Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Love This...

I've always loved this theme, it is so sweet and so very soothing. I think it's beautiful...I hope you enjoy it too. I think we need more of this beauty in the world.

The time period that this movie was made in (1962) is very meaningful to me. If you are able, this would be a very worthwhile movie to watch. It really puts so many things in perspective I think.

The neighborhood reminds me of the one I grew up in.

With Love, ~Amelia

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So Much to Talk About Friends

I thought this was a good prayer, it's from this site. Father, please help me to know how to use those moments of power that you give me in my life. I want to use those opportunities redemptively and not selfishly. I cannot help but be humbled at Jesus' restraint in the face of such a sham religious leader. May I have such wisdom and restraint when it is your will and may I be passionate and bold, just as Jesus was in cleansing the Temple, when that response is necessary. Please help me know the best way to honor you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen. It hits the nail on the head. The past week I've felt a little like Rocky Balboa in some very small ways...Bam, bam, bam. I come up for air and bam, another hit. Nothing huge but sometimes I'm not quite sure how to respond or if to respond at all. I've thought about going on Facebook to fellowship with my old true-blue sweet xanga friends, but what I've been observing in the past week with my girls' facebooks...and the way people behave and judge falsely really has me questioning the wisdom in doing that. No biggy, I'm too blessed to become upset over the small stuff, I just get a bit ruffled at times, and I notice things, I'm perhaps disappointed? The kind of thing where I want to put my head in my plate in front of guests and boo hoo over something said at a dinner table. It's tough being a mom or hostess at times. It's not for sissies. Like Mrs. Dunwoody says in her book.... A hostess swims as gracefully as possible skimming the top of the water much like a swan as her feet are paddling like mad under the water. Prayers going forth are those feet paddling I assure you. Boy Howdy. Oh man....I feel like a groom's mom at times, just wear beige and shut up...But in my case I wear black and shut up. (I look horrible in beige and black compliments my complexion) It's not too terribly bad shutting up when we can talk with God. I have complete confidence in that. I told my husband that: * I think every man should have to labor and give birth to a baby naturally. * Every young man should have to raise virtuous daughters of his own in this culture. Why?  Because they would know how lonely it can be for both daughters and parents alike and how so many young dunder heads don't appreciate what they should in a godly young lady. ................... Great week for Christmas, things were a little more simple this year but it was nice. I still need to go visit my dad. Had a great time with my mil too at her home. We have quite a few bridges we cross together on and I think that's great. I also appreciate that mil and my mom have a sweet friendship. I get a kick out of seeing them talk. My nephew Billy was there and I loved talking with him, he just returned from Israel with Leonard Ravenhill's son, David Ravenhill. One of the best memories of last week was going into USO town last Thursday with my handsome husband. We finally found a quaint little restaurant playing old fashioned Christmas music and had a nice warm baked potato with the fixings and off to the town square we went....USO Town really does look like something from the Wonderful Life set. We went to the feed store and it was fantastic, this place was old, such neat stuff in there, toys and everything. We went into the Hallmark store, one of the best and largest I've ever seen. Hubs tells me... "If you see a little something you would like, let me know and I'll get it for you." I really thought that was sweet. This particular Hallmark store is closing down, the owner is retiring. So sad. What do you know? I look to the first shelf and I see a winterie, grey, black plaid tartan scarf with hints of burgundy in it...I smiled to myself and thanked the good Lord. You see, when I was at this Hallmark store with Mar. a month or two ago I had seen these scarves and admired them and often thought of these scarves. Here was the lonely grey scarf I had thought about waiting for me. The Lord has ways of showing His faithfulness and love. A sweet overcast Christmasy day with hubs. I got a kick out of the bathroom at the Hallmark store, the owner must be a kindrd spirit. Toilet is clean as a