Monday, May 14, 2018

The Beauty of a Day: Buford, God's Creatures and Books to Share

Don't ever let yourself get so busy that you miss those little but important extras in life--the beauty of a day...the smile of a friend...the serenity of a quiet moment alone.  For it is often life's smallest pleasures and gentlest joys that make the biggest and most lasting difference. 

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Me with Coffee, holding Muffie.  Two of our five dogs.

The Forest holds so much beauty here as the seasons change...  We've had a surprise visitor lately.  He's a rather large visitor!   He's an escapee and decided to settle in here at the peaceful Forest Cathedral sanctuary.

He was here in our area roaming, and landed on our property.   A phone call was placed to the farmer man we know, and he happened to know the  bull's owner.  One day I see a blue suv type truck, someone inside it is honking loudly with a lady in front of it, walking down the road clapping her hands trying to get the bull to go down the street.  (It was funny).  I call this lady Alpha Woman.  She calls herself that...She lives down the road.

Well...the bull, I call him, Buford came  back.  My daughter asked if he was here and I said I hadn't seen him.   Well I strolled past my bedroom window and there was Buford! 

Look at the cute spots on his face...He is very docile but he must not have wanted to be fenced in  or tied up wherever he was!  Do you see the rope around his horns?  It is not attached to anything, a length of rope is severed...  It tells the tale!

This particular photo of Buford was his first visit without the rope...

Buford and Gracie.  Gracie is our 75 pound hound and looks very tiny next to Buford.  

So what happened to Buford?   Well, he made the mistake of leaving our sanctuary and went on down the road just peacefully munching his grass...Alpha Woman was sitting in her parked blue suv on the road facing Buford, on her phone, so I'm thinking Buford's original owner came to get him.  Aww... Buford.  Hope you're okay big guy...

Animals are sensitive creatures...Large or small.

Speaking of gentle giants....

This is a photo of our Buddy.  The videos below I share reminds me of Buddy...

...Our precious pittie who we lost.  Miss you so much our precious Buddy.
You can read about Buddy HERE by the way.

I hope you enjoy the videos below the drawing.  Animals are a thing with me, I loved them back when a child...I remember my Uncle Bennie taking me to the stock show at the rodeo when I was a little girl, he had been an aspiring vet and unfortunately because of life happening, after college didn't get to vet school.  I remember seeing the cows and making eye contact...There was something so sad about their eyes...  Now as an adult I can do my best to help on some of that the best way I can.   I have animals everywhere...God's Creatures.

This is a pencil sketch I had done years ago of me when I was a little girl sitting on the steps of our door with my first puppy, Cutie.  The angle is a  bit odd, a very slight distortion but I had to take it this way because of the glare. 

Please enjoy these videos, I thought they were so sweet! 

Is this one not precious?

...And this one?

Oh my goodness... This is really something...

Good Books

Also wanting to share some of the sweetest books ever for homemakers.  When I read these wonderful books I felt like I was having coffee with a friend!  I bought these for my two married daughters and I also have them in our library here at home for me and our two unmarried daughters as well. 

The author is Mrs. White, author also of The Legacy of Home blog.  What a delightful blog she has!

I hope everyone is doing fine.  I'll include this one last video in honor of Buford and myself.  This song is so catchy, I will wake up in the middle of the night with this song on my mind!  Don't fence me in!  You have to love both Roy Rogers and Trigger.  Soooo sweet.

Don't Fence Me In

This is from the old movie, Hollywood Canteen (1944).  Wow, what a movie.   Love those old USO shows from the WWII era.   The movie stars were patriots, they honored our country and our soldiers.  The young actor in the beginning that resembles Jimmy Stewart?  Hollywood would use him for any Jimmy Stewart type of part because Jimmy Stewart was at war.   The young actor's name is Robert Hutton and there is a very interesting mini biography HERE.

Our flag here at the forest.

 The sky from our front porch last Friday.  I thought it looked like Heaven.

It is the simple things of life that make living worthwhile, the sweet fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest, and living close to nature. 

-Laura Ingalls Wilder

Noon and evening shots here in the forest...

As Roy Rogers said...

Come on Trigger, Let's be on our way!   

Good Evening, Loves,   Amelia at the Forest Cathedral