Monday, March 26, 2012

Contented Woman's Daybook

Today Outside my Window? Oh it is so beautiful today! I see glistening green trees and a white flowering tree, God planted in perfect sight. The green leaves glisten like little diamonds.

I am thinking... Some things perhaps need to change in priorities. Some blogging on other blogs may have to take a slow-down as God sees fit. I'll be darned if my family time is taken away because of a blog. (Many feelings on this, things noticed lately) Not complaining, just wising up? Life is a constant wising-up is it not? : ) But on the other hand, if we as bloggers do not glorify GOD in this present society with the gift of our typing fingers who will???? It's all about the Lord's leading in cadence.

I am thankful for... For my husband. We had such a nice time yesterday. I was having a little episode of sore throat feverish relapse after attending a shower Saturday so we stayed home and listened to a sermon and then went to get lunch and a wonderful spring day drive through a nearby two-hundred year old town frozen in time. I'm thankful for our girls. My husband and I are so very thankful for beautiful girls inside and out who love the Lord Jesus Christ and are not seeking peer approval of any kind. My husband and I watched Michelle go the mailbox the other day through the window...He shook his head and said..."She's beautiful. Inside and out. They all four are. A guy would be a fool not to see it." Thankful for a husband who will notice and verbalize that. It makes me feel good inside.

I am wearing... A hot pink cotton polo shirt, dark blue and white workout capris. Yellow flip flops, full makeup and my hair up in a Victorian bun. Glasses on my head. Lavender perfume on. (ready for a productive day!)

In the learning room... The School of Christ. The School of Christ...

I am remembering... I need to write several Easter cards to some folks today. Also several notes of encouragement as well. My giving of self. I need to make sure and remind dh to get salt for the water softener.

I am going... Probably for a walk today to the pond to read. I love that sun's vitamin D!

I am currently reading.. A wowee book. "Giving Yourself Away" by David Dunn written in 1947. This one is a life changer...I wrote about it in my Vision for a Godly Home blog.

I am hoping... My baby Becca gets well and God's healing power touches her body in some miraculous ways soon. She's been going through somewhat of a health crisis, she's a quiet girl, her still waters run deep at times. She's sensitive like her mom so the way people treat her affect her.

On my mind... Several sweet people at the shower I was able to visit with. Very nice ladies, jewels. A darling young lady I had the privilege of sitting with. Sometimes the quiet ones are the hidden jewels are they not? I reiterate...a privilege and as my daughter Marianna says, "I value that girl's respect". So true Marianna. Those sweet ones are the true saints of God many times, the ones who are overlooked. Christ is there and I'm convinced the Lord's angels are smiling upon them. It will always be that way in life. The sweet things often are the most overlooked. Angels themselves in disguise many times...

Noticing that... I've got to get going!

Pondering these words... Jesus answered nothing ...

From the kitchen... Yikes. Not sure yet, I had better go take a peek into the fridge to see what is on hand. I may try a brown rice pizza for a change if I have the goodies for it. Edit: *Ehem* Yes we have no "bananas". : P We will have a pasta dish tonight. Hubs will be happy...

From the working room...Sewing today, if I can fit it in. I love creating my own clothing. I keep it very, very simple and jazz things up with belts and such.

Around the house... Very quiet. Doglets sleeping, nice music from Christian radio.

One of my favorite things... Spring. Hope. The Father's Presence I feel so strongly today. He's always here but there's something about today.

Photos I would like to share..

Is this not the sweetest thing? A mommy and her baby calf right by our backdoor.

Isn't this cute? Our kitten, Marilla watching the mommy cow through the window.

Mommy and youth in the front yard by the pond...

These were taken a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Lundy's cows were here to visit and so glad we had not put in the garden yet!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Musings by the Pond

Yesterday: Spring has sprung when I paint my tosies. They say, flip flops are the Southern girls glass slippers! : ) These one dollar flip flops are the best in the west. Soft squishy and mold to the foot. Perfect! I was getting a little sun trying to get well after a wearisome shopping trip trying to take back a skirt with a d.o.a. zipper and of course the poor little wallymart in little-town doesn't quite know what to do with "dot com" exchanges. Poor little clerk in the store was a nervous wreck bless her heart. But I did feel a sore throat and headachie feeling trying to come back after a 30 minute refund. I was tired before we left and I should have listened to my bod, I should have listened to God! I do not want a relapse and have gotten a touch of one. Poor Michelle is not feeling well either so those germies are floating around too.