whistle but stuff everywhere, little humorous sayings taped to the wall. Hilarious...So German, I do have German in me indeed, one-half to be exact, mixed up gal I am. You must know I spent the first nineteen years of my life trying to explain to people what the two dots over the Ü in my maiden name was and in some cases, that no it was not a smilie face on my gym suit. ...To get to that funny little bathroom at the old Hallmark store, I had to tromp through the stockroom amidst an old rounded Admiral refrigerator...That thing had probably been there since the 40s. This is hubs back in his college years. A cutie indeed. I don't have a clue why the bottom came out grey. Oh life is an adventure indeed. I love life and it's a wonderful place here in the country. Yesterday Mar. and I went to the store and going down ranch road we see Mr. B's jeep pulling out of his country house....The entire road is probably saturated with his land...No joke. His grandchildren were waving hands and arms out of the jeep like the children in the trees of The Sound of Music. I'm thinking they were going to the what I call: The One Hundred Acre Woods. They fish there. Winnie the Pooh lives there I am convinced, it is totally beautiful. Joycie and I decide that one of the kids is probably the one who sang at the Vatican. Yes, Mr. B has lots of stories indeed, true ones. Cracks us up. I tell Joycie that we shouldn't get too close on the road to the jeep as the hands and arms are flying out of the jeep window because for one thing Mr B will think we're trailing him.  Joycie says: "Neah, he won't recognize us" I tell Joycie: "Are you kidding? We are in Dad's car!" My hubby drives a primary-red Dick Tracey car, as if the driver of the jeep wouldn't see us behind him! At the store I see they don't have real grits, just instant. One of the young managers asks if I need help? Why yes...There are some things I do need. Could you please order vegetarian cheese? He looks at me good naturedly with a smile and asks, "What's that?" I smile even bigger and big eyed - I blankly tell him. "Fake. Cheese. In other words, cheese made from soy or rice etc." He was kind and seemed accommodating, very pleasant. I later see him telling the older manager something as they spied me and Joycie in the checkout line. They were smiling both looking at us. I smile back letting them know, I see you. They look away, I'm sure they are wondering which burb boat we came from. I had told the young manager when he told me the bigger stores have the veggie cheeses etc.: "I'm doing the smalltown thing and this is where I want to shop, not any other place in another town at a bigger store. : ) I want to shop here." And to my defense, they used to have all of those goodies ten years ago before the order list for the store became computerized. In the produce department Joycie spied a vet. We love WWII vets or any vet. We made a big fuss over the darling little man and clapped for him. He was so darn cute, he salutes to us. We knew he was a vet because his hat had his designation on it. Marines! On the way home, I was feeling like Rocky Balboa before the final blows and we listened to one of the songs from To Kill a Mockingbird by Elmer Bernstein, the piece, Boo Who. Seriously, that is what it's called and it is totally beautiful, one of the most heartwarming, comforting melodies ever. Then we listened to Jars of Clay, You Made Me..Who am I.... Jars does very introspective Christian music and I was quite introspective yesterday. This evening I was out with the four doglets walking the property with a big red jacket on. Oh my goodness, it was totally gorgeous out. Pools of sunlight were flowing down in golden circles through the grey sky falling in golden circles upon the green grass, the leaves in the trees, pitter-pattered through the breeze. I walk as if a magnet draws me to the gate facing Mr. B's land next door. Yes, that man has land everywhere I tell you. What comes out of the trees? The Lundy's truck. It was mud coated, guys in the truck and one in the back of it. I suspect they would have gone to one of the all too close hunting stands. Boooooooooo. I hate that. The nerve. For one thing it's too close to our land and my girls run on the property and we know nothing about these guys. Disconcerting I tell you. I stand and stare at them and what do ya know? They slowly come to a stop and back up near the turnip patch and go the other way. Life in the country at the Forest Cathedral. Never a dull moment I tell you. Love, ~Amelia ...Flowing like a swan, feet paddling like mad under the water, but peacefully praying... I know the Judge personally. : ) He's my Father.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is Love in Action

