It will be small and intimate but a nice affair.   I actually have been working on, designing and sewing a classic styled ballet length mother of the bride dress and it's totally the Lord how He has guided me on that.   The fabric is a rather slippery lining type fabric with a slight sheen in an eggplant-plum color, very vintage I think.  

It also looks like we just moved in, we had new flooring installed the week before we lost our little Peanut and every nook and cranny was emptied into my living area.  I'm trying to just go through one box at a time, it needed to be done but all at one time is a bit much for me.  I divide my days into segments, cooking time, creating time, reading time and unloading a box time... When I don't get done what I set out to do, when I have unexpected calls...I just end my day saying to myself:  "I did the best I could."


We watched the movie:   The Book Thief  and I'm listening also to the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack in my kitchen...The movie is beautiful....It's not a happy-go-lucky movie by any means as it takes place during Hitler's rein.  It has plenty of poignant and even sweet parts though.  I loved her adopted father, he reminds me of my step daddy.   What those people went through, but the very ending is so touching and the movie is so very poignant to me. The young girl, Liesl reminds me of our youngest, she looked very, very much the same when she was that age.  It's remarkable. 


Another movie I was watching in glimpses yesterday on a Christian station was The Yearling (1946)...Oh my.  I can hardly watch that movie  but there was a part playing that I had never seen before.  The two precious, sweet, sweet little boys were talking before they went to sleep, one sweet little boy was telling the other about the clouds and asks....Do you ever watch the clouds?   There are angels behind the clouds, I just know it!


There is joy in quiet meditation and prayer--in simply talking with the Heavenly Father about anything and everything each day.  And in knowing that He hears and he cares.   Author unkown


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All creatures have something visible and invisible.  The visible is weak;  the invisible is strong and alive.  This (the invisible) seeks to get through to human understanding because human beings do not see it.  And yet these invisible realities are forces in the workings of the Holy Spirit.      -Hildegard of Bingen


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In closing, my husband reminds to not be in fear, he knows a lot of people are going through a lot of changes right now, God has not given us a spirit of fear.  Just keep your eyes on Him and He will give you the Peace that passes all understanding.

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Saturday, August 7, 2021

We Lost Our Little 'Peanut', Our Precious Little Baby, our Little Dachshund. I Miss My Little Dog so Much.

It was all over the neighborhood web loop from here to twenty miles away at least...A little brown Dachshund out on the country road eating roadkill but running as fast as anything when a human would attempt to pick him up.  The weather was cold as ever that pre-Thanksgiving year in 2019.  He was a young little guy and fast.  There were people who wanted this little dog and bad.    

On that Thanksgiving afternoon, a knock at the door and it was my son in love, Pete  my daughter and our little grandbaby plus one.   Our daughter, Joycie was holding the elusive little dachshund!   I couldn't believe my eyes!   They were riding down that country road when my Ellie Mae daughter who takes after me spotted the little guy..."Quick there's a dog, stop!"   My son in love stopped and the elusive little dachsy ran under the barbed wire fence, my son in love instantly put his long arm over that fence and grabbed that little pilgrim and that was that!   

Peanut was his main name, my daughter, Grace named him Slinky.  He was also known by Pilgrim and Max at times...But he was our BABY.   We would always say...Hi Little Baby!   We loved him so much.  He was young and frisky and full of the most wonderful personality you have ever seen.   He could be a meme.  His eyes were sooooo expressive.  He was just precious and loved us and we loved him.

We lost little Peanut last week suddenly.   

I've been extremely broken over this and I just don't even know what to say at this time but I miss my little dog.   ...My little Baby.




Last week one night around ten, I looked around the living room and didn't see our little boy nestled on any of the couches as normal, "Do you have Peanut? to my husband"   "Do you have Peanut? to Grace"  "Where is he?!"   "Where's Peanut?!!!!"   He roots under pillows and blankets so I think each one of us thought he was rooted under pillows and a blanket next to someone elses lap as usual.  We immediately all jumped up looking for our little baby.  He was also called "LITTLE BABY"  He was our LITTLE BABY.   

Jem was riding around on his utility cart with the flashlight with the lights on looking we were calling and calling.   Nothing.