I tried to take some pics of today it is SO beautiful this evening! Hopefully I can get those up soon. The pics don't do it justice though. My thoughts today were that anyone not spending the day in the country is really, really missing life....really missing life. It's just off the wall gorgeous...timeless beauty.

This was also relaxing for me yesterday, reading one of my very favorite books by the pond. "First We Have Coffee", a darling, sweet, sweet book. And you have my clear nail polish for my finger nails. I like clear on my finger nails.

Dreamie pic of home sweet home. I love the reflection.

A beautiful evening sky.

Here are some favorite songs of late, we've discovered Sarah Jarosz and are so enjoying her neat music, much of it is bluegrass, so artistic and sounds so very neat playing outside.

One of my husband and my favorites: 'My Muse'.

"My Muse" We think of the Lord. : )

"Run Away" Hubby and I laugh and say that's us in the country.

An official video of "Run Away". Interesting, not sure what to make of it but it turns out innocent enough? : )

Well I better run now, it's our one year anniversary of being here in the country and it's St. Patty's day too, so yes we are all wearing green. : ) Homemade pizza and a huge salad is done, made by our four daughters.

Enjoy your evening. May we all Live the Life. Pray I'll have sense on what to do and what not to do as far as activity. I can't believe how weak I am after being sick. A good reminder in some ways of our strength being in Christ.

Love to All, ~Amelia

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zuzu and Janie's Trash Day. Uh Oh...

Okay...Here Goes. Finished Product. Sort of? Dad wasn't home, had an early appointment so the two sisters home from work did the duty of trash day....(horror music plays) ... Normally hubby has been loading the trash into the trailer for the girls and away they go to the road for pick up. It's cute to see them (normally) : / Okay sister, let's get it in any way we can... "No not that way, this way." "Are you kidding?" "No listen - it will work I tell you..." Hmmm...If we figure out trash day on a muddy wet day we can solve the world's problems I tell you. I think we got it! Ta dah! (sort of?) Well to make a long story short, Zuzu on the riding mower with Janie riding in the back holding on to the trash can and trailer...ran into a huge muddy pit. Uh oh. The trailer comes undone as well. They try and they try bless their hearts and finally Zuzu has to run to work.  Janie hops on the riding mower and tries with all her heart to hold on to the trailer as the trash cans decide to fall off. Tears ensue and I can surely understand.  just say she met the fedex man with mascara under her eyes. Poor Li-Li! Today Joycie and I went to the little town to return something at the little wallyworld. It was fun.  J. bought several beautiful rose bushes and then stopped by the grocery to get some little extras. I became very tired and exhausted at Wallyworld so for the grocery I sat in the car reading the sweet local paper while J. flew in for the items. While I was sitting in the car looking at the paper I see this darling bride with such a sweet countenance. Oh my goodness. It was Hubby and I's old friend's daughter. It was so very hard to believe. So glad to see such a sweet countenance and she married well from the looks of things. (married well as in Christ reigns) : ). On the way home it was so pretty outside, i was feeling better so we took a drive through the little old historical (very very historical) town on the way home...Oh. my. goodness. Breathtaking. Huge oaks on the river, old church from the 1800s and many registered homes on old gravel streets much like I grew up. Neat. Many carriage houses still standing....Relics everywhere. On the way home, we were coming down the ranch road and stopped when we spotted a nice size turtle crossing the street and becoming miscombobulated.  J. got out and gently picked up the turtle and put him back in the grass safe and sound all the while stopping to pick some daisy dukes mind you. : ) Great times. Who can complain? Iced tea in the car on a beautiful spring-like day. Tonight for sup? Enchiladas. A song I heard while I was laying down that makes me smile. We also listened to Sara Groves, the song Compelled. I love that song. This morning as i was praying I had this on my mind an have had this song on my mind: Better run. Just wanted to get my thoughts and pics down of the trash day in the country. Enjoy? Love, ~Amelia

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michelle Takes Mom Shopping! So Fun!

