Friday, June 17, 2016

'The Story of G.I. Joe' (1945) Total Greatness...Total

I treated myself to a movie today, and we will be watching it once again as a family tonight.

This movie is one of the most touching movies I've seen in a while...I had forgotten the greatness.  The feel of the old 40s movies...the total moral climate was so very different on so many accounts. 

Before the G.I. Joe doll ever came about...

Story of G.I. Joe

This movie is from the life and times of the life and writings of Ernie Pyle long recognized as one of the great American war correspondents.  Ernie Pyle lived with the troops, sharing food and spending time with the soldiers as one of them.   It earned Pyle a Pulitzer prize. 

President Eisenhower said... "The greatest war film he had ever seen."

The movie is done through the eyes of a regular soldier.  Many WWII veterans  said this came closest to capturing their own experience.

The one and only Robert Mitchum is in the movie as the Captain...and oh what a great Captain he is.  I love the character he plays.   A gentle but strong leader.

One scene I thought was very interesting was the soldiers enjoying an Artie Shaw big band song on the Zero Hour radio program...and then Tokyo Rose comes on with Psychological Warfare...

Many of the extras were real G.I.s and Veterans.  Correspondent Ernie Pyle, like many of the soldiers you will see went to Okinawa and died there, they sadly were unable to see this great film...I can't even imagine.  Yes, Ernie Pyle never saw the film...see his biography and you will see he was buried in his helmet.  All of our soldiers, how can we thank them enough?

The little dog that goes through the movie is one of the most precious things I have ever seen...

Just a very quick blog here to celebrate and share this great movie.   The Story of G.I. Joe.   (1945)  

See it in entirety..   You too will be touched.  You could use the points of this movie, from Ernie Pyle, to G.I. Joe all the way to the wiles of Tokyo Rose and who she was for a good and interesting humdinger of a history lesson.

Thank you dear ones for the comments of the last post, I have been off radar and have been lame on replying but I do appreciate the thoughtfulness left.

Have a most blessed evening...    Signing off from The Forest Cathedral