"God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith; The warmth of Christmas, which is love...the all of Christmas, which is Christ." ~Wilda English One of my favorite places of late, this picture does it no justice. This is an old church in Historical Town, downtown-midtown not far from where my husband and I were born. It's a literal inner city church and just so very neat. Reminds me a bit of something you would see in a Hallmark movie. We've enjoyed it lately. I cannot explain it but God is using it to really minister to us lately. The messages are not shabby. It's a great mix of people and the older WWII generation are darlings, I would love to get to know some of them, and it's just such a neat mix of people being in the inner city too. The shot above is taken right from where we were sitting in the balcony. Jem brought his tablet ipad thingie with his Bible on it and also took a pic with the ipad tablet. Neat. Been wrapping things up for Christmas, and it's been nice just puttering around. "We expect too much at Christmas. It's got to be magical. It's got to go right. Feasting. Fun. The perfect present. All that anticipation. Take it easy. Love's the thing. The rest is tinsel." ~Pam Brown Nursing home yesterday and I was able to see our buddy: (These photos were taken last fall.) I was so blessed when I walked into his room and he was there, I was afraid he had been moved. The girls and I were dressed up all in our Christmas dress, it reminded me a bit of the movie "Little Women", the one with June Allyson made in the 40s if I'm not mistaken. The part where they are all filing down the sidewalk? It reminded me of us. Dress-coats and bags with little niceties for our friends at the home, we must have looked like little ducks walking single file to our car on stepping stones to avoid the muddy country earth; all fixed up, dolled up as my mama would say. Ha! I had bought a little snowman for my buddy here, and a couple of Christmas cards too. Yes, two. When I walked into his room, he didn't see me. I'm realizing now he doesn't see well out of his right eye, not sure if this is something new or not. He was making his bed, and this really touched my heart. He only is able to barely use his left arm and hand and is in a wheelchair making his bed tucking the blanket in the sides meticulously as he had the entire bed pulled away from the wall. I walk up and touch him on his shoulder and hold the little snowman up smiling big and saying "Merry Christmas!" Aww..... You should have seen him smile, so darling. He quickly points to his dresser drawer and pushes his p.j.s back to reveal a treasured roll of tape. I tape his snowman up on the frame of his mirror and then we put his two cards up on the top of the tiny dresser. I think he needs another card too.... Two cards, one with two cute bears and a one with a glittery snow scene just wasn't enough. I took one more out with Mary and sweet Baby Jesus. We look at each other and nod and I sign that one too and read it really loud so he can hear and he laughs so cute. If I were really, really rich I would take him home and hire a nurse for him if he didn't have family of course. Ya know, so many times we hear people say if they were rich (fill in the blank) I don't like that question much because most of the time I wouldn't know what to fill the blank in with except maybe something like driveway gravel or something of the sort.... ; ) And we were a little scared too because this guy......wasn't in his room. That always gives us a jolt. He's in the hospital again. We'll have to bring his snowman after Christmas. He is a sweetheart too. He says if the girls ever think they are going to get married that they must bring the gentleman to him first to check out. Isn't that darling? He is a whiz bang man, has traveled the world as a geologist, never married.  Zuzu is very close to him and had a framed photo ready and everything, the staff assured me he would be back soon. And it was such a great surprise, JEM CAME! I smiled hugely my tall Chinese friend Betty tells me. She tells me, you and your girls smiled so hugely when your husband came, what a good sign! Betty and I were talking about communication in marriage, it can be difficult at times just getting each other as we both agreed! I relay to Betty... The other day, Jem and I had a misunderstanding because i didn't want to put ridiculously high sodium chili fritos in his lunch and he thought I just didn't want to bother giving him chips. *cross eyed goofy smile* : P Betty is great, she was an optometrist and now has three darling boys she homeschools. She and her husband are both great people. Jem? He closed us in prayer and was clearly broken...he and I both. We do that lately. You could tip us over at times I tell you. "Christmas, my child, is love in action.... When you love someone, you give to them, as God gives to us. The greatest gift He ever gave was the person of His Son, sent to us in human form so that we might know what God the Father is really like! Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." ~Dale Evans Also had some company the other night. It was nice. Our new friend came and I always get a kick out of talking with him. He brought a friend too, a very new Christian. And a very old friend who is much like a brother to the girls came as well, things just meshed together this night. He shares he's finally taking the plunge to ask a young lady's dad if he can perhaps take the young lady on an outing of sorts. I've watched him grow up quite a bit over the past five years or so. He's been through a lot but the great thing is he channels it for good in his life. Poor guy was in an almost engagement and it was quite a mess for him bless his heart. (If he would have asked me I would have told him a long time ago on that one) : P (That girl needed a spankin' if you ask me) : D God continues to grow and convict and I'm finding I had better be careful with my words at times, I get a bit careless indeed and allow my disgust to show when I shouldn't. I admit, I become discouraged at times but I am so very blessed how in the world could I be discouraged? It's so very ridiculous of me. : ) Really ridiculous. Christmas a little more lean this year, Jem and I didn't even do a Christmas party this year, usually we do a simple one for several of the active agents with lasagna and yada, just a sweet little old fashioned lunch party at our office. Our office is an old fashioned office in what was once a two story old convent built in the 40s. It's the type of party our friend, Joe the mailman can come to. : ) Well, my 30 minutes are long past so I need to say so long, I hope to stop by blogs soon and say Merrrrrrry Chriiiistmasss!!!!!!! I soon hope to write a bit about our friend, Jose who has quite a testimony indeed. He is like the apostle Paul even now. AMAZING. We were blessed to have he and his wife over, the girls met him at a revival conference by Greg Gordon's Sermonindex where he spoke. We watched in the background today: The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) This movie is really pretty funny in places, elements of Christmas there too. : ) Reading? My Bible of course, and my favorite devotional Streams in the Desert. The reading for today really struck home. And lately I've kept leisure reading to just my Christmas Reminisce magazine on my nightstand. Cooking in the kitchen? Lea is cooking enchiladas with poblano peppers tonight, she is a cooking machine today! She made snowcapped chocolate cookies and these wonderful chocolate coated florentine cookies too... Stuff today?  Zuzu and I wrapped gifts and Joycie packed up a gift to send to a friend....Joycie picked up Grace at her little job and they will finish up shopping in the new town this evening. Sweet. Surprises for the week? Sweet long time customers and friends, Harry and Anne sent us not one but TWO boxes of chocolate croissants packed in dry ice from Williams Sonoma to us. We were humbled. And my dad sent us not one but TWO cases of Rush Limbaugh's tea! One peach and one blueberry and it is gooooood stuff folks. : ) Listeng to now? Old 40s Christmas music. Been listening to a lot of Bing that guy. Love to All, ~Amelia To all a goodnight! I may have to come back later! : D Jem is watching the football game.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