My sweet daughter Michelle took me shopping the other day and it was so much fun. I really, really, needed that and was ready to go with no one needing to twist my arm I assure you! Oh my it was great going to my old stomping ground, a gorgeous drive, trees, cattle etc., the mall is quiet and oh so nice. Plum luverly and it made me feel like a human being again. I also wondered how in the world I could have ever moved from this area? Thank God I'm back.

I'm realizing I had better keep my tent pitched to our new but old area here. : )

Michelle was so, so sweet! She treated me to a very nice Chinese buffet lunch and then off to the mall. Michelle has been firmly reminding me I needed a nice denim skirt and she was going to take me to Cato's to get one by George! Not only did I find one nice belted denim skirt but a dark denim one too suitable even for a Sunday morning church service. So I found TWO denim skirts! Yay! I've been wearing my homemade one and it was almost falling off of me after being sick and changing my diet vegetarian last summer. : )

Before I left I put one of my fave outfits on.

It's almost time to go and I can't get a good shot. I look serious here, it's a serious thing trying to look decent for a picture isn't it? : P The only decent shots had toothpaste splatters on the mirror, yep, when you've been sick for over two months you just don't worry with cleaning toothpaste spatters.

I tried to wear comfy shoes but pretty ones. After being sick for so long, I'm realizing I must live life and enjoy it....dress up and enjoy it. My daughters and I agreed that we think undergarments should be pretty too. Do you remember the director of Gone With the Wind? He made sure one of the actresses had a beautiful petticoat that rustled and crinkled. The actress made the remark that no one would see the petticoat or know it was there. The director said...You will know. : ) I have even found a like-new beige lace vintage full slip on ebay, probably from the 50s? They just don't make them like that anymore. It's beautiful.

Another thing I've learned and am learning is to quit working when I'm tired. And rest. Just stop and rest. I'm not a high energy person and never have been, so it doesn't take much to tip me over to either physical or emotional exhaustion. Around 3 or 4pm I wind down.

On the way home from shopping it was such a lovely evening I had to pull my trusty camera out and get some shots getting home from our great day!

Home! : )

For supper today: I made a Cajun bean soup with rice for supper, my girls made baked potatoes with it.

In the works: I cut out and completed sewing a darling pink linen with maroon leaf print long skirt. I even snuck in an order of ballet pink flat shoes to match from ebay to go with the skirt. It will make such a cute outfit with a white whispie earthy feminine top, perhaps lace leggings too.

It's a wonderful life, thank God I'm on the upswing, I tire easily but God is with me in a major way and thanks to Him I'm getting better.

Here is a cute song hubby and I heard last night at our datenight restaurant...Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes. (Hubby took me for Chinese too for datenight) Do you get the impression I like Chinese food? : ) It's funny isn't it? The Supremes at a Chinese restaurant. *big smile*

This song makes me smile and want to be-bop too, this gets me going:

I listened to my Christian radio station today (Chuck Swindoll was good today) and the soundtrack to 'To Kill a Mockingbird' with Becs while she studied and I sewed. Our family watched Susan Thomas F.B. Eye tonight. Such sweet programs. The girls sing the theme song as their anthem. Such a fun time!

It's late, that's my update. More to come to show and tell about life.

Time capsule for the week of March 12.2012.

It's a wonderful life!

