Friday, January 27, 2012

God (The Surgeon) is Keeping Me Still and Quiet

Following is an excerpt from today's Streams in the Desert. It spoke directly to my heart as it so many times does! My emphasis in bold.

...Then there comes a time of establishing and testing, during which we must stand still until the new relationship becomes so ingrained in us that it becomes a permanent habit. It is comparable to a surgeon setting a broken arm by splinting it to keep it from moving. God too has His spiritual splints He wants to put on His children to keep them quiet and still until they pass the first stages of faith. Sometimes the trial will be difficult, but "the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast" (1 Peter 5:10)
A.B. Simpson

...There is a spiritual law of choosing, believing, abiding, and remaining steadfast in our walk with God. This law is essential to the working of the Holy Spirit in our sanctification and in our healing. from Days of Heaven upon Earth

“Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”    ~Audrey Hepburn

“Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.” ~Audrey Hepburn

Both of these graphics and quotes are from my personal Pinterest quote board.

I'm sitting here getting well by God's Healing Hand next to our toasty woodburning stove as the flames dance with all their heart this cool eve in the country...An old Eddie Albert and Joan Leslie black and white movie is on, Hubs is next to me, Becs is perusing her new Peretti book biting at the bit to get started on it for the weekend sighing and watching the movie roll, Li Li has been singing beautifully in the kitchen to Sara Groves and is now taking the movie in previously asking Hubs if the man he is helping is the one who rides the bike with the cigarette behind his ear.... Mar and Delle are at the mission tonight...Delle called me from her Nanny job today and I could hear the tiny newborn making cute noises on her lap. Little sounds from Heaven, a wee little angel, all of five pounds.

Have a most lovely evening,
Love, ~Amelia

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sound of Silence...

I'm not talking these days, I've discovered that I should treat this throat of mine like laryngitis. Because, the minute I start talking the minute my throat retaliates.

So it's been note writing to family members etc. And at times I look like Susan Thomas F.B. Eye. I was even writing down what Rush said to Hubby today since he didn't hear it.

By the way..When the media and the establishment tells me to vote a certain way? I run the other way for sure. It's a bit like Sergeant York when he asks the German leader which way, and of course that darling Gary Cooper - Sergeant York goes the opposite way. Quite funny, and so, so true. In life that is true so many times. Many people I know that do not hold my values...I go the other way. Politely listen and smile yes, act upon my own God given convictions, wisdom, discernment, yes and amen.

For me? The unborn are at stake here. Simple.

If you were an unborn baby in the womb which way would you vote?

My thoughts this dreamie looking evening as I look out my bedroom windows....sillouettes of the trees still a dark green and grey against an evening sky. There is something quite 60s about it, almost as if Mary Tyler Moore should be walking through the door as the theme, "You're Gonna Make it After All" That's me. And I will!

Better run, it's tea time. Been praying for so many today. So many needs and situations.

Go with God, Love, ~Amelia

P.S. Hope to get the rest of our Christmas pics up soon, maybe one day the satellite will behave. You can go back to the next page to see our tree and such from last Dec. if you are interested. Some friends have requested peeks and such. : )

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Few Glimpses of Our Old Fashioned Christmas

My little girls made this when they were little in Homeschool. I love this.

My dd26's New Year's crown, isn't it pretty? So very retro indeed.

Just a few glimpses of our old fashioned 40s Christmas tree! The reflectors are very old, the Christmas elf is an original from my Grandma and Grandpa Oddo. Many of our ornaments are the original Light-Bright brand. Neat eh?

My Grandma is from Naples, Italy and my Grandpa is from Bisaquano, Sicily, Italy. My Grandma came here with her family when she was an infant landing in Boston and settling in New Orleans for her young years. My Grandpa landed in New York with his cousin at the age of 15. Grandpa sang in operas in New York for many of his young years, he was discovered when he was hanging clothes out to dry on the line in New York singing to himself, the right lady was their at the right time walking by. He was very much like Mario Lanzo. He was the sweetest thing ever. Grandma told it like it was but her heart was huge. I loved their old fashioned down to earth home...Much like a LaMadeline restaurant with the wood floors. Thank God they never entered into the big city materialism that many of their Italian counterparts did, they chose to live in the little town on the bay where they were very happy and content. They lived on the Bay for years and had the humble home moved to country acreage, living simply always. My Grandpa said his church was his garden and I think he had that right. I loved the way they knew what was important. Grandma never bought fancy for herself but when she bought me or our little babies something it would be from Sakowitz....I love and miss her and my Grandpa dearly...I miss their laugh and just being simply loved by them. They knew what was important. Laughter, love and health here on this earth. My Grandma's wonderful cooking didn't hurt us either. : ) No One cooks like my Grandma as my Hubby will agree. No one but us girls here... Hee hee. Yep, we have the goods on that. Our little well kept secret. : P It's still not as good as Grandma's though... No one will ever be.

