Friday, January 15, 2021

Be Encouraged, Challenged and Be Informed

   Hi, how do I look?  I love green don't you?  I think this lady is a genuine glamor girl don't you?   Don't you wish we wore hats sometimes?  I love the style from this era, the ladies we see in Chariot's of Fire movie.  I love that style, and I dress similar in that way many days...minus the hat.  My Italian grandma had this kind of hat in her old photos when she was young and newly married.  I wear my hair long so I can throw it in a bun or ponytail, or some half up and length in the back.  I've always preferred wearing my hair pulled away from my face, never felt super comfortable with it hanging down on me. So if we did wear hats I would easily be able to pull the look off.  I often wonder though....Where did those gals store all of those hats???

  Muffie is being tended to and feeling better, things go back and forth just like us when we are healing.  I'ts a bit of a routine giving various meds.

  Something I made this week.  My daughter, Zuzu came over with a  boatload of crafting supplies a neighbor did not want any longer so she instructed on how to make this oh-so-cute banner.  I thought I would do the hearts in green so it would be more neutral and I can carry through past Valentines and year round if I desire.  The ribbons are black and white gingham. The pendants are muslin drawstring bags cut in two pieces, (Michelle figures this entire gig out)  ...trimmed with pinking shears and using the drawstring to tie the pendants together.  I glued the hearts on with felt I had cut into hearts.   No sewing in this project. 

I've been busy gradually putting things up from Christmas very gradually keeping berries and a winter theme...very, very natural.

 As you can see below I have my trees up, I love, love, love that dreamie look with the white lights at night and throughout the day... but have made it a winter theme and put a few of my loved collected old books, some are Grace Livingston Hill and Henty (you should read some of the inscriptions from years, and years gone by)  ...along with my little deer and some early 50s Johnson vintage ice skates.


Last but not least...Jem has been telling me about this and I finally got a chance to view it this evening...I thought it was challenging, encouraging and informative, so I felt inclined to post.  

Words on What Happened  Ten Minutes    Part one.   (10 minutes)

 Be Encouraged, Challenged and be Informed   She was there.   Part two

Hope you all are doing well, keeping in that prayer closet.  That is where our Victor's wreath will be.  Don't do anything or say anything you would not want to be found doing or heard saying when the Lord comes back or if you had Jesus sitting with you.


I agree with Michele Bachmann, the church really needs to get their act together.  Jem has been saying this all along...


Isaiah 32:17      And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Joy and Peace, Faith in the Father, Weekly Developments, Songs to Help Keep that Peace





Why in the world are you posting about happy skirts Mrs. Amelia?  Dear me!  I totally understand folks.  I have to gawk at preachers who are preaching weird little funky shallow messages at this time when the world is falling apart and a very bad thing has been done to our President. 


Well it's been so tumultuous, I try to make my little world a better place.  I wore this skirt last week to the grocery and this precious older man just loved it.  He said...Oh I love your skirt!   It makes me happy!   He stood and looked closely at the print.  He was the sweetest thing ever.  Not only did he make my day but my day was more satisfied because I had made this precious gentleman smile and ....happy.  My skirt gave him joy!  I later helped him try to find his unsweetened lemon juice.   ....He was so darn cute.  I think he may have been a Korean War vet.


The above is a wrap skirt pattern from McCalls  5430  I make mine a longer maxi in view B.   This is made from cotton.

Lot's going on.

 I will keep my eyes set to the Lord and I will set my face like flint.  Isaiah 50:7


There is a sweetness about knowing the Lord and talking with Him and walking with Him...He gives that Peace that passeth all understanding and even joy and excitement in our hearts.  His word in Psalms 37 says He will take care of His children who trust in Him.  I do what I need to do in the natural as far as preparation as the Bible also says to observe the ant.  But bottom line I try not to stress, to be wise and trust the Father.  I talk to Him a lot.   The Holy Spirit lives inside of me and He gives that Peace and Joy.


I looked out the window and saw this the other breezy early evening:




Here's a cute shot of Peanut watching 'Bishop's Wife'  (1947) with me in my relaxing hour. 



