Monday, October 29, 2018

UPDATE 6:56 p.m. Another Prayer Request for Uncle Bennie. Urgent.

Once again I am asking for you all to join me in prayer for Uncle Bennie.  He has been doing sooo good and now suddenly things are not looking so well.  The report is that his kidneys are shutting down and blood pressure is low but I've seen God turn these things around before.  We serve a big God.  I've prayed this thing through and will continue but I need help from brothers and sisters in Christ.

Healing in Jesus name for Uncle Bennie, both inside and out.  Thank you so much.

Please let me hear from you.

UPDATE.  6:57PM   We received a call from his daughter and the precious Italian doctor who took care of not only Uncle Bennie and my Italian grandparents has ordered dialysis for him.  There are 5-6 doctors looking after Uncle Bennie.  His daughter has signed papers for dialysis to start.  It will give him a fighting chance.  Uncle Bennie is in pain and this is tough but he is a toughie.  The Italian doctor (I have yet to find out his name) loves Uncle Bennie and has repeatedly made the remark that Bennie is fighting....he is so fighting for his life.  *deep breath*  All I can say is this morning they were asking Jem to be a pallbearer and now we have an entirely new outlook.  Will you pray with our family?   Thank you.
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<3 p="">UPDATE 10.30  5:54PM  He received the dialysis treatment this morning and did well.  So we are praying he will rally through and the proper actions will be taken for the future.  He also has horrible, horrible sores on him because of some negligence in the beginning.  Those need to get well, he must be miserable with those.  I know God hears our hearts and is moved by our Faith.  Thank you so much for continued prayers, brothers and sisters!   Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
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<3 p="">UPDATE  11.1.18   9:46pm   Uncle Bennie's daughter writes:  "Daddy is a little more alert since he's been on dialysis.  He now has urinary tract infection and another blood infection...he's hanging in there."  ...She will speak with the doctor tomorrow for another update.  She adds:   "Please thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers we truly appreciate it.  I'm walking by faith and not by sight.  Please keep us in your prayers..."

The Christian radio station is playing such lovely music today, just for me.

It is God to whom and with
whom we travel, and while He is the 
End of our journey, He is also at
every stopping place.

                                                                  ~Elisabeth Elliot

  Mo-Mo, such a sweet little thing.  She ministers to my heart.

   Monkey. He mews so cute, he comes for comfort and to comfort...

Our little animals seem to know there is something troubling me...

Our hound, Gracie came to me as I was standing on the front porch and nuzzles her long nose, burying her face into my robe like a child,  so sweet.   Coffee follows me back into the house, and inside with a worried look.

I felt it would be nice to add a couple of songs that minister to me.  I did not hear these particular ones on the radio, I was looking for those on youtube and could not find, but did indeed find these.  I hope they minister to your heart too.

The photos chosen are lights and darks, much like my mood,  much like our lives.

God is with us.

Thank you all.    Signing off from the Forest Cathedral...    ~Amelia

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Really Sweet Things & Prayer Request Update

First of all, I have a question for any of you reading here.  Have you ever commented, and noticed I replied to others and not your comment?  My daughter tells me she has commented more than several times and it shows on her end that she did indeed comment but it does not show up on my side!  If this has happened and you are wondering why your comment did not receive a reply on site when others did, then it may not be showing up here.  Please message me if this is happening.  I'm so sorry if this has been the case.  Usually, I will reply to either everyone or no one.  I try to take care of the blog like my life.  I want to be all there for everyone when I'm able fair and square. : )   And there is also the case of notifications never being delivered to me on an older blog entry.  I'm sure you too have experienced this, please let me know though of anything that doesn't seem right to you in the way of replies not given or just me making sure I see your comments. Thank you so much!

* I do have a recent prayer request update that perhaps I can update here via edits as I receive them.  I do have an edit on the entry below.   The latest though is this:  Uncle Bennie was moved to another building.  They had removed drainage tubes, and then the infection moved into blood up to left lung.  Blood pressure effected.  Please pray, he's becoming weary.  Please join me in prayers, thank you so very much ahead of time.

