Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This is My Anthem...This is my Song...The Theme of My Journey...

Me and Michelle on a Most Recent Luverly Sunday Afternoon

This song is the anthem of my life.  Would you like to hear?  I think you too will be so blessed.

This morning I awake once again to a mommy deer outside...she guards her baby somewhere here in the Forest Cathedral...I am in awe of her, I call her 'Pippin'.  I remind myself that the same way I should not take for granted this sweet doe, I should never take for granted the sweet Lord's Presence.

I remind myself of God's blessings, He's always been Faithful.  I also don't ever want to take for granted our sweet family, a Godly husband and gentle leader who has grown into an even more wise and gentle leader through the years.  The other night I was having a difficult time with a relative and felt so beaten down, so upset but trying hard to put on a happy, cheerful face for my family...I see my husband's face across the dinner table and am so thankful that he would never behave in the same  way of the given relative.  I'm thankful for Godly daughters, they are ages 20 to 31 now.  They are all serving the Father and we are so very thankful for that.  So very thankful.

It is trying for our daughters at times, so very trying in this day and age.  They were raised to be mommies and homemakers and it seems so many young men are either into strange doctrines named for a man or they are into various things.  Sure, our daughters could do or say anything and be quite married if they were posers.  They could pretend to be this or pretend to be that and even agree to this or agree to that.  We could go along with movie choices... etc.  

Sometimes I think the Father allows these things, these difficulties in our lives so we will not have pride in our lives and so we will have an understanding and a mercy for others.

I smile when I think of the 90s and the homeschool magazines with the precious sweet magazine covers of Godly newly-married couples and I wonder what happened?  Now we have the mod-squad so to speak in many of our homeschool families...It just goes to show, once a parent places academia or an immature need-to-belong; either to a clique, group or church whether it be a family integrated church forsaking false doctrine for "family integration", culture or social iota ...trouble lurks.  What are we to do?  It seems if it's not strange doctrine it is a culturally worldly church who equates a rock concert with worship...Where warnings of deadly sins aren't mentioned...The older set seems to even have a "That's the way it is now-a-days..." attitude.  No!

Anything we put before the Lord, any manmade doctrine, our will not the Father's will...Cultural relevance...Oh please beware.  Beware when we place theology above the Bible, the study of doctrine before our sweet hour of prayer, oh beware precious readers!  Beware of allowing things in your home that you would not allow your young people to do or say...God's name in vain?   Smart-Alec talking or jesting?  Crass talk?  Glorification of a lady's body?  American Idol?  Doesn't it blow our minds when we hear churchies speak of American Idol as if it should be a given that we watch it?  How about the love of money or possessions?  Recently I ran into an old acquaintance, she is ten years older then I and she had her iphone with her.  She didn't know how to use her phone by the way...but she asks me much like a little girl would:

Y'all don't have iphones?

What has become of us?

I go back to the above song....

And yes, I know my blog will not be the most popular blog on the block. I've reconciled my heart with that. That is okay, it might breed pride.   I want to be true to the Father and His precious quiet, sweet, sweet spirit...

Father, please help us to know your Presence to be Still and Know...Help us to know You Father, You are what we need to be fulfilled.  

In our times of bewilderments let us see the Beauty, let us add to the Beauty...   Oh Father help us to see ever so clearly...oh so clearly....Help us to hear your voice and do Your will.   We love you Father.     ~amelia

I hope you also enjoy this song too...'Add to the Beauty' by Sara Groves...Such an awesome song...

This is also one of the theme songs for my Life.

Redemption comes in small spaces, strange places, calling out the best in who we are....