Still under the weather, I've got more photos from a few walks and birthdays but our satellite internet is very finicky with the rainy weather so this is what I'll call good for today.

Be blessed and please pray I'll get up to 100 percent healthwise as my friend Jane lovingly relayed to me.

Laying here listening to Rushbo, listening to the rain. Not so shabby. I'm so very blessed.

Take care All! I hope everyone is praying for our nation. God help us this election season.

Love, ~Amelia

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Won't You Join Me?

loading ...
I'm still sick, sore throat and a what seems to be an ear infection. Iknow, Iknow, you are sick of hearing about it or don't care one. You know how it goes, people either don't want to hear of your troubles or don't care one. Ha.

But the point in this little post is to applaud a fun little low-energy hobby I've acquired...

Do you remember when you were little and were sick and would play paper dolls or read little books and such in your bed? Well I'm a big girl now and now I play pinterest. : ) You can click here to see mine!:
Pinterest Logo

So do you think you would like to try Pinterest too? My girls have had friends design their weddings on pinterest, I'm putting things I like; my style, quotes, books and Christian values on mine...even products I like, things that melt my heart, etc. It's really gotten to be a fun thing and very relaxing as I'm taking it easy at this time. Carmen, my blogging friend has recipes on hers. The possiblilities are endless. You could do one with patterns for sewing etc. I have boards with my fave old movie stars and my fave movies too. I saw one sweet board with old churches. Neat. Just a feel-good little thing for eye candy, just like looking through a scrapbook.

It's so fun, it's like when you had a scrapbook and would cut out pictures out of magazines that you liked and would leisurely glue them on pages to save and keep and glean ideas from. Totally leisure fun!

I have also installed the red "Follow Me on Pinterest" button under my profile description here if anyone is interested in Pinterest as well.

loading ...

It's been a very slow week as I'm not doing much and God keeps telling me to slow it down even more. It's okay.

I lost my eyeglasses on the property this week too as I was walking in the back of the property, great. I can't find them and the way I'm feeling will not try again, all of my daughters and hubs have tried to find them and can't. So. I have my Sarah Palin's super glued together once again. Thank God I have them and am able to wear those for now.

My dad was none too happy I was not able to visit again. I think he's about ready to send his private doctor or pharmacist to me! : ) I'm cranking up the meds once again. This day too will pass and God is good.

Happy Sunday. Listened to a wowee sermon this morning in homechurch:
People On Broadway
A good sermon, and it's not about who you may think...

Have a nice Sunday eve, it's the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade today, did your pastor preach a prolife sermon? I have an article as you probably already know on my Vision for a Godly Home blogspot: Roe Vs. Wade, What Has Become of Us?

If it's one thing that ticks me off in view of what I saw growing up...Is seemingly churched out religious people who could care less about the unborn and the stuff that really matters.

Sorry if that sounds hard, I suppose it's the prophet side that comes out at times. If it can't come out on this subject when can it?

Better run, my girls and I are in the middle of solving the problems of the world. ; )

Love, ~Amelia

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Memories of a Pediatrician and Other Poignant Thoughts

Oh my, just laying here still fighting sickness and reading Joycie's comment below entry. It made me laugh and it made me cry. (cry in a good way) : )

I was laying here praying and thinking of the song Hope by Paul Cardall on my

Vision for a Godly Home Blog on Roe Vs. Wade, What Has Become of Us?

......And it made me think of our pediatrician.

Don't ask me why, but then again of course I would think of him since I'm thinking of my first baby back then in the hospital and on and on...

Her toddler giggle was so darling...

When she was born I remember our pediatrician coming in my room and me thinking:

Oh my, a doctor that is close to my age group! I had no idea!

His hair was a little longer in the back and he reminded me of one of my classmates. He tells me,

She's perfect!

