Monday, June 10, 2019

A Bit of a Remembrance, A Re-Post: Everytime I See Your Face...Photograph

This time of year is a busy one and has become one of remembrance, so I thought I would prayerfully put a re-post up of last year, for I'm feeling a little bit of the same way this year.  Life can be much like post war times after WWII, the people then would always remember the sentimental later on down the line and thus those old movie greats in the 40s.  It's been two years since my dad left this green earth and it was not in any way I would have dreamed of, to say it was a time of uncertainty, distress and gross injustice is an understatement.  One of these days I will write the specifics.  One of these days...The story is an almost unbelievable one, a tragic one, a story of a failed system and corruption, a story of a divided heart and one that I would have never dreamed possible.  The following re-post will hopefully be an encouragement to those who have gone through troubles of this magnitude.  There is hope, God will help you cope.

A book I highly recommend is:  To Live Again  by Catherine Marshall wife of the late great Chaplain of the United States Senate, Peter Marshall.  Many of you know that Peter Marshall passed away in his younger years at the age of 47 back in 1949 leaving Catherine with a young son. 

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Everytime I See Your Face...Photograph


The best reason to pray is that God is really there.  In praying, our unbelief  gradually starts to melt.  God moves smack into the middle of even an ordinary day...Prayer is a matter of keeping at it...Thunderclaps and lightning flashes are very unlikely.  It is well to start small and quietly.          ~Emilie Griffin

Take care now and have a sweet week, Loves,    ~Amelia