Too dreamie of a morning not to post today. I was deciding if I should go to the store this morning and I took a look outside and saw the leaves magically falling in golden fluries like a snowglobe and said...No way...Come on doggies, let's go for a walk...I end up here at the cattle gate, I love the green over the gate....enchanting.... As you can see in the above photos fresh from the press, I plopped myself down and just breathed the air in, relaxed and praised the Lord on High... Time to go back, Joycie had come looking for me. I was at my special place laying on my back on the ground, just me and my four doglets...with the Father. The view across the back gate, Mr. Lundy's turnip greens next door on Mr. B's property. The green is so beautiful this time of year, it's like springtime at Christmas. A winterie the back near another ranch, I'm waiting for a velvet hooded young lady from Pat-a-Pan to come scurrying through the woods as the enchanting music plays... Oh to be in the theatre of my imagination.  Hope you enjoyed sharing my blessed morning with me. The different personalities of Christmas are beautiful; but you can't beat the natural beauty of God's handiwork. May God be glorified, Love to All, ~Amelia

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day and Night..Mornings in Midtown. God is Good.

Praise him, all creatures here below; Two Fur Angels were quietly amused Wednesday with all the preparation... Guisseppe... Muffie... Two were not so amused and a bit bored with it all... Charlie...(the cow dog) Esther... Marilla....(the mischevious kitty)was nonchalant and quite self assured... Coldwell our in-house snowman seems happy enough, do you see the pic of Jem and I with littleJanie? Night time falls and the lights are aglow: The manger scene... Upstairs lit up, I just love the special almost old fashioned fluorescent-like glow of these lights. These were our outside lights at our home in the burbs, we also put little red bows. Cute isn't it? Especially since it lines the stair railing in front of the girls rooms. The 40s tree icicles and all! Our tree is the same every year, we can add whatever we like to our 40s tree, everything goes. Yes indeedie! No Christmas is complete without Italian fig cookies, I'm thinking sesame seed ones are in the plans and in line next this wonderous Christmasie Sunday are those all-American melt in your mouth buttery candy cane cookies and a new tri-color one too. My Grandma and Grandpa Oddo would be proud. And of course we have Jem in his music corner, he thinks he is hiding out.  It's rather interesting, he emerges when supper is cooked. *chuckle* No, j/k I like to let him have his space after work, this is his downtime. Joycie had two wisdom teeth pulled last Monday. She was quite a trooper. Our friend, Mark is so sweet, he, his wife and family sent Joycie this card and stickers! Last night we re-watched the second half of "Since You Went Away" (1944) See below entry, oh my. ...That movie is something else...The sweet scenes are just. so. wonderful. Please look up the background on Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones I reiterate, it will put an entire different light on what Robert Walker is going through in this movie. The dog in the movie, oh I love him! His mannerism reminds me of our Guisseppe. This morning I donned one of my favorite Donna Reed outfits; pearls, Christmas pin and vintage screwback glitzy ear rings and my little carry-on Bible and we attended the beautiful old historical downtown church (Where my parents were married) and afterwards we had a ball at a nearby two story Mediterranean grocery. This place is something else. Pita breads are coming down a conveyer belt from an upstairs bakery. We get these wonderfully scrumptious neat bread thing sandwiches made to order. Heavenly darlings. Heavenly. This place is amazing. The church service was beautiful and not only brought me to tears but Jem too. The choir sang excerpts from Handel's Messiah and the pastor's mesage was very good on taking the time for others and really loving them. Not dissing people. Really good. It felt so good to stand tall on the front row of the balcony and belt this out!: Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen. Candy-Cane Christmas cookie-dough is calling my name, I shall join in! Love to All, Your sister in Christ our Lord, ~Amelia

