Monday, November 11, 2019

The Greatest Generation...Those Vets. Gotta Love and Appreciate Them.

Today is Veteran's Day and we remember those who serve and protect us and many who gave life and limb for us.  I just love them.   Man, when I run into these guys at the store I usually make a beeline for them to thank them for their service.  When my daughters were little girls they each made little red construction paper booklets and they decorated them with patriotic stickers and such.  When we'd go to any patriotic ceremony we would receive autographs from our vets.  I just love'm.

Here is a post of Marianna and I in action at the grocery more then several years ago:
World War II Hero at Our Grocery 

This is Lea's trip to Hawaii for the Pearl Harbor anniversary:
Pearl Harbor Survivors with our Oldest Daughter

This is more of Lea's trip with 'Uncle Bob'.  He was honored by President Trump not long ago.  Lea still talks to him on the phone...What a sweetheart!  Talk about a good attitude!  Uncle Bob has it, you will see him giving Lea dancing lessons!:

More Pearl Harbor Survivors with Lea, Greatest Generation

 My mom and dad probably around 1954 or so.  I miss my daddy this time of year... and I miss my most precious stepdad, Al who received the Purple Heart and never even spoke of it.

A photo I found of my dad at Gulfport Military Academy  as I was cleaning my home studio here, and found this on the floor of all places.  (This is what clutter does, it edges out what is important and things we cherish on the floor in one way or the other.) Clutter is an enemy.

Dad (left) was a Captain and was so very handsome I think.

Jem and I love going to the WWII museums.  We've gone to the one in New Orleans and now several times to the Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas.    I highly recommend!  The Pacific War Museum is a wonderful value by the way.  Just loads of things to see, learn, listen to those old voices...Tremendous museum!


Well, I'm doing pretty good.  How about you dear readers?   Yesterday when we were at the Walmart in Farmtown I was so blessed to talk with two separate ladies in the Christmas department.

loading ...  - Robert Stock

Both of them were so eager to share and talk.   The first lady knocked the entire front of her buggy into the aisle cap and apologized.  I told her no worries, we all do it!  (it's true!)  Haha!   She tells me she has a lot on her mind.  I told her I understand, me too.   It's a lot to pray about isn't it?  I later saw her again on another Christmas aisle and she started the conversation and we discussed Christmas bulbs and which ones she should get.  Then there was another lady who came up looking for Minnie mouse ornaments because her daughter was able to have a baby after years of disappointments so the little toddler girl will be celebrated by a pink Minnie mouse theme this year.  I noticed the lady had a long cross around her neck.  We just hit it off...I told her maybe find some wrapping paper and cut the pictures of Minnie and glue them on cardboard and decorate...She tells me of ornaments she would make from the past...We end with a heartfelt and eyeball to eyeball God bless you.  

You may say, Well, I'm an introvert.  Well, this may shock you but I have introvert tendencies but you cannot tell it when I'm visiting with someone I'm enjoying conversation with.  My personality initials are INFP if that tells you anything.  I do love people and I just want to smile and be Jesus to them by action.  People just aren't like that anymore it seems but I want to be that way to others and it's great!  It's no scary commitment, except for privately praying for that person and hopefully them for me, it's like being an anesthesiologist, you deal with people in pain many times and give them a shot of goodness with a big toothy grin but then you move on to others and maybe, just maybe you'll see those folks again on another day!
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Well, it's time for me to sign off.  I'm trying desperately to get my home studio in order.  Oh my goodness, you just cannot imagine what I'm finding in there....After years of homeschooling and such, the room became a catch-all for everyone.  I'm finding all kinds of things plus sewing projects, paints, brushes, drawings, old, old photographs, books and more books.  I cannot tell you how many times I've stood there in the past few days, wide-eyed and said outloud...Oh my gosh!

 (No offense to Marie Kondo, I just thought this was really, really funny!)

Last but definitely not least, here's some of that old music greatness... Many of these old songs were actually written for the WWII generation as they hoped and prayed and prayed and hoped as a nation for our young men.

Getting ready for some thanksgiving menu plans too.  And you?

Thanking God for our Veterans, past and present!

loading ...  -Robert Stock 

Signing off from The Forest Cathedral.    Good afternoon, Loves,   ~Amelia


Dana said...

Amelia, I just love your blog. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I have a book recommendation written by a survivor of Pearl Harbor and also a committed Christian: The other side of Infamy by Jim Downing. He just passed away and was well over 100 years old! I read it aloud to my family and it is wonderful. Just had to share. I can tell your daughters are beautiful inside and out! :) I'm also reorganizing since I have graduated my last and it feels overwhelming with all the home schooling books I have saved and can't part with! God bless!

Barbara said...

Any time we can engage people (those we know and those we don't) in positive, edifying conversation it is a blessing to them and to us. I share your opinion of wanting to be an ambassador of Christ wherever we are. None of us are perfect at it, but the effort is blessed by the Holy Spirit because He is the One who urges us to speak up!

God bless our veterans. Some of them have seen and experienced things they cannot (and for reasons of national security often should not) express. It's like they're trapped with scenes in their minds they cannot dispose of. What does a person do with THAT?!! Only God knows and He is the answer.

Good post, Amelia!

Christine said...

I really enjoyed the posts about you and your daughter vising and talking with our "finest"! Your daughter is precious and very much like you, Mother like Daughter!
When you love people, like you do, it is easy to open up and smile or talk with a stranger. People are desperate to be noticed or cared for. Even if it's just a smile or small talk. It's like a present that you give to another.

Amelia said...

Dear Dana, Thank you so much for your encouragements I appreciate it so much and I'm sure my daughters will be encouraged by your comment as well!

Yes, Jim Downing. I think my daughter Lea had a chance to talk with him and he may be one of the veterans in the Pearl Harbor photos, he was one of the main speakers if I remember right according to Lea. She said that she could tell he was a Christian so that is awesome. And thank you for sharing about the book, I will put that on my book list, to get and to give!

Blessings to you Dana, and thanks again!

Amelia said...

Hi Barbara! Yes, it is so important to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit at all times isn't it?

You are so correct Barbara, what horrible atrocities have our vets seen? I've talked to some of the vets in the nursing home, one who liberated the camps. And now we have our Vietnam vets and the present as well. Yes, what do they do with *that*. Can you imagine? I cannot. Without God I don't know how.

Your comment is such a blessing, thank you so much Barbara.

Amelia said...

Hi Christine, thank you so, so much.

I like the way you put that..."It's like a present that you give to another." Yes! It is! That is great and that is how we feel when we receive the Gift of a Holy Spirit led conversation. We can just feel it can't we, coming and going we can feel it. Receiving and giving both! : )

Your comments are a gift! Blessings to you Christine!

Mrs. White said...

I am so thankful you did this post to honor the veterans. I love them too! That song you shared gives such nostalgic, homespun memories of days gone by.

I loved your description of being in the store. And the pictures you used to illustrate are charming!

God bless you!

Lea said...

Oh, Mom.... what sweet memories these pics brought back for me. I cannot believe it's been almost three years now since that trip. It is even more precious to me now knowing that some of these precious gentlemen have passed already. And yes, you have a good memory.. Jim Downing was indeed a speaker at a ceremony in remembrance of the Pearl Harbor attack there in Honolulu. I think he was about 102 at the time...? And yes, when I met & chatted with him briefly afterward, he was so friendly and had such a good spirit, I sensed he was a believer. He gave me a bookmark that advertised his book that he had written. I just looked it up again...

That song... so reminiscent and nostalgic... so touching & beautiful. It reminds me of you, Mom... you raised us girls on this old music. And I love it... partly because it makes me think of you and our childhood. I'm so grateful.

Sounds like some wonderful olders you've been able to chat with there in Farmtown... I know that makes your heart so full! They sound like some wonderful, sweet people!

Those are great pics of Gpa too... I know it must be so hard to miss him especially during the holidays. :'(

Thanks for sharing so thoughtfully, Mom.
With much love!

Michelle said...

Another great post, mom! So very thankful for our veterans. It's so humbling to think what they and their families went through and also downright maddening to see so much of my generation not appreciate them. I want to have Asher make a little autograph book for veteran signatures when he's a little older. I love that. I also love the old music and the "I'll be seeing you song".

Such neat, neat photos you found. Treasures for sure.

I love our little town..such sweet caring people many of them are. You're always so good about striking up a conversation with people!

Dana said...

Lea, That is so neat you met Jim Downing! I never met him but he had a tremendous influence on my Dad when he was a young man. Jim was one of the founding members of The Navigators -- I think they called him #6 since he was the #6th man who came to the Lord through that ministry. (He explains it in the book) In May 1970 my Dad went through a crisis of faith (right after the Wayne State riot where 4 students were killed by the national guard) My parents had me (age 4) and a newborn baby and my Dad was really upset about the state of the country. He left for a week and spent time with Jim in Colorado. I had always heard of this man but never knew it was Jim until his book came out during the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and he was in the news a lot. His book had just been published. His wife was actually on the island when we were attacked as that is where he was based. What an amazing man of God! My dad is 80 now and has been used of God as well. I was so blessed to see the photos of you with the survivors in HI. You and your sisters are special girls! :) God bless!

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Amelia said...

Thank you Katewinsity, have a blessed day! I appreciate you stopping by!

Marianna said...

Beautiful post! Great pics of Grandpa and Grandma! Very cool. I still have my little autograph book! Thanks of encouraging us to do that as children. I remember that day well, getting those autographs at the vet service!

Loved what you said about being hospitable to the people around you -- even at the grocery store! It's so good to be attentive to those the Holy Spirit may be leading us to be extra kind to. You have always been really good about that! `

Amelia said...

Marianna, I am SO glad you still have your little red autograph book!!! So you remember that Veteran's service? I drove all the way from here to oldtown courthouse to get us to that and it's just a great memory. I remember sitting there in tears I was so touched by the solemness and sacrifices and just seeing those elderly vets sitting there. I'm sure they were not used back then to see little girls wanting their autographs and appreciating them. Such a precious memory. The Greatest Generation.

Oh that we may never forget to be that Jesus with skin on to others. So very important, that's what it's all about. Without Love we are tinkling bells and sounding cymbals. It so blesses *my* heart to be still, know He is God and *listen* to His voice.

Thanks so much Marianna! I must see the little red booklet from when you were little that you made! <3