Monday, April 16, 2018

Favorite Things...And Strong Encouragements

Joy is the heart's harmonious response to the Lord's song of love.
-A.W. Tozer


Beyond the gate...The Forest...  One breezy afternoon here at the Forest Cathedral.  Oh the stories the trees could tell...

"My" pet horse Clifford.  Many of you have met Clifford.  I see Clifford usually once a week or so.  He lives in the beautiful pasture and homestead behind the drive thru where I seize a thirst quenching iced tea.  Lea and I park the car facing the farm setting, and gaze as we chat,  Clifford is my pretend-pet horse. I thought this was a beautiful photo of Clifford.

I love this most hauntingly beautiful and uplifting song...

Our oldest daughter, Janie will play this many late afternoons in the evening as we're getting dinner prepared...At this time in the early evening the sun reflects on the trees here in the forest...


I *love* this sweet video...I love God's Creatures.

So beautiful I think.  So very, very sweet.  Here in the country, it brings delight to my heart to see the mommy cows with their babies as the babies suckle to them...God's Creatures.  I hope and pray we see them through the loving lens of God.  I saved this video to share, I think it's a must-see!

Among the things in my life I thank God for most,is the love He gave me for animals.My heart would b emptier,& life would b less w/out them.

I love God's Creatures.  I have the privilege of caring for many here.  
Guiseppe, our little blind dog.

I love relating to real people:
Around 21:17 or so I can so relate to what Kristene DiMarco is saying here...It is true. 

I saw these quotes by Elisabeth Elliot:

“One reason we are so harried and hurried is that we make yesterday and tomorrow our business, when all that legitimately concerns us is today. If we really have too much to do, there are some items on the agenda which God did not put there.
“Let us submit the list to Him and ask Him to indicate which items we must delete. There is always time to do the will of God. If we are too busy to do that, we are too busy.”
 -Elisabeth Elliot

"Refuse self pity.  Refuse it absolutely.  It is a deadly thing with power to destroy you."
-Elisabeth Elliot

I love Elisabeth Elliot, she crossed over to the other side not long ago.

I remember Elisabeth Elliot sent me a few postcards to encourage me when I was carrying our littlest, youngest...Rebecca.  I was on bedrest and there were some concerns.

Once Elisabeth Elliot read my letter over the radio.  She had been deeply touched, (her description) of my words to her.   I was shocked, encouraged and touched all at the same time!  Tears rolled down this young mommy's face.  My good friend, Sandy called me... 

Amelia!  Did you hear!  Elisabeth Elliot read your letter and said your name on air!  

You see, I had encouraged Elisabeth in my letter to her describing how I would run to the radio to hear her messages...And how I would often tape them, quickly pushing record!  She was one of the only older women I knew of who really spoke the truth in encouraging younger women.   It's still like that as far as older women who truly have their ducks in a row so to speak, but my eyes remain on God and perhaps....Just perhaps maybe I will may be able to help and encourage others some way.

A great Harper Lee quote:

Best Harper Lee Quotes - Quotes From To Kill A Mockingbird

I love Harper Lee and her writing...I adore To Kill a Mockingbird.  Harper Lee also went on to the other side recently.   From what I understand she lived a simple life.  Gregory Peck's daughter, named her baby girl, Harper. As I'm sure most of you know, Gregory Peck played Atticus in the movie great, To Kill a Mockingbird from the Pulitzer prize winning novel.

In closing, I wonder how we can apply some of the above quotes? 

How do we relate to real people?   Are we so busy with church work or talking about our Bible studies that we don't relate to real people?   Have you ever been on the receiving end of that?  

I'm incognito much of the time and it's very interesting observing church people who will talk with each other and then look as if they have been sucking lemons the very second they pivot to leave their comfort zone, not even making eye contact with others.  Not good peeps.   Not good. 

Question:  What can we do to help others wherever we may be out on any day.  Smalltown?  Downtown?    Anywhere where those are who are hurting?  People talk about evangelizing the streets (nothing wrong with that), but how about being kind and saying a sincere God bless you to those right around us?  Many times eyes brighten and a conversation will morph.

One thing I have been doing that I get a huge kick out of is when we are at a stop light in downtown, there may be a homeless person with a sign.  I've learned to have store-bought cellophane wrapped packages of cheese or peanut butter sandwich crackers with bottled waters in my tote bag.  We can quickly give them two packs of sandwich crackers and a water bottle before the light turns green.  They will have the sweetest responses...One day a young man smiled at us so sweet and meekly said, God bless you.   Many of his teeth were missing and it broke. my. heart.  Jem and I both discerned his sweet attitude and Jem gave him several dollars as well.  I just love doing this stuff.  It's Life.  Life giving to others.  Life giving to me.

Joy is the echo of God's life within us.  
-Joseph Marmion 

It may just be standing around a bit with an elderly person at the grocery and spending just a few more minutes.  Many of these gems have great war stories and stories of their children.

This is our daughter, Joycie several years ago talking to a Pearl Harbor survivor, this is probably one of the most memorable things ever.   Complete story here on my blog.

Maybe a young man at a coffee shop diner is all by himself in deep contemplation....  We may go to him when the Holy Spirit whispers and say....

 I just feel I need to tell you...   Jesus loves you.

I had this happen and I obeyed, and the young man looked up with the most huge smile with beautiful blue eyes and it was as if his unforgettable expression said.... I was praying for that.  

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions--the little, soon-forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment.
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge  

I've also missed it.  Once when at the store when I was young, I felt strongly I needed to go tell an elderly woman shopping with her grown son that Jesus loved her....   I didn't do it.  Til this day I regret that.  

Have we been dissed - disregarded in any way?  Let's learn from it and help others.  Let's be a sweet version of Jesus with skin on right around us. 

There will be fulfillment in that. 

Have a Holy Spirit filled week, loves,  ...Let's allow Him to speak to and fill our hearts.


When I Hear the Praises Start.  Done in 1982 before Keith Green left this green earth.  I was five months pregnant with Lea when I heard the news of the plane crash.   We had just seen him in concert. He charged nothing for his concerts, he was a firm believer in receiving and giving freely.