Friday, December 16, 2011

It Started Last Week...What? Christmas. : )

Yesterday we really got with the program. At least the girls and my mom did! I had some sewing to do for Christmas so I was in my workshop below (my formal table with my sewing machine plopped on top) with of course a jungle of wrapping paper and ribbons...Creative messies we are. The above pic is of Michelle artfully decking the stairway. I think it's beautiful! Wait til you see the finished project!

This is my mom, she'll be 82 this February. She is very good with things like this and enjoys it. She actually borrowed my sewing tape measure to get the waves of greenery perfecto.

Then the lights go on! We had all of this on hand from our last home. It's great. : )

One really neat day last week, Michelle and I made bookmarks for the residents of a Midtown hospital. Michelle makes these beaded ones and I glued the ends, and of course, this was the perfect place for me to hang these guys to dry! The front of our oven worked beautifully as a drying rack! : D
This is our little tree- friend this year. We're really happy with him. He is serving us well and putting up with us. : ) We put him up on a wooden platform to give him some height. It's a great way to present a less expensive Christmas tree. We use old fashioned icicles and very old 30s and 40s ornaments, some of our reflector tins could even be from the beginning of the century. Of course many sweet ornaments made by our girls and given to us as gifts too. : ) I love every one!

Wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby after Christmas last year, and a couple of savvy dollar store choices too.

The girls and I recently watched:

Since You Went Away

This is the beginning...You may enjoy all the parts on youtube too. You may even want to invest in this movie...

The Overture by Max Steiner is so very beautiful. One day I must get that soundtrack! I love the quote as well on the American home. Oh that it would be like that again in this nation! But you know? We can surely make our autonomous homes in this way I really do believe. Expect it (goodness), pray about it and keep things sweet. : ) I say keep things sweet and real so our kids will know the real deal, they'll reject the counterfeit and cheap if we surround them with goodness, and the love of Jesus. (me thinks) : )

This movie is one of those movies we can play in the background and we all drop everything to run to the screen for some of the most poignant scenes ever. The behind the scenes info on the actors Jennifer Jones and darling Robert Walker is heartbreaking. I'll let you look it up on your own, it's very sad, just so very tragic. I love that Robert Walker...what a darling. I want to just grab him out of this movie and give him a hug.

I hope to have some more Christmas pics up soon, when night fell I took more. From our home to yours...

Better run, Lea and I are listening to Michael W. Smith Christmas cd. Oh it is so ever beautiful! We are going to make some cookies today. I think we will make some Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies today, the poofie kind. We made Italian fig Wed. as you'll soon see. Lot's of neat pics to come! (Hopefully my pc will behave for me) : )

Much love to you all, I mean that, xxxooo ~Amelia

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Awkward Jury Summons, Muffie Rides Again, Real Christmas