EDIT:  10.20.18  Thank you so much for your prayers!  Uncle Bennie had been put back on the respirator after the incident and there was a concern on that.  Thank God he has been able to breathe for longer and longer short periods of time every day on his own.  ...Just little by little.  The bacteria is being held at bay and thank God no adverse reactions.  His doctor in the new building was also my grandma's doctor.  He too expressed concern about the visiting doctor who made the horrible comment on letting Uncle Bennie just die, he made the comment in front of Uncle Bennie.  This doctor also said that Bennie is a fighter.  Yes.  And God is with us.  Please continue prayers for healing and that Uncle Bennie can go home in a timely manner.   The doctor said it is just day to day.   I hope to keep you all updated, please keep praying Friends.   Thank you so much.  A sincere hug.   ~Amelia

EDIT:  10.21.18   I just received word that Uncle Bennie is breathing on his own during the day.  Thanking God!  Please keep praying.  Thank you ahead of time.   A grateful hug.   ~Amelia 

I saw this sweet, sweet little video this morning and wanted to simply share it, I have a heart for animals and I thought this was sooooo precious.

Speaking of sweet things, I wanted to share an old movie with you that touches my heart and is uplifting to me.   It also has some surprising, poignant elements in the end.  It teaches of a mother's love for her family and also the importance of getting to know people and where they are at, what they are doing privately perhaps, their gifts etc.   There are some wonderful quotes in the movie as well.  One part, the mother played by Irene Dunne, one of my favorite actresses says to her daughter in this adorable Norwegian accent, something to this effect...The day I would want to be rich is the day I would want to be ten foot tall... 

Irene Dunne seemed to be such a wholesome actress.  It is written in the Wikipedia article that she said her favorite time in life was with her father on the riverboats going down the Mississippi River.  Her father was a riverboat inspector back then.   I can imagine how she felt about that, I grew up on the bay and I too remember the bay air as I played on my grandma and grandpa's pier in front of their home business as I played with my dolls and such, the boats in the distance, the clanging of the shipyard nearby...  My Uncle Bennie recently said that he has dreams about it then.  A special place, a special time.

The Trailer....

I Remember Mama    (1948)      

A shot of one of those riverboats still going down the mighty Mississipi in New Orleans...One of my favorite places to be with Jem.  New Orleans is a beautiful city if you concentrate on the riverside...So fresh, so serene...I have history there.  My Italian Grandma was raised there.

So beautiful, a neat person. Irene Dunne | 1898 - 1990 | Favorite Celebrities | Pinterest  Irene Dunne, one of my favorite actresses.

A couple of shots of our little Elbee and Gracie.  Both of these precious fur angels were rescued from the roads out here...  Gracie the hound thinks Elbee is her baby, it's always been like that.  Elbee was a tiny little kitten that apparently had been picked up by a hawk and dropped, he had huge claw marks on his back.  Marianna was alert to a tiny little white fuzzy ball dizzily walking down a busy road.   Gracie was hairless, and literally, bones when Marianna found her, it was as if she was waiting on Marianna to pick her up.  We gave them that life, and oh how rewarding that is...

I hope everyone will have a restful and uplifting Sunday.   I read this quote this morning in my Streams in the Desert devotional this morning:

...And it is the clinging hand of His child that makes a desperate situation a delight to God.

Closing on this sweet Sunday with this old favorite song that has been going through my mind lately...

One Evening...

Signing off from the Forest Cathedral...      Have a wonderful Sunday Friends, love,    ~Amelia

Monday, October 8, 2018

Prayer Request for Uncle Bennie. Treading in Prayers...

Do you remember Days of Our Lives, or As the World Turns?  My mother never watched soap operas but my mother had a sweet helper who would come every week or every other week and she would watch the then black and white soap operas while she worked,...I remember the dramatic music and the world turning in black and white on the t.v. screen on the kitchen porch where our yellow breakfast table was.

Sometimes our lives resemble the ups and downs of those dramas (in a way) don't they?

Me?  When I receive bad news about a beloved family member I'm a lot like a scuba diver.  I come up out of the water and receive the news and then...bubble, bubble, bubble I go back down with my goggles and fins to my prayer chamber of sorts.  I can carry my prayer chamber around like an oxygen tank too.   Just praying and doing the next thing...Just praying and doing the next thing.  ....Sometimes walking and treading in prayers...I may be at the store, but I hope to be the graceful swan whose little feet are treading like mad under the water as Mrs. Dunwoody's book describes.  ...But I tread in prayers.

This time it is my Uncle Bennie.  Please pray for Uncle Bennie, it's been up and down, up and down.  One negligent thing happening to him in the hospitals after another.

He's 86 years old and underwent triple bypass heart surgery.  He's a fighter.  He's also a survivor of prostate cancer.

