Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Beautiful Ordinary. Glimpses.

The discovery of God lies in the daily and the ordinary, not in the spectacular and the heroic.  If we cannot find God in the routines of home and shop, then we will not find Him at all.  -Richard J. Foster

Hi De Ho Everyone!  Just thought I would share some day to day glimpses...

The first glimpse is of our little Guisseppe.  He is our little blind dog...He is very sweet as you can see and loves Pops.  I take him in my arms and say...Hello Guisseppe...Little Man.... 

The next glimpse is of the little skirt I made for the little grand-daughter of the checker at the store I told about in my last entry.  I made the skirt, tie belt and put a nice little new tshirt I had on hand for with it.  The little daisy appliques make things very cute I think. 

This skirt too went to that same little girl I had written about.  This was formerly my skirt, a bit billowy on me, so my handy scissors went to work! 
...And I just happened to have some fabric left from my billowy skirt.  Voila.  A bag for her schoolbooks and lunch! 
This is the pattern I used for the basic skirt.   I actually made the skirts a tad shorter then the ankle length pattern and they still may not be the correct length, I gave plenty of growing room and her grandma can hem I'm quite sure if needed.   Simplicity 9001.  I made the elastic waist adjustable so they can tie the elastic to fit her little waist.

It was nice being able to use my old skills again of fashion illustration...I was a little unsettled on how it would turn out since it's been years ago since I had done one.  But I quickly sketched the aqua outfit out with a little girl her age wearing it.  I had an un-used frame in my closet.   So, there she goes!  Goodbye little drawing, I hope your little face will bring cheer to that little girl and she will feel loved and of great worth in God's eyes.
 You are Beautiful!  I also wrote a note in the package explaining everything and shared...Always look to God.   From Mrs. Amelia. 

 The next glimpse is a sunset here at the Forest. 

Gracie enjoys the sunset too.  She is a love.  She was hairless, scarred and on the verge of death when she was found.  She is a beauty now.  I hug her and say.... Miss America Gracie Girl!!!  The most beautiful girl in the world!!!  Yes, I tell her she is beautiful too.  She is a very sensitive creature and fearlessly loyal as well.

Another glimpse is the USO Service Center I wrote about in the last entry.  You know...  ; )  The one with Joan Leslie and Robert Hutton walking out of?  Hand in hand?  This is the real place, very un-changed.  

The entire town,  USO town is very much like that too.  I say this is where Judge Hardy and Andy Hardy live with the family as follows...

There are many large two story homes here, the kind with white pillars and picket fences just like what you see in the above Andy Hardy trailer. 

...Jem and I wonder who lived here in this town years ago...My long lost third cousin owns a pharmacy nearby.  He knows everyone by name.    One day maybe I will ask him what history he knows.  So far he is one long lost cousin who I have actually met and he seemed equally as excited to meet me too.  Now-a-days, that is a breath of fresh air!  : )

The WWII USO Service Center for Those Serving Then.  Oh if those walls could speak!
The old lanterns aglow at the front...So neat.
Photos taken in a moving car! Please oblige!

The WWII era center is the iconic buff colored brick from the 40s and as I wrote on the last entry, it has all kinds of extras and wings for our precious servicemen back then.  In my last entry I also included a clip of a USO Canteen with Roy Rogers, one of many old stars who would entertain our brave troops. 

Well I guess that's about it for today.  I'm plodding along with life...I try to keep my eyes and ears wide open whether it be smalltown or bigtown or wherever, if there is a little something I can do to bring cheer and shine God's love I want to be able to do that as I see fit using my natural gifts God gives. It might be just smiling at Adolph the doorman and saying his name.  ...It might be right in my own home.  There is an awful lot of fulfillment in that. 

...One thing for sure.

I haven't time to be a millionaire!  : )

I want first of all...to be at peace with myself.  I want a singleness of eye, a purity of intention, a central core to my life...I want, in fact--to borrow from the language of the saints--to live "in grace" as much of the time as possible.  -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Jem was saying at the supper table the other night... I want to live inside-out, not outside-in.  In other words, what is in, we share, it's what is inside that counts!   ...Not seeking material things to pack in selfishly and thus never fulfilled.  We can be fulfilled by what is inside!

Me too!  : )

Have a great day, loves,    -Amelia

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Yay for Goat-Goat and Clifford! Don't Fence Me In! 'Hollywood Canteen' (1944)

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions--the little, soon-forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment.  -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Well, well, well, look who I got to visit with last week...Is Goat-Goat not the sweetest ever?

My sweet friends, Goat-Goat and Clifford.
These characters make me laugh, they are buds until there is competition!  Uh oh.  Clifford was getting a bit upset here.  Do you see the body language?  He actually galloped at Goat-Goat to make him go away!  I cannot believe you Clifford!  lol

Please pet me won't you?  I really like you a lot Mrs. Amelia.
(Look at little Goat-Goat's hooves...So cute I think...)
I like you too Mrs. Amelia.
I had a good little visit with my buddies!  They are fenced but  have plenty of acreage and a neat barn on the other side.  Where else can I go and have a drive-thru experience like this but in Smalltown?

