Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thoughts and Ponderings This Most Quiet Day

So many thoughts in the theatre of my mind today, so many prayers going up to the Lord for our great Country, for three of our daughters and many others at the Texas Capitol fighting the Fight for the Unborn.  The Duggars and Mike Huckabee were there last night and I think that's great.

You know, when I think of Michelle Duggar I always think of such a sweet person, I'm sure not perfect but I think of a kind person. We know people who have been in their home, and they say what you see is the true-blue, isn't that sweet?  Many times when things arise, persnickety folks that could cause some grief I'll think of Michelle Duggar, what would she say, how would she respond?  It helps doesn't it?  Of course my  main thoughts go to Jesus, because He is our Helper and Protector.

My computer officially crashed this morning, I've been seein' it a-comin as we say here.   Yep, it's a goner I do believe and that's okay.  But I don't have recent personal photos to post today, I'm on Jem's Mac in his music corner.  I am listening to an old black and white Roy Rogers show and now Lone Ranger is starting in the living room.

I've been listening to the old quiet and most beautiful cd, "Quiet Streams".  Oh the memories that flooded my mind and heart as I listened.  Janie and Joycie were little girls, learning to read, Zuzu was a tot and Grace was around the corner....Oh such a sweet time...  We lived here in the country then too.  An old friend of mine, Mrs. Gliniwischel back then told me then through our written correspondence, the country was a great place to raise children.  She had five, two of her girls were two of my sweet playmates when I was a young girl, we would draw and create and have nice times together.  Her written words still come back to me, and I'm thinking the country is a great place to live all the time, and for our older adult girls now too.  I still write Mrs. Gliniwischel.

This afternoon it felt so wonderful to be outdoors feeding and watering our chickens...the cool water as it flowed over my fingers and hands, as I let it flow over my feet and flip flops...such a simple pleasure. I thank God I can feel, smell, see and taste....Some days I think I can taste the great outdoors.  By the way, have you ever noticed that food tastes better outside?  It always does.  Mrs. Blinn said so.

One reason I didn't mind too much my pc going ka-poot is because I could spend more time with the Lord today, it's nice.

I had caught so many sweet thoughts today, I thought to myself I must get them down. Thus my blog today.

Please allow me to share an excerpt from my (1932) Grace Livingston Hill book, The Patch of Blue:

Then she slipped up to her room and knelt a long time by her bed asking for wisdom to guide and guard her children aright, step by step, what the Lord would have her do....

I thought that was the sweetest passage describing Mrs. Halsey, the precious mother of two sweet young ladies in the book.

This morning I read this in Be Still and Know, a devotional by Millie Stamm:

Some fill their lives with possessions, homes, family, clothes, bank accounts, fame, talent.  But none of these things satisfy.  Satisfaction and fulfillment come to those who fill their lives with the righteousness (or goodness) that only God gives.

For supper?  I'm going to do my Pasta Bowl I have posted several or more entries below...I'm waiting on Joycie and Jem to arrive home.

Those are just some of my quiet thoughts today as I went about my little doings, today, washing dishes, sewing, talking to my pets....   It's so nice to work with our hands, creating, singing to ourselves and to God.  When it's just us, we can see and know what is left, only what is real...

"O taste and see that the Lord is good"   Psalms 34:8

Guess what gals?  I found some pics that I thought would be good in my inbox drafts, I think this is appropriate for this day of ponderings, I hope you enjoy...

This is me, Jem with Little Janie and Joycie when they were little tots!  Oh my goodness!  Janie is 30 and Joycie is 28 now!  This was taken at mil's house in the middle 80s.

There will be two more little angels added to our family... Zuzu and Baby Grace.

Summer 06 019  And now we see Joycie and Jem skipping through the mall several years ago, isn't that something?

Take care now, enjoy the little things!  

Love,   Amelia   ...The Last Child in the Woods.... Still.


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

This was such a nice quite place to come into after such a long day. My Beloved is gone on a trip for many weeks and things are a little busy right now. So, catching small quiet times is lovely.

I am glad you are doing well.

Amanda said...

Dear Amelia,

It's a warm welcome to be back into a little blog reading in the morning.

I enjoyed reading the quote from your book. Aren't the 1930's a wonderful time to sit back and dream of?....

I threw a blanket on the ground yesterday in the warm sunshine after the children finished swimming and we had a picnic under the oaks. These memories will always be in my mind I think as they grow...