Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Oh Fall How I Love Thee! Nice Music, a 1949 Movie Rec, a Few Photos and Little Thoughts

So neat...

And how can we forget Nat King Cole this time of year?

In my prayer time I feel impressed to lay my head even more and more on the Father's chest...Just like a little girl laying her head on her father's loving chest...Trusting and telling the Father my concerns.

Love this song, a wonderful reminder, oh, just so beautiful and truthful too. 

Prayer is a powerful thing, we can talk with Him and walk with Him...and He listens.  He is also moved by our Faith.  When our children talk to us?  Don't we listen?  

loading ...  Photo by Robert Stock

Seen any good movies?   We saw one that is definitely a keeper!    It's called  Red Light (1949)
I wasn't sure if I would like it by the name, but this one is inspiring, wowee.  The end is really something.   It's about a mobster with a missionary brother and a secret in a Bible.   The movie poster on this doesn't represent the movie. Some of  the music is so beautiful...Very period, just so nice, reminded me a bit of the old movie, Boys Town in that particular way.  

Here's a few photos, I have more but around here, out here away from it all it is shared internet with the other country neighbors so bandwidth can be hard to come by on certain days and it takes forever to load up my photos from my phone etc. 

A recent evening walk:

The other evening...

A partial glimpse of  my lineup of seedlings getting started for my fall garden, I'm planting a variety of winter squash and greens, just a nice variety of wonderful vegetables along with marigolds to attract bees for pollination:


One of our five kitties, his name?   Why it's Monkey!  Our daughter Annette had brought him home one dark night as a kitten, he had tromped through puddles through the forest to reach her car as she stopped, seeing him near our home, so sweet. It's as if he knew exactly his ride was there!  He has beautiful light green eyes and loves pets.  


A sweet reminder, just love sweet little scarecrows!


The other morning, I saw the light landing on my 'Faith' sign behind my couch...I took the trouble to go fetch my phone to get this shot...It reminded me of my Grandma and Grandpa Oddo's home when I was a little girl there on the bay...The way the morning light would come in...


I'll close now, I need to get supper going, I already have some potatoes in the oven I make with chopped tomatoes, lemon juice, garlic powder a little olive or avocado oil and all that jazz.

We'll have my special red beans and rice too with hints of mustard greens, and one of my favorites, Tofurky.  If you're a veggie gal like me, Tofurky is gold, it flavors things wonderfully and is plantbased.  How do I make my red bean soup?   I follow the recipe for the mostpart from the Camellia  brand bean bag subbing Tofurky fro meat and adding some sauteed bell peppers too.  Edit 9.18:  I also sautee a can of diced tomatoes with the onions, peppers and tofurkey.  Sometimes I throw into a vegan bouillon cube in the broth later.

I'll be making some Jiffy cornbread too, that's a nice comfort food....

I usually serve a big green salad as well with my Creole soup.    Camellia bean company is in New Orleans, I have New Orleans in my blood.

My Italian grandma was from New Orleans, her Italian family from Naples, Italy owned an ice cream cone and ice cream business on the main street across from Jax brewery.  The business is still there but owned by someone else.  My great grandpa spoke little English being from Naples, Italy. He had invented his own ice cream cone and it was stolen by a large ice cream cone company from the same area.  So many Italians were not treated properly back then but they worked hard and pulled themselves up.  My great grandparents moved to Texas as my grandma's brothers were getting older and my grandfather was afraid they would get into  bad company, I'm so thankful to my great grandfather for that courageous move.

But I do love New Orleans, the mighty Mississippi river is my favorite spot there watching the river boats, jazz musicians playing on the corners, it's so nice and the great cathedral.  Many people think of bad things when they think of New Orleans but you can easily go there and stay away from bad things just like any other city, we don't even drink and we are fine there, you just have to know what to stay away from.  If you like history it's a neat and unique place. My grandma kept her New Orleans accent and loved to cook, nothing like it. I think of my grandma often when I'm in the kitchen doing what I call...Composing dinner. 

Do you know the famous actress, Irene Dunne was the daughter of a riverboat inspector?  She said the greatest time in her life was as a teenager riding with her father on those riverboats.   My father went to Gulfport Military Academy in Biloxi Mississippi right down the way, oh the stories of the dances they would attend at the local girls academy.  I have my uncle's dress gloves from the academy.

