Thursday, August 13, 2020

Hopeful Videos and Some Sincere Thoughts on Life in Christ and our Nation

I'm writing thoughts this morning that came to mind.  I'm also including two special videos and a link, I hope it's not too much.  Remember when maybe you were a little child at the discount store, maybe a Kmart?   Remember once in a while your parents let you get two things instead of just one?  I remember once I was able to get one of those boxed halloween costumes and a board game too. So that's kind of how I felt putting these videos and a link up.  Please oblige.   

I thought this was such an interesting story...And just so you will know it ends happily.  The video story reminded me of my dad when he was little. My dad's mother died when he was ten years old and then was sent to a military academy, a prep school in Biloxi Mississippi. My mother was in his first grade class at school when his mother died and she said you could see such sadness in his little face and she remembers looking back at him also as a little child with sadness also in her face to convey her sympathy.  They were king and queen of the May Fete back then in the little Tom Thumb wedding and later married for real when my dad returned to the waterfront.

Hoping you will find the little story below interesting as I did and yes, the end is good.  It is good.

In the News, GOOD NEWS FROM WASHINGTON that You May Not Hear:

We also have good news from Washington that President Trump has added Dr. Scott Atlas to the medical team, praying this will be a positive move towards common sense and wisdom for our country in this ailing time of political correctness and lies greatly harming small business and greatly and unmercifully harming our elderly in nursing homes who are literally dying of loneliness.  

God does answer prayers.  Here is a video of Dr. Ron Paul explaining.  Did you know that I was 8 minutes from Dr. Paul delivering our fourth baby girl?  Just a factoid there... : )  That same baby girl would also work for Dr. Paul later.


I was listening to a Fernando Ortega hymn this morning and it rolled over to this huge favorite of mine by Ann Graham Lotz.

He beautifies the meek....  The Pharisees couldn't stand him but they couldn't stop Him... He is the Lion and He is the Lamb...   Please, Just give me Jesus...   Thank you Dear God for just giving me Jesus...

Enjoy and be encouraged:


It's so wonderful to have the Holy Spirit living in my heart as a Child of God, we can hear Him, that Still Small Voice if we will be quiet.

There are times when I miss my dad something fierce and I'll be out in my garden and I see a cardinal or a familiar orange butterfly....

God reminds me that He is with me and that great cloud of witnesses the Bible speaks of...Many mysteries.  I trust in God and He'll take care of the rest.  I know He will take care of His Children. I also know He is moved by our prayers...Our concerns are His concerns.

I think about my dad and those who have gone before us and I think to myself...Oh, if only they could see what is going on in our country...Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, tears come to my eyes in the quiet but...

God is my comfort and strength.  He wins.  Thanking God for a President who as a whole is a good protector and bears the name of Christ.   He has quite a past but don't many of us?  Isn't that what Jesus is all about?   My life is like an onion one layer at a time, God takes one layer at a time... My husband reminds to look at a person's fruits.  What they do.

Well I'll close for now, I smile sometimes when I see that Greatest Generation wearing their Trump hats and I think it's so precious.  I know my daddy if he would have  been with us in good health mentally and physically would have loved to wear one of those hats and I can so see a Trump flag on his golf cart that he used to go to the grocery store in, he would have loved that.

Many of you may know that I lost my dad in a not so good way and it is still very painful to my heart.  But God wins and I know God is with me.  


Be kind to people, be kind in your comments and comment to be kind!  I've never understood people who will not comment when they like something, to encourage others.  Isn't that the Jesus thing to do?    

Have a  sweet day in Jesus,     ~Amelia


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Glimpses and Thoughts From Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Appropriate Then, Appropriate Now

I wouldn't give you two cents for all your fancy rules if behind them they didn't have a little bit of plain ordinary everyday kindness and a little looking out for the other fella too...that's pretty important all that...   

~Spoken by Mr. Smith played by Jimmy Stewart on the floor of the Senate.

I have such a burning in my heart when I see this movie, perhaps you will too when you view this movie, definitely a favorite in our home.  Frank Capra as a director really had some things right.  He was from the same village of Bisaquino, Sicily where my precious grandfather was from.  The Oddo family was mentioned in one of the Capra biographies.

In the movie we see the same twisted attitudes and hearts that are just as present today in many places and institutions as yesterday.

Another place, another time but very much the same today in many places where it ought not be as I'm sure you will agree.

You will see Mr. Smith reading out of the Bible as he fillibusters...

I hope you and your family will also enjoy and be inspired by this movie classic great.  May we all be Mr. Smiths.   

One of my old pastors once said,  If people won't stand for you they might as well be on the other side...  I agreed then and I agree now.  

My father was a city councilman and one of my most precious memories was the way my father stood for what was right and good,  fearlessly.   

Friday, August 7, 2020

A Most Informative & Uplifting Interview by Dr. Stella Immanuel & a Soothing Song to Bless Our Souls...

   Hello Dear Readers,  Today's offering is a full interview with Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Christian medical doctor who graduated with honors and also loves the Lord Jesus.  She shares her life and the mighty benefits of HCQ.   She was given a full program, interviewed by Michael Berry on his show on the radio most recently.   Following that I have shared one of my favorite songs by Fernando Ortega...I think it's just beautiful and just good nourishment for our souls.  We've listened to Fernando Ortega for years.  We've seen him in concert and he is delightful, a wonderful sense of humor too, he just loves the Lord and it is so evident in his music.

Listen to "Dr Immanuel Full Interview" on Spreaker.

So soothing, so truthful, so nice to let the Lord, our Father speak to our hearts through this beautiful song and music.

Take care and let's not let anything steal our joy!

Psalms 91   

Let's keep our comments kind please.  I've never enabled comment moderation and would hate to start now.  In my life and this blog I don't have time for senseless debate and dislike immensely any  obtuse deflections from a heartfelt message. 

May we encourage one another and lift each other up in Christ Jesus. 

~Amelia at My Forest Cathedral 

Victorian Woman In A Garden At Dawn Photograph by Lee AvisonVictorian Woman in a Garden at Dawn  ~Photograph by Lee Avison