Saturday, May 28, 2022

BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (1946) Perfect for Memorial Day, One of my Favorites.

Just want to drop a hint to a very appropriate movie for Memorial Day.   


Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

It's been said that this movie is the closest thing to what our soldiers went through when they arrived back home after WWII.

Excellent cast and let's remember that the actor, Harold Russell who plays Homer actually lost his hands in a military exercise.  

Best Years of Our Lives was the highest grossing film in the 40s since Gone with the Wind...


I never tire of this movie, the music score in itself is beautiful...And notice the sweet wedding in the movie at the end. (spoiler alert)  I see the materialism that has crept into things now and the keeping up with the Jones and it breaks my heart.  I'm flabbergasted at times at what people think is normal.



A Memory of Mine, My Mom taking a Stand Against Materialism:

I remember my mother back when I was in elementary school.  It was Valentines week and there was to be a Valentines party in our classroom.  

My mother was one of the ladies in charge and one of the other ladies from another state in the country who was quite free with her spending wanted to get very expensive favors for the girls that would have been around $2.50 each.  The expensive favors were lavish red velvet heart pillows with a stuffed elf on top with chocolates... we would say "over the top" in our now-a-days lingo.  This was  back in the middle 60s.  

My mother had to stand her ground and explain to this lady that the sweet, pretty little red plastic heart-shaped cases from the local dime store with a transparent snap cover, filled with conversation hearts would be more appropriate.  I was so proud of my mom!  It was a very delicate situation!   I'll never forget her standing there in our yellow and white 30s kitchen on our wall phone quietly, kindly, explaining to the lady on the phone.   I'll never forget my mom's kindness, firm but gentle, quiet-like stand. 


Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

So many life lessons in this movie...



My favorite WWII museum is in Fredericksburg, Texas.  It's the National Museum of the Pacific War.  We've been several times at least and I just absolutely love being there.  Can't get enough of that museum...Beautiful and honoring...educational and wonderfully done.



My mom and dad as many of you know. 

I miss my dad this time of year terribly, breaks my heart.  


Take care now...Until the next time...Let's lift our great country up in prayer.

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If you are a veteran, please know our family esteems and appreciates you greatly.

May we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Sunday, May 15, 2022


This morning we listened to this sermon in the car, it's excellent!

If we don’t have a plan to escape the paganism in our culture, we will be swept into it. In this sermon, Pastor Allen Jackson offers insight on how to strengthen our faith in a world that celebrates ungodliness and corruption.

 This contains an image of: L'Innocence – Bouguereau  

Innocence by William Adolphe Bueguereau    There is such quiet strength and Peace in this painting.  Will we be like this?  Are we like this?  There is a quiet strength and power in a godly life...


St. Joan of ArcWill we be a Joan of Arc in today's society?  

It's been a busy week...Two dogs with snake bites let's just say.  Our large hound actually had two of them at one time.  Eh hem.

I hope all is well and please know the Lord is Faithful.   


For those of us who are more intuitive and feeling, things can really get to us at times...Let's channel (cast our cares upon Him who cares for us) those deep feelings and realizations to the Lord, our Father.  I don't know what I would do without talking to the Lord.  We can talk to Him like a child to a good and kind Father. 

Psalms 91


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Sharing This Most Poignant Movie: 'PENNY SERENADE' (1941) ...Thoughts

This is one of my all time favorite movies... If this movie doesn't touch one's heartstrings nothing will.   This movie never fails to bring tears to my eyes throughout for several reasons no matter how many times I see it.  One of the reasons is that it reminds me of the way my mother and father were many, many years ago when I was very tiny.  I was a very loved and very prayed for only child once upon a time. 

Another thing that grabs at my heart is how precious and sweet the culture was then.  We live in a time where there are so called 'Christian' movies made with all manner of curse words in them, God's name in vain even along with bedroom scenes, the proverbial poor frog in the pot of heating water.  We cannot believe what so called Christians will accept and allow in their homes!   

There is a scene in the movie, Penny Serenade that shows a school Christmas play, oh it's so beautiful, so sweet and innocent, the music and the angelic voices of the little children, so Christ centered.  Why don't people desire this any longer?  We do and we intend to keep our home in that very atmosphere, it's a much more peaceful way to live in a sweet spirit that honors the Father, where Jesus would be welcome and that God will bless.  I trained our daughters to also appreciate this sweet spirit, honoring Christ and I think they try to do that in their homes now.  We do not have to bow before this culture.  Why would we do that?


What is our plumbline?  Have we gone off course somehow?  Are we True North?   I hope and pray so.



Scene from Penny Serenade.  Irene Dunne, Cary Grant and wonderful Beulah Bondi..What is there not to love about this winning most wonderful combination?  Look at this wonderfully sweet little baby!


   My  Mom and Dad after their honeymoon. I would say around 1953-1954. I was always so proud of my parents when I was a wee little thing. 

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed Penny Serenade, especially enjoying it colorized, I love their little home, the sweet little birthday gathering, oh just the way they dressed, so sweet and pretty... Just the way things were...I know.   I was there so to speak.