Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Looking Back: Being Redeemed from Materialistic Thinking and What God Has Done!

Hello Dear Readers, I felt I needed to put an update up, and let precious readers know that I have not abandoned the blog here but just have been so busy trying to get things in order.  I have felt discouraged with the blog at times but God gently alerts me to who the audience is.

Going through many possessions  and things has given new meaning to the scripture from the Bible:

Matthew 6:19-21 King James Version (KJV). 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


Here is a good example up above.  You will see my once lovely wedding dress from 1980.  This dress is from Sakowitz and was heirloomed.  We paid $100.00 to heirloom this lovely dress made in France from Sakowitz that we paid over $1500.00 dollars for in 1980, just for the dress, not counting the veil or petticoat etc.  I know, (frivolous)  totally ridiculous.  Thank God I have gotten away from any thinking of that nature or world of the big city so to speak. Unfortunately, I was young and had gotten mixed up with materialistic people in town and started thinking their way on things, very sad indeed, just awful really especially in liu of the very non-materialistic way I was brought up.  Yes, we had nice things whether it was from Sakowitz or Kmart, but it was always in a sensible, practical way of what was needed and the quality.  I know materialistic people can be anywhere, not just the city, that just happens to be where the story setting was for me back when, when I was deceived on some things.

When my daughter took the dress from the sealed Heirloom box when she was planning her wedding in 2017, it was brown!  The netting was rotted and when she lifted the poor deteriorating thing up out of the box, it looked like it was something from the Dickens novel, Great Expectations that Mrs. Havisham wore or worse!  

Because of my life in Christ, thank God this kind of thing doesn't bother me much, but I laughed and covered my mouth in amusement.  I know, it sounds awful that I felt that way but just knowing the way people look at that kind of thing, the name dropping etc....and just seeing the condition of this is really so very fitting.  It's a shame it had to be my wedding dress from my almost 40 year marriage but my heart is just not in material possessions of this nature any more.  In fact, I am repelled by things like that.  Actually this dress was going to the burn pile I was in such a hurry to not deal any longer with it over 2 years later after opening the sacred box.  (Oh my gosh).

If it would have been an old photo of a loved one or a handmade item that one of my little girls or husband made me or picked out for me etc., that would have bothered me much much, much more. 

I did manage to cut the border off the bottom in one large circular piece and cut the little white medallions and the one pitiful sheer, delicate long sleeve so meticulously beaded in pearls by little ladies in France.  The poor little pearls had turned a 1960s appliance-brown.  The pearls reminded me of my Grandma Oddo's dark brown refrigerator!

Yes, I've soaked those pieces and somewhat redeemed them back to white just as Christ does our hearts and just as He refines my Heart day to day as I abide in Him!  I spend time with Him!  I walk with Him and I talk with Him...  There is nothing like that and no price can be paid for that.  *big smile*.


For encouragement, this is a video done by one of our daughter for her doctor.  It tells of what she went through, and actually she and her husband were having to stay with us after a natural disaster and she started feeling better!  You will hear why and how God moved.  That was when the dress above was uncovered as Marianna was thinking of using the dress for her particular wedding.  We all had a good laugh on that dress thank God.

 Our daughter spoke of the Lord and how her healing was His doing and how He leads but sadly, the producers took that part out.

Now our daughter and her husband have a little miracle baby!  He is pictured here with our little dog that was dumped out here, a little Godsend fur angel for us to enjoy, Peanut.   They were both resting so peacefully a couple of weeks ago on our couch, I thought it was so sweet, the two of them. 

This is Peanut another day, just resting, resting, resting...  Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.  I'm tempted to worry at times, but it's much better to take the cue of Asher and Peanut I think and trust Jesus and rest in Him just doing the next thing...


Before I close, I would like to recommend a Pastor that my husband and I enjoy very much.  His name is Zac Poonen and he is on sermonindex.net. Zac Poonen has podcasts as well, and we usually listen to those once a week or so, he is on youtube as well.   If you are looking for good sermons there is an abundance on sermonindex.net..   You will find David Wilkerson and Carter Conlon as well as other classics.

I'm still decluttering and trying to just take life one step at a time!  Praying for you all, I know Brothers and Sisters are reading from different parts of our country and world and I appreciate you so much!

Until the next time,   Amelia at The Forest Cathedral,  praying for you and I covet your sweet prayers as well.

A peaceful evening here at in the forest...The moon is so pretty I think.