Friday, July 26, 2013

Our Hearts are So Heavy, We Miss You So Much Little Daisy...

My heart is so broken this week and so very heavy. Our entire household cries at the tip of a hat.  Several days ago, one evening our little pet duck Daisy, our little sweet duck pet died tragically. This little duck won our hearts a couple of months ago when our daughter, Marianna brought her home from classes, a rescued little duck from the bay.  This little duck would look up at you just like a human would, she even got where she would run to the front door with our little inside dogs to greet a visitor.  She would sleep in the little dog beds when vacant, she would beg for food.  We would laugh and laugh as she would scour under the furniture looking for bugs coming out looking like a little Santa Claus with spider webs on her face... She was such a darling.

My husband has even cried over this precious little duck, you see Little Daisy had won his heart too, he would shake his head at her with a sparkle in his eye...That tough guy doesn't fool me.

It just didn't have to happen that way...We had her outside in a temporary area around a lilac bush just for the day...making sure she would get used to outdoors too, she was so happy swimming around in a tub of water, jumping out, just so adorable.  Rebecca and I would take turns going outside on the porch, reading books while watching her, this outdoor experience was all very new to her.

After taking a short nap I went outside and had found the temporary little fenced area open at the bottom and I fixed it closed.  Apparently later either it come undone again, she escaped or one of our wild and wooly outdoor type dogs found the opening.  We have no idea.  We are so heartsick, we had taken such good care of her.  Even our little poodle thought she was her mommy, it was so precious. They would sleep side by side, our little Schitzu doglets joining in...

Pray for our family, Daisy was especially Rebecca's and my baby.

Rebecca would take Daisy swimming with her, and hold her, so darling.

Daisy was one of those very, very special little creatures from the Lord.  So hard to understand....just so hard.

I would like to share some photos of little Daisy with you all...

This is sweet little Daisy by Rebecca's computer one day when she was a little thing...

Is this not so precious?  What a little love she is.  Daisy....Look at those expressive eyes.

Little Daisy looking up at us as she got older by Rebecca's feet...

This is Daisy with Esther, Daisy's "mommy".  Esther would watch Daisy in our home so that no harm would come to her...

Little Esther and Daisy in typical form...Esther would wait every morning in front of the half bath where Daisy would go night-night in her little box so she could greet her in the morning and resume watching her "baby"...The morning after Daisy died Esther ran to the bathroom and another room with closed door looking for her little Daisy.  It broke our hearts...I tell Esther now she is a good mommy,  
 Yes Esther you are a good mommy... 

Little Daisy.... Little Daisy How we miss you Little Daisy...
God's Little Creature and ours...
I found this skirt I was going to re-make, only a year old...we wrapped Little Daisy in it to be buried in, but first we lay her in a soft baby yellow cotton knit shirt I had...and placed her in a shoe box.  We girls all took turns holding her in some soft pink flannel I had grabbed and sat on the front porch bench crying and crying...

Life is funny.  Ya know, when I was with my husband buying his loafers I had no idea what the box would be used for, when I sewed this skirt I had no idea....Just no idea.

Please pray for our family, if you understand God's creatures, how they are part of our families then you will know how this little blessing was such a huge part of our lives, as we took such good care of her.  

It's hard to understand.   Just so very hard to understand...

If you would like to see Rebecca's blog with more sweet photos of our precious Daisy you can see  here and here

Monday, July 22, 2013

Why do We Blog? Happenings, Show n' Tell!

Why do we blog?  I read this, this morning and it answers the question beautifully at least for me! 

"Today He (Jesus) is only a name to many.  But to us who know and love Him, He is as precious ointment in our lives, ointment to be poured forth from our lives as a sweet savour of His presence."

I figure if I share my life here, it will be Jesus.  I figure if I encourage others here, it will be Jesus.  I hope to share the ointment to others not only in what I blog but in how I interact with others in blogging.  Sometimes my heart is grieved when I notice others who are supposed to represent Christ who seem to be all me, myself and I on their blogs, these same blog authors never seeming to really interact with others or visit others.  Such is life.  But I have noticed it and I reiterate my thoughts:  It hurts my heart because it would be much like going to a Bible study or fellowship and the leader spouts the  Bible lesson or life story or perhaps grand bargain or doodle-di-dandie (fill in blank) of the week and leaves without ever saying a word to anyone, never reciprocating ever.  I don't think I would like to attend that fellowship anymore would you? 

I heard a darling associate pastor a couple of weeks ago at a church we visit and he said...
"Some people think they are all that and a bag of chips!"  : )

On with the show here...    : )   Please oblige my wee prophet side on that little subject but I feel the Spirit's prompting that it's time to write something about what I see as a problem, even a little of a disgrace if you think about it.

Here are some goings on in our home on The Fourth, that you may want to peek into and please by all means let me know what your family did too!  I love hearing about you too.  Come on and pour yourself some coffee...Stand around the kitchen with us and enjoy! 

