Thursday, February 15, 2024

Update, Prayers Coveted

 I just wanted to post an update as to why I've not blogged in a while...My mother broke her hip and it has been a nightmare.  There are many things going on with her and I just don't have the words at this time, I feel helpless, I feel scared at times and I am also trusting God who truly has gone before me.  So in that respect I can rest in the Father, He has been with me.   


I am an only child and I thank God for my precious husband who has been a huge encouragement to me and help, our four daughters as well.  Many times I don't say much about my husband, there are many widows out there and I want to be considerate, our daughters are gems as well as their husbands who are like sons to me.  Again, I try to be considerate.   I try to share my life but with a caring and sensitive heart.  I can be funny, I can be serious and I am real.  

Here is a wonderful shot of my husband in one of his elements...He loves to work in his barn, woodworking etc.  He loves music, that is what he is doing here;  he is finding some music to listen to as he works.  He plays flute, guitar and many other instruments.  He has a recording studio that he loves. 


Our precious pets, at least the dogs of the family, they are a huge joy to me.   

Even our pet hens bring us joy, they are sentient little creatures with much love to give.  They were toodling along with me on a walk one day.

This contains an image of: 

Just an update from the Forest Cathedral, your prayers are coveted.  I write this with a gentle smile and I just need some time for my thoughts to even out a bit, the theatre of my mind is quite full, I answer prompts many times, that is fun for me to do.  Sometimes I let my hair down in comments but when it comes to a totally creative blog, I'm feeling a little inadequate at this time.   I hope you will understand.  

I read this, this morning, the quote is from my blogging friend, Mrs. White.   It is from one of her books.  Homemaking for Happiness,  Wonderful Days at Home.  

There is beauty , in trust and faith in the Lord.  he knows all of our needs, in all times.  He waits for us to ask and to trust in Him.  This is what makes life so precious.   ~Mrs. Sharon White


Please enjoy the above song that ministers to Jem's and my heart many-a-day.


In closing I was just talking with my husband and he heard my blog writing here as I read it to him, he commented that it helps that we share problems that we may have because it helps others to know that we can put our trust in the Lord and He is our Helper no matter what we go through.   


Resting in the Love of Christ....Amelia 


Frances said...

Your husband is so talented! He sounds like a good man. Family is wonderful. Praying that things work out well for your mother and your family.

Cheryl Kimbley said...

Just a beautiful post as always. Your husband sounds like a gem. I love reading your words - no matter what is going on, you always sound calm.
Please know my friend, I answered you again on my blog. Your second home - where you are always welcome and prayed for. Sending love.

EM Griffith said...

Thank you for sharing, Amelia. Always. I mean that. You know you and your family are in my family's prayers daily. Even Hubs feels he "knows" you now. We're going through so many of the same things. I truly understand.

As always, it's wonderful to see such beautiful pictures of your family. Fur babies and chickens included. Your husband looks handsome and happy. :-)

I'll be taking a break from some other blogs for awhile, as the Lord seems to be leading, but will always pop into this wonderful Forest Cathedral.
(((Big, Warm Hug))) --Elise

Sandi said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mother breaking her hip. How is she doing now?

What a blessing to have family around, your husband and your daughters and their husbands. I don't think I have to tell you what a blessing a husband is and you have five nearby! How I said it sounds a little funny. 😄 Are all of your daughters married? That is a huge blessing in our modern world.

Amelia said...

Thank you Frances, yes, he is such a good man, a godly man. I am so depending on him right now with the situation with my mom, he has been very re-assuring and attentive to the situation. Thank you so very much for your prayers, Frances. I will be lifting you and your husband, along with your mother up to the Lord in prayer also.


Amelia said...

Thank you so very much, Cheryl, I appreciate that greatly. Thank you for your encouragement as well. Jem is a godly and good man and I am so blessed, he is so keeping me afloat along with the Lord of course. I will be sure to check your comment out on your blog... Take care now Cheryl, and may God be with us all.

Amelia said...

Thank you Elise, yes, Jem (hubs) is a happy guy...He doesn't worry hardly at all! Our daughters will say that... "Dad doesn't worry!" My mom even knew that, that Jem didn't worry. He is a huge help to me on everything and is a special encouragement at this time.

Awww, that is very sweet that your husband feels like he knows me! Yes, we are going through very similar heartbreaking situations with our elderly moms, it's difficult when we remember them being young when we were little, it seems unbelievable, just unbelievable. I'm taking and walking with the Lord and I don't know what I would do if it weren't for Him. It's amazing how He has gone before me in so many things lately. One of my son in laws reminds me and our daughter of this. ...And he is right. God has gone before me.