Love to All, ~Amelia

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Going to Be Alright

The Father is good, and it's worth blogging about. : ) Last weekend was so very nice. I finally was able to venture out with our family to the most wonderful old, old church in Midtown yesterday...I put my super-glued Sarah Palin glasses on, threw cotton balls in my purse for my ears in case of wind (yes it affects me being sickly lately) ; ) ... didn't even bother with contacts, threw my plaid skirt on with my trusty belted black turtleneck, put that make-up on.. and clipped up that hair-do ; ) and away we went. As we walk up the old wood stairway to the balcony, I hear the most beautiful sound of the choir singing, Holy, Holy, Holy....Lord God Almighty....Now that song is one of my favorites ever, there is something about that song that brings me to tears. And in this old church it really does something within my heart. It is one of the most beautiful hymns ever and I've thought so ever since I was a little girl. As we file into our seats the choir's voices sounded just like angel voices. It was breathtaking. It was as if you were afraid to move much, as if it would break a holy anointing of sorts... Now you must know by now I'm a student of people. I watch them, I listen to them, I watch their attitude and where their eyes go. I am such a student of people I can even watch and perceive a person in my peripheral vision of another student of people watching me. Yes indeedie. I suppose it goes back to me being an artist of sorts. There are some spiritual gifting too that go along with that, the world would correctly call it being an HSP. (highly sensitive person). The Bible calls one part of it discernment. : ) As I sat above int he balcony listening to a most wonderful sermon on witnessing to others about Jesus, it was very good by the way...I kept finding my eyes looking down upon a lovely, lovely elderly lady down below. Her hair was perfectly coiffed in a bit of a dark silver modified flip of sorts? She wore a pretty dark coral pink jacket and she had pretty cheek bones. I bet she was a knock out during World War II. A classic beauty. But not a cheap beauty, a sweet looking beauty. After the service we file down the stairs...promises of hubs taking us to that neat Greek restaurant and eating outside too. A treat for us. The girls and I go into the Ladies room and while I was in my private little world of listening to the sounds of lady's voices and taking in the oldness of even the bathroom tile...I hear the sweetest voice. She tells the lady next to her she hasn't been to the church but twice since New Year...I thought to myself, well I sure know how she feels but she's been feeling better than I obviously. She proceeds to say she watches on tv, and of course is faithful to her Sunday school lesson. This woman's voice was soooooo sweet...Noticeably so. I hear the lady next to her say... "I'm going to have to call you." The most sweet pretty elderly voice says: "Oh please call me, I would love it if you would call me, that would be so nice, and I could talk with you about your grandchildren." Oh my I thought, this sweet lady, she's been lonely, she's willing to talk to the other lady about the other lady's grandchildren. Oh my.... I guess I could relate to her in a very small way, I have been so sick since January. Thank God for my girls and of course Hubs when he's not working of course. Plus... the lady's voice reminded me a little of my mom's too, just a little older. I said a little prayer that I would be able to talk with this sweetheart later when I opened the door to see and identify the mystery lady...I figured I could find her later? I opened the door and it was the beautiful sweet looking lady with the pretty dark silver hair, she was taller than I and I smiled as she and the other lady talked. No, I didn't see her later, we were off to the car in the sunshine walking through the foyers by many older men in their nice suits...I'm fascinated by the older gentlemen, I just know most of them must be the cutie pie soldiers I see in the 40s WWII movies. Yes, these gentlemen are older and now in older age they recognize and appreciate goodness and family when they see it. It's nice to see them and make that eye contact, trade smiles. I see so many smiles from all of these people, a breath of fresh air. I suspect I'll see the pretty, sweet lady again one Sunday too. I'll be ready for her with a compliment and smile. : ) As we get into the car it feels so nice to be there in that downtown area...the oldness of it all, I could drink it up. The hospital where Hubs and I were born in walking distance, we were both delivered by the same doctor, good ol Dr. Salerno. Yes, most all the Italian women delivered with Dr. Salerno. I really do hope and pray I can see the pretty older lady one Sunday in the reasonable future. She has no idea but I may just know how she feels in small ways of course, although she would never guess. God does things like that. Yes He does. ..................................................................................................... Saturday. I