Well, looks like I typed up a  bunny trail above...

Have a good evening, loves,

All who humble themselves before the Lord shall be given every blessing and shall have wonderful peace.    Psalm 37:11

Growth takes place in quietness, in hidden ways, in silence and solitude.  The process is not accessible to observation.  
~Eugene Peterson

Our Lord does not care so much for the importance of our works as for the love with which they are done. 
~Teresa of Avila

We can never untangle all the woes in other people's lives.  We can't produce miracles overnight.  But we can bring a cup of cool water to a thirst soul, or a scoop of laughter to a lonely heart.  
~Barbara Johnson

Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Re-Post on Charlie and Brokeness, it Hit Some Heartstrings This Morning

Sometimes I'll re-read some of my past posts and they really hit some heartstrings, this is one of those as I found myself revisiting this one post below and  having to dry my eyes.  As the Church as in capital "C" I think we should be number one in showing mercy and really thinking and showing it too.  If it's one thing that drives me bonkers it's when people who are called by the name of Christ Jesus show no mercy and sit on their hands and mouths.  I have a strong dislike for cliques and was always trained by my parents to avoid them like mad and that goes for blogging styles as well as in commenting in a considerate way, reaching out to maybe new people too, unfortunately not all people were trained in that winning way and It gets my goat when grown people behave in that insensitive untrained school girl way.  It ought not be but never fear...I have a much stronger inner strength then I appear to have since I'm also very transparent on my feelings, after all, I'm a creative being with a sensitive heart.  I have delicate but never the less, strong wings, my prophet side is ever as strong as my mercy side.  My husband saw a tshirt last week, it said:  "Underestimate me, That'll be Fun"    We both laughed and laughed, he thought I should  get that shirt and I did get one.  *chuckle*...It's true.  Let's just say, I have mercy major but I also have two eyes to see with and one mouth that will speak truth.

I didn't expect to write all of the above but I felt like it so out it came and I'll let it stay.

I listened to the videos I had posted  (below link) and they hit me just as hard today as last year.  I had just lost our precious dog, Charlie and was still and am still grieving my dad.

Many of you may not understand what all went on, the story with my dad and how he passed away.  I'll make it short on this entry beginning the tragic story.  He was taken advantage of by a pastor's wife from a St. * Missionary Baptist Church.  She was working at my dad's bank to start with and he would help her out buying her little boy reading materials and curriculum when she would share his problems at school etc. My dad was also a merciful soul.  He would make little toy wooden cribs for the little girls in that church for Christmas as the pastor there would mention the need visiting my dad at his home.   Later the woman would work for a government office.  Slowly but surely things were brewing in the background little did we know...   I'll finish another time but it was the start of a perfect storm.   So, please know I'm typing this up quickly and I realize I've always been vague, honestly,  the entire situation has given me something akin to a well hidden feeling of PTSD and as you know I'm a sensitive soul to start with.  I've been very careful on what and how things are shared.  So I thought I would be a little more specific in my story but it will take time.  The story is an interesting one and one I never thought I would live.

Back to Charlie  (below link and pic).  We love animals here very much, my husband calls me Amelia from Assisi.  We have five dogs and five cats and they are like our little children.   So when we lose one of our fur angels, it's a terrible, terrible thing as I'm sure you will agree.

So I bring to you Charlie and some heavy words in some most poignant videos on Brokeness by Spencer Tracy playing the part of beloved Father Flanagan from Boys Town.  

Please take the time to listen and ponder:

A Re-Post on Charlie and Brokeness. It Hit Some Heartstrings Today.

Charlie and I the first fall we lived here...This was taken in one of my prayer times as I noticed how beautiful Charlie looked that day, as he sat with me...

"We are never more fulfilled than when our longing for God is met by His presence in our lives."    ~Billy Graham

"Does your soul need to be rejuvenated?   The greatest source for this comes from reaching out to meet others' needs.  Show someone how much you really care by going for a walk together, taking, listening, or just holding their hand."

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.     

~Deuteronomy 33:27

Yes, God is our refuge and oh the comfort He brings.   I talk with Him, and I walk with Him and He tell me...I am His own......

Have a sweet day and weekend, thank you so much to all who have subbed in some way or another.  Your new follow or sub is a God-wink to me! <3 br="">
 ~Amelia in the Forest