Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Understanding Others, What I've Learned. An Art Skirt.

Do we try to understand others?   I thought the little film below was timeless, I showed my husband and he too thought it was very good. I think we know how things like this can be.  There are so many kinds of snobberies and injustices around, insider-outsider, better than others, reverse snobbery, name dropping brands, acquaintances... you name it.  (Hows that for a quip..haha, you name it referring to name-dropping!)

I grew up in a town that was very nice in the way that newcomers were treated, the people who lived there were good and decent people.  There was a problem though.  NASA moved in and us oldtimers were suddenly snubbed by many of the newcomers!  I won't bore you with details at this time, hopefully I will never bore you!   *smile*

It was a privilege and fascinating to grow up the way I did in so many ways, it trained me to love all and to accept all people.  I didn't realize it at the time though.

 Here are two postcards from our family business on the bay.

 This was my German grandparent's business on the bay, it was considered a resort and many from Houston and surrounding would spend their time here.  There was paper bill money hanging from the ceiling from all over the world, there were airplane models hanging from the ceiling, there was an Egyptian mummy that an anthropologist traded my grandfather a plane ticket for.  There were real monkeys and just all kinds of neat stuff.  There were boat shows with young ladies water skiing for show.  My mom and dad later owned  this place and I can tell you the people who would come here were from all walks...

There was precious Spook, he was a hobo looking man, very fair with almost pink pasty coloring with longer hair, rumpled hat and dark almost black soulful eyes who spoke almost as if something was wrong with his vocal chords, very quietly like a shy little child, squeaking when he spoke.  I'm not sure what his history was but  I remember having such compassion and care for him, I would stand behind the bar at the end and just look at him as a little girl wondering what his life must have been like and where he lived.  There was Dr. Bradley who would come and stand at the bar too when my grandfather owned the place years ago.  His son would later become a doctor too and remained friends with my dad, the older Doctor would exchange rental for his boat slip for medical care for our family way back when.  It was one of those places where you may have a person of means next to a very poor person, little children would come in too with their parents, the souvenir shop was incredible, handmade seashell jewelry made by my mother and Grandma Jeannette, period now vintage ceramics and all kinds of things from the bay abounded.  It was once written in the Houston Chronicle that this place should be encased in glass and put into the Smithsonian. There was that beautiful mahogany bar there where Coca-Colas, 7Ups and all that jazz was served and beer.  Do I drink alcohol?  No, I don't, I've seen what it can do to people and I know what the dangerous tendencies are and the influence it has on others, I understand the warnings in the Bible, I guess you could say the warnings are there for a reason.  I don't want to come across as priggish, a priggish attitude stinks but sometimes we learn from one another right?  I try to use caution not to give wrong impressions and give false okays on things I feel could be dangerous.

I do truly hope to write more stories and memories in the future, I think you may enjoy them!

I remember this scene quite well, my parents owned a Gulf gas station there in front of the resort for the boats.   Once again, many kind of people.  Shrimpers, boat owners, many, the salt of the earth.  My Italian grandpa down the street was a shrimper.  He came to the water from Houston where his Italian family was because he loved the water.  He had also been an opera singer as a young man, an Italian immigrant in New York.  Yes, it's true. He was from the same town, Bisaquino, Sicily as Frank Capra.  I can say my family on both sides are very entrepreneurial and I am so glad and thankful for that.

The reason all of this is brought to memory is because at the time I didn't realize it but I had such a fascinating world and the chance to meet and listen to all kinds of people.

My husband and I have learned to always see everyone for what is inside.

I'll have to write another time of the tragedies of young and old men in prison that we have seen and what was on the inside, the way they were raised and the lost gifts.

Both of us have had whammies so to speak in life and get what it's like to be snubbed.  Too metropolitan, too homie, if it's not one thing it's another right?

We must be the first class versions of ourselves and don't worry about it.

I say, remain your true self, and God will send those He wants us to be friends with, we really don't want any other do we?  My mother was always very much a quiet artist and I never heard her gossip on the phone just for the sake of blathering with another woman.  There was no announcement from either of my parents that they heard 'scoop' and certainly no talk of what kind of cars people drove.   My mother always taught me to never have a best friend, at least never let that show, in other words.  Don't clique up.  It amazes me that grown women clique up!