Please enjoy!  Don't Fence Me In from the movie:  Hollywood Canteen (1944)

I've always loved this act at the Hollywood Canteen by precious Roy Rogers and Trigger!  I believe the old movie is entitled simply,  Hollywood Canteen  (1944) and is very entertaining!  Wow, has Hollywood changed.  Back in the 40s there was much patriotism in our Hollywood stars.  It was such a different time in our country when there was a healthy fear of God.  Many of our stars served in WWII.  A much better time morally.  Many will say those days are gone...  Not here at the Cathedral. : )  I pray people will wake up.  I don't understand the worship of this present culture at all.  Let's be strong.

You have probably heard me talk of USOtown?  The town actually still has a USO center there from WWII for the soldiers.  On the front glass door, a sign says... "Please remove your chewing gum before entering."  More then several times Jem and I have stopped and peered through the front door.  There is a large room with the original clock on the wall, a counter and kitchen where the refreshments would be served.  Locker room, old gymnasium and auditorium attached.  It's an amazing place among the beautiful trees and street lights.  You expect Joan Leslie and Jimmy Stewart's fill-in during the war, Robert Hutton, to come out arm-in-arm at anytime. Flags are still flown there.  Greatness. 


I hope you all are having a nice day!  Signing off from the Forest Cathedral...Amelia

Joy is the echo of God's life within us.
-Joseph Marmion

Sunday, April 9, 2017

'Call Northside 777' (1948) Film Noir at it's Finest...True Story

Hello Friends, I have a new movie suggestion for you all!  Call Northside 777 (1948).  A reality-based film noir.  Jimmy Stewart plays a doubting detective...Until the truth blares.

A very poignant scene:  The accused young man's most precious mother verbalizes to the detective (Jimmy Stewart) that she doesn't have any friends left if he walks out on her as he is her last friend.  As the door closes and Jimmy exits you see an old world Catholic altar in the humble home as the accused man's precious mother says...I'm sorry I *do* have a Friend, *You* are my Friend. 

Broke my heart.  Touched my heart. 

Fascinating movie, true story and family friendly, especially for those who like suspense, detective mysteries and justice.  A good lesson of the system and how it unfortunately works when lazy and unrighteous men are involved, and how it can fortunately work at times with hopeful diligence and perseverance not to mention a praying, hardworking mama and an equally hardworking and just detective.   Call Northside 777

James Stewart in Call Northside 777 (1948)

Hope everyone is doing well this fine Sunday afternoon!  I've been busy making a skirt or two for a little girl who doesn't have a mama.  No child that I know of is going to be called names if I can help it. Her grandma shares she does the best she can, buying simple tops and making sure the little girl's clothing is clean.  When we hear stories like this from trusted and longtime acquaintances it really puts a light on things.  ...But oh such Joy to put our Gifts to work!  I may even draw a fashion illustration for the little girl illustrating one of the skirts...Yes indeedie...I think I will by George.  Fashion illustration has always come natural to me and this will be the perfect chance to do one for God.  It's amazing what we can do in middle-age as our talents re-emerge from our younger day so to speak.  One way I could form bridges in highschool was sharing fashion illustration.  ...So  here we go!

That little girl has a friend.

I had fun with Goat-Goat and Clifford last week, more pics to come soon!  They are so funny, like two little dogs!

That's life in the Forest and smalltown.  Good afternoon, loves,   Amelia

Monday, April 3, 2017

i tHinK i cAn dO ThIs AGaIN. i tHink i cAn. ...Cracking Up

This is such a pretty shot I think that Delle's sister-in-law took the day of Zuzu and Tommy's wedding...You can see the sweet flower girls, our oldest daughter, Lea; a rather contemplative, poignant shot I think.
Yep, I can picture that week like it was yesterday.  It was edging close to the wedding.  It was a lovely fall afternoon here in the country and I was laying on my back on my bed, eyes closed, my arms and feet out a bit like Dr. Paul Bragg said to do in his book for ultimate relaxation.  Yes indeedie.  Sun beaming through the trees in my sunshine room.

 Zuzu is in the kitchen, I hear her say...What?  No, that's not the right price...  Zuzu comes in the room...Laughing.  Laughing.  I smile with a twinkle in my eye and look up from my relaxing nap of sorts, this sounded like a good one.  Yeah, there had been lots of good ones in those weeks. All kinds of cacka.  Delle is almost doubling over laughing, Dad just called from the tux place!  I heard him yelling at the people at the shop because they are overcharging him!  He was saying...  This is RIDICULOUS!!!...................  I just lay there.........And cracked up.  What do ya do but just ...Crack up?

It's kind of like the time I got the gas and the break pedal mixed up and ran right into our old time 1930s corrugated steel garage door sitting in the drivers seat alongside my dad in the passenger seat.  My Italian American mother flew out of our house arms flying in a whirl (She was kind of mad)...I look at my German American dad and he had his face in his hands....Cracking up.   So I guess the German-half of me, the actor, joker side (people rarely see) comes out in me many times and I too.........Crack up. 


It's in these times we must be very aware of the...Heelots.  If you know much about me, you will know I try to be sensible.  I don't go for materialism or keeping up with the Jones. (That competitive stuff makes me want to puke).  Yes it does.  I detest it.  ...It might even make me crack up because I think it's so ludicrous.

All joking aside.  It looks like I'm going to gain another sweet son-in-law.  ...And I think that's a-pretty good.  

And yes.   All is well.  God is Faithful.

I hope you enjoyed my little blog and got a chuckle out of it.

Signing off from the Forest Cathedral...Amelia.
 BabyPhoto by Robert Stock

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