must write this praise report too. Our baby, Grace is graduating homeschool this year. She is our fourth born and my thoughts on homeschool graduation have changed drastically. I had no idea when my older girls graduated that many homeschoolers even in Christian support groups do not homeschool for the Lord as Lord. Academics evolves into their god of sorts...even if they throw the name of the Lord in here and there. My oldest two girls were part of a huge beautiful graduation but underneath it all sadly were politics and vain philosophies of man. To make a long story short, my thirdborn Zuzu after much prayer and me as a mother begging God to show me another graduation Zuzu was able to graduate with a smaller sweeter more independent graduation where was God was glorified. A blessing. Now that we've moved further out, the graduation was once again a matter of prayer once again, this time for Grace. I've been praying we could go out of the box for her after attending a really sweet and very nice homeschool home-graduation that I thought was very nice last year. But it was up to Grace on this one. I was so wanting to be a part of a certain homeschool church's graduation ceremony but they seem to have changed their rule and now it is for church members only. That caused a good cry for me and Grace trust me...We were disappointed. Maybe they will still change their rules. Hubs and I dutifully took Grace to the graduation meeting an hour and a half away, me with cotton in my aching ears and cough drops in my swollen throat for this smaller graduation ceremony's committee meeting. It would be the same ceremony Zuzu participated in. It was cold outside and trust me, it was a labor of love as sick as I was to attend that meeting. It was a long, long way to the meeting but what is a mother to do? We three talked about it all on the way home...I could tell Grace was not decided at all and really in a quandry. I pray. We all pray. Sisters are praying too, in our family graduation is a big deal. Last Saturday it was so very wonderful! The sun was streaming in as Grace, Joycie and I were in the kitchen and to my delight as we talked of graduation, Grace suddenly said..."I'm going to do a doubly nice graduation party for my ceremony, here at home. I just decided. It just donned on me!" With the sun streaming in and the Holy Ghost so strong in my heart....I knew our prayers had been answered. This may sound silly to many if you haven't homeschooled or maybe have boys who don't care about all of that stuff. : ) But I think this is going to be a big season of creativity for our family. Just think of the memories we are going to create! We already had so much fun brain storming in the kitchen! Grace is my artsie one and I'm artsie enough to understand her perfectly and I think this is going to be GREAT. The great thing about homeschooling is our four girls have friends of all ages, Grace is friends with Janie's friends and vice versa etc. So this is going to be the party extraordinaire. The sky's the limit here in the country...Grace's photography can be on display and everything. Good food will abound. The outdoors, the trees are our canvas. True friends will be here to join in. The theme? It will be a fanciful one I assure you! Nothing else like it. : ) Oh wow, the ideas are flying! God is good! AND MAY GOD BE GLORIFIED. HE ALREADY IS. God is with us. : ) He answers prayers. I'm feeling better, thank the good Lord. I do not know what was going on, if it was the flu or strep and then a cold, relapse and then another virus or what or perhaps one big virus but it was horrible. The sickness had me so worn out, it was depressing, and the depressing part was making me even sicker. I've even wondered if it wasn't something akin to mono? Every now and then my throat feels a bit swollen and my ears crackle but the Lord is so good, no more advil, no more claritin. Only vitamin C and a few other supplements, some for detoxing, green tea with good healthy foods and no sugar of any kind. Next winter and Christmas? I will take better care of myself and not take things so to heart and stress out. I must learn. My hubs tells me the same. My husband was reading to us last night in devotions... He makes us lie down in green pastures. So this is my time capsule of words from March 5, 2012. This morning I was able to go out by the pond and sit in the sun for 15 minutes. Glory Hallelujah! Here are some photos from last winter (Jan.) before my relapses. Janie, Joycie and Zuzu at an Italian restaurant after Zuzu's birthday. It was such a blessing,  Zuzu's sweet family she works for gave her a gift card for her birthday to this family favorite of a restaurant. : ) A blessing! I love the way they decorate this restaurant, it's a family restaurant, but the atmosphere is wonderful! Bright lights, suburban city... Hubs going to the car....We girls were laughing and going on checking out some of the goofy clothes in the windows. *big smile* Back for the drive to the country! Praise God for our home here. Love, ~Amelia