This week has been a stressful one besides the weird twilight zone things because our little schitzu, Muffie was very ill.  His eye became abscessed  and he was even starting to cry.  Jem and I hurriedly got him to our sweet vet in oldtown.  A good experience and Muffie is on meds now, bless his little heart.  He's probably around 15 yrs. old.  We're thanking God he'll be okay. Our sweet vet said he was blind in that eye, it just breaks our heart to see him like that but we give him lots of attention.

   Muffie a few months ago.  I'm very busy nursing this little guy, giving meds and all of that.


I very good movie we recently re-visited is the Hallmark Hall of Fame:

The Magic of Ordinary Days MagicofOrdinaryDays.jpg

This is what ya call a goooooooooooood movie!  I ordered a copy from ebay and quickly received it, we loved it once again and I've revisited it several times since!  Every time I watch the movie I see something new!  I'm a WWII buff and a hopeless romantic to boot so this movie was perfecto.  The cinematography was stunning in the movie form the get-go.  I have bought the book it is from and am going to check to see if there is a soundtrack.  It's just a gorgeous movie from every angle. The message is beautiful. 


So that's the wrap.  I'm praying for our country like you would not believe. I'm praying for our President like you would not believe.  


The government here in our home will be kept in Peace if I have anything to do with it and the battle will be on my knees along with education and wisdom, I don't put my head in the sand that is for sure.  I will warn people and I pray peoples' eyes will be opened to what is up.  I feel like there is a balance between recognizing what is going on and keeping the faith too.  

I'm both mercy and prophet.  I'm half Italian and half German so there ya go.  My dad was a city councilman and writer of editorials along with being very entreprenurial, creative and self employed.  He stood for what was right in his middle age years let me tell you, if you don't have prophet in you then you may not understand us.  Thank God for that mercy thrown in that Dad and I both (had) have.  

Do any of you color?  I've always kind of just blinked at the coloring books because I draw freehand, I'm an artist and used to do portraits and fashion illustrations that I would design myself. But I recently ordered some coloring books and colored pencils for my 91 year old mom and they look fun!  I bought her a scenic one, a  bird one, an Italy one.  I ended up with an extra on farm scenes but didn't think my mom would like that one so....I found some colored pencils very reasonably at the grocery so there ya  go.  I think it will be relaxing and now Jem wants one too. 

I'll close with this most comforting song: 


In the morning as I pray, read my Bible and drink my coffee I often sing quietly a song such as this as I go get a warming refill in those early morning hours...


If you are wondering how I'm doing, I'm doing well because I know the Lord and I know I can trust in Him... I am staying very aware on the disturbing  developments.  I am praying fervently.

Here's to a good, hopeful week.   God works in mysterious ways, yes He does.  We can have Peace in the midst of all of this.



12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

~Ephesians 6:12

Spiritual warfare is what we need to do.    The war is in the heavenlies...We have power in the name of Jesus for the pulling down of strongholds.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Ya'll Gotta See This...So Very Touching.

 Oh my goodness, this really touched my heart this morning...


The mannerism of the precious man in the video reminds me very much of my step-Daddy, Al.  Al was a sweetheart.

(I miss you Al)


Janie, Al and little Joycie back when.  They planted this tree together when we moved into our new-to-us little house back then.

Al would leave us suddenly in the next year or so...The hardest thing in my life.

This morning...


A female cardinal outside our window...The moss was gently blowing in the wind.


A male cardinal outside another window...  We have cup and saucer feeders I made hanging on various trees, the birds just love them.   I have many little bird pets, God's precious creatures, they are free and happy outside. 



Drinking my coffee plodding along in our home enjoying the early morning light coming in...


Now listening to:   Michael W. Smith   Christmastime 


I hope everyone will have a sweet, safe and loving Christmas, with peace, hope and joy.


Today I will be finishing up wrapping a couple of gifts, maybe baking, maybe either cooking a pasta dinner or going out for mexican food with Jem.    We shall see what we shall see.

Merry Christmas Everyone!     Psalms 91.   Psalms 37.

May we ponder the greatest Gift on that silent, holy night.... Jesus. 

We would be better Christians if we spent more time alone, and we would actually accomplish more if we attempted less and spent more time in isolation and quiet waiting upon God....

Opening excerpt from my Streams in the Desert devotional this morning.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Long Lay the World...Pondering the Greatest Gift and a Memory. Celebrating the Season in my Own Eclectic Way.