We finally went to bed with a sinking heart...Something was very wrong.   Very, very wrong.  All the other dogs were in the house for the night.  All of them.  Grace and I had dreams of little Peanut baby all night long thinking he was back and then waking up to disappointment.

I went ahead and got out of bed at 5am.  It was dark and I let our large dogs out and flipped the light on eyeing where they went.   Gracie our hound stopped by the side of the  house under the lilac tree and sniffed, I immediately got the flashlight and my heart sank...I see a little blue collar on a beautiful little red dachshund lying there one ear out characteristically as if he were peacefully asleep under the lilac tree...  But he wasn't asleep.

We don't know whether a water moccasin bit him, or if there were internal causes that we were unaware of.  We had had him checked by the vet the week we got him and no heart worms and I treat my dogs for that monthly...So it's a eerie, cruel mystery.  I did see two little marks in his groin area that resembled a snake bite when I lifted him from the ground, a little toy ball near...Oh my heart.  

So.  It's been a rough week or so, my daughter, Joycie had a miscarriage and that was up and down, an emotional roller coaster as well.  How cruel can this all get...  My body finally told me enough was enough.  My face broke out in hives.  That spoke multitudes.


My heart is horribly sad, we so miss little Peanut not running up to our car and jumping in and sitting like a little man...Little Pilgrim.  He would jump up with me in our old golf cart to go check on something just like our little man..Little Pilgrim.  I would just put my arm around him and pat him.  His short little legs were so darn cute.....And those loving expressions.  The house is very quiet because he would be the first to alert.  I don't understand how this happened...So many things I don't understand but I know the Father is there.  I suspect as a pastor recently said...When He is quietest, He is there with us.   I'm camping out at Psalms 23.   

When Grace and I walked out to the burial area to place our little marker, Peanut's toys and flowers a beautiful red cardinal was in a tiny tree as we trudged back into the house to get more decorative pebbles...He was waving his little wings around and stayed for the longest, longest time as I stood there with my arm around Grace.   On the way back out to the grave site as we had gathered more little pebbles to outline the grave, a cardinal was in the tree above the grave .......He waved his wings and hopped around and stayed.....For the longest, longest time.  Yes, for a long time that beautiful red cardinal stayed and kept us company.

A white feather appeared on one of Grace's black jackets laying in a basket.  No one knows where it came from....A  huge beautiful owl flew down from a tree one morning last week and landed so close to the window where I was standing with my coffee...He was beautiful, grey rimmed eyes on a white face, and his legs looked white and the feathers looked furry like a cat's legs he was huge...He stood there for a long time, with his a visible small yellow beak ...just looking around and then the huge bird flew off to my amazement.  It was like a storybook.



Here's a few shots of our little Peanut, I may be adding more, Grace has some beautiful shots of his expressions:

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 This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}   He had gotten the last drop, and I saw this out the window!  Thank God I rescued my little fella right away!

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}  Peanut and Liesl....We didn't do anything mommy...

Recently taken, he would always come and lay down next to me as I took a rest on the recliner in the afternoons.

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}.

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}  Gracie our large Black Mouth Curr Hound laying next to the little box where little Peanut lay.   You see....Gracie used to think she was his mommy...She really did, she thought he was her little baby too.

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}  The little box where little Peanut lay.

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}  I made this little marker and flower arrangement for his little burial place. 

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}.  Two of his favorite toys of late.  He would pounce up on the couch with the squeaky ball...He would get little stuffed animals and run and squeak the little squeaker shaking it something mighty.


It's with a very sad heart that I've written and posted all of this, I hated to do it but wanted to do it because Peanut was so loved.  Just so loved... So, let's just say your prayers are coveted, many of you understand how our fur angels play a major part in our lives.


  This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}.   It's me, Amelia the little gal who loves animals, always has and always will...Little heartbeats and comforts from the Lord.  This is a drawing I drew in highschool of me with my first little dog, Cutie.



My daughter, Joycie who is having a tough week of it as well sent me this song.  It ministered to my heart and maybe it will yours too.



"Love is something like the clouds that were in the sky before the sun came out.  You cannot touch the clouds, you know; but you feel the rain and know how glad the flowers and the thirsty earth are to have it after a hot day.  You cannot touch love either;  but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything."    ~Annie Sullivan


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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Be Careful, Be Alert, Keep Your Eyes on Jesus, 'Call Northside 777', Christmas in July Time!

I don't feel completely comfortable writing things that are negative about any particular group.  I don't want to be a downer let's say and I don't want to be seen as nit-picky. 

My husband and I have seen many fringe movements through out our Christianity.  Trust me.


The devil comes in many forms, the Bible says it's possible that the elect will be fooled, the Bible says do not be deceived.   If the Bible warns not to be  deceived then it is possible.

I recently have unwittingly come across a movement disguised in attractive homemaking videos, scripture is read etc. the videos look very nice and are very attractive and even sweet to someone like me who loves the Lord, the country and simple living.  Let's face it, it's hard finding fellowship or churches who support homemaking and are not double minded but also kind.    I don't know about you, but I want straight up Christianity.  I want a sweet spirit, not a worldly one and I want a loving and friendly atmosphere. 

Even though I enjoyed the videos, I noticed dissenters making videos and such of one of the torah ministries represented in those videos and didn't quite know what to think...There are always two sides, correct?  Was it sour grapes?  Who was deceiving who?  What's going on here?  Were these dissenters liberal-woke church-goers being mean to the sweet looking people?  After all, we do have the seeker-woke movement coming against things that are good and holy, former people who had it right are going to the left totally against the Lord's Word and it's not good!  Please be warned on that of course!   I'm certainly not trying to insult intelligence here either, I think most friends who read here see very clearly.

But it wasn't until I tried to leave a comment of encouragement in good faith on a beautiful torah type ministry video channel and noticed how it was handled (like a slap in the face from someone young enough to be my daughter).   No sleep lost but it was troubling, my stomach dropped.  There was no love and no kind of smoothing things over, and certainly no apology for a misunderstanding.  In another case I recently heard one seemingly very sweet young lady even express when she was asked about animal sacrifices that they didn't have a temple (to do one in).  Very troubling.  This new movement is not the same as a church or a family celebrating the Jewish feasts or any of that, this is far beyond and goes in the opposite direction of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and God's character and is what Paul warns us about.

I've pulled up a couple of articles that may explain things of what we are seeing here, it's new to me, but apparently it's been going on.   Once again, allow me to clarify...This has nothing to do with Christians observing and reverencing Jewish feasts etc.  This is an entirely different ballgame...  It's attracting sweet families who are trying to do the right thing.    I'm hoping the articles below will explain the difference and cautions.

Jews for Jesus, About Torah Observance

Answers in Genesis, Hebrew Roots Movement  


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I'm starting a sewing project, a cute skirt with a "Paris" print cotton purchased from Walmart and decluttering a little.  Composing our dinners, I always go back to my tried and true! lol and have watched a very good evening movie with hubs:   

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 Call  Northside 777    (1948)

I've  blogged on this movie  before, oh it's so good!  Definitely worthy of another mention!   Justice being fought for here...Amazing movie.   


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Changes.    I recently watched a video by Dr. Mercola our youngest daughter shared with us on the dangers of our devices too close to us and even on  people.    I have quit putting my laptop on my lap at night as Jem and I watch a classic movie.   Now, I go to a designated place, usually my kitchen table to purposefully browse and then I put my laptop up.   I'm enjoying our movie-watching so much more now!   We love old black and white movies from the 40s especially.   The movies in the 40s are generally more clean and sweet.   WWII was going on and there was a healthy fear of God in our country.




If we surrender our hearts to God we may expect a wondrous enlargement.    ~A. W. Tozer


Live today fully, expressing gratitude for all you have been, all you are right now, and all you are becoming.   ~Melody Beattie


Love comes while we rest against our Father's chest.   Joy comes when we catch the rhythms of His heart.  Peace comes when we live in harmony with those rhythms.   ~Ken Gire 



P.S.    It's Christmas in July time!     Are you starting any projects?   I don't have any homemade ones right now but I am finding some very nice things at Dollar Tree to wrap up for our grandbabies and even a hand held mirror for my mom!    Let me know here of any neat things you have going! 

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I hope you are all doing well!  God's blessings,        ~Amelia

Thursday, July 1, 2021

A Breath of Fresh Air...Nancy Campbell. Thanks be to God. Sharing a Bit of Sewing.