I always get tickled in our little area.  You.  Just.  Never. ...Never, never know who you are dealing with.  My son in law tells me that he and his dad stopped at a home business for some service needed and a man came out in his underwear.  They were ready to leave thinking surely they were at the wrong place.  The man turned out to be a nice person (who wore overalls usually!) and when the man passed away it was found out that he had been somewhat of a philanthropist and lover of the arts, and had traveled the world over.  He had moved in our area to enjoy nature and simplify.

The rancher who sold us our land drove around in an old beat up jeep, wore an obviously favorite checked shirt with a slight rip at the collar bone.  He was a darling, he knew my girls by name wrote down their birthdays and even knew which bedroom each girl was to have upstairs as we were building.  Our family felt such love from that precious man.  This man was born in the oil camps and was now worth no telling, just a huge amount. Jed Clampett, get out of the way.  He played with money and land as if it was monopoly money.  We called him Dan, the oil man.  When he passed away we found out he had started organizations much like Boys Town and others to help troubled youth.

Us?  I'm a Seabrook girl and my husband is from the city grown up in an Italian grocery store.  So, we aren't going to fit in any box.  I've learned now later in life how right-on my mom and dad were on much of this.  ...Yeah Daddy, some can go jump in the lake, you ain't just-a-kiddin'.

Yep, lots of people living to impress people they don't even like and many gems of folks are being overlooked.

Here is the poignant video:

I have this framed and hanging in my guest bathroom, my guest bathroom is an exhibit of my thoughts and interests.  I have pitbull art, old black and white retro movie ads, a genuine old black and white movie still from the files of a major studio in Hollywood.

I also have the following book on display there:  

My Uncle Wesley's book from the 30s.

Uncle Wesley's dress gloves he wore in military school in Mississippi.  A seashell from our old place of business where I grew up.

One of my favorite pretties.  Lea, our oldest daughter bought this for me, she found the lovely piece at an antique store.   It shows my love for animals perfectly.  I love Grace Livingston Hill books...especially those old original copies.  Wonderful, wonderful books!


A little ceramic vintage piece I found at the resale shop in smalltown...It had been neglected and I prettied it up cleaning it and now I so enjoy one of my favorite little poems. I also love birds...God's messengers.

How do you Make Friends?

I love wearing art skirts that I make.  Here is just one of them that I wore many times this past summer.   You would not believe the wonderful conversations that are started when I wear my art skirts!   Maxi art skirts.   See the art in me!

 Who wouldn't want to talk and comment about these wonderful fur angels?!  Precious little doggy faces on light blue cotton.   Pattern is (out of print) Simplicity 4881 tweaked to a maxi and self designed tie belt.

Perhaps I can post one of my art skirts with each blog?

I sure hope that everyone is having a good week.  I'll close now, just so much to say, so many thoughts and recollections in the theatre of my mind. 

Here's my husband and I holding our two sweet little grandsons, Asher and Elliott.


Take care now, Loves,  Signing off from The Forest Cathedral.... ~Amelia


Debbie Harris said...

Oh Amelia...You have so much here that has filled my mind and heart.
That video was quite interesting and so very true!
I too wonder just why people are the way they are, many times cruel, hurtful,nasty and down right stuck up snobs! We live in an area where there are plenty of those and plenty who think of themselves as better than the rest. Money many times brings people to ruin and ugliness. They certainly cannot be happy deep within themselves, sad to say.
How do I make friends you ask ~ I reach out and it's usually to those who are unlovely and hard to reach. I believe underneath the prickly demeanor there is someone who truly wants and needs a friend.
Growing up, I didn't like the way children were cruel to others, and from a very young age I've tried to come alongside hurting people and there are plenty of those if we are willing to have open eyes and a tender heart.
You have certainly opened up on a topic that gives one much to ponder on, good for you!

I so enjoyed reading about your family and heritage, thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us.
You are such a beautiful soul and you did well to listen to the wise words of your parents.

I love your art skirt!
Such a beautiful way to go about starting up a conversation and I'm sure you wear it with such grace.
I may not sew or wear art shirts to strum up a conversation, but I always make conversation where ever I go. Again, I believe there are people out there who just need some love and attention, and it doesn't take much to reach out. :-)

I adore the photo of you and your husband with those two precious grand sons.
You are blessed!

Have a most beautiful day in all it's glory ~ Debbie

Kathy said...

Thank you, Amelia for all you share! I appreciate your love for people and animals. So refreshing! I love your skirts, too. You are very creative! I make skirts and dresses, mostly using calico quilt type fabrics. I know it is strange to most people, but I love the Laura Ashley style still so much. Those 80s were a good time for me as I was just starting my family and I have a strong longing for those styles still, even though I know they're not in fashion.

