Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pet Sitting, a Portrait of Contentment & Loveliness Indeed . A Great Sunday.

Mar-Mar had a pet sitting job this past week for two sweet, sweet dogs and the kitties.  I just fell in love with these doggies. The big brown lab is JD and the little guy is "Creek" because the wonderful pet parents, rescued him from the creek area where he was perhaps dumped.  Yes, this happens and it's horrible. It's so hard for me to believe what human beings do to innocent animals.  In my opinion, as Christians we should be bothered by it. Bothered greatly just as we should be bothered by factory farming.  But what should I expect when so many church goers are more interested in how their homes are decorated or fill-in-blank.
Edit 3.18. Please oblige:  I shake my head on it and thank God for my grandma's simple genes on the decorating machine. She could cook up a storm but really wasn't that interested in decorating! Ha!  My mom too, things were decorated nicely, but simply and she was content and still is.  My home? It's not decorated that great and I don't care, I have other stuff to do! : ) I do have some nice ideas but there are so many more important things to do. : )  Good food, cozy loving home, laughter and a sweet family in Jesus.

 I'll gets to it when I gets to it.   ; )

Pretty eves here in the country I would rather kick back and soak in the beauty of Mar-Mar feeding and playing with these incredibly sweet fur angels.

 Back home!  Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!  Just enough blue in the sky to make a pair of Dutchman's britches!

Here is our precious little Muffie boy.  He ran out to our car and we let him in quickly on Mi-Mi's lap. : )

I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday evening!  We visited a fabulous AG church we had visited probably 20 years ago.  The now pastor, an acquaintance of ours was a cross between a young Billy Graham and Jim Elliot.  Abortion was mentioned in a most passionate way several times at least.  Little children being led into church, one little smiling boy in a wheelchair with no legs. An angel.  This church even had smiling loving greeters for those children!  I've never seen so many loving people in one church.  Hallelujah.  We prayed together in groups for our country or and things on our hearts. I love the old Methodist church we visit but the drive is getting to us now.  Homechurch is nice too, you can't hardly beat it but sometimes the Holy Spirit whispers to venture out at times too. : )

Such a blessing that God brought us back here to this area!!! Oh thank you Jesus.  The drive is awesome, horses, cows...beautiful green oaks blooming. Noooo billboards!  The smalltown people are humble, Jem calls them the salt of the earth. 

I'll close with this song by Sara Groves in honor of this precious, precious old time church service where truth was spoken!  "There Might Be Hope"

Much love to you all, Jesus has a way of encouraging when we least expect it.   ~amelia  <3>

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The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

That sounds like a wonderful Sunday! What a great church, too. How nice to find it thriving all these years later. And, I agree about caring about how animals are treated. This is scriptural. Thank you for mentioning that. :)