This season of life I'm in, is so very different to me, I've gone from a homeschool mommy with babes and little ones all around and behind my skirt to almost an empty nester now.  It's so strange as I see my youngest in her late twenties flying off to a photo shoot dressed in her signature black outfit, camera in hand.  Wow.  *tears*   Her light hair and eyes are like my Daddy's, she looks much like him and my mother and I see him through her eyes many a day.  Even in myself, when I sit with my coffee in the morning in the easy chair talking to God, I find myself sitting exactly as he did, when I eat, I fling my fork back in my hand by my ear listening to Jem talk or studying my plate...Maybe just looking around but that fork is in that customary place just like my dad's fork always was.  I never knew I did that until a boy from school who had been observing me eating one day called it to my attention.  (funny things we do and don't even know it).

I've missed my daddy lately, he passed away tragically in a very horrible situation this time of year in '17.   Here is a poignant blog entry I wrote a year after he passed away to Heaven where he sees very clearly now:

Everytime I See Your Face...Photograph.



Encouraging Podcasts, Nancy Campbell:

 My daughters and I enjoy Nancy Campbell, and Joycie just shared some of the latest of her podcasts and must I say I was overjoyed when hearing Mrs. Campbell's latest message.  We just aren't hearing truthful messages much are we?   Most older women are not like Nancy Campbell unfortunately and many times I've privately grimaced at their way of thinking and been grieved at heart noticing that they've bought into the culture.

The churches today are heartbreaking to me, people going against purity and all that is right and holy.  Oh dear Lord, are they reading their Bibles at all???  Are people talking to the Lord at all???  


I just listened to the following podcast by Nancy Campbell and was so blessed by it, it brought tears to my eyes.  On one of her podcasts she mentions turning 80.   ...Even though I'm 60 years old, I think that when I grow up I want to be Nancy Campbell if you know what I mean... *big smile*



Here's the podcast I listened to today, around 14 she really warms up (big smile) the entire thing is wonderful but she gets down to nitty gritty around that time frame, enjoy and be blessed:

Let's Get Back the Glory



Here's another I listened to a couple of months ago and was also blessed by this one on following a child's bend in homeschooling:

Following Your Bent


And here's a COMPLETE list of Nancy Campbell's podcasts, wow, so many of these look and are EXCELLENT: 

  Complete List of Nancy Campbell's Podcasts



Hope you all are  doing fine and trusting the Lord, taking refuge in Him.  Oh how He loves you, oh how He loves me, oh how He loves me and you!   Remember that song?

My Forest Cathedral: Show 'n Tell, Heartfelt Contemplations ...and a Most Special Song  Tis me in the good ol' summer time sitting across from my hubs, Jem... Hair pulled  back sun glasses are my friend, wearing one of my favorite lawn cotton blouses I make.  I love the color, navy

I love to sew, compose and design my own clothing, I've  designed clothing, drawing fashion illustrations since junior high, I loved vintage and the old Laura Ashley designs before anyone heard of vintage or Laura Ashley.  When many were wearing mini skirts, I longed for 40s-50s midi skirts!  When I sew I can choose cool natural fabrics, tweak patterns and just sew my own styles that I've identified as being flattering, stylish and modest.   We do not have to be slaves to the culture!  It's so refreshing to be my own person in the Lord.  If you do not know how to sew, it would  be wonderful to find a friend to teach you even simple sewing.  The following outfit is simple.  No darts and an elastic waist skirt.  Bravissimo I say on that.   We don't have to stress to sew, we can sew simple.

   Navy lawn cotton from Fashion Fabrics Club, top, a tweaked Simplicity pattern #1690    I made a slight v-neck altering the width of the neckline simply, lengthened to tunic length and made the sleeves a bit more kimono, so it's more flattering.   The belt is my own pattern.

The skirt is my tried and true (out of print) Simplicity #4881 (available on ebay) lengthened to above ankle, not midi but not maxi.... made from a flowie, light rayon challis in navy and white stripe from Fashion Fabrics Club.   

I hope all is well where you are.   The fragrance wafting from the kitchen is Italian gravy on Tofurky Italian veggie sausage in the oven, oh it's so good, will be served over pasta.  The Gardein brand veggie meatballs are plumb wonderful too.  I have white patty squash from the garden cut and I'll roast slices in avocado oil in the oven, and Ancient Harvest gluten free pasta will be served.   Can you say, served  in a snobbish way like a butler?   Ha! 

