Monday, July 1, 2013

Mrs. Amelia's Daybook, Cucuzza Thoughts and Song


Outside my window... It's lovely outside. Low humidity, a bit cooler, almost autumn-ish.  I hear the peaceful sounds of summer bugs singing their chorus.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl or perhaps one freshman year of highschool in the marching band on a particularly delightful and enchanting autumn eve in the back of a pick-up truck with some unusually sweet young people, I remember savoring those moments, I knew it was special even then...

A favorite quote for today...  
"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all."    ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

I am thinking... about nothing serious really... just small people who do small things, saying small foolish things.  Why should I care you may ask?   Perhaps because it affects people I love and thus the entire family at different levels, a bit of an intrusion. It's sad to see people who never, never change, people who think they have others fooled, selfish people who should know better.  It's also a glad thing to see those who are pure in heart and are blameless without manipulation.  Thank God for those!  Please oblige my ponderings! : )

I am thankful...For my sweet home, a refuge, it may not be decorated perfectly but it has a sweet spirit, we aim to keep it that way.  Thankful for my mother who is so selfless with our girls, a sweet soul indeed.  ..and a beautiful surprise apron a dear friend sent me!

In the kitchen...Nothing quite yet, but I have some cucuzza squash we grew and I will peel and slice later today, serving it in light pasta gravy over pasta.  Best food in the world!  My Italian grandparents always grew cucuzza and man oh man, it's soooo good!

I am wearing...A homemade cotton top with sweet tiny little leaves on it in green and cream, it is a longer top that ties in the back.  I'm wearing it with feminine cream colored capris with ballet flats.  I'm also wearing a cross necklace, I wear it whenever I go somewhere because I feel now days people need to know why we do what we do, and who we are.  I am a follower of Christ.

I am creating...a skirt out of maroon and cream stripe print with dots, it's a retro print.  I'll be experimenting a bit with this!  I would like to make a full gathered below knee skirt but I'm not going to fool myself, those make me look huge so I'll stick with A-line Simplicity #4881 and perhaps put a flounce at the bottom, perhaps pairing the skirt with a 40s look peasants blouse, maybe I can pull off a tie belt over the elastic and complete a worthwhile retro outfit.  We shall see what we shall see!

I am Smalltown with Becs!  Yay!  I love going to Smalltown, we drive down the skinny road, through the lovely ranches and forests, no billboards, thanking God the entire way for placing us out here again.

I am wondering...what will happen to our country.  (but trusting and praying to God for safety and protection, praying abortion would stop and people would see it for what it is, murder.)  Murdering unborn babies does not not seem very progressive to me!  Where is the baby's choice? 

I am reading...the old book, 'Patch of Blue' by Grace Livingston Hill published in 1932.  This isn't the same story as the 60s movie with Sidney Poitier.  I'm just sooo enjoying this book, I liked it the minute I picked it up!

I am hoping...that more churches would be the Church and speak out more than worrying about blending in with the culture.

I am looking forward to...Going to Smalltown and enjoying this gorgeous weather!

Around the house...Towels are dried in the dryer, black items are sitting in the wash, I need to keep it moving. Becs is puttering around, doing some last minutes before we leave, library books to be gathered. Li-Li is puttering around as well checking with clients online here at home, her hair in pigtails. It makes me smile!

I am pondering...What a wonderful time Jem and I had celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary in the Hill Country.  Sooo nice but now reality hits once again.  But then again sooo thankful we live in a peaceful place.

One of my favorite things...Cucuzza!

A peek into recent days...

 Rebecca on Father's Day, that evening putting together Jem's Father's Day gift.
Becs made the box like a men's shirt with a tie, she put a little note in the "pocket" that said:  With love, from Rebecca.  Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

 Our baby, or rather Bec's baby-duckling, Daisy on her lap as she wraps her gift creation.

Our cucuzzas!  These things will grow 2 - 3 foot long! 

Here is an adorable retro song for you about cucuzza! : )  Enjoy! 

Louis Prima - My Cucuzza

My Cucuzza

Cucuzza bella
She's my pizza pie with lotsa mozzarella
With Cucuzza
I wanta be
'cause Cucuzza is so crazy over me
Cucuzza grows in Italy
They love it on the farm
It's something like zucchini

Flavoured with Italian charm

I hope you enjoyed my daybook!  I am linking up with the  Simple Woman's Daybook.  I hope you will too, I think it would provide nice fellowship, a good chance to show ourselves friendly. : )


peggy, the simple woman said...

A lovely daybook! I have a silver cross necklace on a long black cord and shall wear it more often. Thank you for the inspiration!

peggy, the simple woman said...
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Amelia said...