I remember I had studied the little booklet I had in my LaMaz bag written by him, (smart guy) This little booklet probably saved his office tons of phone calls on everyday stuff...

He is the only doctor I've stuck with. Our family has used him for 29 years now.

Why do I think so much of this pediatrician?

One thing, this white-coat-clad doctor grieved with me one seemingly normal day, it was for a few seconds but it meant the world, tear filled eyes speak multitudes.

I always think to myself....I can't receive much of what a person knows until I know how much they care.

How did I see this in our pediatrician?

I lost my step daddy in 1991. Now we loved my step dad. Al. Al was a sweetheart and my little girls loved, loved, loved Al. We all really loved Al, who wouldn't? He was the sweetest thing ever. A humble but most talented sculptor, he sculpted Denton Cooley's monument. But he never bragged ever, one of the most humble talented loving people I'll ever ever know. I miss him so much. He was physically present at the hospital when my firstborn Janie was born and the births until Zuzu was born. He would lovingly take my sweet girls walking to the corner store holding chubby hands...He was Pa Pa. The hit of our wee girls visit was chips and a drink from the little corner store in the old part of the big city with Pa Pa. For years I saved every little thing he had bought the girls, candy, anything. Yes, he was sorely missed and the pain was unbearable at times.

Al died one night of a heart attack with no warning. The worst night of my life. My mom was sent home from the hospital in a taxi with Al's clothes over her arm. I'm not complaining, it was all they could do, we were not there. (So many feelings on this night and reactions, another blog)

Zuzu, my thirdborn, is now 22 years old. She was a beautiful little baby, huge brown eyes. She would let Al carry her over his shoulder and Michelle would sing in her baby talk....She was probably 16 months old or so...

After Al passed away, Zuzu would see silver haired men in the store that resembled Al and run up to them and put her little arms around their legs wanting them to pick her up.

I shared this with a broken heart all the while keeping my composure with our pediatrician one day as I had taken baby-Zuzu in for a suspected ear infection. He stood there for a second and his eyes welled up with tears and he was speechless as he quietly backed up and exited the room looking me in the face scooting out in the hallway ever so quietly... He's a quiet sort of guy, but quiet waters run deep.

I appreciate our pedi til this day.

Another thing I appreciate in these days of traditional but modern medicine is I can talk medicine and herbs etc. both with him on a real, honest and intelligent basis. Perfect. One day I shared with our pediatrician friend about our oldest daughter Janie (he took care of her when she was born!) and a break-up and how I counseled Janie this particular most ignorant young man didn't reject her but rejected her values. Dr. Pedi agreed sincerely. I can pick his brain and I can get him laughing just like a respected brother. Hubs and I see him at Target on certain eves close to closing and I can wave and smile and he smiles and quietly asks in his soft spoken voice...still a youngish voice...

Hi, What's going on? As he keeps moving with his cart. ; ) I keep moving too. He wants to go home and we do too.

We noticed he drives the same car from over 20 + years ago and lives what seems to be a simple life. And may I say, the area he is in, is an affluent one, so he is definitely out of the box. In his booklet he stressed for women to stay home with their children. Hallelujah!

I've not kept any other doctor this long, it's just one of those things.

This pediatrician remembers little things and observes...When I brought our second born Joycie in, at less than a week old she followed him with her eyes as he kicked from the wall in his roller chair rolling back across the room. He tells me:

You have a smart one...her eyes followed me..He scoots up and asks as he examines pretty little Joycie,

Was this delivery better?

(He somehow knew how traumatic my first delivery was, and he remembered)
Several reasons of why I stuck with this doc and still recommend him to others.

I suspect it has to do with respect and honesty on both ends...

Whether we are professional or friend:

Never be afraid to laugh or weep with people, transparency is a beautiful thing in my book. It attracts those who are real and tends to repel those who may be synthetic.

God bless goodness, transparency and sincere care in everyone from all walks of life, and that includes bloggers too. *smile*

My thoughts this grey interesting looking afternoon soon-to-be eve...As I sip on my raspberry leaf tea that Joycie brought to me. Janie is keeping my mom company and Zuzu and Grace are working their tails off today. Hubs is the tassle-loafered (George Bailey) Broker today.

And yes, I even took a light walk in my robe and pjs this morning in the nice balmy air...The trees are their own art in the winter. God's handiwork.