I enjoyed that little film clip. It was made in 1959, the year I was born. I wish they would still show these kinds of things in public schools. From what I hear, young people can be so mean and cutting to each other now and think nothing of it. Breaks my heart.

Also, I just want to mention that we are expecting our 8th grandchild in December. A little girl named Amelia! You and your husband are truly blessed and I am so happy for you as I know what joy these precious grandchildren can bring. God bless you, Amelia and I hope you have a wonderful day! Love, Kathy

Christine said...

I am always fascinated with read about someone's personnel history.
More please!
I think it was Laura Ingalls, who was told to write about her life, when she couldn't come up with a story to write. (Or was it someone else?)
Point is, the best stories are about you and your past experiences!

Your skirt....
If I saw you wearing your Art Skirt, I would jumping in, asking all likes of questions of you. Fun idea, is so many ways!

Amelia said...

Dear Debbie, Thank you so much for your thought-filled comment, it touched my heart and please know your comment has added Beauty to this blog as so many comments do.

Isn't it true how the love of money can truly ruin people so many times. It's truly a test of character in many isn't it?

You must be a wonderful care giver, you are truly gifted in that and that is from the Lord. Ya know? I too remember feeling sorry for children who were being made fun of etc. I went through a stage where I was made fun of because I went through a chubby stage. So for me, I cringe when I hear people make comments about people's weight etc.

Your comment is a blessing to me. ~Amelia

Amelia said...

Hello Kathy! Thank you for coming and visiting my blog! I too love to sew with cottons with pretty or whimsical prints, many times solids in jewel tones. I used to love those Laura Ashley dresses too, in fact, one I had found, used in a large size I used as a maternity dress and I love the print so much on that wonderful soft cotton, I made my pillow case from it, it's my favorite!

Isn't it crazy how cruel some can be? What is really amazing is how grown up 'children' often grow even into the winter of life staying cruel like that? Just blows the mind and many times leaves me very upset and speechless. It's hard to understand, they seem relentless in what will pop out at times.

Oh how sweet! A new little grand baby! Aww...And her name is Amelia! I enjoy the name, it's different and not trendy. : ) I was named after my father's real mother, Amelia. She had passed away when my dad was a little blonde curly headed boy. I have her underlined Moody Bible devotional and have pictures of her with her little dog, thank God I was named for someone with a sweet soul.

Please come back and visit, I love getting to know new blogging friends! Have a sweet day! Love, Amelia

Amelia said...

Hi Christine! Thank you sooooo much for your encouragement! I've been thinking that I should just write things that come to mind and don't worry to much about it over analyzing. *big smile* You have given me encouragement and I appreciate that so much.

Yes! I'll be walking into a store sometimes a gift store etc. sometimes the grocery or an office to close on paperwork etc. Usually it's..."I love your skirt!" Then we will discuss all the little faces on the skirt and that I made it. I have one I will have to post that is a fabric in a WWII flight pattern print! I wore it to the World War II museum and the young men checking my purse loved that skirt too! I've gotten lots of comments on that one as well. I wear my cross necklace and they usually detect Christianity just by brief conversation with a good toothy smile and actions. It just evolves! lol My dad used to go to the grocery store just to visit and I guess I'm a bit like him in that respect. I bet you are too! : )

Christine said...

Oh my!
I didn't comment on those precious grandsons of yours!
Asher and Elliot are adorable and soon will be BIG!
Give them lots of hugs (which I'm sure you do. Who wouldn't?).

Amelia said...

Thanks so much Christine! : ) You are so thoughtful! Yes, those little bundles of joy keep us laughing! Hugs to you!

Marianna said...

Family history is so interesting! The stories about the restaurant used to fascinate me as a child -- a place with real monkeys?! I wanted to see that! :) It's too bad that it burned down... I'm glad the postcards and such were preserved.

It is so true about the cliques! I love the freedom that not being in a clique brings! You can just be friends with everyone! And, as you said, you just never know about people and what their story is. The sweet older lady at church who was once a model, the Dan Blacks of this world who make it a better place, the "Spooks" of this world who have a story to tell. They are all treasures if we will take time to enjoy them.

Speaking of treasures, all the treasures around the house are so sweet and pretty! I just love antiques!!

I look forward to finishing the video while I work on the house today! I STILL have not finished it yet! Gah!

Love your skirts -- they are so fun! I know the grandboys are going to love looking at your art clothes as they continue to grow. :D

Also, I love the pic of y'all and the grands! Such a beautiful pic of y'all! <3

Linda said...

