Sunday, April 17, 2022

Time Square Church, A Good Sermon by Carter Conlon and a Recipe by Adorable Clara (edited my addition)




Things have been busy lately, just doing life and feeling rather behind (really behind) on things but I thought this sermon was definitely worth sharing.   I have a special place in my heart for Time Square Church in New York, this is where David Wilkerson was pastor.  You can find many of the late David Wilkerson's sermons online too.

I remember years ago when our little girls were small I called for prayer, I had suddenly lost my step-daddy of a heart attack and then we  moved to the country as scheduled,  unknowing that sad tragic event of losing my step dad was going to happen, everything was so new to me, my friends were long distance and you can imagine. My two little girls lost their best friend.  My baby at the time was not going to know Al, my step dad. It was bad, very bad.  


 My little baby, a toddler would run up to silver haired men at the grocery store and put her little arms around their legs thinking they were Al.  No one could relate to my huge loss because they hadn't lost anyone at their youngish adult age.  I would walk in a room full of people and feel so alone, trying to visit new churches was almost cruel for me because people just didn't know us or what I had recently been through, and if they did know they didn't seem to understand.  


As I called for prayer, a lady answered the phone and she talked just like David Wilkerson and shared with me her similar experiences as I was going through and her private adventures with God....Her name was Ruth, she was David Wilkerson's sister and was so kind to me that day back in '91. 


I'll always remember her sharing her adventures as she and her dog would go on prayer walks in also in the country as she would talk to the Lord and back then she would go on adventures with God even going to the Christian bookstore asking for God's guidance.  


I still think of Ruth and I too have adventures with God here in the country as He leads, guides and loves me as a wonderful Father listening to His little girl. 

I love Jesus



Here's a neat recipe from beloved Clara, my Italian wannabe friend, I smile, she is just so typical of the more sweet and down-to-earth Italians. 



EDIT:  4.18.22   I added a couple of splashes of Mezzetta pasta gravy, a little spinach, a little asparagus and served our soup over gluten free spaghetti.   Enjoy! 

EDIT: 4.19.22   I'm going to try it over  buttered toast next!  That sounds pretty good actually, it might be better than over pasta. Stay tuned.


loading ... Photo by Robert Stock

I hope all is well with all, oh my goodness, I'm gardening, sewing, cooking, all the while enjoying finding new recipes etc. but also feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed with keeping up with other work here.

This contains an image of:  On the bright side, I think this photo is so cute of two of our little grandsons...they have discovered MiMi's push button light.  They look like two little farmers!


I hope you enjoy the Carter Conlon sermon, he is a more tried and true established pastor.  


Today I think of Jesus and what He did for me on the cross, what a Savior and what a Friend we have in Jesus. 

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