Love to All, ~Amelia

Monday, January 16, 2012

Contemplative Ramblings.

Still feeling the effects of a bad cold turning on me with a vengeance. A wee bit depressed at times, but then again it is providing me with a time to sit still and enjoy God's whispers, praying to the Lord as the day goes by....

Little things tend to get my heart down at times...Knowing my dad is extremely disappointed I have not visited him in a while, knowing my mom has been pushing it ..... but - I. Can. Not. At least until I'm well..Sometimes it seems I can't even be sick in peace.

I've had a few tears this week, pressure, pressure...

It has been a little funny though, things need to be done here in our home, things that I normally do by rote. *chuckle* *grin* They aren't getting done...I just can't help it. Sorry Fam. They do so much I definitely can't complain but this has caused me to realize what I do do! : )

I see my girls, and ya know. I see they have grown up to be sweet and Godly women and have kept themselves. Thanks be to God! ... I kept our homeschool God centered as I could. Prayer was the key. Stressing a personal relationship with Christ, first and foremost. Diligent with our core studies and free to venture out on interests...Ministry opportunities were and are paramount.

I see our homeschool support group that used to be somewhat on the same page has gone down, down, down far away from the Lord as the plumb line was ignored years ago.

So now what?


I will pray as always, because I know God is boss. He is the judge and it's very nice to know the judge especially when He's your Father too. : )

I pray for young men that they would see the Eternal goal. My heart just becomes a little sad sometimes, I see things can become so mixed up so easily and the enemy of our souls is just having a hay-day with them. Mix ups with thoughts and words and the enemy says whoopie. It starts getting like doggie-doo, the more you stir it the more it can stink. (Don't blame me on that little comparison) Blame my dad on that one...But back to my point...I think everyone ends up feeling unappreciated and a little hurt. And I hate that to no end.

What's a mother to do? Pray Amelia. Pray.

I lay here praying. Praying for my girls who really have kept their standards, one of my older daughters I've had to stand back with as she ( Mar) was in a courtship that ended in the hands of jezebel. The young man made his choice to go the wide way. (I wish parents would warn sons about jezebel) Another courter of our oldest daughter was a nice young man, I liked him, we would talk and talk on the phone often and had the greatest of talks ever, most of the time agreeing with furrowed brows, other times laughing out loud together. When we brought him to church the women swooned. But one weekend when he flew in things ended, Lea admitted she had no peace in the relationship. He wept in my arms. I'll never forget it. The fella had been spied by little sister looking at girls on a dating site the night before in our home after Lea broke things off and we had to confront . I think the young man was so devastated by Lea's decision he was in a total irrational panic. After getting caught looking at the dating site in our home, I'm sure he was doubly devastated. My mercy meter was running very low but Christ's love won out. It's strange, that has been five years ago...

People don't know what people have been through many times...I feel worn sometimes, so very worn.

I've seen fire and I've seen rain... Life is crazy. Life is also very good thanks be to God.

We have election time coming and I'm aghast at the lack of importance being placed on the murder of unborn babies.

I have a prolife blog up today for the week and perhaps beyond...
Roe Vs. Wade, What Has Become of Us?

I have a song entitled, Hope by Paul Cardall playing on the above blog...The little baby's giggle is exactly like my oldest daughter's laugh when she was a baby, I hear the laughter like it was yesterday... Like music it was. Like music. She sings beautifully now...Most people don't even know that about her. Her voice is like an angel's voice. There are so many gifts within us! She is a Realtor now and a counselor for a prolife clinic. She is 29 and saving her first kiss for the altar. When God sends, I will applaud. But until then I will never push. God knows what He is doing and when He wants to do it. Plus. I have a great time with our girls! : ) I applaud each day! I applaud each of my daughters, they are whole in Jesus, what God orders I go with. Amen.

There are also some things about me in that blog above too...I literally saw the world going to hell when I was a little girl. And maybe that is why I am so black and white on things now? I know what compromise will do to people. I so know....

Well, that's all for now, I think it's quite enough. : )

The decongestant is wearing off and I'm going outside to get some sunshine this unseasonably warm and balmy day...

Seize the Day! Love, ~Amelia
P.S. Does the following saying mean to yodel more Marianna and Rebecca? : D

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Simple Under-the-Weather Woman's Daybook

loading ... It's time for a daybook journal entry I do believe, it's been a long, long time...I'm feeling badly with a nasty cold so I thought this might be fun and easy... : ) Join me in a cup of hot tea won't you?