The cardiologist and surgery team did a wonderful job, they studied the case and conferred 101%.  He came through beautifully...  But then there was the nurse who punished him because he argued with her on the ice cream type of thing she was trying to force feed him.  She then gave him mega doses of morphine which damaged his kidneys etc.  There was also a younger doctor who came in and spoke things to the effect of to his daughter such as...Why don't you just let him die peacefully...This doctor said this in front of my uncle!  Very dark! I will not expound.  But his previous doctor strongly disagreed with that.  Oh wow.  He said...

No!  Bennie is a fighter!

My uncle studied to become a vet for animals, long story, things happen and evolve.  He would have been an outstanding vet by the way. It's just life happened.  The short story is he knows a bit on medicine, he also had every right to question that nurse.  We all do, do we not?

He finally strengthened after a tracheotomy and everything else through many, many prayers storming Heaven.  He was transferred to another facility hospital where he was improving daily.  ...Until the nurse left him in his waste.  All day.  He had some sores back there where the previous hospital did not clean him properly.  Infection entered his bloodstream and he was sent back to the original hospital the next day.  The nurse that had left him was found sleeping in the hallway.  Picture taken.

He's not doing well and is tempted to give up.  Fluids building in lungs and if you are a nurse, doctor or have had a loved one in this position you know what all this entails for that poor person.

Today it's a dire situation.

This affects a lot of things.  My mother is 88 and of course, it upsets her, so our family (I'm an only child) has to keep her up and lifted too.  She loves the Lord but becomes upset easily when things seem dire.

I'm sorry to have been away.  I'm just going to post this and a couple of other things, but please know I've been up and down and around and around in my prayers.  I just don't have a lot of mental energy to spare these days.

I love and appreciate all of you and covet, covet, covet your prayers.  Ya know, at the age of 57 things are already quite crazy and we fight for our youth and desire to age gracefully with the reputation of being that beautiful person inside and out that our parents taught us to be and it seems it's always something to bring us to our knees.  Maybe that makes true beauty?  A softness?  Perhaps it's the school of sorrow coupled with the companionship of Brokeness?  Perhaps the broken pieces come together much like a heavenly tiffany lamp?  (I remember hearing or reading the tiffany lamp analogy and liked it.)

Many may never understand, we'll have to accept that, sad but true, but Oh Lord help me to be that uplifting one, never a downer person.  Oh God help me to be a Life-giver!   When I am weak, He is strong.

Here's a photo of Uncle Bennie holding me one Easter morning when I was little.  His favorite nurse at the hospital is a fellow Italian male nurse who cares for him in the night hours.   Today will be rather telling.  Please pray for my Uncle Bennie.  He is the only uncle I have, things have been distanced for the past years, he has his hands full with his adult kids but he always manages to call my mother when he thinks we're in danger of a flood or anything of the sort.  He's a very sweet person.  Very sweet.

Here is a shot from one evening here...It's very representative of my life these days.  My grown daughters living their lives.   They are a great help with support for my mom and others too.  This was one of the first evenings in this journey of Uncle Bennie.

 Janie is in the distance practicing her golf swing. *gentle smiles*.  No, I don't golf.  She is learning this new sport little by little, me?  The swing hurts my back after I had a bit of an injury a while back.  That's okay.  I'll watch her.

This evening I was walking and praying...walking and praying...

There is something peaceful as we walk and pray and watch our loved ones peacefully going through their lives...something comforting in that.  Just like when they were little children, watching them play.

May we be like little children, resting in the Father.  Easier said than done at times.

Just treading gently all the while hoping for understanding...but softly bombarding Heaven with prayers.

Peace to you all, Love to all,    Amelia in the Forest

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Photo by Robert Stock

P.S.  I continue to care for our little Guiseppe, our sweet little elderly blind dog.  Prior entries tell the tale on this little angel.

I also wanted to re-visit true religion, and what the Bible simply says.   Another time?

EDIT  Thursday. 10.11.18  1:28pm   Yesterday we received word that Uncle Bennie is doing well on a respirator.  The infection has not spread and is at bay.   Please blogging friends, seen and unseen:  Please continue your prayers.  For me?  I've noticed that in this over a month-long venue of wrestling prayers that the minute I think things are at a lull, my prayers go to a lull. I may still be praying consistently and sincerely but not quite so fervent.  This time I will continue my fervent prayers even when things seem up'n adam.  I ask that you too will friends.  Thank you so much, everyone!