Sunday, February 28, 2016

'All the King's Men' (1949) Oscar Winner. TIMELY.


Winner of 3 Academy Awards!

 "He thought he had the world by the tail."
Our family watched this classic movie great last night once again, it may be something you may want to watch as well! 

There are some direct correlations to today as well as the past.
Viewing this movie was a requirement for our history classes to see when I was younger in the 70s and I've always remembered it.  

It's interesting and mind boggling to me at times when I hear some who seem to be very naive or perhaps willfully ignorant when they say they want someone "strong" and willing to take a stand in the White House. There is a disconnect for some reason since...
Isn't that just what Senator Ted Cruz has done?   Hasn't he stood?  Hasn't he stood for the unborn and Biblical values along with the Constitution?   What happened to any recollection of his courageous  filibuster?   It seems we have some major forgetfulness going around coupled with dulled conscience in the Republican party.  
Blessings to you this fine Sunday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Prolife, More Than Just a Litmus Test, but a Window to the Soul...

Excellent video by Ted Cruz... His stand for LIFE says so much about him.

Cruz:  "Prolife", more than just a litmus test, but a window to the soul of political candidates.

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Good evening Loves,   ~Amelia

Monday, February 15, 2016

Have the Courage to Suffer the Contempt of the World

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"God assumed from the beginning that the wise of this world would view Christians as fools...and He has not been disappointed...If I have brought any message today, it is this:  Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity.  Be fools for Christ.  And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world."

~Antonin Scalia

Dear Readers,  

This quote is so profound, and I would like to add that it is not only the sophisticated world that scoffs, it can also be carnal church goers as well.  

Be careful of whose parade you attend so to speak...

If someone is okay with an organization that is pro-death, the murder of precious unborn babies?  Then I would question the integrity of not only that organization, but also, the integrity of the faith of that person and those who blindly support that person.

Be careful of whose parade you are attending.  

We are in a pivotal time in this country.  Please teach your children and youth the importance of this time in our country!  

There are men such as Ted Cruz who to our family, seems to be very much in line with the teachings of Christ.  It's interesting he is not receiving much press. 

I reiterate the quote above. 

...And when it comes to our precious, innocent, unborn, I will always speak out. 

loading ...  Just this week, just two examples of many lately, of reports I receive from my daughters. 

-Our oldest daughter was dismayed this past Sunday as most singles there are not paying attention to what is happening in this nation and not realizing the importance of this time!  They lamely muttered that they usually just wait and pull the straight Republican lever. She was horrified at their passivity on the primaries and the importance of Justice Scalia's passing!  This church is probably one of the better ones.  Frightening.

-One of our daughters went to dinner with a handsome young man she met at a (protestant conservative denomination) church who has studied law, who also teaches at a Christian school.  He told my daughter he will turn her into a democrat yet.  Her response of course was simply No.   That platform comes against everything we believe in as Christians.

This young man (a sanders supporter) had no explanation except choice of the mother when confronted by our daughter on the abortion issue alone.   Shouldn't the baby have a choice?

Note: Neither churches above have ever been mentioned on this blog, my goal is not to mar a reputation but to make the point of the state of most churches.


Be careful of whose populist parade you attend.


Even a child is known by their doings...

Signing off for the day,   Amelia at the Forest Cathedral  

Photos by Robert Stock

Monday, February 8, 2016

Is He Our All? Even Amongst the Selfish?

"Never look ahead to the changes and challenges of this life in fear.....

"...So hold His loving hand tightly, and He will lead you safely through all things.  And when you cannot stand, He will carry you in His arms.

"Do not look ahead to what may happen tomorrow.   The same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and every day.  Either He will shield you from suffering or He will give you His unwavering strength that you may bear it.  Be at peace, then, and set aside all anxious thoughts and worries." 
  ~Francis de Sales Psalm 23:1   Excerpt from Streams in the Desert devotional

It's been interesting lately.  As you know if you have read here at all, I'm of the INFP personality.  No, I'm not a strong introvert, I'm actually in the middle, just a tad over on the introvert side, too much visiting wears me out.   I also am an observer of people and a thinker, Jem thinks I could have been a very good detective.  He is correct. ; )

I highly recommend the Myers-Briggs personality test, not only to help understand yourself, but to understand others as well. For example, some people with the opposite personality seem to delight in pressuring and almost harassing people with my personality type; the INFP as myself, or INFJ, as my youngest daughter.  We sit back in wonderment at the control being exerted.  That control (sin) will repel us, usually; permanently.  I've also seen extreme  introverts who are a bit selfish (sin), because they refuse to reach out to others at all, even in small ways. 

My daughter is required to take the Myers-Briggs at the local college, and I know at College of the Ozarks, a Christian college, one of the students told me it is also a requirement.

Being an INFP personality, we are the counselors of the world.   But it seems we never receive caring counsel or rather a caring, listening ear, because people are busy dumping everything on us!  

This must be how Christ feels when people dump on Him, never thanking Him, never coming back.  

loading ...  I had to literally laugh the past month as I am going through life's most troubling challenges in various ways.  Twice, two women have spent quite a bit of time sharing troubles, with me, ...for so long of a time, my ears felt like a dumpster. My husband calls them selfish. At best, I think it's rather one-sided of them.  I don't mind listening to valid prayer requests and I SO take it to heart.    But.  When I mention the trials I am facing?  They are in a hurry to scurry off...I'm learning from experience that most will never even ask later about the prayer requests I have.  Wow.

It was so bad one day, it was much like what we would see in a comedy sitcom.  I just had to stand there wide-eyed, shaking my head in unbelief to myself as on separate occasions I watched these grown women scurry off. 

I think....   What a friend we have in Jesus though!    

Perhaps He allows this so we will appreciate that truth!   It's those times, I go about my work quietly, and smile to myself, and just talk to the Father.  It's a liberating and most refreshing, happy thing!

I remember when I was in highschool.   When we were pen-pals with people, we expected to have a letter back within a couple of weeks at most or we wondered what was up.  Now we have emails, aren't emails supposed to be much easier to write back?  Serious prayer requests are shared, information is shared to who we think are trusted friends.  Questions are asked of interest of the other person.   We don't hear back. I've noticed the same when asking a simple polite, friendly question on a blog...*crickets chirping*.  ...Rude.

Any of you not a Christian?  I am so sorry of what you may see in church goers...You see, I know there are many who are not truly representative of Christ and that grieves my heart, it really does.  There really is something to:  They will know we are Christians by our Love.   It doesn't matter if people go to church or quote scripture etc., if they have not love then I question the integrity of their faith.  And that does not mean we do not speak truth, we speak truth because we love, and we should answer and respond to honest, sincere, people because we have that Christian integrity.

I had better run, it's Monday-Monday and so much to do! : )

loading ...  We are busy taking care of another rescue dog, looks like a beautiful Weimar.  Marianna picked her up on a country road in the freezing cold, she was literally bones and shaking with fever, she never would have made it through the night if Marianna would not have picked this poor angel up.
My husband remarks,  
What kind of a person does this to a poor animal?  

We have been praying for her, nursing her and speaking Life in Christ to her.  She is now growing hair back, and we have given her meds from our sweet Christian vet.   Yes, they will know we are Christians by our love.  Thanking God that our daughters have inherited a love and care for animals and human alike.   And I thank God for a Christian vet who cares.   I don't even need to ask him if he is a Christian, it is so very evident.

May we walk the walk that is evident of Christ in our Hearts, minds and souls!

Thank you for your prayers and comments, I appreciate them greatly.

Good Afternoon Loves,    ~amelia in the Forest.