Outside my window...A wonderful interesting looking day out....Blue sky, white fluffy clouds and wonderful, wonderful deep grey blankets like lovely deep backdrops behind the trees. Loving it. I hear a small airplane, reminds me of my dad flying when I was little.

I am thinking... I'm wishing I weren't sick and how I need to get this home organized a bit, especially gift wrap, but also that I should celebrate the mess a bit like Andy Rooney says to do. Wrapping paper and tissue galore, ribbons means laughter and love in our family, a wonderful birthday celebration not to mention remnants of Christmas.

I am thankful for...My home, my great Hubs and Daughters and the wonder of living here in the beautiful country and forest. My fanciful doglets...When I was a little girl having indoor doggies was a dream for me.

I am wearing...Black sweatshirt, black workout pants, (CoCo Chanel would be proud) and ruby-red knee socks with black dots coupled with white flip flops. (Ha. Coco Chanel would not be proud.) The white flip flops are really the clincher don't you think? My left heel is hurting I do believe a case of plantar fascitis and my mushy flip flops are wonders.

In the learning room... Rebecca is reading a Frank Peretti book.

I am remembering... How it used to be when I was taking my little girls to Mrs. Blount for piano lessons in Smalltown and I really, really miss her now. I need a friend like Mrs. Blount again. Where is she? With Jesus now.

I am going...Nowhere. Yesterday was a wonderful day full of plenty of activity for our sweet Michelle's birthday(Pictures and info to come). The only place I'm going is to take a nap and then for a walk on the property.

I am currently reading... My Bible with Streams in the Desert devotional. For leisure reading, Since You Went Away. (A book from the 40s with letters back and forth of a soldier and his wife during WWII) The old 40s movie I've blogged about, Since You Went Away is from this book. The book is a 1940s original copy; I love holding old books in my hands...I always wonder who had held the book before me. I'm also browsing my Uncle Wesley's Kappa Sigma book from 1938. Very interesting and sad too. I never knew him, I see his beautiful handwriting is in the book. Thinking of the differences in my German uncle and my Italian uncle. German uncle Wes was tall and good looking with blonde hair and blue eyes, my mother said he would walk in a room and everyone would turn and look. Italian Uncle Bennie was and is good looking, black hair and brown eyes, not as tall. A bit more subdued but a sweetheart, would do anything to help anyone, a cute sense of humor too. He is a sweetheart til this day.

I am hoping...That this country will have the sense and fear of God to elect a prolife and pro Israel president! Also praying for pulpits with preachers with the guts to say it.

On my mind...I think it's great that Santorum is three fourths Italian, he is the same generation Italian American that I am. His grandparents came from Italy as mine did.

A young lady who was ringing me up in a costume jewelry shop yesterday, (I finally found some simple clip on hoops and white spring ear rings too) I wear clip-ons...never did believe in punching holes in my ears for ear rings sake. : )

The young lady told me she couldn't believe how young I appeared when I told her how old I was, just turned 51 last week (say middle age crisis?) *chuckle* I don't mean this as a backdoor compliment, but I needed to hear that, so I'm writing it down here for a remembrance! : )
I wanted to hug that girl's neck and I told her so! : D

Noticing that... It's getting late in the day.

Pondering these words... The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Why don't people (especially homeschool parents) get that simple truth? Or why do they forget that? Just notice most homeschool support groups for the sad spiritual decline. I wonder if many never did have the Lord as the center, they were only following a herd, not the Word. Our kids must have that personal relationship with Christ for Eternity.

From the kitchen... Boiling water in a whistling kettle, Spice tea is on it's way! Marianna just brought me the steeping cup. Thank you Marianna! Supper? I don't know, just told Mar. she will have to do that little thing. Jem is fasting today, so it will need to be a hardy one. I did clean some greens today so that will be part of it.

Around the house... Darlings, both Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire are in an old movie. "Blue Sky". They are such cutie pies... I sure wish things were more like that now. Gentleman were gentleman. Ladies were ladies and were respected. Homemaking was esteemed.

One of my favorite things... My family always. Always.

Photos I would like to share...
The following are random photos as last fall I went unannounced upstairs to bedrooms to take some pics of the different personalities of our girls' rooms. I hope you enjoy them.

