Saturday, November 23, 2019

Oh But This One... 'Dolly Parton's 'Coat of Many Colors'...

Sometimes I think of movies that have touched my heart, that I've seen in the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season This movie came to mind recently, so I treated myself to the dvd set of Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors along with the sequel.

Wow.   I haven't cried watching a movie in a long time, and this is one of those movies that made me cry in places, I mean several hankies worth.  There are parts that just strummed the heartstrings something mighty.

The little girl who plays the part of a young Dolly resembles soooo very much our youngest daughter when she was little, the way she talked, her mannerisms, her nature.  Even the little blue checked dress... Yep, that was our Grace.    I smile...

I could relate to Mrs. Parton, Dolly's mother in little ways too.  Yes, I get her in many little ways.  We moms make a lot of sacrifices don't we?

The movie has a sweet, precious ending.  The entire movie is sweet and precious.

Our Grace now?  She is a young woman here at home, an artistic photographer who has a lot of me in her. All of my girls have bits and pieces of Jem and I in them, and it's so fun to see them as adults! Rebecca is that artistic one.  She can tell a fake from a fraud in two seconds flat!  Haha. I remember my dad saying that when he and I argued it was like he was arguing with himself.  smile   Grace sat with Jem and I, watching this precious movie last night, it was really nice.  ...Just really nice.

If you see the movie, or have seen it and would like to treat yourself to a refresher of sorts, I think you'll enjoy the movie and also be most touched by it.

So many young people and older people have had disappointments in life, in churches in people...So I really think this movie fits the bill for all if we're honest and part of the  beautifully broken, the Companionship of Brokeness.  I say beautifully broken because I think God, if we trust Him, in His caring and loving way can put us all together like a....Like a Tiffany lamp.  The Beauty of His Light will shine forth if we let it, giving to others and letting the gentle Light shine in a sweet way.

I wanted to get this blog up quickly because Dear Ones, I really think you would enjoy the movie for the holidays.  

I purchased the double set of Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors and the sequel, Christmas of Many Colors, Circle of Love from and I'm so glad I did!

  The sequel, Christmas of Many Colors, Circle of Love.  Can't wait for another night to watch this one too!

Hope you all are doing well. So many blessings to be thankful to God for...It's the Eternal.

That is why this old world?....Ain't enough.     
~Dolly's mother 


 A crazy shot of me and Grace having a good ol' time on a very cold winter's day last year after her doctor's appointment thus the scratch on her poor little nose.  (I hope you don't mind me posting this Rebecca!)  She is really sweet with her new little angel-nephews, Timmy and Jimmy:

Timmy                                        Jimmy

So much to be thankful for...

Good afternoon, Loves,    ~Amelia

Monday, November 11, 2019

The Greatest Generation...Those Vets. Gotta Love and Appreciate Them.

Today is Veteran's Day and we remember those who serve and protect us and many who gave life and limb for us.  I just love them.   Man, when I run into these guys at the store I usually make a beeline for them to thank them for their service.  When my daughters were little girls they each made little red construction paper booklets and they decorated them with patriotic stickers and such.  When we'd go to any patriotic ceremony we would receive autographs from our vets.  I just love'm.

Here is a post of Joycie and I in action at the grocery more then several years ago:
World War II Hero at Our Grocery 

This is Janie's trip to Hawaii for the Pearl Harbor anniversary:
Pearl Harbor Survivors with our Oldest Daughter

This is more of Janie's trip with 'Uncle Bob'.  He was honored by President Trump not long ago.  Lea still talks to him on the phone...What a sweetheart!  Talk about a good attitude!  Uncle Bob has it, you will see him giving Lea dancing lessons!:

More Pearl Harbor Survivors with Janie, Greatest Generation

 My mom and dad probably around 1954 or so.  I miss my daddy this time of year... and I miss my most precious stepdad, Al who received the Purple Heart and never even spoke of it.

A photo I found of my dad at Gulfport Military Academy  as I was cleaning my home studio here, and found this on the floor of all places.  (This is what clutter does, it edges out what is important and things we cherish on the floor in one way or the other.) Clutter is an enemy.

Dad (left) was a Captain and was so very handsome I think.

Jem and I love going to the WWII museums.  We've gone to the one in New Orleans and now several times to the Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg.    I highly recommend!  The Pacific War Museum is a wonderful value by the way.  Just loads of things to see, learn, listen to those old voices...Tremendous museum!


Well, I'm doing pretty good.  How about you dear readers?   Yesterday when we were at the Walmart in Farmtown I was so blessed to talk with two separate ladies in the Christmas department.

loading ...  - Robert Stock

Both of them were so eager to share and talk.   The first lady knocked the entire front of her buggy into the aisle cap and apologized.  I told her no worries, we all do it!  (it's true!)  Haha!   She tells me she has a lot on her mind.  I told her I understand, me too.   It's a lot to pray about isn't it?  I later saw her again on another Christmas aisle and she started the conversation and we discussed Christmas bulbs and which ones she should get.  Then there was another lady who came up looking for Minnie mouse ornaments because her daughter was able to have a baby after years of disappointments so the little toddler girl will be celebrated by a pink Minnie mouse theme this year.  I noticed the lady had a long cross around her neck.  We just hit it off...I told her maybe find some wrapping paper and cut the pictures of Minnie and glue them on cardboard and decorate...She tells me of ornaments she would make from the past...We end with a heartfelt and eyeball to eyeball God bless you.  

You may say, Well, I'm an introvert.  Well, this may shock you but I have introvert tendencies but you cannot tell it when I'm visiting with someone I'm enjoying conversation with.  My personality initials are INFP if that tells you anything.  I do love people and I just want to smile and be Jesus to them by action.  People just aren't like that anymore it seems but I want to be that way to others and it's great!  It's no scary commitment, except for privately praying for that person and hopefully them for me, it's like being an anesthesiologist, you deal with people in pain many times and give them a shot of goodness with a big toothy grin but then you move on to others and maybe, just maybe you'll see those folks again on another day!
loading ...  -Robert Stock

Well, it's time for me to sign off.  I'm trying desperately to get my home studio in order.  Oh my goodness, you just cannot imagine what I'm finding in there....After years of homeschooling and such, the room became a catch-all for everyone.  I'm finding all kinds of things plus sewing projects, paints, brushes, drawings, old, old photographs, books and more books.  I cannot tell you how many times I've stood there in the past few days, wide-eyed and said outloud...Oh my gosh!

 (No offense to Marie Kondo, I just thought this was really, really funny!)

Last but definitely not least, here's some of that old music greatness... Many of these old songs were actually written for the WWII generation as they hoped and prayed and prayed and hoped as a nation for our young men.

Getting ready for some thanksgiving menu plans too.  And you?

Thanking God for our Veterans, past and present!

loading ...  -Robert Stock 

Signing off from The Forest Cathedral.    Good afternoon, Loves,   ~Amelia