My manger scene, card and canvas...I love the verse on the canvas, what a sweet and comforting reminder...


Michael Farris wrote:

Listening to Christmas music.
The most profound lyric ever written may well be:

Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Until He appeared and the soul felt its worth. 
Only with Jesus are we fully as God intended us.

So true, when I was a little girl I remember picking up on that very thought and I still ponder it.  Beautiful.


I can remember feeling the Holy Spirit so strongly as a little girl,  I remember bringing a beautiful new baby doll boxed set to the altar at church as the The Little Drummer Boy played as all of us children walked slowly down the aisle.  The gifts would be laid on the altar for poor children and I always wondered what little girl received the beautiful baby doll I had chosen...  After church, Mother and I went to my Dad's marina Gulf gas station on the bay for boats, it had a bit of a feel like the lighthouse room where George Bailey was talking to the angel in the movie, It's a Wonderful Life.   It was a dark day, very enchanting, the sky was a dark grey over the bay there and you could feel true Christmas in your bones ...and in your heart...It was a glorious feeling.  I had very long dark hair down to my waist and was wearing a double knit kelly green jumper with straps that crossed in the back that my mother had made for me, she had pinned a little Christmas tree pin on the front strap, white tights and black patent shoes, a white headband would be worn with a white turtleneck under the green jumper...Very neat like my mom, she always liked things simple and neat.  : )


I remember in our small living room  in our little home my mother's manger scene...I loved the feel of it...I would gaze upon it and think of that night and the birth of Jesus.

Back then, The Little Drummer Boy would be shown on the major television stations and Greer Garson narrated it.  A  beautiful program.


Now I'm a mom and a Mi-Mi.   I still love to retain a wonderful feel, and I like to keep our home in an atmosphere where Christ would be comfortable being here.


On the lighter but no less peaceful side....Around here I did something very different for Christmas this year.  I simplified my Christmas tree.  
   Yes.   ...I simplified my Christmas tree.  

Oh dear..I still can't believe I did this thing.  *big smile*   I normally do a 1940s tree complete with original vintage ornaments and icicles.  My 40s tree would rival George and Mary Bailey's family tree from the movie,  It's a Wonderful Life.  Yes, I had the real deal on the tree, real 40s ornaments from my family, real icicles and just 1940.  Just real heartfelt stuff on that tree...Oh the love on that tree.  

But something happened the past two years.  I was putting it up, and it was feeling like a chore, our youngest, Grace works quite a bit and without all our daughters here it wasn't the same togetherness feel, Grace and I were both just doing a little here and there like a jig saw puzzle.  Then.  Then, then would come the day to take it down.  The year before last I took it down by myself when our precious fur angel, Charlie passed away tragically, and that was not a good day let me tell you.  Last year once again, I took it down by myself.  I started thinking...Ya know Self?  Let's do this thing differently.   Let's simplify.  

And simplify I.  Did.

Our "Amelia Tree".  I went down to a 4 foot tree that I could put together myself.  

White lights and my cardinal on the coffee table that I grew up with. 



This coffee table was there the day I was brought home from the hospital as a newborn baby, it saw me grow up.  Now it is especially loved in our home here.  


Our daughter, Grace could not believe that all I was going to put on the tree was lights.  No icicles or anything.  Grace was horrified, yes, she was.  I told her she could put all of that on her tree...She bought herself a 4 ft. real tree.  Jem gleefully thought my simple tree was total greatness.  Ha.


So this is our lovely "Grace Tree", it does have the icicles and a little trim she picked up at the grocery.  Do you see Liesl sleeping near by? 


I have put little trees on most table tops and we are in a Christmas forest of sorts...Grace gifted me with the angel last Mother's Day, so sweet I think.

    I even have a little nest...  I love the natural look of things...

  A little doggy peeks out of the side of the little forest tree on the way to the guest bathroom.


I even have a perfect church in this forest setting... I had a good friend, she and I would have a private joke about the perfect church and usually it would be something like this ceramic church or a card etc.  We met at church when we were young moms and have seen our share in churches we have visited.  We know that Church is in our heart truly so, just as Jesus is in our heart. 



  This young lady is bringing her dogs to church too, right there by the church.  