This is our youngest, Rebecca's room. The walls are actually a very light blue. I laughed so hard when I saw the huge "tree" in her room. I shook my head laughing; only Rebecca would think to do this. I love her room. The green chest was used by my dad for military school. The white desk was his when he was a little boy. (The 1930s)

This is Michelle's room, very lady-like, very elegant. The walls are a lovely shade of sage green, she has hints of burgundy velvet in her bedspread and I love her dreamie curtains. She even has a reading couch. Her room is very finished.

This is Marianna's room, the walls are a lovely light green, more of a very pretty shabby chic look here. The color on the wall was from a kleenex box shade of green. Marianna brought the box in and had them mix the paint. She had a beautiful smaller white Christmas tree with "Little Women" ornaments from tiny prints she made from a book. It was so Victorian. Much like a neat tea house. Maybe she should leave it up year round?

This is our oldest daughter, Lea's room. She likes things very simple and clean, a bit more modern but cozy-sweet too. She has a lady's black fidora hat on one of her white dressers. White chenille bedspread.

That's my little show and tell. : )

Have a good evening everyone!

Love, ~Amelia

Monday, January 2, 2012

Outside Looking In

The Outside Looking in at my Kitchen Window... by Rebecca our youngest daughter.

I just love it here, the other day Michelle went with Jem to Mr. B's country place to pick some turnips out of his patch. Lea and I filled a pretty basket with a wealth of our homemade Christmas cookies to bless Mr. and Mrs. B.

Michelle and Jem came home with 5 garbage bags of various greens and a huge bag of turnips. This morning I barely made a dent in the greens, filling my sink twice over. I spent over an hour cleaning the greens, I felt like a real farmer's wife, it felt good to prepare the greens with my hands, puttering quietly in the kitchen looking out the kitchen window at the pretty day outside through the majestic oaks.

The turnips? I'm fixing them the way my daddy says to fix them, the way his mother fixed them with Bechamel sauce. My Grandma Amelia was my German grandma, but I never had the privilege of knowing her on this earth. She passed away when my dad was around ten. Later my dad's brother ten years his senior also passed away. So. Sad. I have my Uncle Wesley's Rice University 1938 yearbook and his Kappa Sigma pledge book as well with his name elegantly written on the bookplate inside the book. I love having these things, I cherish them. I also have many of his textbooks including a Shakespeare play book...he was majoring in Drama.

"...He must be a gentleman...a man of honor and courage...a man of zeal, yet intelligent man... a man of truth... one who tempers action with wisdom and, above all else, one who walks in the light of God."
~ How Kappa Sigma pledges are to live.

I also have Uncle Wesley's leather chaps, he had a horse named Punkin. He would spend weekends on my great grandparents farm and many times on the West Ranch with Will, a black cowboy, they were bubs. : ) I also have his dress gloves from the private military school he and my dad attended in Biloxi Mississippi, I have his bank book's so strange, you see the deposits dwindling down before his horrible young death. He was 23. I grew up in the house he passed away in. He had cancer of the pulmonary artery my dad's old friend, Dr. Bradley tells me. My dad tearfully told me you could see Uncle Wesley's teeth on the side of his face where the skin had been cruelly eaten away. Dr. Bradley? He is the son of Dr. Bradley Sr. the doctor who took care of our family back then. Dr. Bradley Jr. was my dad's running buddy when they were young. I suspect he is retired by now but was an o.b. at the Methodist in Midtown. Dr. Bradley tells me...(I love the way he said my name...Amelia) A gentleman with a Southern accent.

Honey, your uncle was just like his dad, and your dad was just like his mother...

My uncle was around 6'3" he and Daddy have a strong facial resemblance.

My dad seems to be suffering from depression this week, yesterday evening I called him and he answered the phone quietly...I can tell by his voice it was way too contemplative and quiet for my normally cheerful dad. I've since received confirmation of depression. I talked with him over an hour yesterday, he's not understanding people in his town being rude to him and stand-offish. My father is a southern gentleman, off color sometimes yes but also a southern gentleman, he knows his stuff on many things and it irritates me something awful to see anyone especially my father being treated like that. I've watched people raise eyebrows at him when he isn't seeing well, they don't know I'm his daughter and it's very hard for me not to tell them a thing or two. I try to console him telling him that our family sees the same behavior many times from people. (Because we do!) People who should know better. When I see young people behaving in standoffish and rude ways that are not Christ honoring I often ask why the parents are not seeing it. Do you think it's because the parents are also the same way? It seems some people may be very comfortable in their rudeness.

