Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Prolife, More Than Just a Litmus Test, but a Window to the Soul...

Excellent video by Ted Cruz... His stand for LIFE says so much about him.

Cruz:  "Prolife", more than just a litmus test, but a window to the soul of political candidates.

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Good evening Loves,   ~Amelia


Little Mama Mia said...

So glad you shared this video. I admire and respect Ted Cruz so much for focusing on this issue of utmost moral importance. It really does tell us a lot when candidates take a stand for life... or don't.

Amelia said...

Yes, it truly *is* a litmus test. And...It truly is a window to the soul. Thanks for sharing the video with me, it's a great video, and it shows who Ted Cruz is. It amazes me that some insist on skipping over him when talking of the one they perceive to be "strong". Frightening.

Thanks for the comment Lea.

Unknown said...

We love Ted Cruz, and Trump scares us!

Amelia said...


I don't understand people saying they want a strong candidate but overlook Senator Cruz. Ted Cruz is strong, he votes strong, standing up to the establishment and has filibustered heroically. Where have people been? It's right under their very noses!

You have probably read the Matt Walsh commentary?: