Sunday, February 28, 2016

'All the King's Men' (1949) Oscar Winner. TIMELY.


Winner of 3 Academy Awards!

 "He thought he had the world by the tail."
Our family watched this classic movie great last night once again, it may be something you may want to watch as well! 

There are some direct correlations to today as well as the past.
Viewing this movie was a requirement for our history classes to see when I was younger in the 70s and I've always remembered it.  

It's interesting and mind boggling to me at times when I hear some who seem to be very naive or perhaps willfully ignorant when they say they want someone "strong" and willing to take a stand in the White House. There is a disconnect for some reason since...
Isn't that just what Senator Ted Cruz has done?   Hasn't he stood?  Hasn't he stood for the unborn and Biblical values along with the Constitution?   What happened to any recollection of his courageous  filibuster?   It seems we have some major forgetfulness going around coupled with dulled conscience in the Republican party.  
Blessings to you this fine Sunday!


Abbi said...

Would this be an okay movie for kids?

Amelia said...

Hi Abbi, Thanks for asking. : )

I've posted the trailer. For some strange reason the trailer did not post at first, I must have erased it at first by mistake. It doesn't pay to get in a hurry my mama always says! : ) The trailer will show the mood of the film for the most part.

I will say upon previewing the movie, there is adultery present, it's eluded to in conversation several times since that is Stark's nature but no ugly talk at all. There are no scenes shown at all, just conversation from one hurt woman to another. It shows the ugliness of unfaithfulness in as clean of a way possible. (No bedroom scenes or women in lace slips etc.) There is alcohol present in one scene that I saw, but it is not shown in a positive light, but that of a most pathetic one.

I hope this helps! : ) Thanks again for asking, that is an important question. Perhaps preview it to make sure for your little ones.


Marianna said...

I need to go back and finish this! I hope we still have it on the dvr... It sounds really good! Thanks for the reminder.

Amelia said...

Yes, I do believe we still have it! These old movies are the best as you know! The message is timeless.