Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pet Sitting, a Portrait of Contentment & Loveliness Indeed . A Great Sunday.

Mar-Mar had a pet sitting job this past week for two sweet, sweet dogs and the kitties.  I just fell in love with these doggies. The big brown lab is JD and the little guy is "Creek" because the wonderful pet parents, rescued him from the creek area where he was perhaps dumped.  Yes, this happens and it's horrible. It's so hard for me to believe what human beings do to innocent animals.  In my opinion, as Christians we should be bothered by it. Bothered greatly just as we should be bothered by factory farming.  But what should I expect when so many church goers are more interested in how their homes are decorated or fill-in-blank.
Edit 3.18. Please oblige:  I shake my head on it and thank God for my grandma's simple genes on the decorating machine. She could cook up a storm but really wasn't that interested in decorating! Ha!  My mom too, things were decorated nicely, but simply and she was content and still is.  My home? It's not decorated that great and I don't care, I have other stuff to do! : ) I do have some nice ideas but there are so many more important things to do. : )  Good food, cozy loving home, laughter and a sweet family in Jesus.

 I'll gets to it when I gets to it.   ; )

Pretty eves here in the country I would rather kick back and soak in the beauty of Mar-Mar feeding and playing with these incredibly sweet fur angels.

 Back home!  Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!  Just enough blue in the sky to make a pair of Dutchman's britches!

Here is our precious little Muffie boy.  He ran out to our car and we let him in quickly on Mi-Mi's lap. : )

I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday evening!  We visited a fabulous AG church we had visited probably 20 years ago.  The now pastor, an acquaintance of ours was a cross between a young Billy Graham and Jim Elliot.  Abortion was mentioned in a most passionate way several times at least.  Little children being led into church, one little smiling boy in a wheelchair with no legs. An angel.  This church even had smiling loving greeters for those children!  I've never seen so many loving people in one church.  Hallelujah.  We prayed together in groups for our country or and things on our hearts. I love the old Methodist church we visit but the drive is getting to us now.  Homechurch is nice too, you can't hardly beat it but sometimes the Holy Spirit whispers to venture out at times too. : )

Such a blessing that God brought us back here to this area!!! Oh thank you Jesus.  The drive is awesome, horses, cows...beautiful green oaks blooming. Noooo billboards!  The smalltown people are humble, Jem calls them the salt of the earth. 

I'll close with this song by Sara Groves in honor of this precious, precious old time church service where truth was spoken!  "There Might Be Hope"

Much love to you all, Jesus has a way of encouraging when we least expect it.   ~amelia  <3>

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cozy Valentines Memories! So Fun! So Sweet!

Solving the problems of the world, our four daughters after our sooo sweet Valentine dinner; wonderful homemade pizzas. Sooo delightful and just really so neat, like my Italian grandma & grandpa's house.  

Even though our girls are older and our youngest is eighteen we still like to do whimsical little things for Valentines day. Every day should be Valentines day really, it's a time to celebrate love and appreciation for family and friends, thanking God for our Blessings.

 Aren't these boxes above lovely???  Beccs made these and put some wonderful homemade candy in each beautifully wrapped in tissue.  She used stevia instead of sugar and oh it was so divine!  Just the boxes she put together were a gift in themselves!  All the girls had the sweetest little things to trade ever! 

Li-Li made these lovely felt hot beverage holders and tissue holders for our purses.  Sooo darling.   

 The girls really enjoy decorating...See the cute Valentine lanterns?  It gave things such a whimsical look!
Look at these cute little cards Mar-Mar made!  She is under intense training to become a court reporter and she put her new skills to work on these adorable Valentines cards in steno!  Sooo clever.  Pray for her, the classes aren't easy, students are sometimes seen crying in the hall with a nodding, good natured-nurturing professor.  Although Marianna does seem to be thoroughly enjoying the challenge.  One oriental young man in the class quit to go to vet school. It's true. She bought her steno machine from him.  I wonder if he knows according to our doc cousin that vet school is more difficult to get into then med school in our state?

All of our girls have been trained to be homemakers first but with the very strange times we are in, people going off with every weird thing imaginable, our older girls especially are making provision in versatile businesses that can also be done at home too until God sends His best to them in His timing.  It's times like these I wish we were millionaires so our girls could just be home not worrying about this stuff.  Oh such is a mother's heart (as she wrings her hands on her apron, a good natured sigh and a trusting look to the Lord!)

That's about all.  I just wanted to share our little Valentines day time together...It was fun. It was sweet. And it's all about the love of God and our love for Him and His blessings no matter which way you look at it.

And to all a goodnight. 

Sweet dreams.    ~Mrs. Amelia

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday- Monday and a Thursday Morning Here at the Forest Cathedral

A Thursday morning not long ago at the Forest Cathedral...The lights and shadows were amazing this morning.  As you scroll down you can see the light and shadows move, glow and subdue....

This particular Thursday morn I see Janie running back in from the car, she has forgotten something.  These kind of mornings are a bit of rush-rush and sweet goodbyes....Janie was bringing our two junior kittens, Mo-Mo and Howdy in to the vet's for spaying and neutering. Ohhhhh how we hated to send those poor little kittens in for that.  They have never even been off our property. Poor little babies.