Hi Amelia. What a lovely post :) It was so exciting to read all about your very interesting family. I thought your grandparents store sounded so welcoming and fun. I too love visiting quirky stores that have interesting bits and pieces displayed :) I especially hear your heart that we should not put people in boxes, label them or form little cliques. It's sad that this happens often in church circles as well. I just think it doesn't really matter what others may do, it matters what we do, letting our light shine, treating everyone the same and sharing a smile. Blessings to you dear lady. i think your art skirts are very cute too. :) ~ Linda

Amelia said...

Hi Marianna, Oh what a fun comment to read! Yes, real monkeys. Isn't that sweet? There is so much to share, and I think I may be doing more of that. : )

There was Judy Broomerhop, the girl who I grew up with and I remember the kids making fun of her on the bus. I looked back at her and she was staring out of the window through eyeglasses that needed wiping. The picture froze in my mind and I ask myself today, what happened to Judy? It's a shame. I thought when I left highschool I wouldn't see so much of that cruel behavior but unfortunately I see even very old people who are cruel, making fun of others.

So many cliques, and so many people are so mean spirited. I have. to. wonder. What kind of home did these mean spirited and insensitive people come from? I think it must be that they were so immersed in it from their parents or guardians that they are just filled with it. It seems to be a comfortable and familiar spirit that they rather like. (Scary) If they truly claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus then they need to get out of that evil comfort zone and repent.

There is so much beauty in people if we will take the time to let them share their stories and gain trust in us right?

The video is a good one, a touching one and all too familiar in life as you view the various systems.

I'm glad you like my art skirts, they are fun and maybe it's a little of my dad who loved hawaiian shirts and bright colors coming out in me? I would always hang you and your sisters little pictures and things in our home with tape on the walls. I remember thinking that my German grandfather did that type of thing. One of your young friends saw the little artworks of little hands and remarked how neat she thought it was that I taped it as a fine work of art on our wall. :) I was so proud to do that.

Your house? It's a cinch by the inch and hard by the yard! Do ten minutes in the worst room and then just the norms. After that you enjoy yourself! I say that sitting typing with my afternoon coffee answering these comments and then off to my sewing table! I spent more then ten minutes in my hobby room and then stopped. I say, that's enough. No harrassing thoughts. No, not today. : )

Your encouraging and sweet, engaging comment was great! <3

Amelia said...

Hello Dear Linda! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, I see that you have a heart for others as cliques and labels grieve your heart also. It's boggling to the mind where it takes place sometimes isn't it? May we be that one to spy out those who are being dissed as you wrote, let it begin with us.

I love quirky things! : )

I'm hoping to write more in the future on my background, thank you for your sweet, encouraging comments. I appreciate them so! ~Amelia

Mrs. White said...

I read this a few days ago, but did not get a chance to comment. I am always inspired by your posts. I love your pictures and memories. That book for gentlemen looks like a treasure of good advice!

Enjoy the grandbabies!

Amelia said...

Thank you Mrs. White, I hope you are doing well and enjoying the fall weather. We are just now catching glimpses of our autumn friend!

I appreciate you!

Lea said...

You definitely grew up in such an interesting time, place & culture, Mom! What a privilege to have been around so many interesting things and people. If I had been born back then and could've visited the family business, I think I would've been fascinated!

Your reminiscing also makes me think of and reflect on how blessed I am to have been raised in a home with so much to relish and appreciate as well. I often find myself going back to things you and Dad have taught us growing up and it continues to guide and influence my life. Thank you both so much for that.

And the little doggie / kitty figurine... I love it! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It looks so pretty in your curio cabinet with all your antique books and precious memorabilia.

And such a cute doggie print..! <3

And I love the pic of you and Dad with those two grand babies. It is such a joy to see you and Dad enjoying grandparenthood! How blessed we are with those two new additions to the family this year.

Love you, Mom!

Michelle said...

Wonderful post mom! Such good reminders for us all. I was just telling Josh, at the end of the day, even if friends all go their way, or treat people like outsiders and continue in their cliques, we live for an audience of One and Christ is all that matters at the end of the day. "Though none go with me, still I will follow".

Family history is so interesting...I didn't even know some of the things you described about the restaurant! So neat. Wish I could
have seen it all!

Love the little figurines and quotes you have around the house...and your adorable skirt too! The book though...that is a treasure from your uncle Wesley. Love old books and the wisdom they hold inside.

Barbara said...

