Friday, March 2, 2012

Mrs. Amelia's Most Very Real Daybook

This our oldest daughter 29 Lea, Gracia Burnham, and our daughter 22 Michelle at a Voice of the Martyrs conference. Gracia Burnham has a sobering testimony, she and her husband were taken hostage by jihadists for over a year on their wedding anniversary in the Phillipines wandering and suffering through the jungle with their captors. Her husband was shot and killed after a year's captivity. I just cannot imagine. She has written two books, one on the tragedy and one on trials. The girls said this precious lady and saint of God had such a sweet spirit. Lea is reading one of her books, "In the Presence of My Enemies". She found it at the library, so that was very nice.

Today Outside my Window? It looks nice outside but a bit grey...the green looks pretty against the grey. The sun blinks a few times... but quickly hides away....

I am thinking... I am sleepy and am going to take a nap. I must take care of myself. Repeat. I must take care of myself.

I am thankful for... Life. All my blessings, my family, my girls friends who are so precious. A beautifully written letter mailed to one of my girls, just a very neat letter. Also a neat testimony of a kind young doc resident friend who plays his violin for the I.C.U. patients. These things tell me life is okay, there is hope for the world? A couple of my girl's friends who take the time to ask how I am. I think that is so sweet.

I am wearing... Okay this is a joke. *chuckle* The top isn't a joke, it's a blue chambray boyfriend-look long blouse with a collar that looks just like those striped fruit gum sticks I chewed as a kid. But the bottoms..oh dear me... The bottoms are ridiculously baggy knit navy capris with cargo pockets... I'm thinking I have GOT to go shopping soon for some new britches.

In the learning room.. A box from College Plus for Mar. It has a neat tshirt that says: "I am reinventing college" : ) Yes, Mar. is going for journalism since she loves to write. This is college at home and I've heard great things about it. She's 26 and unmarried and at this point....says to heck with it and is going to get some schooling in on what she loves until she marries one day. Real Estate and owning her own Modesty boutique really threw her some bad curve balls. Let's just say there are some people I'd like to punch or tell a thing or two to. Enough said. : ) And for any analyzing folks ...My heart is: I just wish people would understand what it's like to be in business for your self. And we must remember jealousy and envy will always be a problem in this world. Even the Bible says... Envy. Who can stand against it? My hubby always reminds me of that.

I am remembering... From my childhood: Mrs. Neeley and my mother would throw stale bread in our yards for the little birds. I remember hearing some acquaintences make fun of Mrs. Neeley for doing that and I remember thinking... My mom does that too. I feed the birds now too with stale bread and I think it's great.: ) Why not? I can't imagine speaking against people for doing that! Snobs. (If Santorum can call people snobs I can too and I agree with Santorum too!) So just count that as a "That goes for you too" moment like George Bailey to Potter, from It's a Wonderful Life. : P Speaking of God's creatures, I need to bathe three of our doglets today.

I am going... Nowhere. Maybe a little walk on the property to get some fresh air...probably to the pond to read. I must get well.

I am currently reading.. First We Have Coffee by Margaret Jensen. This book is so very wonderful. If you go to my other blog, I have excerpts. Vision for a Godly Home blogspot. I bet you'll want to read it too!

I am hoping... I get completely well soon, I hate being on meds, they've made me feel very odd. I want off the meds. I do herbal too and am sick of it all.

On my mind... Oh dear... Let's see on my mind... A lot. A lot. I plead Claritin in my system.

Noticing that... The cat is on the table in front of my computer. She's not supposed to be there but I'm too tired to do anything about it. She don't mean nothin'....(spoken like Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird)

Pondering these words... Oh I don't know...So many. One thing is the devotional I was reading in Streams. ...How Moses went to meet with God alone.

Also these words that have been sitting up on my kitchen window above my sink since Jan. 1. Life seemed to stand still since I became sick. The words on the flip calendar?

"I said to a man who stood at the gate of the year, 'Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknwon.' And he replied, 'Go out into the darkness and put your hand in the hand of God. That shall be to you better than a light and safer than a known way."

From the kitchen... Mar. and Becs went to the store happily to get goodies for veggie burgers with homemade buns (hopefully!) if they return in time and all kinds of neat stuff like nachos etc. We're going to have a movie party tonight. Rumor has it that we may be watching the old Alfred Hitchock's "Vertigo"... Wooooooooo (scary music plays).....

Around the house... Quiet. Very quiet. Just the hum of the dishwasher and little birds singing every now and then. Michelle is exhausted and taking in a quick nap. Her nanny job was canceled today. Even the doglets and kitlet are sleeping and I am next.

One of my favorite things... My girls being here today. Yay! All of them!... and we are going to have a spa party when Mar. and Becs get home. Yep, two parties in one. Hey, life is too short not to do things like that. Not everyday do I get all four girls home in one day! Lea will be home from the office bout that time too. I might get Mar. to cut my hair...I don't know...

Photos I would like to share... Ha. I've got some great shots of the cows around our home the other day...Oh how I love that! But. I'm too tired to load them and choose them. So...The cows will come soon.

But in the meantime...The top photo of Lea and Michelle with Gracia Burnham at the top will be my photo. I think Gracia and my two girls are much prettier anyhow than cows. : )

The End. Love, ~Amelia
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