See the red tractor?  It's our new country neighbor's, he had temporarily parked it here.  I told new neighbor his tractor was cute to look at out from my kitchen window here and he informed me in a humorous way that he would prefer his tractor not be referred to as "cute" but masculine and hulky. *chuckle*

I love quaint jam jars that can be used for drinking glasses too.  This is my special lonestar glass. : )  Nothing like nice cool water with that morning coffee.

I hope you all are doing fine adjusting to this new time change.  I'm kind of mad at myself.  I woke up at a good time and then overslept.  Shame on Mrs. Amelia.; )

Well, today I'll be washing clothes & blankets and most likely go to smalltown with Joycie, delivering give-away clothing to the Christian donation center and making a run to the smalltown grocery.   ...and I think that's a good thing.  Yes indeedie.  ...and then there is that famous question....What's for supper?

Have a blessed day Everyone.  Praying for our country, may we lift it up in prayers, it's a crucial time as you know I'm sure.

Big Hugs to All!      Amelia

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Everyday's a Journal Page

Hi Y'all, Everyday's a journal page isn't it?  What will we compose? 

This is my vintage Big Ben windup clock I've been keeping by my bathroom sink.  I can see how long it takes to get ready etc.  I've also been watching the time and setting an alarm (usually my kitchen clock) hourly to see what I used that hour for. It's a very good tool and so far has been quite encouraging. : )

When I works I works and when I plays I plays...

 Me. Yesterday, a creative day...I couldn't wait to start on a new skirt. I think I love pretty long skirts more than Elvis loved jewels.

This is my farm print material, yesterday I cut my skirt out, today I will sew a bit.  It will be a cutesie little skirt, I just adore this fabric.  I use the Simplicity 4881 in the longest version.. This will be so fun to wear here at home or to a smalltown restaurant or store. Perhaps a teahouse with a cardigan one day?  I might even add a perky ruffle at the bottom for flair and whimsy.
 Last week, I sewed a skirt out of this material I bought from Hobby Lobby. I thought it was so nice and springy. I trimmed the bottom of this one in a delicate crocheted tiny black lace I had on hand. This will be a bit more dressy, I can belt a top over it.  I sewed the lace on by hand Saturday night while watching this in the living room: 
LASSIE: A MOTHER'S LOVEThese old Lassie series are sweet and wonderful. I like to keep things sweet in our home, it makes a difference. : )

Why in the world people dance with this culture I do not understand. 

Lately we've seen more than one family go blub, blub, blub down the drain. It doesn't happen all at once does it?  It's little by little, the proverbial frog in the pot.  But on the positive side, there are some really nice old programs that I just love and these Lassie series are one of those sweet little perks! : )  This dvd has four Lassie programs on it, adorable.  We also loved the Christmas Lassie series, oh so sweet and Christ honoring.

Sunday-Sunday...After trekking to Midtown last Sunday to visit our favorite church these days, we were leaving and I spied these cute cowboys also leaving church, maybe from the rodeo?    

 Time to eat now.  We went to a favorite Greek deli and store in town. So fun on a beautiful Sunday.
Such a pretty part of town...And such a gorgeous day! Jem can't wait to eat and get back home to the Forest Cathedral!
At the deli, Delle artfully gathering some croutons for her soup.

 Jem takes his soups seriously, very seriously.  Trust me, he was quite happy when he sat down to eat. ; )
 I keep track of my sandwich like this.  It's fast and easy and I think a little humorous too.  : )

 A jazzy lunch, they have the nicest music here on Sundays.  It's wonderful. You choose what you like in the old world store-deli and go to the seating area in the restaurant and voila!  Pretty music and sweet uplifting atmosphere. Delle is enjoying her lunch as the six of us solve the problems of the world. Laughter included.
 These flatbread sandwiches are so great, the bread is warmed and they add what you like... olives, mint, tomatoes, peppers, and the inside of the bread is generously coated with zataar seasoning. When you bite down on it the seasoning crunches. So delicious.

I found this in the ladies room...Li Li had left it...These are nice little cards with a sweet plan of Salvation in Jesus Christ on the back.  Leaving tracts or giving them personally is a great way to share the gospel.  Hurting people are all around us whether it's the city or country.  Never underestimate a tract. Once a sweet lady (a checker at a store) came up to me at an event and pulled a tract card with Jesus picture holding a man on the front, I had given it to her months before and she carried it with her everyday in her pocket. Is that not the sweetest thing?  We can be Jesus with skin on to others, and you know?  She was Jesus to me too.

It's time to head home now....back home and ready for a new week....Back to Home Sweet Home at the Forest Cathedral....


Getting late, the pets have missed us.  This is our sweet little oldster, Guiseppe...

Our new little boy, Howdy, he knows it's times to go night-night....Well it looks like it was covers down for Sunday evening. 

Praying for our country, and we think Rand Paul is wowee by the way...   That was epic.  Special thanks to Senator Cruz, Rubio and others as well. So great! 

Have a wonderful week All!