Hope you're having a sweet summer fellowshipping with the Lord.  Gleaning from some of our brothers and sisters in the faith.   Above all?   Spending time with the Lord.

Don't let controversy hurt your soul.  Live near to God by prayer.  Just fall down at His feet and open your very soul before Him, and throw yourself right into His arms.   ~Catherine Booth


He is not far from each one of us.  "For in him we live and move and have our being."   ~Acts 17:27

In waiting we begin to get in touch with the rhythms of life--- stillness and action, listening and decision.  They are the rhythms of God.  It is in the everyday and the commonplace that we learn patience, acceptance, and contentment.  ~Richard J. Foster




Concerning email feed here:   I received notice that feedburner may be discontinued for our email subscriptions, and may be discontinued already, so if you would like, please oblige and follow me on bloglovin' or the old fashioned blogger way, both on right.  Bloglovin' is a dashboard for favorite blogs, it's free and quite handy and they will email a daily digest to you as well.  I've used it for more than several years and it seems just fine.  Thanks for understanding!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sermon for Sunday. Carter Conlon: Is it Time to Run From Your Church? A Few Glimpses Here.

Carter Conlon:   Is it Time to Run From Your Church?


I thought this banner in my garden was very appropriate.

Thanking God for, and honoring our veterans who gave their all.   We greatly appreciate them so, so much.   Words cannot convey.

I hope everyone has been well, as we keep our eyes upon Jesus....

My mornings are a special time with the Lord...


Just the other morning, I met a new coffee buddy, a sweet little doe out my window, God's creatures are such wonderful companions...



Mo Mo, she's a very sweet and delicate kitty, it's so funny, Liesl is a large dog and for some reason, Liesl is very afraid of Mo Mo.  Both animals are so sweet but Mo Mo gives Liesl that look.


Mo-Mo, guarding Big Blue



This is sweet Liesl taking an afternoon nap with little Muffie...Liesl is so sweet and doesn't let it bother her a bit that little blind Muffie stumbled into the bed there and she more then willing shared her spot. 

the average dog is a nicer person than the average person. -andy rooney   True! : )   ...I think we all can understand this quote at times!


Been keeping up with the garden:


White patty squash from my garden, isn't it so pretty?   



Country mouse, city mouse...


These are little ministry bags, at least that is what I call them.  I buy the brown lunch bags and fill them with a large bottled water or two depending on the heat of the day, a couple of individual serve pre-wrapped peanut butter cracker sandwich packs, a couple of prepackaged fruit cups, a couple of plastic spoons, napkins, and a good Christian tract or two.   When we go to downtown many times we are at a stop light and there will be a person who lives on the streets who comes to the window for change, I have these bags handy to give to them through the window of our car and we give them the  biggest loving smile ever and tell them Jesus loves you, keep your eyes on Him!   We also know there are churches in the area where they can get a hot meal almost every day of the week.  I've been trying to be diligent in giving tracts and leaving them in restrooms, ya know?  If we really believe in eternity...Shouldn't we act upon that in warning others, giving them hope?  




One of our sweet little grandsons with Jem, my husband.  God help this generation where we have even large homeschool groups seemingly as now wolves in sheep's clothing and so called conservative politicians that once walked with God but still attend church even singin' in the choir, appearing now as dishonest politicians, we see now they have in the past gladly taken huge amount of moneys from these groups so they will vote for the group's self serving and dangerous agenda. We would think that in this day and time these church going choir singin' politicians would be more discerning in lieu of the direction the nation is taking.  Oh God help us and I mean that sincerely.

And He will help us.   He sees all.


God wins.


"We're living in a generation where truth is falling into the streets...."     ~Carter Conlon 

God wins, we must pray, we must honestly and transparently repent on a daily basis and have integrity, whether it's writing a thank you note, refraining from an unkind word against someone that really doesn't need to be said even privately to our husbands, we need to keep a pure and a clean heart in these times and all times and have a sweet spirit.  Listen closely to the still small voice of the Lord.    Be careful of busyness, the lust of the world, money and power of position.  


