Monday, January 25, 2021

A Brief Word

I was planning on taking a leave from my blog for a while as life happens and I focus on that Life, leaving my January 22, entry to rest here for a bit; the Reflection of the World.  But there are so many things that are beneficial to share as saints of God have some profound  things to say in this moment and the least I can do is share them.  Our plans are not always God's plans. I will be hanging loose, but who knows what a day brings and what God lays on my heart.

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

What in God's Name is Happening to Christianity?

Skillet's John Cooper is still asking: What in God's name is happening to Christianity?


A MUST HEAR.   Jem and I listened to this today and it is spot-on.  

Eric Metaxas had John Cooper on recently as well. 


   My perfect church in my living room...The light shines brightly in the darkness as I hope this blog does. 

Friday, January 22, 2021

Reflection of the World?

Within the church we have made a reflection of the world. There’s the cool crowd and “it” circle that only wants to associate with certain people which reveals a heart of haughtiness. If this is you, then repent. When you realize God’s love for you, then you want to pour out that love upon others.
A loving heart seeks out those who need love. A loving heart is bold. It doesn’t make excuses on why it can’t love. If you ask for it God is going to put people in your life who need your love. It’s time for a change. Allow the love of God to change you and compel you to make sacrifices.

Quote from Bible Reasons 


Jem was just saying what a shame it is what the church has become, most have fear and no faith.  Fear is destroying people.  It ought not be in the church, in Christian's lives.

And may I add neither should cool crowds or the "it" circles.


I'm busy trying to get my home in order here, I usually do that thing at the beginning of each year, it comes naturally for me after the holidays as I put my Christmas things away making winter something to celebrate, I sort through things and give away.   

There are people who need me and my attention as well as my fur angels, it may be the delivery lady who walks with a limp who delivered two heavy boxes of produce to us today from her farm as Grace and I went to meet her at her truck today to help carry the boxes.  I always try to stop and smile and chat for just a few minutes and thank people.  As Jem says, there's nothing much worse than ungratefulness.   

I want to be all there for people and take notice of even little things someone may do, to say thank you, I appreciate that.   I want to be like my dad who when he saw poor children he would buy them a huge load of fireworks for the Fourth of July or a Christmas present if it was Christmas.  

I'll never forget the time I sent my dad a music cd from ebay, the vendor was "Fast Eddy".  Daddy sent "Fast Eddy" a handwritten thank-you note telling him he made his day before he realized the cd was from me...Yeah, Daddy was like that and I think that was and is still great.  That humorous story still warms my heart.  

I want to be like my mom who I never heard gossip on the phone growing up.  She always worries about others til this day, even when my friend was given a baby shower my mother who wasn't even invited bought my friend a baby gift to help out because she knew my friend didn't have much.  ...That's the way I want to be.  I want to be grateful, thankful and observant of others' needs, whatever the need encompasses.  


God help me to be discerning, bold but saturated with love.

True character is what we are when we don't think anyone else is looking.  It may be how we treat others who we perceive as being of lesser status whether it be a waiter or someone who we do not perceive as the "it" crowd.  

Girl hugging an elephant Art Print by John Drysdale ... by John Drysdale

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Movie Suggestion: I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. (1951) Also, Have You Heard of Channel Master?

Worth watching, now showing on Movies! channel on regular antenna television.  Very good movie, we recommend. 


 I Was a Communist for the FBI.  (1951)


I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. Poster.


For a very good alternative to cable television you may want to look into a Channel Master.  We love ours, it's an over the air dvr and guide for over the air reception broadcasts, that are free.  It's an excellent alternative to cable.  If you couple it with the internet, there are even more free wholesome channels.  There is even an onscreen guide.   It includes a dvr that can record up to two different programs at one time.  We were so very pleasantly surprised with the choices of wonderful family programming.   No, there are no subscription fees.  The Channel Master is simply a device that the Channel Master company offers.  This company has been around selling television antennas since television came out.  You will need a good t.v. antenna.  You can also find the Channel Master device on ebay sometimes.  You buy the device and an antenna and you are done.  No more cable fees for programs you don't even want.  In this way you do not have to support programming that does not represent your values.   

