Sunday, April 9, 2017

'Call Northside 777' (1948) Film Noir at it's Finest...True Story

Hello Friends, I have a new movie suggestion for you all!  Call Northside 777 (1948).  A reality-based film noir.  Jimmy Stewart plays a doubting detective...Until the truth blares.

A very poignant scene:  The accused young man's most precious mother verbalizes to the detective (Jimmy Stewart) that she doesn't have any friends left if he walks out on her as he is her last friend.  As the door closes and Jimmy exits you see an old world Catholic altar in the humble home as the accused man's precious mother says...I'm sorry I *do* have a Friend, *You* are my Friend. 

Broke my heart.  Touched my heart. 

Fascinating movie, true story and family friendly, especially for those who like suspense, detective mysteries and justice.  A good lesson of the system and how it unfortunately works when lazy and unrighteous men are involved, and how it can fortunately work at times with hopeful diligence and perseverance not to mention a praying, hardworking mama and an equally hardworking and just detective.   Call Northside 777

James Stewart in Call Northside 777 (1948)

Hope everyone is doing well this fine Sunday afternoon!  I've been busy making a skirt or two for a little girl who doesn't have a mama.  No child that I know of is going to be called names if I can help it. Her grandma shares she does the best she can, buying simple tops and making sure the little girl's clothing is clean.  When we hear stories like this from trusted and longtime acquaintances it really puts a light on things.  ...But oh such Joy to put our Gifts to work!  I may even draw a fashion illustration for the little girl illustrating one of the skirts...Yes indeedie...I think I will by George.  Fashion illustration has always come natural to me and this will be the perfect chance to do one for God.  It's amazing what we can do in middle-age as our talents re-emerge from our younger day so to speak.  One way I could form bridges in highschool was sharing fashion illustration.  ...So  here we go!

That little girl has a friend.

I had fun with Goat-Goat and Clifford last week, more pics to come soon!  They are so funny, like two little dogs!

That's life in the Forest and smalltown.  Good afternoon, loves,   Amelia


Linda said...

Hello Amelia! Thank you so much for sharing this 1940's clip based on a true story. I love to read non-fiction, as well as seeing movies that are based on true stories, and I love suspense, so this suits me quite well. Plus, it is a 1940's movie....and you know how much I love this decade. And because my blog is family friendly, I do enjoy anything family friendly, so I appreciate your mentioning this. And I commend you for making a skirt for that little girl!

I really think this is a wonderful and kind gesture and one that she and her grandmother will no doubt appreciate and cherish. Sending you warm hugs and much love, dear friend. Thank you so much for sharing, I always enjoy your posts and photos.

Amelia said...

Hello Linda! Thank you for the encouragement friend! I do think you may enjoy this movie, our entire family did! It seems when I think I've seen all the 40s movies another great one pops up that I've never heard of! : )

I'm working on the second skirt with advice on styling and material from our youngest at 23, Becca. Becca seemed to know just the material from my stash for the little girl. Last summer I had the pleasure of making the same child a couple of skirts and the grandmother cried as I gave them to her over the checkout counter, (she has been checking since my girls were little). Her little grand-daughter was so excited she wore one of the skirts with a little kitty print on it on the first day of school! It's so much to do things like that. I don't know who was more tickled me or her! *big smile*

Thanks again Linda, I do hope you too enjoy the movie! I enjoy your blog greatly!


Abbi said...

Have fun making the skirts! What a blessing to be able to bless others. The movie sounds interesting. I hope you are having a wonderful Spring!

Amelia said...

Thanks Abbi! : ) I finished the second one today and even squeezed time in to make a bag to go with one, sewed a matching daisy applique to a tshirt to match the other skirt. Whew! ...But so-sew rewarding. Thank God we can do these things right? : )

God bless you Abbi!

Linda said...

Hi Amelia, thank you so much for the recommendation, I am going to watch this movie! I saw a movie called 'The North Star', which was also done in the 1940's. 1943, to be exact. And interestingly enough, this movie was about the war and was done during WWII! I found it quite good, actually. I liked the music and the entire movie.

I also love your blog, Amelia, your posts are always enjoyable and fascinating, and it is so nice that we both like things from the 1940's!

In response to a question you made on my Monday blog post, about is pronounced "Pooh teen". LOL! Put together, like one word. I hope you are having a great week, thank you so much for all you share, your posts really are are you. :)

Amelia said...

Hello Linda!

The 40s... Yes the fabulous 40s. So great I think. :) It's nice to have a blogging friends that shares that huge like! : )

Pooh-tine. Ha! That is funny and such a serious sounding name for such a fun, snacky food! Ha! The name reminds me of Ovaltine milk flavoring! lol Thanks for letting me know, I definitely need to learn how to make that poutine. Funny!

You are so sweet Linda, I'm so very glad and feel blessed that you enjoy the posts here! You are a huge blessing Linda!