My husband adds:   Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and it's righteousness and then all these things will be added.


Seek Him first in a personal way, He is there listening. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Sermon and Brief Thoughts


Pastor Greg Locke in Tulsa, OK

This is one of the sermons we listened to this morning....It is very, very good!   It's not very long, only fourteen minutes.   It's by Pastor Greg Locke, he has a big-tent style of preaching and we would say...Gift of preaching.   He was brought up in a home  with a father in prison.  My husband was and is a prison chaplain and I've been in with him many times.  In fact, our daughters have too, when they were young they even had pet names for the men like 'Sparky' and "Uncle Robert".   I can't tell you the young men in those prisons, oh the stories I could tell, it would break your heart.


We've had a lovely Sunday, it was a dreamy, rainy day.  


This evening from our screened porch, the sun had came out and you could hear the peaceful rhythm of the rain drops whispering peace and joy.



The little area to the side shown here, lined with wood is our little blind dog, Muffie's area when he needs his fresh air.  The little guy does pretty well finding his way around and on up to the ramp to the dog door.


A new Ivy plant I treated myself to and repotted, it's so pretty and almost ruffly.  It's name is Bettina Ivy.

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What's for supper?

Sunday suppers are usually very simple, a very common Sunday supper in our home is scrambled pasture raised eggs, Ezekial bread toast and good ol' southern grits.   Did you know I'm a GRIT(S)?  I'm a gal-raised-in-the-south.  Half German and half Italian, now how's that for a combo?  Yes, it's quite a collision.  I laugh and say:   Italian styling and German engineering.    *huge smile*


Muffie is doing much better thank the good Lord, he was actually walking around today, almost strutting around like a little teddy bear.  He ate treats, chewed on several chewies and  devoured a baked egg.   This is Muffie recouping next to my husband last week one late night, he feels loved...and very sleepy here.  He has a funja face here.  In Italian, funja means...pout. 






Besides reading Psalms 37 and 91 slowly and cross referencing, I've been enjoying studying my Bible in Genesis and Revelation and oh wow is that interesting.  The churches mentioned...Sure sounds familiar. 


Have a sweet Sunday evening...  


Blessings to all.



Monday, May 10, 2021

Fear Not, God is in Control. Beautiful Peace, Friendship with God, Updates on Muffie

This morning I was reading in my devotional and it ends like this:


"Having a friendship with God is no small thing."


Amen, there's nothing like it.  That personal relationship with the Lord, talking and walking with Him, spending time with Him and knowing Him and that still small Voice.


This week what I saw;  this beautiful scene one morning... 



I'm taking care of our little blind dog, Muffie, he's having a very hard week and not eating hardly anything, I'm giving him syringe fulls of water with nutrients.   Here he is a sleepy morning this week in his little bed.   I wonder what he is thinking, I hold him and he cuddles with me. We've had him since '08 and he was at least several years old at that time...My daughter Joycie was driving down the main street of our suburban neighborhood back then and Muffie was waiting in the middle of the street looking at her, just sitting there, not budging. She had to drive around him, she looked through her rearview mirror and he was still there, she made a u-turn and opened her car door and he hopped in just so happy.  He was matted so badly and his collar was rusted shut, someone had just left him out in the rain and everything else, poor little fur angel.  But he was in his forever home at that moment and would be loved and cared for.   

  Sleepy little Muffie.  

 EDIT 5.11.21   Muffie today: 
  Muffie is doing much better today thank God, I was so rejoicing in the Lord.  He ate three soft treats today and enjoyed chewing on his favorite chewy.   I bathed him today and he's drinking water on his own.  He rolled around on his back in the sunshine for a little bit and even barked a little when his fur angel siblings were barking.  He's not quite back to normal but the difference between today and yesterday is night and day, God answers prayers, please keep praying for our little guy.


I've watched Mrs. Miniver (1942) this week, one and a half times to be exact and it is quite a movie.   I love the end scene and have used it on this blog because I believe it's me and it's you...It's those of us who are serving God together in this war torn land and world...


God wins.   


Have a sweet evening,  blessings and a huge thank you to those who were so very kind to take that time and leave encouragement on my last blog.  Those comments were gifts.   Gifts. 


My husband reminds:  Don't be in fear, God is in control.