Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Be Careful, Be Alert, Keep Your Eyes on Jesus, 'Call Northside 777', Christmas in July Time!

I don't feel completely comfortable writing things that are negative about any particular group.  I don't want to be a downer let's say and I don't want to be seen as nit-picky. 

My husband and I have seen many fringe movements through out our Christianity.  Trust me.


The devil comes in many forms, the Bible says it's possible that the elect will be fooled, the Bible says do not be deceived.   If the Bible warns not to be  deceived then it is possible.

I recently have unwittingly come across a movement disguised in attractive homemaking videos, scripture is read etc. the videos look very nice and are very attractive and even sweet to someone like me who loves the Lord, the country and simple living.  Let's face it, it's hard finding fellowship or churches who support homemaking and are not double minded but also kind.    I don't know about you, but I want straight up Christianity.  I want a sweet spirit, not a worldly one and I want a loving and friendly atmosphere. 

Even though I enjoyed the videos, I noticed dissenters making videos and such of one of the torah ministries represented in those videos and didn't quite know what to think...There are always two sides, correct?  Was it sour grapes?  Who was deceiving who?  What's going on here?  Were these dissenters liberal-woke church-goers being mean to the sweet looking people?  After all, we do have the seeker-woke movement coming against things that are good and holy, former people who had it right are going to the left totally against the Lord's Word and it's not good!  Please be warned on that of course!   I'm certainly not trying to insult intelligence here either, I think most friends who read here see very clearly.

But it wasn't until I tried to leave a comment of encouragement in good faith on a beautiful torah type ministry video channel and noticed how it was handled (like a slap in the face from someone young enough to be my daughter).   No sleep lost but it was troubling, my stomach dropped.  There was no love and no kind of smoothing things over, and certainly no apology for a misunderstanding.  In another case I recently heard one seemingly very sweet young lady even express when she was asked about animal sacrifices that they didn't have a temple (to do one in).  Very troubling.  This new movement is not the same as a church or a family celebrating the Jewish feasts or any of that, this is far beyond and goes in the opposite direction of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and God's character and is what Paul warns us about.

I've pulled up a couple of articles that may explain things of what we are seeing here, it's new to me, but apparently it's been going on.   Once again, allow me to clarify...This has nothing to do with Christians observing and reverencing Jewish feasts etc.  This is an entirely different ballgame...  It's attracting sweet families who are trying to do the right thing.    I'm hoping the articles below will explain the difference and cautions.

Jews for Jesus, About Torah Observance

Answers in Genesis, Hebrew Roots Movement  


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I'm starting a sewing project, a cute skirt with a "Paris" print cotton purchased from Walmart and decluttering a little.  Composing our dinners, I always go back to my tried and true! lol and have watched a very good evening movie with hubs:   

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 Call  Northside 777    (1948)

I've  blogged on this movie  before, oh it's so good!  Definitely worthy of another mention!   Justice being fought for here...Amazing movie.   


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Changes.    I recently watched a video by Dr. Mercola our youngest daughter shared with us on the dangers of our devices too close to us and even on  people.    I have quit putting my laptop on my lap at night as Jem and I watch a classic movie.   Now, I go to a designated place, usually my kitchen table to purposefully browse and then I put my laptop up.   I'm enjoying our movie-watching so much more now!   We love old black and white movies from the 40s especially.   The movies in the 40s are generally more clean and sweet.   WWII was going on and there was a healthy fear of God in our country.




If we surrender our hearts to God we may expect a wondrous enlargement.    ~A. W. Tozer


Live today fully, expressing gratitude for all you have been, all you are right now, and all you are becoming.   ~Melody Beattie


Love comes while we rest against our Father's chest.   Joy comes when we catch the rhythms of His heart.  Peace comes when we live in harmony with those rhythms.   ~Ken Gire 



P.S.    It's Christmas in July time!     Are you starting any projects?   I don't have any homemade ones right now but I am finding some very nice things at Dollar Tree to wrap up for our grandbabies and even a hand held mirror for my mom!    Let me know here of any neat things you have going! 

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I hope you are all doing well!  God's blessings,        ~Amelia

Thursday, July 1, 2021

A Breath of Fresh Air...Nancy Campbell. Thanks be to God. Sharing a Bit of Sewing.

This season of life I'm in, is so very different to me, I've gone from a homeschool mommy with babes and little ones all around and behind my skirt to almost an empty nester now.  It's so strange as I see my youngest in her late twenties flying off to a photo shoot dressed in her signature black outfit, camera in hand.  Wow.  *tears*   Her light hair and eyes are like my Daddy's, she looks much like him and my mother and I see him through her eyes many a day.  Even in myself, when I sit with my coffee in the morning in the easy chair talking to God, I find myself sitting exactly as he did, when I eat, I fling my fork back in my hand by my ear listening to Jem talk or studying my plate...Maybe just looking around but that fork is in that customary place just like my dad's fork always was.  I never knew I did that until a boy from school who had been observing me eating one day called it to my attention.  (funny things we do and don't even know it).