Yes, please post your art skirts on your blog posts. I enjoy them every time you do.

Precious little boy grands. I know you are thrilled with these additions to your family.

Amelia said...

Dear Lea, Yes, you would have been so fascinated by all the souveniers and trinkets and things! Pretty jewelry and just very neat things to look at!

I love my antique dog and kitty china figurine you got me, it's so pretty and matches so well in the big curio with the antiques. I wonder where it's home was before long ago? Isn't that an interesting question and thought?

We will all have fun with the grand-baby-boys this holiday season won't we?!

I hope Dad and I can recollect and teach good things from God through any lessons or circumstances we have walked through in life, good or bad. Everything can be a valuable learning experience right? I'm still learning and homeschooling myself on many things.

Love you, Mom

Amelia said...

Dear Michelle, Yes, so true. We must stand alone many times and depend on God the Father to be our everything and true Friend. What a friend we have in Jesus, as the old hymn goes. I'm so proud that you are doing this many days when people seem to be more interested in culture and pop than things that have goodness. It's hard to understand and always has been.

Oh the restaurant was quite a cast of characters, the waitresses sailing with trays above their heads...Juke box music too! Huge brick stairs you would walk up as the music played. Another place and another time...Nothing stuck up or stuffy about it.

I hope to put out some other books I have too from Grandpa and Uncle Wesley, they are truly treasures. Uncle Wesley's Rice U. yearbook from '38. Young ladies in lovely debutante gowns while in Germany books were being burned...Such a strange and tumultuous time in our world, a famous bread company heir in the yearbook, the company didn't like hiring Italians and later on Aunt Angeline rented property to them!

I'm hoping MiMi and PoPo's home will be a menagerie of interesting things to read and see for the grandbabies! xo ~Mom

Amelia said...

Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! I was just contemplating today if I should continue to post my art skirts.

I appreciate you! Blessings!

Vee said...

You have been living a uniquely fascinating life. Your uncle gave good advice all those years ago. Your little grandsons are just adorable and I know they provide great joy to your family. (I, too, have a vast collection of Grace Livingstone Hill books. She also lived a uniquely fascinating life.) Thanks for visiting my place via Barbara’s blog...not sure which Barbara...though they are all lovely gals so it doesn’t matter at all. Have a blessed day!

Amelia said...

Thank you Vee for coming over and commenting, that is so sweet of you! I prayed for you today! : )

It's so nice to meet another blogging friend who also likes Grace Livingston Hill, don't you just love her books? I quote from her books many times in our family... "He's a real flat tire..." That was a funny one we would say here with four daughters meeting new young men! lol

Take care now, and by the way, I came from Sweet Tea Barbara's blog. She had linked to your blog. God's blessings to you Vee! I'll continue to pray.

Olive said...

Hi Amelia, Thank you so much for sharing your heart, passion and wisdom! Seeing all your treasures, reading some of your favorite quotes and listening to beautiful songs made me feel like I was home. Today I “accidentally” clicked onto your blog. It was clearly no accident, but an answer to many recent prayers. God loves us so, and if we ask He will give us what our heart needs. Thank you for being an angel today! May God continue to bless you and your family.

Amelia said...

Hi Olive, Thank you so much for your sweet and precious comment, it touched my heart deeply and brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you felt at home here and I hope you will come back and visit again! Your 'accident' was no accident, God has a reason for everything and I think that perhaps your 'accident' was also a blessing to me too, providing a sweet and godly encouragement that I was needing today! Thank you for being a sweetheart and taking the time to encourage me today through your precious and heartfelt comment. God bless you and keep you in His loving arms, please come by anytime at all, you are always welcome here! You are a Blessing! Thank you so much Olive, you are an answer to prayer and I look forward to future visits. You are appreciated.

Olive said...

Thank you, Amelia. Your reply means so much to me, truly. Now I feel doubly blessed and also so very welcome! All day yesterday was spent listening to Nat King Cole’s album, Love is the Thing. It is such a good album! At dinner my husband said his grandparents also loved Cole’s songs, which brought back many good memories. So blessings abound! Thank you again. I’ll be back soon!. ❤️

Amelia said...

Oh yes Olive, 'Love is the Thing' ...Greatness and the sweetest, most beautiful songs and music ever! I think of 'Stay as Sweet as You Are'...What an encouragement now-a-days. Definitely kept in a special place in my heart and home to play in those special times, this is a good reminder to play the cd soon as I'm going about my daily goings ons. Thanks so much Olive, I enjoyed your response so much, until the next time! A hug!