Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Mr. Sparky!

At our house we have names for everything.  Pretty much.  Some things even have faces...I sometimes will draw faces on the tops of vitamin containers and such along with the "C" or "B" or I may draw a pretty eye with eyelashes on my Bilberry tabs.  It's art.  I'm an artist of sorts and I like to make people smile.  Why not make myself smile?  Why not make my family smile and they will also remember a fun mom who drew faces on everything. : )  There are enough draggy people in the world... I don't want to be one of them.  Yes, I really want to make my family smile.  They do put up with my sensitive meloncholy side too from time to time but that's not always bad.  We need to convey sensitivity too....sweet music and prayers.  .....and hope. A sweet meaningful mood. A contemplative mood.  How does the Lord use this or that...   I have a strong faith in the Lord and He is so patient with me. When I do become upset He will send the most pointed, most beautiful encouragements my way privately!  Sometimes not so privately but trust me the shoe will fit for all if you know what I mean. : )

Back to those little faces...

Little Becs has always drawn faces on things too. She used to play with pretzels like they were peoples.  Mar?  Just the other day in her court reporting class she referred to her "n" steno key as he.   The prof asked her:  "Who is He?  Mr. Scott?"   Mar said: No, He is the "n" key.   (Mar gets home and shares with us, because everyone should know everything takes on a personal pronoun at our house).

All of that to say, we have a little mini utility vehicle we bought from Craigslist. He is so darn cute, he is around 25 yrs. old or so and Jem has lovingly repainted him.  His name?  Mr. Sparky. : )  Mr. Sparky was retired from a highschool.  Mr. Sparky was used in sports games out on the field.  I just know Mr. Sparky is way happier here in the country under his own little sparky-port under the stars at night deep in the heart of Texas!

Meet Mr. Sparky!  Muffie & Jem just love Mr.. Sparky.


 Let's go Sparky! 

Away we go!

Where did Sparky go?  There's Sparky by the garden.  And...more importantly there is Li-Li helping Jem-Dad unloading some type of mulch or something of the sort.  It was quite a chilly eve, the wind gusts this day were actually gale force.

Time to go in now...

Coming in through the utility room..A yard hat and raincoat hanging amidst a formal ballgown...This shot tells a story of our family with four daughters in the country.

It gets dark quickly...This was way after suppertime.   Time to rest and turn down the covers for the evening.  To All a goodnight.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Silver Lining in the Bloomers!

Hello Everyone, Just plodding along. I have a lot of work to do today. I just wanted to share a little with you of my little mini-mini whim of a project. Hmmm....A Whim of a Project.  It almost sounds like an old fashioned Grace Livingston Hill book doesn't it? : )

The other day I took a nice look at these like-new strange little girdle pants I somehow talked myself into buying at a name brands for less store several years ago. Never worn, and I have no idea what drove me to buy them. I think they were on clearance? They really weren't very good girdle pants, they could stretch a mile!  Plus. I don't wear girdles. My grandma and mom way back when wore those torture devices.  But these wouldn't do anyone any good anyhow even if I did.  My daughters and I decided too, if a garment is that tight we shouldn't be wearing it anyhow.  It's true if you think about it!  : )

To make a long story short, I was going to toss the bloomers in the give-away bag and I noticed the trim was lovely on these bloomers.

I had already cut the little embroidered flower off and had it in my jewelry box.  I saw one of my once favorite skirts in my closet that had a little patch on it.  The little hand-sewn patched place gave me hesitance in wearing my once-favorite skirt.  Aha! The flower went perfectly on the little sewn place! I think it really adds to the romantic look of the skirt too.  I now have a new improved on skirt to wear!

You know what else these stretchy little bloomers had on them?  Lace! S-tre-tch-y lace around each leg!  I pulled out my pinking shears and with a few clips and nooooo sewing I have two romantic lace hairbands!  Here I am wearing one here.  I decided some red lipstick would be fun to wear yesterday.  Some days are like that.  A red lipstick kind of day...  I look a little concerned here. Yikes.  I was probably thinking all I had to do and that flylady was going to take away my wings if I didn't get flyin'! : )

Last but not least...I found these sweet little flat synthetic moccasins at Payless the other day for only $9.00.  I put my own insoles in my shoes and I'm good to go. My mom bought me these Valentines socks, she knows I don't eat candy so I had fun wearing these yesterday with my denim skirt....I like this skirt. I got it at a resale shop and it's a bit big...but sooo perfect for home or even grocery shopping etc. I can wear leggings, black thermals with the skirt and It's great for the winter. 

What all have y'all been up to?

Li Li & Mar are home today, Li Li is helping with the house. Mar is studying.  I'm washing a ton.   I'm doing leftovers for supper with a new olive bread loaf to jazz those leftovers up a bit.

That symphony the girls attended?  Front row center seats!  The overplayed cd I had turned off last week?.... The sweet celloist was in the orchestra, she spoke to the girls from stage, it was a neat intimate concert.: )  Ana Maria Martinez sang so pretty, (I saw the tape of her on Li Li's phone singing O Mio Babino Caro (My Beloved Father) by Puccini.  That is a song we can recognize. : ) So pretty, makes me think of my Italian Grandpa.  She has sang Time to Say Goodbye with Bocelli.  I love that one so much...That was sung at my Italian Grandma's funeral.  Oh that one sooo gets to me for many reasons.

I better go...It's a rather dreary day outside, I do hear an airplane flying overhead...That reminds me of...My Daddy. He flew for a hobby for many years and many times would fly over our house, he tells me now of missions he refused. He has many true stories, they are most interesting. Those years after the Camelot years...Oh how the country was changing.  I know he would fly again if he could. His eyesight won't permit though bless his heart.  At 83 his mind is sharp as a tack thank God.

God is Faithful.

Let me know how you are if you get the druthers. : )

Love & Peace in Christ, Don't forget Joy!  Remember, many times there is a silver lining in those bloomers! : )     ~Amelia