 The view from here, the bookcase?  My dad and Italian uncle made it together during the 1950s.  This bookcase was also in the living room along with that coffee table, those are sliding doors on the front.  My dad's family was a German waterfront family and my mom's family was an Italian waterfront family....So there ya go.  Zuzu and Tommy gave Jem the neat clock on the wall.  

  The entry area.




  This is a huge framed print by my dining room table, Joycie found this for me at the resale shop...Oh what a find!

  Grace did this arrangement on our dining room table, I love it.  Jem made the table out of old, old fence planks found here on the old ranch and the bottom is giant tree trunk pieces from an old, old oak tree that had fallen. 



  These are in my display cabinet, these little cardboard houses are from the 1930s.  My dad had these in his home, there is a place for a light in the back of them.  Those are photos of my dad when he was a little boy.  (I miss you Daddy)

  We made these cute little guys one day.   I put him in my display cabinet too.


Shall we freshen up in the guest bathroom?

  If you look closely...



I'm handing you no blarney...My guest bathroom was the first room to be totally decorated for Christmas, even before Thanksgiving so the pilgrims would have an amusing time washing up.   You have here an original movie poster for one of my favorite Frank Capra movies and below is modern Pitbull art..Loved our pitbull, Buddy Buddy was a sweetheart, dumped out here, a gentle giant.  He was so afraid, he even winced at the cats...Someone had mistreated the precious gentle giant.  We gained his trust and he would nap by my side..Such a precious fur angel.

Edit:  I must add these two photos in honor of our precious Buddy who we all miss and love.




Adjacent wall: A new addition to my photo collection in the famous guest bathroom:   Sergeant Stubby.  A true war hero, those are real medals.   The book, 'Sergeant Stubby: How a Stray Dog and His Best Friend Helped Win WWI and Won the Heart of the Nation', a must-read, one of my favorite books ever.  A children's movie was made of Sergeant Stubby's life.  The stuffed body of Sergeant Stubby is in the Smithsonian Museum.  My guest bathroom is an interesting place, many things to read and see.

 More to see in there...


  Daddy and his mother, my real grandma, Amelia who I was named after.   She passed away when my daddy was around ten sad, such a tragic story.  Everyone that knew her including my Italian grandma said she was a very sweet and gentle soul.  My mom and dad went to school together when children so the two mothers knew each other.

  Told ya there's a lot to see...

  A little snowman fella hiding in the corner...

  A devotional too.  Lessons from Lucy About Loving God. 

I'll have to post the rest of my memorabilia in my guest bathroom another time.  

  Going to the kitchen looking out the window.

  My coffee buddy lamp by my coffee pot...

  Isn't he sweet to greet me in the early morning?

    My window as I wash dishes.






  Joycie gave this beautiful greenhouse to me for an early Christmas present, isn't it unique?   

  See inside, the little girl with her father holding the string of lights?  


Isn't this little guy a hoot?  He cuts such a handsome silhouette in the vintage red truck!  This scene is sitting on my breakfast table...He makes me smile.  


  This sweet little deer is upon our woodburning stove.


  This year I made myself a cozy corner in our room.  



It looks like even though I simplified the living room Christmas tree, I decorated in other ways, just one thing at a time, placing things here and there.  Believe it or not I have cut out a few things, anything fiddly I cut out this year.

One thing I would like to do since I miss some of my vintage ornaments is place very special ones on a platter atop a table...We shall see.  If I have time.  I do miss my vintage ornament friends...  But it sure was nice putting my sweet little tree up with lights and just enjoying the enchanting lights around me on smaller trees.  It has that eclectic coffee shop feel.

In closing, I thought I would share some little gift box-baskets Jem and I put together for people who work for Jem.

  I thought these turned out very nice.  Jem had purchased a Walmart gift card in the silver pillow boxes but wanted an extra special way to present the cards.  We went to Dollar Tree and found the little boxes, and the candy there too.  I think they turned out so pretty with the red shreds over red tissue paper, and taping the lid on the backs. 

For supper tonight I made as a side some baked turnips from my garden with My Grandma Amelia's Bechamel sauce and it was delicious.  

Watching:   The Bishop's Wife (1947)   What a wonderful movie...  A tried and true classic, always an enjoyable movie especially at Christmas time or anytime.

And to all a good night...

  Peanut says Goodnight.