Thursday, February 15, 2024

Update, Prayers Coveted

 I just wanted to post an update as to why I've not blogged in a while...My mother broke her hip and it has been a nightmare.  There are many things going on with her and I just don't have the words at this time, I feel helpless, I feel scared at times and I am also trusting God who truly has gone before me.  So in that respect I can rest in the Father, He has been with me.   


I am an only child and I thank God for my precious husband who has been a huge encouragement to me and help, our four daughters as well.  Many times I don't say much about my husband, there are many widows out there and I want to be considerate, our daughters are gems as well as their husbands who are like sons to me.  Again, I try to be considerate.   I try to share my life but with a caring and sensitive heart.  I can be funny, I can be serious and I am real.  

Here is a wonderful shot of my husband in one of his elements...He loves to work in his barn, woodworking etc.  He loves music, that is what he is doing here;  he is finding some music to listen to as he works.  He plays flute, guitar and many other instruments.  He has a recording studio that he loves. 


Our precious pets, at least the dogs of the family, they are a huge joy to me.   

Even our pet hens bring us joy, they are sentient little creatures with much love to give.  They were toodling along with me on a walk one day.

This contains an image of: 

Just an update from the Forest Cathedral, your prayers are coveted.  I write this with a gentle smile and I just need some time for my thoughts to even out a bit, the theatre of my mind is quite full, I answer prompts many times, that is fun for me to do.  Sometimes I let my hair down in comments but when it comes to a totally creative blog, I'm feeling a little inadequate at this time.   I hope you will understand.  

I read this, this morning, the quote is from my blogging friend, Mrs. White.   It is from one of her books.  Homemaking for Happiness,  Wonderful Days at Home.  

There is beauty , in trust and faith in the Lord.  he knows all of our needs, in all times.  He waits for us to ask and to trust in Him.  This is what makes life so precious.   ~Mrs. Sharon White


Please enjoy the above song that ministers to Jem's and my heart many-a-day.


In closing I was just talking with my husband and he heard my blog writing here as I read it to him, he commented that it helps that we share problems that we may have because it helps others to know that we can put our trust in the Lord and He is our Helper no matter what we go through.   


Resting in the Love of Christ....Amelia