Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memorial Day. One of my Favorites: 'The Best Years of Our Lives' (1944) And a Few More Recommendations

'The Best Years of Our Lives"    (1944)  

I've been watching this movie quite a bit over the past two weeks and I just love it...  My dad will be gone in June two years, and this movie makes me feel close to him.  

It's been said by someone once that this movie is the closest thing to reality of what our soldiers went through.

In the above scene, the soldier coming home reminds me of one of the wonderful nursing home friends I have had.  They called him 'Sy', a nickname, a shortened version of that great polish last name of his.  Sy was in a wheelchair and still had a most handsome face to behold, much like an older version of the actor, Robert Hutton who took Jimmy Stewart's place during WWII.   Sy was missing part of his lower leg, he told me of being in the great cathedral in France with other soldiers where they would sleep and take refuge before liberating the camps.  He came home to oldtown on a  bus, there were no phones, he walked home and knocked at the door of his sweet home with his bag over his shoulder.  His family came to the door...and there was Sy. Can you imagine?

The neighborhood he came home to in 'oldtown' is right around my husband's office.  The area just screams of an older and more gentle time...   The 30s and 40s...

With Memorial Day soon, I thought I must put this up.  Many think it's time to party-on but really it's time to think about those great soldiers and the sacrifices they gave for us and our freedom.   Of course I try to have a healthy attitude on it all but let's never, never forget what our soldiers have done for us as I'm sure you would agree.

Our oldest daughter, Janie was blessed to be able to visit Pearl Harbor and assist with those great men who did survive Pearl Harbor.  This took place at the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor a couple of Decembers ago.  She still speaks with one, Uncle Bob over the phone. 

 I miss my Dad...

There are more then several other old movie favorites I would also like to recommend, maybe I'll add to this list as I think of more:

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo   (1944)    A true story.

Destination Tokyo    (1943)     A true story.   The poignant  scene of the appendix operation down below in the submarine did happen!  Roberto Hutton playing the part of this precious young man being operated on was Jimmy Stewart's fill-in during WWII.   Jimmy Stewart was away at war.

The Story of G.I. Joe    (1945)   A true story.  

Sergeant York   (1941)     A true story.   The actress, Joan Leslie, was chosen to play Sergeant York's wife, Gracie because Sergeant York wanted a wholesome actress, one who did not curse, drink or smoke and there you have lovely Joan Leslie. 

Scene from The Best Years of Our Lives I took a pic of the other day...The fellas are flying home together discussing what it will be like when they arrive home...

I love the part where Homer says with a lift of the chin and a grin in the movie:

I'm alright...

Sometimes things happen, perhaps we get our feelings hurt, and I'll share with my husband.  I'll look at my husband and smile and then say.... I'm alright...Just like Homer said.

I loved this plaque that I saw at Hobby Lobby yesterday...


May we remember those who bravely fought for and served this country.  Greatness.

If we want things to be like they were as far as a moral attitude and love for country and healthy fear of God, let it begin with us.  Right?

Let's not be afraid to set our standards for a sweet home high, saturated with love, soaked in wisdom and steeped in acceptance of those around us.  People may not remember what we say, but they will, remember how they are made to feel.  Yep, you better believe it right?   : )  We might just be the only Jesus others see and feel. 

Have a nice day and week, Loves,   May we lift our great country up in prayers.    ~Amelia

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Good Sunday, A Ponytail and a Maxi. Simplicity 4881. Thoughts and More Things I Like-Love!

A Day Trip to Galveston...Do you know that Galveston was the First Wall Street until The Great Storm of 1900?  My Grandma and Grandpa Oddo spent their honeymoon at the Galvez Hotel still in operation there.  This pic is taken on the historical Strand.

I'm wearing one of my favorite things:  A Maxi skirt!  A cotton maxi!   Nothing like them in warm weather!   I wear a culotte style slip underneath for perfect touristing or shopping etc.

This historical Island city has beautiful historical things to see,the craftsmanship of the buildings, the iron work and statuary...Gorgeous.  This is just barely a teensy sampling.  This was in the old ice cream parlour, I notice the floors there and they are so very much like the simple wood floors in my Grandma and Grandpa Oddo's simple home.   There was lots of good eats and laughter in that home...