I've missed my daddy lately, he passed away tragically in a very horrible situation this time of year in '17.   Here is a poignant blog entry I wrote a year after he passed away to Heaven where he sees very clearly now:

Everytime I See Your Face...Photograph.



Encouraging Podcasts, Nancy Campbell:

 My daughters and I enjoy Nancy Campbell, and Joycie just shared some of the latest of her podcasts and must I say I was overjoyed when hearing Mrs. Campbell's latest message.  We just aren't hearing truthful messages much are we?   Most older women are not like Nancy Campbell unfortunately and many times I've privately grimaced at their way of thinking and been grieved at heart noticing that they've bought into the culture.

The churches today are heartbreaking to me, people going against purity and all that is right and holy.  Oh dear Lord, are they reading their Bibles at all???  Are people talking to the Lord at all???  


I just listened to the following podcast by Nancy Campbell and was so blessed by it, it brought tears to my eyes.  On one of her podcasts she mentions turning 80.   ...Even though I'm 60 years old, I think that when I grow up I want to be Nancy Campbell if you know what I mean... *big smile*



Here's the podcast I listened to today, around 14 she really warms up (big smile) the entire thing is wonderful but she gets down to nitty gritty around that time frame, enjoy and be blessed:

Let's Get Back the Glory



Here's another I listened to a couple of months ago and was also blessed by this one on following a child's bend in homeschooling:

Following Your Bent


And here's a COMPLETE list of Nancy Campbell's podcasts, wow, so many of these look and are EXCELLENT: 

  Complete List of Nancy Campbell's Podcasts



Hope you all are  doing fine and trusting the Lord, taking refuge in Him.  Oh how He loves you, oh how He loves me, oh how He loves me and you!   Remember that song?

My Forest Cathedral: Show 'n Tell, Heartfelt Contemplations ...and a Most Special Song  Tis me in the good ol' summer time sitting across from my hubs, Jem... Hair pulled  back sun glasses are my friend, wearing one of my favorite lawn cotton blouses I make.  I love the color, navy

I love to sew, compose and design my own clothing, I've  designed clothing, drawing fashion illustrations since junior high, I loved vintage and the old Laura Ashley designs before anyone heard of vintage or Laura Ashley.  When many were wearing mini skirts, I longed for 40s-50s midi skirts!  When I sew I can choose cool natural fabrics, tweak patterns and just sew my own styles that I've identified as being flattering, stylish and modest.   We do not have to be slaves to the culture!  It's so refreshing to be my own person in the Lord.  If you do not know how to sew, it would  be wonderful to find a friend to teach you even simple sewing.  The following outfit is simple.  No darts and an elastic waist skirt.  Bravissimo I say on that.   We don't have to stress to sew, we can sew simple.

   Navy lawn cotton from Fashion Fabrics Club, top, a tweaked Simplicity pattern #1690    I made a slight v-neck altering the width of the neckline simply, lengthened to tunic length and made the sleeves a bit more kimono, so it's more flattering.   The belt is my own pattern.

The skirt is my tried and true (out of print) Simplicity #4881 (available on ebay) lengthened to above ankle, not midi but not maxi.... made from a flowie, light rayon challis in navy and white stripe from Fashion Fabrics Club.   

I hope all is well where you are.   The fragrance wafting from the kitchen is Italian gravy on Tofurky Italian veggie sausage in the oven, oh it's so good, will be served over pasta.  The Gardein brand veggie meatballs are plumb wonderful too.  I have white patty squash from the garden cut and I'll roast slices in avocado oil in the oven, and Ancient Harvest gluten free pasta will be served.   Can you say, served  in a snobbish way like a butler?   Ha! 

Hope you're having a sweet summer fellowshipping with the Lord.  Gleaning from some of our brothers and sisters in the faith.   Above all?   Spending time with the Lord.

Don't let controversy hurt your soul.  Live near to God by prayer.  Just fall down at His feet and open your very soul before Him, and throw yourself right into His arms.   ~Catherine Booth


He is not far from each one of us.  "For in him we live and move and have our being."   ~Acts 17:27

In waiting we begin to get in touch with the rhythms of life--- stillness and action, listening and decision.  They are the rhythms of God.  It is in the everyday and the commonplace that we learn patience, acceptance, and contentment.  ~Richard J. Foster




Concerning email feed here:   I received notice that feedburner may be discontinued for our email subscriptions, and may be discontinued already, so if you would like, please oblige and follow me on bloglovin' or the old fashioned blogger way, both on right.  Bloglovin' is a dashboard for favorite blogs, it's free and quite handy and they will email a daily digest to you as well.  I've used it for more than several years and it seems just fine.  Thanks for understanding!