"Do you want to hear my blog?" I say to my Grace...She says "okay". Here goes.... I sit here with my baby Grace listening to Christmas music....We're here just us monkeys today. The big cookie making day at my mil's today. Neither of us were feeling quite up to it today so after our homechurch we both gave the announcement we would be chilling.  I'm supposed to be sewing some Christmas gifts but Grace thought it would be nice for me to sit here with her while she is editing photos. She doesn't have to ask twice. These days? I kind of like to have one on one time with her, it's a rarity. So I think blogging here while Grace is editing will be a nice choice and maybe later we'll wrap a few presents. Do you want to see what I made for Mr. B? I made him one of these for his shoulder and back... ...What is it you may ask? This is a heat-up-thingie.  Jem and Joycie brought it to him with some pumpkin bread. Some pumpkin bread for Byron too of course.  This one is made of corduroy we had leftover from another project. I sew channels up and fill each partially with white rice. A person can heat them up in the microwave and it provides heat relief for backs etc. I think they would be great just for cold feet at the bottom of the bed too. Maybe I'll make some simple no-channel bean bag style ones for Christmas but I'm thinking not, it's getting close and I'm not through with the projects I have. Mr. B. is awaiting surgery after Christmas and is in pain. You must know Mr. B is such a nice man, he sold us this property and is much like family to us. He's so funny, he tells us he wants to buy the ranch in back of us. (giggle) I think it's so funny, just to wake up one morning and think to yourself you want to buy an entire ranch.  He shared with Jem and Joycie how he lived in the famous plantation in Smalltown when he was a little boy. Very interesting stuff, this man is part of history and a blessing to know. One of these days I'm going to have to meet his wife, I tried to call her to learn her version of how to cook turnips but they had already left for oil town. Last week we had a scare with little Muffie. The little guy had a black spot larger than a dime behind his ear because of a tick. I'd never seen the likes of that so we brought him in to our precious vet in oldtown. I just love that vet and his staff. The place is nothing fancy, the vet is a farm vet. I'm thinking he and James Herriott would be kindred spirits. He leaves out the door agreeing with us how great tea tree oil is...When he had came in the door arriving he made a comment about the pretty blue eyes of another dog. Darling people there. Nothing pretentious about them it. He charged me very little for the visit, and I think that is great. I just love it when people work because they love helping others not trying to get rich from them. My husband is like that too. We're rich in the Lord. : ) I also had a day at the courthouse for a jury summons. Honey-Childs, I was a nervous WRECK. My girls don't understand. I told them if they had been through things with nutty people of all kinds from previous incidents etc. they would be nervous too. There are reasons why people develop fears. I was SO NERVOUS I dropped my jury summons, all of my books and my bottled water in the courthouse commode. Yes, I did that little thing. Do not ask me how I managed to do that. I watched in horror as everything toppled into the spotless (thank the Lord) commode. I see the author's face through the water as bubbles rise to the top. I told the lady in the hall directing people what happened, (she looked almost as nervous as me) When I told her what happened she thought for a minute and offered to give me a new one to fill out and then we both decided to just bring the wet one in to the bailiff. Well...I walked in the court, the bailiff''s older blue eyes sparkled, he smiled big and he asked me if I wanted him to iron it. We all laughed and I informed him the water was clean. Oh my goodness dear friends I was so relieved when I was set free from jury duty over an hour later, I audibly whispered. "Thank you JESUS". I just don't feel it's my season for jury duty. No I don't. Thank the Lord I was able to go on with Joycie to the dime store in smalltown afterwards and trust me I wanted to kiss the floor there. God knows all about it. : ) "The roots of all our lives go very, very deep, and we can't really understand a person unless we have the chance of knowing who that person has been, and what that person has done and liked and suffered and believed." ~Fred Rogers from Life's Journeys According to Mister Rogers Speaking of LIFE. We were so privileged to visit hospital patients last week, and it was REAL CHRISTMAS. We have a most darling (I love being a mom, I can say things like that) dear Christian friend who is a resident phys. and was able to lead the way even accompanying us on guitar as we sang Christmas carols. Many of the VOH girls came and it was wonderful. One lady touched my heart deeply. If you know much about me at all, you will know I am a huge mercy person. (a smidgeon of prophet in there that pops out every now and then) but mostly mercy. It's tough being a mercy in this world let me tell ya. But this lady was so very upset, understandably so. I do not know her diagnosis that is a private matter but she was extremely upset and cried so very hard. I'm a woman and I know the cry I saw and heard. Please pray for the lonely hurting at the hospitals. We all went traipsing about the hospital like little children following the Pied Piper! It was great fun and a huge blessing just as much for us as the precious patients. Some of the older patients have lost their children and are all alone now. Next time I go I will be sure to bring many kleenex for both me and them I assure you. : ) I'll close with some pics to share with you I just found in a photo library, I quickly picked 5 from the folder. Hope you enjoy! From our home to yours! Jem and Zuzu working on the stacked quartz backing to the woodburning stove. Partners!  Shots from an evening sky from my kitchen window... From the front porch...Isn't it so neat the way the evening skies are so very different in personality and feel in different seasons? Better run now....Presents to wrap with Grace.  Hope you enjoyed my uncooked update. I hope you are having a sweet Holy Season. Love to All, I appreciate all who take the time to read here. May God bless and be with you all. ~Amelia A helpful book worth reading this season: Hundred Dollar Holiday by Bill McKibben Feeling Invisible? See my Vision For a Godly Home blog. Enjoy and be encouraged!