Thursday, November 11, 2021

Veterans Day, A Quick Update, Appropriate Movie Suggestions, An Encouragement, Adding to the Beauty

Would you like some hot coffee?  Tea?   How about some iced hibiscus-peach tea...Known as my Mi-Mi tea to our daughters and my little tot grandsons.  Oh how the little tots love walking about with their little cups filled with Mi-Mi tea.   

The days are filled with falling leaves, it's still green here with speckles of red and orange like a luscious green-iced fall-theme cupcake with red and orange sprinkles on top.


Just wanted to let you all know of one of my favorite all time movies for Veterans Day.    Just ordered a copy and have been enjoying it the past several days.


Oh but what is it Mrs. Amelia?


Why...It is:  


Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)    

 Please click HERE to view trailer if you are on a handheld device.

Based on the book, by Ted W. Lawson. 

"Lawson was a pilot on the historic Doolittle Raid, America's first retaliatory air strike against Japan, four months after the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The raid was planned, led by, and named after United States Army Air Forces Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle, who was promoted two ranks, to Brigadier General, the day after the raid."  (excerpt from Wikipedia)


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Other old movies that to me are very worthy of our time are:

Destination Tokyo.  (1943) This one has a precious actor filling in for  Jimmy Stewart fill-in, as Jimmy Stewart was away at war during WWII.   There is a true scene where the young man undergoes an emergency appendectomy on the submarine under the ocean.   

Best Years of Our Lives. (1946)  This movie is said to be very, very close to the way things really were for the WWII servicemen when they came back home.

Sergeant York.  (1941)  A true story that takes place during WWI.  This one is wowee.  What is there not to love about Gary Cooper's part of Sergeant York and Joan Leslie as Gracie?  Do you know that Joan Leslie was picked because the real Sergeant York did not want any actress to play his wife who smoked, drank or cursed.  Thus beautiful and sweet Joan Leslie...Oh love that gal!  The true story of Sergeant York is one to learn about for sure.

I always recommend to preview even old movies before we show them to our families.

In our home?    We love old 40s movies, it's a good way to unwind after a day of working around the home, we can dialogue and talk and laugh, sometimes shed a tear about what is going on in the movie.  And may I add...It's cozy as the cold fronts are coming in.   Plus.  

40s movies are a breath of fresh air as far as morality, they were done when most of the country had a healthy fear of God.

Do you love the WWII era?    I highly recommend the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas, it's wonderful, you could easily spend two days there.    There is also a huge one in New Orleans, Louisiana that we have also been to.

   I always think of my dad on these holidays.  I hear the aviators rumbling above our home,  and I think of my dad flying.  I miss you Daddy.  He was a sensitive, smart and amazing man.   He could be a character too and caused me a few tears but we loved him no matter what.



Mornings Here

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The deer enjoying the morning with me and my coffee. 

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This morning.

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Adding to the Beauty, Let's Give Encouragements Even in Strange Places

 As you know I love skirts, they're great as far as I'm concerned.   I love to make my own, many times simply with Simplicity EDIT: The skirt is Simplicity 4881, I apologize if I confused anyone with the wrong pattern number.  (It's been a crazy couple of weeks)  I love novelty prints and usually it's a good conversation starter.


One particularly balmy day last September I wore this skirt at a big box store, I'll call the store Bob's Wholesale.   

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Jem and I were loading a few groceries in the car and I hear a lady in the car waiting for our space yelling out her window that she loves my skirt!   I could see she and the elderly sister in the passenger seat were clearly enjoying the day, so I ran to their car much like Libby in the movie, The Magic of Ordinary Days when she grabs the bottled cokes running out of the farm house excitedly to fellowship when she sees the Japanese sisters outside her kitchen window.  

Two darling black sisters were there in that car and boy did we have church!    She just went on and on about my skirt and I told her I made it and the fabric was from Walmart...And she said:   


"I looked over at you and saw your skirt and I thought Oh how I needed to see that today with everything that's going on!"


It gave me a boost and it gave her a boost and the Lord was glorified.  We can add to the beauty even in what we wear!   We praised the Lord right there in that parking lot!


When I'm at the store I love wearing either a novelty scarf or skirt or something, usually feminine that makes people SMILE.   I LOVE finding a WWII vet or a Korean War vet or now a Viet Nam vet.   I pat them on the back and tell them I appreciate their service and what they did for us to protect us and if Jem is around he runs up to them to shake their hand and tell them he appreciates their service too!  Many times they are eager to share what they went through with humility.   I give them a warm pat on the back and sometimes even a hug if they are in a motorized scooter etc. (when appropriate) and we always end with God bless you!


One day at Bob's Wholesale there was an elderly gentleman barely able to walk with his WWII hat on.   Oh I grabbed him!   He was so precious, he stopped.  He looked at me and said:  I'm so glad you appreciate it because most people don't.   Wow.  Just to know what these brave men went through and they feel like that in this modern culture.  Oh.  So.  Sad.

Many of us need encouragement on many a day, we have elderly parents and things going on major with loved ones.  Life.   We sure can encourage others can't we?   We can add to the beauty, the Beauty in others' lives!  


Some of us have the Companionship of Brokeness, and ya know.  If people don't understand that then I can't help it.  *gentle smile*  It helps us to be sensitive to others.



Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves   

Please click HERE if you are on a handheld device to hear song.



God  bless you, God be with you.  Be educated, be informed, pray like crazy, read the Bible, Psalms is akwats a good place always.  My favorites at this time are Psalms 91, Psalms 23 and Psalms 37.

Here's a very good site that you can figure out I'm sure, Covid (dot) Daystar (dot) com.  Lots of info there that may be helpful.

Redemption comes in strange places.


Don't forget good tracts to leave with a good hefty tip of course.  *big smile*

The God of the universe--the One who created everything and holds it all in His hand--created each of us in His image, to bear His likeness, His imprint.  It is only when Christ dwells within our hearts, radiating the pure light of His love through our humanity that we discover who we are and what we were intended to be.  There is no other joy that reaches as deep or as wide or as high--there is no other joy that is more complete.


I'm not a perfectionist on this blog,  otherwise I wouldn't get anything up at all.   I try to make it presentable and hopefully and prayerfully it's easy to read and understand what I'm trying to convey.


All five of our doglets and our three cats are doing well here at the Cathedral, they too are a source of inspiration and many a smile. God's Creatures.  I enjoy making friends with all the birds, the butterflies and squirrels not to mention our deer friends.  There is just something about looking into these precious creatures faces...True North.  An instant attitude adjustment shall I say.

God bless all of our veterans!  God bless you!   So many things going on on many fronts.  Be kind. 


Choose to be KIND.