Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Memorial Day Remembrance: Our Al, a Candid Message..And of Course, Niceties

Photo by Robert Stock

All is well on the homefront.  The above is a photo of me the past year with our first grandbaby, our grandson when he was more of a little infant.  I'm wearing one of my MiMi dresses, this one is of space babies in a wonderfully delightful vintage print reproduction.  It has space ducks and little animals along with the hooman space babies..I had also made a pillow for each of our little grandsons to match.  Timmy here is wearing his little nautical romper I also made, and now I've seen Jimmy our next to be born little grandson wear it too!


  Timmy now. (Wearing the Charlie Brown and Snoopy shorts I made)

I've been very engaged lately sewing Little Dresses and Little Britches for Africa and just reading some good ol' books.

We've had Memorial week and it made me think of not only my dad but my precious, precious step dad, Al.  

The photo above was taken when we moved into the home pictured, he and the girls planted the tree there.  Al was a wonderful PaPa to our girls and was such a sweetheart.  He fought in WWII and gave unselfishly.  He had earned a medal and I'm researching that now.  He loved the girls so much, he would carry Baby Zuzu around over his shoulder and she would sing in her baby language. Here he is with Janie and Joycie before Zuzu was born, poor little Grace never knew him and Zuzu doesn't remember him, oh that is so sad to me.  He and mother lived in a humble little house in the middle of Houston, he would walk Janie and Joycie to the corner store and he'd buy them little goodies to eat and drink...So cute.  Those were some precious times...   He was an extremely talented sculptor and sculpted Dr. Cooley's marker.  He would crack me up, he was from an old Italian family from the Bronx, New York and I would get so tickled because he did not like it when the southerners would joke about the New Yorkers!  He was so sweet, you would get tickled even when he was aggravated!  When a heart attack took him suddenly it really did me in.  The hospital sent my mom home in a taxi with his clothes over her arm that night.  Me, being home, my little ones safely tucked in bed already I was horrified, running out in the yard looking up at the stars as if I could call him back somehow, my cries were so hard that they were silent,  standing outside in the pitch dark in the very yard pictured above, in a big, long yellow Garfield tshirt nightgown...Horrified.  In shock.  I remember being in tears bringing his suit and tie to the funeral home, I was so choked up I about threw those beautiful clothes at the stone-calm (like water off a duck's back) receptionist before running out, two young men my age there for a loved one staring as if they were to say We're so sorry...I still remember all of the faces.  That was back in 1990.  Little Joycie said her best friend had died.  Baby Zuzu would run to men at the grocery store with silver hair and put her little arms around their legs...  As you can see or read, I'm part of the Companionship of Brokeness and if you are of the Companionship of Brokeness  then you are probably a kindred spirit here.  ...And I really do miss Al many a day...many a day. 

I have lots of little goodies to show you, my pretty garden and such...I've been a little stressed, my mother fainted at the table again on Mother's Day so prayers are always appreciated for my mom and me.  My adult daughters are a huge help too as well as my loving husband.  

I'll be back soon with some eye candy.  I'm praying for our country and I hope you are too, our Victor's Wreath will be in the prayer closet.  And may we be that Watchman on the Wall and use words to warn if necessary.  I have what you would call a counselor or a healer personality, I have mercy and prophet both, so please oblige.  Do I sound like the book, Please Understand Me?  (smile).

Here's something I thought I would share, it's something a radio commentator played this evening:

A Warning from 1965 from Paul Harvey:

In closing:

One distant shot of my ivy gardens and Lilac tree last month...More to come.  I'm discovering my gardens are one of my happy places.

  Bethany.  I have restored her, repairing a fracture and a little hole in her poor little face, and broken pieces from a cruel fall... and then repainting her with her little child on her lap.  I think Bethany is so peaceful and represents motherhood so well.

   Jimmy's little handprint.  This was our first art project!  Little Jimmy presented this to his mommy, Joycie that very day.  So fun.  Zuzu and I did one with little Timmy the other day. 

  My little birds I also restored, one was fractured and missing part of his tail.  I made another tail with a tissue and school glue, repaired the hole in his poor little chest and touched up the paint so he is happy now.  They guard my window and tell each other little secrets through the day, they also guard my coffee stash.

  My pitcher of hibiscus tea...I enjoy drinking this iced through the day.   I still am using my cloth 'napkins'.   I still keep them in a shiny glass bowl there and grab those even before I'll grab a paper towel.  They are so much softer and there is somewhat of a comfort in my little 'napkins'...Who wouldn't love these little doggies on this one?

  Well, Loves, I hope you are all faring well.

Take care now, signing off from My Forest Cathedral.   ~Amelia