Please continue to pop in here at the Forest Cathedral, Elise. I appreciate it so very much. I will be lifting your mother up in prayer. God be with us all. A big warm hug to you too! ~Amelia

Amelia said...

Hi Sandi! I'm so glad to hear from you, I feel like it's been forever. I was just thinking of you today and how I've not been able to write back and forth with you on your blog.

Yes, Mother broke her hip and had to have a partial replacement. She's not doing that great, she's walking with a walker a wee bit, and just very dependent on everything like a little child. She does have dementia although Vitamin D is helping with the sundown problems. She's like a little girl at this point and once in a while will go back to her grown up self and is sometimes kind of grumpy and depressed, sometimes happy and thankful. It's a trial.

Yes, you are so correct, Sandi. Family is a huge blessing! You are *so right* in this modern era marriage is something we were wondering would happen for our daughters because of the way things are, we just kept praying. Three of our daughters are married to three godly guys. Our youngest isn't married yet so that is another matter of prayer. It took a while for our two oldest daughters to meet the right one. Our thirdborn was married first interestingly enough, a wonderful man she met at church and Bible study.

God bless you, Sandi.

Sandi said...

Saying up a prayer for your youngest daughter. It's important to remember God's providence and that it is nothing to do with statistics-- otherwise we would look at the world's darkness and wonder if anything good can happen. Well, yes it can. Praying for your youngest and her intended, wherever he may be he is her intended. God has ways of moving us around the place. He will find her. Praying it is beautiful and sweet. Amen. Amen is a powerful word. 🩵

I know of two women, one in real life and one is a Christian singer who shared her story, who have taken longer than expected in this manner. Their expectations. But God is good. Walk with the Lord and see where He leads.

(Not that she will take longer, but that God's timing is perfect. It could be next Tuesday. It could be after she's done so more things she is supposed to do first. But her prince will come. And Our King!)


I haven't blogged much lately, mostly just a photo here or there. I think I will post a story today.

EM Griffith said...

Sandi, I want you to know your words spoke to me as well. My sons are 36 and 31. Both would love to find Christian women to share their lives with. I long ago resigned myself to an acceptance that may never happen. My oldest son told me this week that he's met a woman who sings in the Worship group at his church. They've been getting to know each other over the past few months. He wanted advice about Valentine's Day. She expressed she wanted to get to know each other as friends before officially "dating". It may come to nothing other than friendship. I don't want to get my hopes up. Thank you for your words of encouragement. --Elise

EM Griffith said...

Amelia, I reread your whole blog this morning, and as a P.S., I want to thank you for the quote and the music. It really lifted my spirit today after a rough week. Have a blessed weekend! (((Hug))) --Elise

Amelia said...

Yes, Sandi, that is so true. God is faithful! Oh my goodness, you would not believe the worldly naysayers that would discourage us with our daughters. Our eldest daughter married in her mid 30s and our second born married in her early 30s and both are godly men, all three of our son in laws are, they really are and fit in our family beautifully, a true blessing from the Lord. Thanks ahead of time for praying for our youngest, she is a precious girl and I know the Lord has a special man for her. What you wrote is exactly right, I believe that. God is able! : ) I love what you wrote about the prince ...and the King. Amen to that.

I can understand not blogging much, it's difficult sometimes when things are going on or even when not, it's easier to comment on blogs sometimes because it's like a prompt of sorts. Usually we ladies who are praying ladies usually have something to say when prompted on a subject. As my oldest daughter says with a sweet smile and sincerely meaning it...Mom, you have a lot to say, meaning I have meaningful things to say, a huge eternal compliment. : )

Amelia said...

Hi Elise, Ohhhh I 'm so glad you were able to read the quote and listen to the music. I think you may really be blessed by Fernando Ortega's music, so many of his songs minister to me *greatly*. He was actually in concert with Twila Paris back in probably '99 or so. We saw him again at another concert later and it was excellent. Twila Paris' music also ministers to me. Last Sunday evening I had a troubled heart and went into our bathroom to start my brushing teeth routine where our radio was playing the Christian station...They were playing beautiful music that *directly* ministered to my heart. One of the songs was a Twila Paris song. They may have also played Fernando Ortega as well.

I pray you have a very sweet and encouraging weekend, Elise. Hugs and sweet sleep to you. ~Amelia

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Praying for you right now and for your momma, too.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much, Mrs. Laura! God bless you. ~Amelia

Rajani Rehana said...

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