I'm not being paid for this, we just really enjoy our Channel Master and wanted to share.   


Hope all is well with you and yours.  


Edit 1.22  Peace and blessings from God on high.  Psalms 37 and Psalms 91 are good ones for daily reading and meditation...May we talk with Him and walk with Him.  Let's be found faithful and with a perfect heart having faith in the Lord, He knows those who have faith in Him.   

It would be good if we all could reciprocate and be kind, having manners and keeping to our word.  The times we are living are tumultuous and I think we need that encouragement.  I would hate for any of  us to throw in the towel because of a lack of encouragement and a feeling of isolation.     

As for me in my home I'm simply doing first things first, it may not be a good housekeeping magazine cover but the food is warm and healthy and the love abounds in our home.  The evenings are a time of relaxation and the mornings are a new beginning.  Life is a journal page...What will we compose?

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Be Encouraged, Challenged and Informed EDITED

   Hi, how do I look?  I love green don't you?  I think this lady is a genuine glamor girl don't you?   Don't you wish we wore hats sometimes?  I love the style from this era, the ladies we see in Chariot's of Fire movie.  I love that style, and I dress similar in that way many days...minus the hat.  My Italian grandma had this kind of hat in her old photos when she was young and newly married.  I wear my hair long so I can throw it in a bun or ponytail, or some half up and length in the back.  I've always preferred wearing my hair pulled away from my face, never felt super comfortable with it hanging down on me. So if we did wear hats I would easily be able to pull the look off.  I often wonder though....Where did those gals store all of those hats???

  Muffie is being tended to and feeling better, things go back and forth just like us when we are healing.  I'ts a bit of a routine giving various meds.

  Something I made this week.  My daughter, Zuzu came over with a  boatload of crafting supplies a neighbor did not want any longer so she instructed on how to make this oh-so-cute banner.  I thought I would do the hearts in green so it would be more neutral and I can carry through past Valentines and year round if I desire.  The ribbons are black and white gingham. The pendants are muslin drawstring bags cut in two pieces, (Michelle figures this entire gig out)  ...trimmed with pinking shears and using the drawstring to tie the pendants together.  I glued the hearts on with felt I had cut into hearts.   No sewing in this project. 

I've been busy gradually putting things up from Christmas very gradually keeping berries and a winter theme...very, very natural.

 As you can see below I have my trees up, I love, love, love that dreamie look with the white lights at night and throughout the day... but have made it a winter theme and put a few of my loved collected old books, some are Grace Livingston Hill and Henty (you should read some of the inscriptions from years, and years gone by)  ...along with my little deer and some early 50s Johnson vintage ice skates.


EDIT  1.19   Psalms 37:37  Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright:  for the end of that man is peace.

I hope and pray the churches get their act together...

It would be so much better if we as Christians would be more encouraging and truly walk in love even here on our blogs.  I think it would do everyone a whole lot of good to encourage one another and reciprocate as we are able.  My, how we need it these days as as I'm sure you know, our nation is at a crossroad.

Thank you for those who are faithful friends here, showing appreciation and follow-up in appropriate ways. I appreciate you so much. 



Hope you all are doing well, keeping in that prayer closet.  That is where our Victor's wreath will be.  Don't do anything or say anything you would not want to be found doing or heard saying when the Lord comes back or if you had Jesus sitting with you.


Isaiah 32:17      And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Joy and Peace, Faith in the Father, Weekly Developments, Songs to Help Keep that Peace





Why in the world are you posting about happy skirts Mrs. Amelia?  Dear me!  I totally understand folks.  I have to gawk at preachers who are preaching weird little funky shallow messages at this time when the world is falling apart and a very bad thing has been done to our President. 