That is so wonderful! I have some wooden crosses my dad made and I want to put those on some embroidery floss in a pretty burgundy or perhaps black and wear those too.

Last winter my husband and I were eating out in the city and I immediately noticed another lady with a cross necklace on her simple turtleneck sweater, we smiled at each other, it was like we were immediate kindred spirits! : )

These days it really does seem to draw attention to Christ when I wear a cross I have found. When my husband and I were at a museum last week, the middle aged guide looked at my cross, smiled and made a comment favorable to Christianity from history.

Thank you so much for coming by and for your sweet encouraging comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit here!


peggy, the simple woman said...

You are so very welcome! I will be stopping by your pinterest boards today as well. :-)

The keepsake ones your dad made sound very special. Have you seen the ones that lay on their side? I was recently on a trip to CO. and the stewardess was wearing one. I had never seen something so beautiful and have since found one I like on Etsy! I read the idea was based on the scripture where it speaks of our sins being removed as far as the east is from the west! LOVE THAT!
So with that thought...have a wonderful day!

peggy, the simple woman said...
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peggy, the simple woman said...
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peggy, the simple woman said...
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peggy, the simple woman said...
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peggy, the simple woman said...

Oh dear {blush} forgive my failure to see my comment had already posted. See I am SO not used to leaving comments, but bear with me I will get better...LOL!

Maxine said...

So nice and refreshing to read one of your posts again, Amelia. Ahh, what a sweet and lovely daybook. What precious thoughts. Continue, dear one, to enjoy the simple lovely, loving, life of a homemaker who loves her family and Lord. Thoughts like these are so missing in our day. I hope your girls are well and congrats on your anniversary. I hope your skirt turns out well. It sounds like a really nice one.

And as always, we continue to pray for our needy country and the folks around us. We must never forget that God knows exactly what He's doing. I'm not saying I understand it and that we should not be active in trying to change things, but He is definitely in control.

God bless you and yours, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Yes, when will our country come back to it's roots! The Church has been silent for too long because we don't want to "offend". That is why we have been spiraling downward for so many years. I don't understand why a woman could kill a child when so many woman would take it and raise it as their own. You have a beautiful place here! So glad I stopped in.

Amelia said...

The cross on the side sounds very neat, I've never seen one like that! I'll have to look around on etsy and see what they have in those!

Yes, my dad is 83 now, and he used to be quite handy in wood art, they are about an inch long, just pretty simple wooden crosses. : ) They just have that special look to them, very simple but sooo meaningful in their simplicity.

LOL I do things like that all the time! : D I'm glad I'm in good company with repeat comments!

Have a great day! I'll be coming around your pinterest too!

Amelia said...

Hi Maxine! Thanks for stopping by dear one! Yes may we trust and pray, and pray and trust! : )

I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog!

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

Bless you Maxine!

Amelia said...

Dear Homstead, Thanks so much for coming by! So glad you know exactly what I'm writing about...I'm not sure if different areas of the country have the same benign churches? It seems various areas are so different. So many churches have let culture and darkness in, but no Light out. Oh goodness, it's so easy to become discouraged but Sunday's a-comin' and I now there is a Remnant.

At the Texas Capitol there is quite a battle right now, the prodeath people are even putting on the proLIFE colored blue t-shirts on to deceive with lies and staged fighting! As you can imagine, the deception is unbelievable and demonic. They are screaming for murder of babies as our poor unborn babies scream silently. A definite matter of prayer as this could set such a precedent in our country.

I'm so thankful you stopped by and lent a word of encouragement! : ) That's what it's all about isn't it. : )

I'll be coming round to your blog real soon!


jennifer anderson said...

Everybody is selfish in their own way.

You are this day of tattoos and all where people so readily identify themselves for other things, we should wear crosses and take up for what we believe in. It's hard for me to wear a cross tho, as I feel so unworthy at times.

Amelia said...

Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!

There are days when we feel unworthy, our lives in Christ are like an onion aren't they? One layer at a time. I guess it's in those times that we realize how much we really need the cross, and in that way it's more of a sharing with others to wear the cross, a sweet witness and even a comfort to us as well, a reminder of how much Christ loves us.

God bless you Jennifer!

Barbara said...

What a happy blog post this is! Your Cucuzza song is fun. I don't think I've ever heard of it before.

Thanks for your comments about concern regarding our nation, abortion and such. I am in agreement with you.

May the Lord continue to bless your blogging as you encourage your readers!

Elizabeth said...

I am hoping the same thing you are. Love that quote.
You and your girls are so talented. I love seeing/reading the things you do and make.
I am also wondering about our country. She is going downhill fast and I am praying much for her.
Happy Tuesday.