Sure, I do try to see the good in people, and do the right thing with both eyes wide open. People make mistakes, I'm the chief mistake maker trust me. : ) I do try to live with no regrets although I have many. Life is an onion, one layer at a time with Christ. But. We must listen and make some changes. When things become strange, we have to appreciate the sweet people, many times those in our own homes and that One. The Audience of One. Christ. Many times people who are as good as gold are right under our very noses....In fact this new year I'm looking forward for great Spirit led connections in Smalltown. My girls told me last night that I wasn't going to make those connections at the grocery store. (Ha.) Watch me. Marianna just heard me read that outloud and thoughtfully and truthfully said...."Yeah...don't underestimate grocery store fellowship". : )

Counting my blessings for all the sweet friends who took the time to say Hey and Happy Birthday to me privately and on my sweet daughter Michelle's facebook. It blessed my heart! Real family in Christ!

I'll close with a photo I snatched from Michelle's blog taken last year on Michelle's birthday coming up again! Life is a roller coaster I tell you!


Me, Michelle, Lea and Marianna...and little Rebecca is taking the picture. Life is tough being a great photographer.

That's quite enough for now...This thing is full of deep bunny trails...things on my mind this evening. What started off to be an entry on turnip greens has turned into a life story some of my friends may already know, thanks for bearing with me.

Remember, people don't want to know what we have to say until they know how much we care.

Love, ~Amelia
View IMG_0763.JPG in slide show Jem and Mr. B in the turnip patch.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ain't Seen Ya in a Coon's Age...

Today was so very gorgeous, this scene was taken last fall but it reminds me of today. Yes today. *happy sigh*

Listening to or I was listening to: Sunday Morning Jazz

This morning in homechurch we listened to a great David Wilkerson classic sermon, Right Song Wrong Side. You can find it here on
You can find a wealth of spiritual richness here. As many friends may know David Wilkerson suddenly went to be with the Lord this past year. A huge loss for us.

Our Family watching as I type: Sergeant York (1941) One of the best movies ever. I love Joan Leslie as Gracie, what a sweet spirit Gracie has. The character of Gracie is the kind of person I aspire to be in the Lord.

Today was gorgeous I tell you, our family has been fighting sickness this week and it's been rather trying at times. I celebrated a birthday and had a wonderful time with my sweet family. The girls are so sweet, they made me ( my request) scrambled eggs with bell peppers and onions and wedges of toast. : ) for breakfast. For lunch we ran to the square in the burbs and then on to Starbucks where we sat outside on the square enjoying the beautiful-beautiful weather watching people....Then back home for a wonderful lasagna made by Marianna. We also watched To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) with Gregory Peck. Love that movie...the book is wonderful. The music is just so beautiful....I have the soundtrack and play it often...the best. The character of Atticus played by Gregory Peck is that of a perfect gentleman and the picture of humility. The opening theme of the movie, with the little girl humming with her box of colors and such... could be me as a little girl. That was very much my world.

One precious surprise was an old friend from my old church found me through hubs office number just to wish me a happy birthday, it meant the world to me. I don't have real brothers and sisters so this was special. Carolyn has always showed me such love and respect. I love her and it was strange, she had been on my mind and I had been missing her.

So many great people out there, I love them I really do.

Another really nice surprise was our sweet brother in Christ, Obrien sent our family the sweetest note and wrapped Christmas present ever. All I can say is it made me cry in a good way because this fella didn't realize it but it was perfect timing in the Lord. We are very proud of him, we had the privilege of praying for him as he just became a Green Beret. His mother is a dear friend of mine

I ain't seen ya in a coon's age where ya been keepin' yourself? ~Gracie to Alvin from Sergeant York. (1941)

Muffie our littlest of doglets, just love him to pieces. Do you know that sometimes my dogs' sweet faces convict me when I'm upset? They have such a trust and innocence. God even works through our pets!

Better run, I'm fighting this sickness off myself. Better rest now.

More next time.... God is good all the time.

Lord if you're willin' please give him that land
.... ~Ma York from Sergeant York

Love, Amelia