Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Sweetest Little Video I Saw Today...A Glimpse of My Morning Walk. Stardust Serenade.

I came across this precious video today on the youtube channel as it played on my Channel Master.  Some days I put a vintage video on and my Channel master plays a string of wonderful vintage films.  When I heard this one, my ears perked up, I heard the beautiful singing and the sweet little southern accents in the children.  The little voices reminded me of some of the sweeter little friends I had when I was a little girl in early elementary school. 

The spirit of the little video brought tears to my eyes, after all the talk of Thanksgiving food, it moves into Thanksgiving in life.

If you are anything like me, wired in any of the same way I am, I do think you will love this.  Enjoy.

One of the most peaceful places in the world is outside in the country where we live.   I feel so close to God when I'm outside in His creation.

I hope you enjoy the little glimpse of my morning walk:


Just some sweetness for your evening.

Closing with one of my all time favorites, Stardust Serenade by Nat King Cole.  Our daughters and I used to listen to the cd, Love is the Thing and More by Nat King Cole all the way to our piano lessons in smalltown all the way from the suburbs where we had moved.  I loved our piano teacher, Mrs. Blount.  She's with God now, so many of the oldtime friends I had are gone now.

They still live in my heart, the wisdom they shared and the memories I hold.  Yesterday was my Italian grandma's birthday, I miss my sweet Italian grandparents...Oh what we had when we would visit their sweet home...I pray the same spirit will be in our home now, nothing fancy, just sweet family, good eats and laughter.

Love to All,     ~Amelia in the Forest


Sandi said...

So restful...so peaceful...so much to be thankful for. I miss my grandparents too.

Debbie Harris said...

Hello dear Amelia~
My,where have I been... it seems like before we even left for Canada it was a whirlwind! The weather was not cooperating with all that we needed to accomplish in order to get the motor home ready for departure, but in God's grace and goodness we got out on the date we had hoped for.
When we returned from Canada, the end of June I've been trying to play catch-up Amelia and I'm just now starting to actually catch up. :-)

I did read your latest post though I never had time to comment, kept telling myself to comment but just never made it back.
Congratulations to you with your new grandbaby! Two precious grandbabies praise the Lord!
I'm sure you are thoroughly enjoying and loving those precious babies.

It's so good to come by and just relax with your postings as I always find great peace and refreshment here.
You have a beautiful forest in which God has placed you to enjoy and thank you for sharing its beauty with us as you take your daily walk.

That video was precious on Thanksgiving and isn't it so true that we long for days of yesterday but always moving forward and even in the world as it is we can still be that Lighthouse to those around us because we have Christ in our lives and so we can be that peaceful place for so many in a world that is hurting.

Amelia I love visiting with here with you, as you are such an inspiration such a bright light and full of love and cheer.

Have a most wonderful day and God bless you ~

Christine said...

What a tranquil morning walk! No people, no cars and lots of nature. Do you see any type of animals during your walks?

Amelia said...

Thank you Sandi, our grandparents were the greatest generation right? I appreciate you.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Debbie, I appreciate that so much. You are such an encouragement and blessing to me!

Amelia said...

Yes, it truly is peaceful. Why yes! : ) I see many animals at various times of the day, I see deer many times, they abound here,we do not hunt, we just enjoy them. In the evening I see some owls, I've had sightings of eagles and sometimes Rosette Spoonbills. We have red headed woodpeckers, beautiful large water birds, squirrels, raccoons, possums and recently I was chased by a water moccasin! (horrors!) It's little beadie eyes were looking right at me and it was almost sitting up! It frightened me badly to say the least! We also have coyotes, and have to be careful, one of our precious dogs was killed by one and I'm still upset about that. We also have wild pigs, bobcats and even cougars out here, our oldest daughter saw a large brown cougar the first year we were here when she was walking. I've even had a horse at my door! Literally! *big smile* It's a great place where we can still see the stars in the sky. I definitely count this area as a Blessing to thank God for. Thanks for asking Christine! Blessings to you!

Christine said...

Wow-Wee!! You have a whole forest of animals!
(hence your blog title, I'm sure)
I was really surprised by wild pigs! Where do you live?

Amelia said...

We live in the great state of Texas! : ) It's wild and woolly here, we live on the outskirts of historical ranches and our property was part of one of them. Where do you live?

Christine said...

For 64 years I was born and raised in Seattle.
I now live in Nampa, Idaho.
Two very different states, cities and weather. (Just to mention a few.)

Amelia said...

Thanks for sharing Christine! I love interactive comments! It makes blogging so much more interesting I think.

Have a great day!


Marianna said...

I have watched part of that video and look forward to watching the rest of it! It looks so precious!!

I also love the Nat King Cole song and album -- he is such a goodie! You can't go wrong with the vintage and sweet ambiance of Nat King Cole music.

The Forrest Cathedral is one of the most peaceful places -- I know that is true! Thanks for sharing the beautiful glimpses of your walk. Beautiful pics and video!

Yes, we miss those dear saints like Mrs. Blount. :( I hope we can be who they were to us, to other people!

Mrs. White said...

I enjoyed the old time video! Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for such a sweet and peaceful visit.

Amelia said...

Dear Marianna, Oh there is just nothing like those old Nat King Cole songs is there?

I do think you will love and appreciate the video, it's just really sweet. May we keep those sweet elements in our homes! : ) And yes, may we be the Grandma Oddo's house and the Mrs. Blounts. : ) Being here at the Forest Cathedral is a huge blessing that Dad and I count every day!

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Mrs. White for stopping by and taking the time to encourage. I appreciate you and your wonderful blog and books too! <3