Monday, January 5, 2015

You Made the Cow Kneel to Show Me...

Hello everyone, hope all is well and you have had a sweet Christmas season.  As for me?  I am already wondering how I can simplify Christmas for next year.  It seemed this year I was a bit hurried and I don't even know why... It's strange, I don't even know why.  I just could not think about Christmas quietly, too much goings on for some reason.  Strange.  I tried to simplify but things were whirring around me something awful.

One way I think I jolly-good messed things up was at the beginning of the season Mar and I got a wonderful tree from Walmart, by the way... Walmart has the most beautiful trees for only $20.  What was the mistake you made Mrs. Amelia?  Oh...I became anxious because the tree was sitting in it's watering pan and sitting and sitting for more then several days... (poor sweet tree) and no one was decorating it.  Hmm.  That chapped me.  I don't know... I do not think I was all to blame there was definitely some lameness! Ha! Yes-siree-bobbie but my mistake was falling into a bit of a bloomer wad over the sight of the lonely bare tree.

Yeah... the commercialism bugged me as well and it was playing in the theatre of my mind since the Thanksgiving parade.  I can't tolerate the modern rap, rock etc., (cheapness) they try to push on Thanksgiving and Christmas... It plumb depresses me.  Does it you?  All the boyfriend lyrics mixed with a rather secular Christmas...It's empty.  Just give me Bing Crosby and perhaps James Taylor...maybe Glenn Miller for a sweet old fashioned cheerful pop sound.  We all enjoy listening to the old Bing Crosby radio 40s broadcasts. There is no mistaking, Christmas was a sweet season then, there was a healthy fear of God.  I like to keep things in that atmosphere of sweetness.  As I often ask, why not?

Next year?  The girls will have to do what they can.  For me?  I will carefully take out my little Baby Jesus on hay, the mule and two sheep figurines that survived one of our cats pouncing on it, thus breaking the shepherd, Mary and Joseph and the wise men crashing to the hard floor.  Yeah... It was disturbing in a way... I come out unaware in my Christmas p.j.s and the girls tell me they just swept up Mary and Joseph.  It's terrible if you think about it..  Gosh.

I've had the precious manger scene for over 30 years...It's a sweet little ceramic set I had carefully chosen from Target years ago . But the weird thing is it didn't disturb me as much as a sentimental thing like that would have normally disturbed a sensitive soul like me.  I think I was so filled up with the unwanted noise and stuff... I was numb. Marianna says Mary should not have blonde hair anyhow.

Actually the sweet remnant of my manger scene looks rather neat simplified...Maybe next year I will take my Baby Jesus, two sheep and the precious mule, all three of the animals adoring our sweet Baby Jesus... out to display.  The rest will be up to the girls.  And that is that. ; )   Now you must know I may change my mindeth.  I do have some rather glorious old ornaments all the way from the 20s and 30s and our tree is one of the only ones I know of with old retro icicles but gee whizz..  No one even commented on it.  That's kind of disconcerting.  Mr. Lee years ago had said our tree was the prettiest he had ever seen... Now no one  even appreciates the old sweet things (it seems).  Please tell me you do?

On my plans for next year Jem says he wants to tape-record what I am saying and re-play it next Christmas season for a reminder. : )

Okay, enough of that,  I do want to share with you one of the sweetest movies ever.  It's one of the sweetest movies we have ever seen and has precious life lessons.   Even Jem loves this movie, may I share?

The movie?   Tenth Avenue Angel  (1946) with Margaret O'Brien, Phyllis Thaxter, and George Murphy...Oh so darling.   This is great for anytime of the year, but a really good one for Christmas time!

The ending part is the sweetest thing ever.... but I do encourage all you sweet folks and friends to view this in entirety to capture the precious full flavor of the movie.

At 3:54 you will hear the bells ringing Christmas in and the precious cow in the train car kneels as did the animals in the stable when our Savior was born.  Flavia's mother already on bedrest has delivered her baby prematurely after falling down the stairs running after Flavia and is fighting for her life.  Flavia had been told by her mama that the animals kneel every Christmas for the Baby Jesus just as they did that Holy Night....George Murphy and Margaret O'Brien are so precious here as the men at the railway are too - astounded at this miracle from God!  Listen to the precious prayer....

Flavia played by Margaret O'Brien praying to the Father:

I can't see You but I know You are close, please listen to me, I've been a very bad girl, I didn't believe, but now I saw...You made the cow kneel to show me.  I know you're close listening, make my mama live, only You can,  it'll be one more miracle... Please, please dear God make my mama live...

Oh God please give us sweet eyes, precious hearts one to another and the sweet faith of this little girl. Thank you Father for miracles You have done for us.  All miracles, private and public, we thank you Father.  Please give us eyes to see.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Closing now this wintery eve,  all the way from the Forest Cathedral.... Goodnight Loves.   Amelia

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