This is Becs on the Fourth, she is making a real Watermelon Sorbet!  This is a solid, trimmed, watermelon carved with toppings of nuts and healthy things!

Delle and my sweet mother.  My mom is 83 years young!  Praise the Lord!

Here's a little Show n' Tell....   This is that same Simplicity #4881 skirt that I love to make so much.  I made a little belt with extra fabric so I can tuck my shirt in and it won't look frump-a-rama... : )

Most of the time I wear a top over these skirts and sometimes will belt the top if needed but on this primarily green skirt with white dots, a white top over it didn't work.  The green shown through.  Sooo...I think I discovered something!  Yay for me!  : )

The Fourth and Preaching in the Middle of Town....This pic above represents a church we also visit and are considering, this is in little-big town.  This is an old fashioned larger church where we are acquainted with the pastor from years ago.  The church reaches out so much and I think that is great.  This is a yearly event in the center of town.  Hundreds come to this event and it's so beautiful.  Our Vets are recognized, there is patriotic singing and then annointed preaching all in the center of town! Lots of food and booths.  A huge donated fireworks display then blesses the crowd.   In the crowd I saw cowboy hats, overalls, just a lovely, lovely sight for me as I sat and observed and noticed against the most beautiful evening sky.  Do you see the mommy above with her baby in a stroller and her other children?  I thought she looked sooo retro.  Perhaps someone who stepped out of the 1930s?

   I thank the Lord for each of you!  I blog to share, I enjoy sharing others' lives too like good neighbors, to be an encouragement to others.  I thank the Lord for those who are soooo very sweet and considerate.  It is you who are the true ointment of Christ!   And that's what it's all  about!  

Amen.   Love to you all,     ~Amelia   ...The Last Child in the Woods     


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thoughts and Ponderings This Most Quiet Day

So many thoughts in the theatre of my mind today, so many prayers going up to the Lord for our great Country, for three of our daughters and many others at the Texas Capitol fighting the Fight for the Unborn.  The Duggars and Mike Huckabee were there last night and I think that's great.

You know, when I think of Michelle Duggar I always think of such a sweet person, I'm sure not perfect but I think of a kind person. We know people who have been in their home, and they say what you see is the true-blue, isn't that sweet?  Many times when things arise, persnickety folks that could cause some grief I'll think of Michelle Duggar, what would she say, how would she respond?  It helps doesn't it?  Of course my  main thoughts go to Jesus, because He is our Helper and Protector.

My computer officially crashed this morning, I've been seein' it a-comin as we say here.   Yep, it's a goner I do believe and that's okay.  But I don't have recent personal photos to post today, I'm on Jem's Mac in his music corner.  I am listening to an old black and white Roy Rogers show and now Lone Ranger is starting in the living room.

I've been listening to the old quiet and most beautiful cd, "Quiet Streams".  Oh the memories that flooded my mind and heart as I listened.  Janie and Joycie were little girls, learning to read, Zuzu was a tot and Grace was around the corner....Oh such a sweet time...  We lived here in the country then too.  An old friend of mine, Mrs. Gliniwischel back then told me then through our written correspondence, the country was a great place to raise children.  She had five, two of her girls were two of my sweet playmates when I was a young girl, we would draw and create and have nice times together.  Her written words still come back to me, and I'm thinking the country is a great place to live all the time, and for our older adult girls now too.  I still write Mrs. Gliniwischel.

This afternoon it felt so wonderful to be outdoors feeding and watering our chickens...the cool water as it flowed over my fingers and hands, as I let it flow over my feet and flip flops...such a simple pleasure. I thank God I can feel, smell, see and taste....Some days I think I can taste the great outdoors.  By the way, have you ever noticed that food tastes better outside?  It always does.  Mrs. Blinn said so.

One reason I didn't mind too much my pc going ka-poot is because I could spend more time with the Lord today, it's nice.

I had caught so many sweet thoughts today, I thought to myself I must get them down. Thus my blog today.

Please allow me to share an excerpt from my (1932) Grace Livingston Hill book, The Patch of Blue:

Then she slipped up to her room and knelt a long time by her bed asking for wisdom to guide and guard her children aright, step by step, what the Lord would have her do....

I thought that was the sweetest passage describing Mrs. Halsey, the precious mother of two sweet young ladies in the book.

This morning I read this in Be Still and Know, a devotional by Millie Stamm:

Some fill their lives with possessions, homes, family, clothes, bank accounts, fame, talent.  But none of these things satisfy.  Satisfaction and fulfillment come to those who fill their lives with the righteousness (or goodness) that only God gives.

For supper?  I'm going to do my Pasta Bowl I have posted several or more entries below...I'm waiting on Joycie and Jem to arrive home.

Those are just some of my quiet thoughts today as I went about my little doings, today, washing dishes, sewing, talking to my pets....   It's so nice to work with our hands, creating, singing to ourselves and to God.  When it's just us, we can see and know what is left, only what is real...