Their life was simple and I often think of my Italian grandparents and even my parents in their small 30s home where I grew up.  In this day and age where people are in so much debt, they both have to work, leave the home they are in debt for in a car they are in debt for to a job they are in bondage to, to pay for the stuff, not enjoying the home they are in debt for nor their precious children.  I don't think that is life.  The culture has been duped.  It's so sad to me..Often some young people when first married think they have to have a home like a retired oil executive!  Why are the churches not teaching on this!?  Yes, churches!  Donna Reed is alive and well and there would be more if there would be some simple teaching and encouragement on this!   When we first got married we lived in a little condo with outdated everything!  Haha!  And no money to update it either!  But I was able to be there with my baby!  Priceless!  : )


loading ...
This used to be the family home people saved up for to raise children.  This was considered most likely even above average.  (Photo by Robert Stock).   Anyone seen the old vintage Donna Reed show?  In the television episodes she was married to a pediatrician who practices out of their home, they had two teenage children.  The camera panned the outside of the home in one of the episodes the other day.  Their home was a rather modest white framed wood, two story, maybe a story and a half with dormer windows.  Not at all what one would think of as an executive home now-a-days.

I didn't intend on writing that but perhaps it will bless or encourage someone, perhaps someone who is seeking and praying on direction in the area of home and such. 

EDIT 5.19  4:46P.M.  When my daughter, Zuzu and her husband, Tommy went to a premarital class at a large church that would be considered biblical, the young teacher said concerning two income families as he thought it the norm...Let's face it...There is no Ozzy and Harriet any longer.  It was very disappointing for Zuzu and Tommy to hear a teacher in a church say such a thing since Zuzu would be staying home as a homemaker. Let's be careful about the plum line we present, and be very careful as to what is norm, what is discouraged and what is encouraged. With God all things are possible. : )

loading ...  Photo by Robert Stock
My Maxi:

Cotton Nautical Fabric from good ol' smalltown Walmart.  Woo hoo Walmart for placing fabrics and patterns back into stores!

I buy many themes of fabrics, dogs smiling, Christmas dogs, Christmas poodles, Kitty-Cat faces in huge pastel polka-dots on black, WWII maps, and many more novelties!   ...And those maxi skirts will be another blog!  lol

Pattern:  Oop Simplicity 4881, I add around 8 inches to make it a  maxi.  I make my own tie belts out of extra fabric.  If you want a neat look, you can wear the maxi with the seam going down front!  It gives a neat illusion.  An illusion of what?  I don't know...Just neat and adds interest in some patterns.

While we were in Galveston on the Strand, we sat a spell and enjoyed the heartfelt street preaching of this precious young man:

We crossed the street to talk with him, and he was truly precious.  People were just passing him by etc.   We were so blessed by this young man.   Jem had said, Let's go talk to him, if it were Jesus there we would. 

Here are a couple of clips I caught on video, in the first clip there is an older woman sitting next to me on the park bench speaking, it's not me.

A glimpse into his testimony here in part II...

In other news our first little grandbaby, was dedicated at a sweet church dedication service on Mother's Day.  Of course Timmy has always been dedicated to God from the beginning and in daily prayers.  We don't think official Baby Dedication ceremonies are necessary but very sweet and nice if parents would like to participate.  This church is very accepting of new people, and welcomes all.  Zuzu is attending their ladies Bible study with little baby Timmy, all children are welcome to the Ladies Bible Study and Zuzu said how sweet it is to have mommies with their babies playing around their feet.  How precious!  It's truly amazing how autonomous each church is.  They can even be of the same Christian denomination and yet be very different. The pastor at this church found out that the certificate and little Bible presented had Timmy's middle name printed incorrectly.  He told Zuzu that if he had to drive the new corrected certificate and Bible to Zuzu's and Tommy's home he would!  Wow.  And this is a larger church as well. What a difference.

I kind of like what Harper Lee, author of the Pulitzer prize winning novel, 'To Kill a Mockingbird" said concerning various life situations:

Best Harper Lee Quotes - Quotes From To Kill A Mockingbird

Tommy, Zuzu and Baby Timmy after baby dedication.

I just loved this little photo of Timmy taken a few weeks ago, so sweet I think.   He truly is a happy baby.

Well, that's the latest in a quick little update here.  

As you can see, we enjoy day trips. This shot was taken in a little town, and it was a windy day, thus a scarf draped around my neck was thrown over my head 50s style.  I kind of like that look, so feminine don't you think?

Music that ministers to me:

Kristene DiMarco  - It is Well

Fernando Ortego - Chimayo

Last Evening:

The lighting was beautiful, even in the back, there had been a glow, it was as if I stepped into another time...I could feel God's Presence and wonder somehow if my dad's presence wasn't with me somehow...Another time in my life...I froze in the lighting...I felt as if I were to blink I would miss it...

Liesl too was enjoying this most beautifully ethereal evening...

Don't ever let yourself get so busy that you miss those little but important extras in life---the beauty of a day...the smile of a friend...the serenity of a quiet moment alone.  For it is often life's smallest pleasures and gentlest joys that make the biggest and most lasting difference.                                              (Unknown)

Take care, Loves,   ~Amelia in the Forest