Sunday, October 24, 2021

Checking in and Sharing a Few for an Audience of One. Edited ; )

Hello Friends,

Someone shared this photo and it warmed my heart.

Andrea Bocelli is a prolife advocate and one of my very favorite people in the music world.  This is a recent shot behind the stage before his concert, of Andrea and others praying. ....Beautiful.



I'm just peeping my head in, I haven't been here in a while, lots going on.  A wedding for starters, and a precious new puppy our youngest daughter's special friend bought for her. ...And more.   

 Meet Atticus:  Isn't he a darling?  His nickname is Hudy from the movie,The Book Thief.  It is the way Liesl pronounced, Rudy.   Or Hoody because he has the sweetest little hooded eyes.



Liesl and Atticus.  






Saw a wonderful movie the other night that I highly recommend:

Made for Each Other (1939)


This movie is one of my all time favorite movies...I remember it like yesterday I was in our little condo on a busy city street after our first little baby, a sweet little girl was born (the little bride below!) and I saw this movie and just fell in love with it, oh my goodness, how we can relate to so much of the situations in this movie.  You will see a most poignant part towards the end of Carole Lombard praying for her baby as well as a most touching scene with she and her mother in law...I can relate to many of the disappointments in this movie as well as God given Victories.  God is just.  Spoiler alert, it has a happy ending.






I read this, this morning in my Streams in the Desert devotional:

An excerpt,

Our life is very mysterious.  In fact, it would be totally unexplainable unless we believed that God was preparing us for events and ministries that lie unseen beyond the veil of the eternal world --where spirits like tempered steel will be required for special service. 




I will close for now...I've missed blogging but my plate is full these days if you know what I mean, Jem and I have discovered a good channel for real, informative and truthful news, the name of the channel is 'Real America's Voice' or the app is 'America's Voice'.     Also another very educational and what could definitely be life saving, Christ centered site, a plethora of medical doctors and specialists is covid (dot) daystar (dot) com. Here.




A view last week from my studio.

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The dress I made for our daughter's recent wedding, I was stoked to say the least that I was able to design and complete the dress and finally enjoy the fact that I actually sewed my own mother of the bride dress!  This is the third wedding in our family, and this was the appropriate sized little intimate wedding where I could pull this 40s style ballet ankle length dress off.    

EDIT 10.25.21:  Here's the sweet couple at the altar, one of our son in loves conducted the sweet ceremony.  The old original:  Fly me to the Moon was the song they played as the couple came  down the aisle after they were married, what else for a bride and her pilot husband? 

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Tis me.  Back when I was in highschool, me with my little dog, Poncho.  A friend in photography came by and took this shot. I still have the long hooded sweater, and I still love clogs and hoop earrings.   Not much has changed...And I still love God's creatures.




Take care now...Checking in and signing off until the next time....For an Audience of One.