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mrs. Amelia's Most Very Real Daybook

This our oldest daughter 29 Janie, Gracia Burnham, and our daughter 22 Zuzu at a Voice of the Martyrs conference. Gracia Burnham has a sobering testimony, she and her husband were taken hostage by jihadists for over a year on their wedding anniversary in the Phillipines wandering and suffering through the jungle with their captors. Her husband was shot and killed after a year's captivity. I just cannot imagine. She has written two books, one on the tragedy and one on trials. The girls said this precious lady and saint of God had such a sweet spirit. Janie is reading one of her books, "In the Presence of My Enemies". She found it at the library, so that was very nice. Today Outside my Window? It looks nice outside but a bit grey...the green looks pretty against the grey. The sun blinks a few times... but quickly hides away.... I am thinking... I am sleepy and am going to take a nap. I must take care of myself. Repeat. I must take care of myself. I am thankful for... Life. All my blessings, my family, my girls friends who are so precious. A beautifully written letter mailed to one of my girls, just a very neat letter. Also a neat testimony of a kind young doc resident friend who plays his violin for the I.C.U. patients. These things tell me life is okay, there is hope for the world? A couple of my girl's friends who take the time to ask how I am. I think that is so sweet. I am wearing... Okay this is a joke. *chuckle* The top isn't a joke, it's a blue chambray boyfriend-look long blouse with a collar that looks just like those striped fruit gum sticks I chewed as a kid. But the bottoms..oh dear me... The bottoms are ridiculously baggy knit navy capris with cargo pockets... I'm thinking I have GOT to go shopping soon for some new britches. In the learning room.. A box from College Plus for Joycie It has a neat tshirt that says: "I am reinventing college" : ) Yes, Joycie is going for journalism since she loves to write. This is college at home and I've heard great things about it. She's 26 and unmarried and at this point....says to heck with it and is going to get some schooling in on what she loves until she marries one day. Real Estate and owning her own Modest Clothing boutique really threw her some bad curve balls. Let's just say there are some people I'd like to punch or tell a thing or two to. Enough said. : ) And for any analyzing folks ...My heart is: I just wish people would understand what it's like to be in business for your self. And we must remember jealousy and envy will always be a problem in this world. Even the Bible says... Envy. Who can stand against it? My hubby always reminds me of that.
I am remembering... From my childhood: Mrs. Neeley and my mother would throw stale bread in our yards for the little birds. I remember hearing some acquaintences make fun of Mrs. Neeley for doing that and I remember thinking... My mom does that too. I feed the birds now too with stale bread and I think it's great.: ) Why not? I can't imagine speaking against people for doing that! Snobs. (If Santorum can call people snobs I can too and I agree with Santorum too!) So just count that as a "That goes for you too" moment like George Bailey to Potter, from It's a Wonderful Life. : P Speaking of God's creatures, I need to bathe three of our doglets today. I am going... Nowhere. Maybe a little walk on the property to get some fresh air...probably to the pond to read. I must get well. I am currently reading.. First We Have Coffee by Margaret Jensen. This book is so very wonderful. If you go to my other blog, I have excerpts. Vision for a Godly Home blogspot. I bet you'll want to read it too! I am hoping... I get completely well soon, I hate being on meds, they've made me feel very odd. I want off the meds. I do herbal too and am sick of it all. On my mind... Oh dear... Let's see on my mind... A lot. A lot. I plead Claritin in my system. Noticing that... The cat is on the table in front of my computer. She's not supposed to be there but I'm too tired to do anything about it. She don't mean nothin'....(spoken like Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird) Pondering these words... Oh I don't know...So many. One thing is the devotional I was reading in Streams. ...How Moses went to meet with God alone. Also these words that have been sitting up on my kitchen window above my sink since Jan. 1. Life seemed to stand still since I became sick. The words on the flip calendar? "I said to a man who stood at the gate of the year, 'Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknwon.' And he replied, 'Go out into the darkness and put your hand in the hand of God. That shall be to you better than a light and safer than a known way." From the kitchen... Joycie and Grace went to the store happily to get goodies for veggie burgers with homemade buns (hopefully!) if they return in time and all kinds of neat stuff like nachos etc. We're going to have a movie party tonight. Rumor has it that we may be watching the old Alfred Hitchock's "Vertigo"... Wooooooooo (scary music plays)..... Around the house... Quiet. Very quiet. Just the hum of the dishwasher and little birds singing every now and then. Michelle is exhausted and taking in a quick nap. Her nanny job was canceled today. Even the doglets and kitlet are sleeping and I am next. One of my favorite things... My girls being here today. Yay! All of them!... and we are going to have a spa party when Joycie and Grace get home. Yep, two parties in one. Hey, life is too short not to do things like that. Not everyday do I get all four girls home in one day! Janie will be home from the office bout that time too. I might get Joycie to cut my hair...I don't know... Photos I would like to share... Ha. I've got some great shots of the cows around our home the other day...Oh how I love that! But. I'm too tired to load them and choose them. So...The cows will come soon. But in the meantime...The top photo of Janie and Zuzu with Gracia Burnham at the top will be my photo. I think Gracia and my two girls are much prettier anyhow than cows. : ) The End. Love, ~Amelia loading ...