Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sermon for Sunday. Carter Conlon: Is it Time to Run From Your Church? A Few Glimpses Here.

Carter Conlon:   Is it Time to Run From Your Church?


I thought this banner in my garden was very appropriate.

Thanking God for, and honoring our veterans who gave their all.   We greatly appreciate them so, so much.   Words cannot convey.

I hope everyone has been well, as we keep our eyes upon Jesus....

My mornings are a special time with the Lord...


Just the other morning, I met a new coffee buddy, a sweet little doe out my window, God's creatures are such wonderful companions...



Mo Mo, she's a very sweet and delicate kitty, it's so funny, Liesl is a large dog and for some reason, Liesl is very afraid of Mo Mo.  Both animals are so sweet but Mo Mo gives Liesl that look.


Mo-Mo, guarding Big Blue



This is sweet Liesl taking an afternoon nap with little Muffie...Liesl is so sweet and doesn't let it bother her a bit that little blind Muffie stumbled into the bed there and she more then willing shared her spot. 

the average dog is a nicer person than the average person. -andy rooney   True! : )   ...I think we all can understand this quote at times!


Been keeping up with the garden:


White patty squash from my garden, isn't it so pretty?   



Country mouse, city mouse...


These are little ministry bags, at least that is what I call them.  I buy the brown lunch bags and fill them with a large bottled water or two depending on the heat of the day, a couple of individual serve pre-wrapped peanut butter cracker sandwich packs, a couple of prepackaged fruit cups, a couple of plastic spoons, napkins, and a good Christian tract or two.   When we go to downtown many times we are at a stop light and there will be a person who lives on the streets who comes to the window for change, I have these bags handy to give to them through the window of our car and we give them the  biggest loving smile ever and tell them Jesus loves you, keep your eyes on Him!   We also know there are churches in the area where they can get a hot meal almost every day of the week.  I've been trying to be diligent in giving tracts and leaving them in restrooms, ya know?  If we really believe in eternity...Shouldn't we act upon that in warning others, giving them hope?  




One of our sweet little grandsons with Jem, my husband.  God help this generation where we have even large homeschool groups seemingly as now wolves in sheep's clothing and so called conservative politicians that once walked with God but still attend church even singin' in the choir, appearing now as dishonest politicians, we see now they have in the past gladly taken huge amount of moneys from these groups so they will vote for the group's self serving and dangerous agenda. We would think that in this day and time these church going choir singin' politicians would be more discerning in lieu of the direction the nation is taking.  Oh God help us and I mean that sincerely.

And He will help us.   He sees all.


God wins.


"We're living in a generation where truth is falling into the streets...."     ~Carter Conlon 

God wins, we must pray, we must honestly and transparently repent on a daily basis and have integrity, whether it's writing a thank you note, refraining from an unkind word against someone that really doesn't need to be said even privately to our husbands, we need to keep a pure and a clean heart in these times and all times and have a sweet spirit.  Listen closely to the still small voice of the Lord.    Be careful of busyness, the lust of the world, money and power of position.  


My husband adds:   Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and it's righteousness and then all these things will be added.


Seek Him first in a personal way, He is there listening. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Lovely Sunday



We've had a lovely Sunday, it was a dreamy, rainy day.  


This evening from our screened porch, the sun had came out and you could hear the peaceful rhythm of the rain drops whispering peace and joy.



The little area to the side shown here, lined with wood is our little blind dog, Muffie's area when he needs his fresh air.  The little guy does pretty well finding his way around and on up to the ramp to the dog door.


A new Ivy plant I treated myself to and repotted, it's so pretty and almost ruffly.  It's name is Bettina Ivy.

loading ...  Black & White Photos by Robert Stock

What's for supper?

Sunday suppers are usually very simple, a very common Sunday supper in our home is scrambled pasture raised eggs, Ezekial bread toast and good ol' southern grits.   Did you know I'm a GRIT(S)?  I'm a gal-raised-in-the-south.  Half German and half Italian, now how's that for a combo?  Yes, it's quite a collision.  I laugh and say:   Italian styling and German engineering.    *huge smile*


Muffie is doing much better thank the good Lord, he was actually walking around today, almost strutting around like a little teddy bear.  He ate treats, chewed on several chewies and  devoured a baked egg.   This is Muffie recouping next to my husband last week one late night, he feels loved...and very sleepy here.  He has a funja face here.  In Italian, funja means...pout. 






Besides reading Psalms 37 and 91 slowly and cross referencing, I've been enjoying studying my Bible in Genesis and Revelation and oh wow is that interesting.  The churches mentioned...Sure sounds familiar. 


Have a sweet Sunday evening...  


Blessings to all.



Monday, May 10, 2021

Fear Not, God is in Control. Beautiful Peace, Friendship with God, Updates on Muffie

This morning I was reading in my devotional and it ends like this:


"Having a friendship with God is no small thing."


Amen, there's nothing like it.  That personal relationship with the Lord, talking and walking with Him, spending time with Him and knowing Him and that still small Voice.


This week what I saw;  this beautiful scene one morning... 



I'm taking care of our little blind dog, Muffie, he's having a very hard week and not eating hardly anything, I'm giving him syringe fulls of water with nutrients.   Here he is a sleepy morning this week in his little bed.   I wonder what he is thinking, I hold him and he cuddles with me. We've had him since '08 and he was at least several years old at that time...My daughter Joycie was driving down the main street of our suburban neighborhood back then and Muffie was waiting in the middle of the street looking at her, just sitting there, not budging. She had to drive around him, she looked through her rearview mirror and he was still there, she made a u-turn and opened her car door and he hopped in just so happy.  He was matted so badly and his collar was rusted shut, someone had just left him out in the rain and everything else, poor little fur angel.  But he was in his forever home at that moment and would be loved and cared for.   

  Sleepy little Muffie.  

 EDIT 5.11.21   Muffie today: 
  Muffie is doing much better today thank God, I was so rejoicing in the Lord.  He ate three soft treats today and enjoyed chewing on his favorite chewy.   I bathed him today and he's drinking water on his own.  He rolled around on his back in the sunshine for a little bit and even barked a little when his fur angel siblings were barking.  He's not quite back to normal but the difference between today and yesterday is night and day, God answers prayers, please keep praying for our little guy.


I've watched Mrs. Miniver (1942) this week, one and a half times to be exact and it is quite a movie.   I love the end scene and have used it on this blog because I believe it's me and it's you...It's those of us who are serving God together in this war torn land and world...


God wins.   


Have a sweet evening,  blessings and a huge thank you to those who were so very kind to take that time and leave encouragement on my last blog.  Those comments were gifts.   Gifts. 


My husband reminds:  Don't be in fear, God is in control.