"O taste and see that the Lord is good"   Psalms 34:8

Guess what gals?  I found some pics that I thought would be good in my inbox drafts, I think this is appropriate for this day of ponderings, I hope you enjoy...

This is me, Jem with Little Janie and Joycie when they were little tots!  Oh my goodness!  Janie is 30 and Joycie is 28 now!  This was taken at mil's house in the middle 80s.

There will be two more little angels added to our family... Zuzu and Baby Grace.

Summer 06 019  And now we see Joycie and Jem skipping through the mall several years ago, isn't that something?

Take care now, enjoy the little things!  

Love,   Amelia   ...The Last Child in the Woods.... Still.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mrs. Amelia's Daybook, Cucuzza Thoughts and Song


Outside my window... It's lovely outside. Low humidity, a bit cooler, almost autumn-ish.  I hear the peaceful sounds of summer bugs singing their chorus.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl or perhaps one freshman year of highschool in the marching band on a particularly delightful and enchanting autumn eve in the back of a pick-up truck with some unusually sweet young people, I remember savoring those moments, I knew it was special even then...

A favorite quote for today...  
"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all."    ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

I am thinking... about nothing serious really... just small people who do small things, saying small foolish things.  Why should I care you may ask?   Perhaps because it affects people I love and thus the entire family at different levels, a bit of an intrusion. It's sad to see people who never, never change, people who think they have others fooled, selfish people who should know better.  It's also a glad thing to see those who are pure in heart and are blameless without manipulation.  Thank God for those!  Please oblige my ponderings! : )

I am thankful...For my sweet home, a refuge, it may not be decorated perfectly but it has a sweet spirit, we aim to keep it that way.  Thankful for my mother who is so selfless with our girls, a sweet soul indeed.  ..and a beautiful surprise apron a dear friend sent me!

In the kitchen...Nothing quite yet, but I have some cucuzza squash we grew and I will peel and slice later today, serving it in light pasta gravy over pasta.  Best food in the world!  My Italian grandparents always grew cucuzza and man oh man, it's soooo good!

I am wearing...A homemade cotton top with sweet tiny little leaves on it in green and cream, it is a longer top that ties in the back.  I'm wearing it with feminine cream colored capris with ballet flats.  I'm also wearing a cross necklace, I wear it whenever I go somewhere because I feel now days people need to know why we do what we do, and who we are.  I am a follower of Christ.

I am creating...a skirt out of maroon and cream stripe print with dots, it's a retro print.  I'll be experimenting a bit with this!  I would like to make a full gathered below knee skirt but I'm not going to fool myself, those make me look huge so I'll stick with A-line Simplicity #4881 and perhaps put a flounce at the bottom, perhaps pairing the skirt with a 40s look peasants blouse, maybe I can pull off a tie belt over the elastic and complete a worthwhile retro outfit.  We shall see what we shall see!

I am Smalltown with Becs!  Yay!  I love going to Smalltown, we drive down the skinny road, through the lovely ranches and forests, no billboards, thanking God the entire way for placing us out here again.

I am wondering...what will happen to our country.  (but trusting and praying to God for safety and protection, praying abortion would stop and people would see it for what it is, murder.)  Murdering unborn babies does not not seem very progressive to me!  Where is the baby's choice? 

I am reading...the old book, 'Patch of Blue' by Grace Livingston Hill published in 1932.  This isn't the same story as the 60s movie with Sidney Poitier.  I'm just sooo enjoying this book, I liked it the minute I picked it up!

I am hoping...that more churches would be the Church and speak out more than worrying about blending in with the culture.

I am looking forward to...Going to Smalltown and enjoying this gorgeous weather!

Around the house...Towels are dried in the dryer, black items are sitting in the wash, I need to keep it moving. Becs is puttering around, doing some last minutes before we leave, library books to be gathered. Li-Li is puttering around as well checking with clients online here at home, her hair in pigtails. It makes me smile!

I am pondering...What a wonderful time Jem and I had celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary in the Hill Country.  Sooo nice but now reality hits once again.  But then again sooo thankful we live in a peaceful place.

One of my favorite things...Cucuzza!

A peek into recent days...

 Rebecca on Father's Day, that evening putting together Jem's Father's Day gift.
Becs made the box like a men's shirt with a tie, she put a little note in the "pocket" that said:  With love, from Rebecca.  Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

 Our baby, or rather Bec's baby-duckling, Daisy on her lap as she wraps her gift creation.

Our cucuzzas!  These things will grow 2 - 3 foot long! 

Here is an adorable retro song for you about cucuzza! : )  Enjoy! 

Louis Prima - My Cucuzza

My Cucuzza

Cucuzza bella
She's my pizza pie with lotsa mozzarella
With Cucuzza
I wanta be
'cause Cucuzza is so crazy over me
Cucuzza grows in Italy
They love it on the farm
It's something like zucchini

Flavoured with Italian charm

I hope you enjoyed my daybook!  I am linking up with the  Simple Woman's Daybook.  I hope you will too, I think it would provide nice fellowship, a good chance to show ourselves friendly. : )