Friday, July 22, 2022

Around Here...Whew! What a Summer! Show n Tell.


First of all, thanks be to God for Roe being overturned.   I remember when things went down in '73...You could feel it. The morals of our nation were going downhill fast back then when I was in knee socks watching all hell let loose in my junior high.  I remember my church going to the capitol leaving roses on the front steps.  Our little family has been praying for years for justice.  Through the years we've prayed, volunteered and counseled those who needed assistance.  Now we see after many years our prayers answered.  Thanks be to God.  I knew when I touched the keys for this next blog that this had to be the first thing I would write.


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Wow.  It's been crazy busy here...Gardening, keeping our house a home.  Coping with current events, praying to the good Lord, walking and talking with Him.  What would I do without Him?   Cooking...Mending.   And a new little baby girl in our family!   I'll have to write more later on our new little granddaughter.  She's a darling.

I'm going to do just a little show and tell here just to touch bases.  Have some coffee, or tea...iced or hot doesn't matter to me.  (I'm a poet and didn't know it).



Here's a little cotton outfit I designed and made.  I think it's nice, it's very "seaside" looking...  I like to make simple tops, belt them, and simple maxi-midi length skirts and they really make a nice little outfit.  This has a modest vneck and I turn my skirt to the seam showing on the front to add an interesting design with the stripes.

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Taking a turn outside is always nice and a wonderful relaxing habit...God's Handiwork beautifully but gently exclaims His name...Walking outside gives us a new outlook many a day.

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You know...Nature is one thing that never changes.  We can look outside at the clouds, the trees...Our sweet pets, the birds...and God never changes on those things.  No matter what is going on...these things  bring us back to the Lord and give Peace.

Now don't get me wrong...It seems every time I say something like that someone gets me wrong and thinks I'm saying that that is the way to the Lord. No dear one, it's a Gift from the Lord that keeps our sanity so to speak.  My relationship with the Lord in prayer and reading the Bible is very real and that's how I keep my plumbline straight up. 


Many of you know we love plant based foods, especially healthy plant based foods.  I found a very good lentil burger recipe.   It.  Is.  So.  Good.   I made mine with canned lentils because I was in a hurry and brown rice flour for my binding flour.   (Edit:   8.23.22.)  I have removed link. 

While I'm on the youtube subject, why more people don't go to Rumble to do their videos boggles my mind.  I'm thinking it's all about the moneys...Nothing new under the sun. 

You can use cooked lentils for any recipe that calls for meat btw.  Lentils take only 30 minutes to cook unlike large beans.  : )  You can use a pasture raised free range egg or  brown rice flour for a binder for your burgers, some people use ground flax seeds.   Have fun and experiment!   You can look up lentil or bean burger recipes.

Edit. 8.24.22.   I hope to post my new lentil burger recipe soon. : )

  Thoughts and Ideas

What do I eat on a vegetarian diet?  I eat veggies including beans, fruits, and I also eat Kerry Gold butter or any other certified pasture raised butter humanely raised.  I also eat eggs...same thing as with other dairy (that I'm not allergic to).    Certified free range pasture raised, humanely raised.  I like almond milk.  Sometimes I treat myself to Italian sausage non gmo Tofurky or the Field Roast, apple and sage sausage made with potatoes, both found in our produce department.  It's delicious.  

Sometimes for fun if I want to do a fastfood night I may do vegan non gmo veggie nuggets and fries or Daiya pizza found in the frozen department.  I like coconut milk cheese found in the produce department. EDIT 8.7.22:  I like goat cheese, or Kerry Gold cheese made from cows swishing their tails in the green pasture as God made them to do, not penned up in horrible conditions and if you look into the baby calves it will break your heart, or it should.   And...Little by little I'm doing my own thing with whole ingredients on lots of things just like the lentil burgers.   

Lentils are a beautiful thing I tell you.   These lentil burgers (above) could also be used for little cutlets with gravy.  Mine came out very crispy on the outside and tender and very tasty on the inside.


How animals are treated is important to me as a Christian.  Sometimes people have animosity towards gentle people with a tender conscience and get very judgy, it's very hard for me to understand that attitude.   As Christians I think we should care about these things.  Animals are God's Creatures.   

I like to go back to the Garden:   Genesis 1:29.


Strange Times

Speaking of weird and strange animosity.  I've seen some very ugly religious spirits out there lately.  Wow.   It's that dark, cruel and ugly religious thing that hung Jesus to the cross (not true religion as the Bible describes).   One lady came after me saying I did not know Jesus because I don't attend the church of my childhood.  I didn't even know people existed like that woman.  I've always reverenced the true Christians from that specific church.   You would not believe the remarks this woman made to me, it was unbelievable, like something from a dark, dark movie that I would never go see.  There are others who are very judgemental because my husband and I don't participate in Laodicean churches.  Are you finding that you are not fitting in?  Maybe it's because it's a Laodicean church.   My husband brought this up a few weeks ago.  If you are not familiar with the Laodicean church, it's in Revelations in the Bible.  It describes the lukewarm church that Jesus will spew out of His mouth. 




I'm doing fine thank the good Lord.  It's a crazy world out there and there are concerning things coming out for all to see, they've been coming out and to our disbelief there are still those refusing to see.  

What do we do to cope?   I pray and talk to God on a daily basis, many, many times a day, like talking to a sweet parent.  I find much comfort and Peace in that.  



To keep things light sometimes it helps me to cope to play Glen Miller vintage music or Artie Shaw...It's just  beautiful, peppy and celebrates a time in our country when there was a healthy fear of God.  I even dress for the part, I love cotton skirts and tops with comfortable cushioned sandals, not flip-flops, cushioned sandals with straps around the back of my foot.  Hair pulled back in some way with a little makeup.  It works much like the actresses in the movie, Gone With the Wind.   They knew they had those petticoats on!  Other's didn't but they knew!  It affected their acting.

We're empty nesters pretty much except for our sweet youngest daughter but she is an adult and a busy gal so it's usually me here with my husband going in and out so this is one thing that keeps things pleasant and really keeps my attitude cheerful and I think my husband's too, he even said last week that he appreciated me taking effort in my daily dressing. 


Speaking of big band 40s...Want to see something to make you smile?

I love to see the Nicholas Brothers dance, this is so great!:

I hope you enjoyed the Nicholas Brothers, there are other videos of them out there too I'm sure.  

In closing,

Here's a scripture my husband was reading to me this morning that is encouraging in these days we are in.


1 Thessalonians 5


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Photo by Robert Stock


Until the next time Dear Ones...  I appreciate you.