Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Movie Suggestion, A True Story: Boomerang! (1947)

A movie worth watching...A true story.

Boomerang!  (1947)

I recently saw this movie on regular antenna television (we cut the cable and are so happy with regular television).  I can tape the movies on the Movies! channel or any regular channels with my Channel Master and it's so great to fast forward the commercials and watch an old movie at our leisure, hubs and I in the evening after a nice supper. (No, I'm not being paid to advertise!) lol  But I would like to let folks know there is a way to tape programs on regular antenna television which to me is very adequate for our needs. No, there are no monthly fees, the Channel Master is just a little device.  We were amazed at how many very nice stations are on free antenna television!

I really enjoy movies with Dana Andrews and Karl Malden in them, usually that's a good sign of an enjoyable, quality movie.  Dana Andrews is from our neck of the woods and a son of a pastor.  He is also in one of my very favorite movies, Best Years of Our Lives, considered one of the most lifelike movies of our veterans from WWII.

Here is the trailer I found on youtube of Boomerang!, I have mixed emotions on the trailer, it doesn't seem to do the movie justice.  Justice.  The movie, Boomerang! is about justice and a good warning to be careful and also brave, always checking the sources of what we hear and think we see.   My dad always said:  "Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see."  It may mean that we stand alone.


In the movie you will see the underhanded politicking that occurs in many situations from many different angles!  Sadly, even in churches and homeschool groups too.   I'm sure you have seen the same as well, let it be a lesson for us to be that one to question and stand for what is right for the Audience of One.  There are far too many people who will stand back quietly as someone is picked apart and their reputation is ruined to say the least or I've also seen many being left out because of sectarian spirits operating.  This ought not be in Christian circles, we should be the friendliest, wisest and sweetest people around!

An important fact from the movie above:  Cummings (named "Henry Harvey" in the film) later became Attorney General of the United States.


What have you been up to lately?

Here is a photo of a Little Dress for Africa I have started, I have four all-cotton tshirts are ladies tshirts that our daughter, Michelle picked up from Dollar Tree!.  I took a seam down the middle of both the front and back to make it a youth size.  This dress will be for an older youth.  I will also be making some little shorts for little boys as I am able.  For me?  I'm making some wonderful autumn print skirts and checking my cotton long sleeve shirts to make sure I am set for fall....Oh yes, Fall how I love thee...

 My grocery store in smalltown, just love this store...I try to spy out older folks, especially those older war vets.  I just love giving them some attention and thanks...They are adorable and wonderful treasures.  We can be an angel to them and others...  I enjoy wearing whimsical novelty cotton skirts, they are a great conversation starter.  Some people drive art cars?   I wear art skirts!   (Another blog!)

I'll close with s photo of one of our precious pets we have lost in the past two years, she was such a sweet, loyal little doggy...She was just precious....

...Esther, our little sweetheart.   We miss you Esther.


I hope everyone is having a nice week, a thankful week, even though we may go through ups and downs, our Father, God will carry us.  May we feel His gentle hands, may we be those gentle hands to others, in word and deed.  Give people a loving smile that they can't resist!  Let's be a friend to people.  

People may not remember what we said, but they will remember how they were made to feel.

Have a sweet day, Loves,    ~Amelia

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Sweetest Little Video I Saw Today...A Glimpse of My Morning Walk. Stardust Serenade.

I came across this precious video today on the youtube channel as it played on my Channel Master.  Some days I put a vintage video on and my Channel master plays a string of wonderful vintage films.  When I heard this one, my ears perked up, I heard the beautiful singing and the sweet little southern accents in the children.  The little voices reminded me of some of the sweeter little friends I had when I was a little girl in early elementary school. 

The spirit of the little video brought tears to my eyes, after all the talk of Thanksgiving food, it moves into Thanksgiving in life.

If you are anything like me, wired in any of the same way I am, I do think you will love this.  Enjoy.

One of the most peaceful places in the world is outside in the country where we live.   I feel so close to God when I'm outside in His creation.

I hope you enjoy the little glimpse of my morning walk:


Just some sweetness for your evening.

Closing with one of my all time favorites, Stardust Serenade by Nat King Cole.  Our daughters and I used to listen to the cd, Love is the Thing and More by Nat King Cole all the way to our piano lessons in smalltown all the way from the suburbs where we had moved.  I loved our piano teacher, Mrs. B.  She's with God now, so many of the oldtime friends I had are gone now.

They still live in my heart, the wisdom they shared and the memories I hold.  Yesterday was my Italian grandma's birthday, I miss my sweet Italian grandparents...Oh what we had when we would visit their sweet home...I pray the same spirit will be in our home now, nothing fancy, just sweet family, good eats and laughter.

Love to All,     ~Amelia in the Forest