Well it's been so tumultuous, I try to make my little world a better place.  I wore this skirt last week to the grocery and this precious older man just loved it.  He said...Oh I love your skirt!   It makes me happy!   He stood and looked closely at the print.  He was the sweetest thing ever.  Not only did he make my day but my day was more satisfied because I had made this precious gentleman smile and ....happy.  My skirt gave him joy!  I later helped him try to find his unsweetened lemon juice.   ....He was so darn cute.  I think he may have been a Korean War vet.


The above is a wrap skirt pattern from McCalls  5430  I make mine a longer maxi in view B.   This is made from cotton.

Lot's going on.

 I will keep my eyes set to the Lord and I will set my face like flint.  Isaiah 50:7


There is a sweetness about knowing the Lord and talking with Him and walking with Him...He gives that Peace that passeth all understanding and even joy and excitement in our hearts.  His word in Psalms 37 says He will take care of His children who trust in Him.  I do what I need to do in the natural as far as preparation as the Bible also says to observe the ant.  But bottom line I try not to stress, to be wise and trust the Father.  I talk to Him a lot.   The Holy Spirit lives inside of me and He gives that Peace and Joy.


I looked out the window and saw this the other breezy early evening:




Here's a cute shot of Peanut watching 'Bishop's Wife'  (1947) with me in my relaxing hour. 



This week has been a stressful one besides the weird twilight zone things because our little schitzu, Muffie was very ill.  His eye became abscessed  and he was even starting to cry.  Jem and I hurriedly got him to our sweet vet in oldtown.  A good experience and Muffie is on meds now, bless his little heart.  He's probably around 15 yrs. old.  We're thanking God he'll be okay. Our sweet vet said he was blind in that eye, it just breaks our heart to see him like that but we give him lots of attention.

   Muffie a few months ago.  I'm very busy nursing this little guy, giving meds and all of that.


I very good movie we recently re-visited is the Hallmark Hall of Fame:

The Magic of Ordinary Days MagicofOrdinaryDays.jpg

This is what ya call a goooooooooooood movie!  I ordered a copy from ebay and quickly received it, we loved it once again and I've revisited it several times since!  Every time I watch the movie I see something new!  I'm a WWII buff and a hopeless romantic to boot so this movie was perfecto.  The cinematography was stunning in the movie form the get-go.  I have bought the book it is from and am going to check to see if there is a soundtrack.  It's just a gorgeous movie from every angle. The message is beautiful. 


So that's the wrap.  I'm praying for our country like you would not believe. I'm praying for our President like you would not believe.  


The government here in our home will be kept in Peace if I have anything to do with it and the battle will be on my knees along with education and wisdom, I don't put my head in the sand that is for sure.  I will warn people and I pray peoples' eyes will be opened to what is up.  I feel like there is a balance between recognizing what is going on and keeping the faith too.  

I'm both mercy and prophet.  I'm half Italian and half German so there ya go.  My dad was a city councilman and writer of editorials along with being very entreprenurial, creative and self employed.  He stood for what was right in his middle age years let me tell you, if you don't have prophet in you then you may not understand us.  Thank God for that mercy thrown in that Dad and I both (had) have.  

Do any of you color?  I've always kind of just blinked at the coloring books because I draw freehand, I'm an artist and used to do portraits and fashion illustrations that I would design myself. But I recently ordered some coloring books and colored pencils for my 91 year old mom and they look fun!  I bought her a scenic one, a  bird one, an Italy one.  I ended up with an extra on farm scenes but didn't think my mom would like that one so....I found some colored pencils very reasonably at the grocery so there ya  go.  I think it will be relaxing and now Jem wants one too. 

I'll close with this most comforting song: 


In the morning as I pray, read my Bible and drink my coffee I often sing quietly a song such as this as I go get a warming refill in those early morning hours...


If you are wondering how I'm doing, I'm doing well because I know the Lord and I know I can trust in Him... I am staying very aware on the disturbing  developments.  I am praying fervently.

Here's to a good, hopeful week.   God works in mysterious ways, yes He does.  We can have Peace in the midst of all of this.



12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

~Ephesians 6:12

Spiritual warfare is what we need to do.    The war is in the heavenlies...We have power in the name of Jesus for the pulling down of strongholds.