Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sisters, Brothers, are we Quenching the Spirit in our Homes?

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The following message by this sweet sister in Christ has some very common sense points in it.  She also shares a most poignant story of Charlie, the little boy in the mountains of Virginia, the story touches my heart greatly.  You see, we all have "Charlies" perhaps that we failed to minister to when we were supposed to, maybe years ago.  If our hearts are tender...We wonder what we could have done differently and have used these failed situations to learn from and do better in the future for the next time.

I hope you enjoyed the lessons!  I did.  Great reminders!

My Charlie Lessons

When I was a newly married young lady 35 years ago, I was at the grocery store and an elderly lady in the frozen vegetable department was on my heart...She had came up to me to tell me that a certain mixed veggie-mix "tasted real good".  She was soooooo precious, just so very, very precious.  She was with her adult son and my heart was so strong to go to her and speak to her and tell her that Jesus loved her...She needed to hear it so badly, just a little care is what she needed!  I saw her later as I stood in the check line and my heart beat rapidly.  Did I speak to her in the next line?  No.  My heart is still grieved over that disobedience.  Just think of the Hope and perhaps answer to a lonely heart I could have been an instrument of?! Oh God forgive us!  Forgive me!

Ten years ago or so I was at our local grocery behind a poor young black woman... She did not have money for her baby formula.  She was trying to use food stamps to pay for it.  As she walked off the checker looked at me and shared that she did not understand why the government did not pay for these mother's baby's milk.  Did I offer to pay for the baby formula?  No.  My heart still aches over that one and in the future that will not happen again!  Oh God forgive us!  Forgive me!

In my home...  I have consciously made an effort to watch my mouth.  When I speak in the car or at the dinner table I ask myself... Is this going to make the atmosphere in our home more beautiful?   If it's not a necessary thing to bring up I do not.  Does that mean we walk around like a bunch of goodie-two-shoes never correcting or bringing up any controversy at all?   No, but some things are better left alone.   We must pray for discernment.  God help us.

I do have lessons where I have obeyed that Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit and oh what a Blessing!  ...Once my husband and I were at a coffee shop when we were newly married and I saw a depressed-hopeless-looking young man sitting at the table by himself and God impressed on me to tell him Jesus loved him...   As we left I walked by his table and told him...  I feel like I need to tell you that Jesus loves you.  The young man smiled hugely at me as if his prayer was miraculously answered.  It is so worth it to take that chance...

Sometimes I am on the receiving end.  The other day at the little town store the checker asked how we were; it was slow with no other customers, our conversation went deeper and I was sharing with the precious checker on the various spirit of various towns and she was so-getting me on the shocking prejudice of what others perceive to be outsiders in one particular town.  She fingered her cross necklace and shared how the manager of the store from uso-town also has the same-thing happen to him.  She was so precious, her caring words were...If there is anything we can do to let us know.  Her care was so precious.  She attends a liturgical church many would scoff at but her heart was the real deal.

As I left the store that day a black lady who also checks, who I always tell that she looks like Diana Ross walks up, I say... Hey!  There's my mo-town girl!  I hug her quickly.  Yep, Church can be everywhere.  Let me be that smile and giggle.  Let me share encouragements and be willing to be encouraged too.  As Mo-town girl said when we got on the church-subject...  It's right here right now.  

Now before you read the next paragraph, please know I am not anti-Gifts, I have attended many spirit-filled churches, I am not against conservatives either if it's from a personal relationship with Christ, I like to align myself with a true Heart of Christ which may appear ultra conservative to some.  I will say though lately I've heard some things from both camps that seem to be a bit on the crusty side to put it lightly and the only thing I can think of is that these folks from town or city must be big fish in their small ponds so to speak that have become very comfortable in their set.

It was rather interesting that very day...Just an hour before I had talked with a charismatic lady, she said the right thing but seemed overly confident...  neither my daughter Delle nor myself felt comfortable with her attitude, we felt an arrogance.  It grieved me personally, I left her presence with a heavy heart.   Also, earlier at Walmart a religious woman behind us, no makeup, a bun on the back-top of her noggin.  The male checker had joked with her good-heartedly about her "ponytail".  She dryly replies, "It's a bun".   I looked back at her and smiled hugely, a toothie grin. ... I couldnt' resist... * big smile*   

I bet you have a ponytail under that bun!

I'm still finding myself laughing to myself over the off-the-wall comment I found myself making.

Well, that is life in smalltown.  The Forest is a beautiful place of solace with my Father, my Creator.

I'm just typing my thoughts here, very little editing, please oblige.

Have a good day Loves, let's think of our Charlies, let's think of and pray for ways to keep that Fire Lit!

Please Father help us to have Your Heart.  Help us to be broken-hearted over the things that break Your Heart.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Do We Have a Beautiful Mind? Let's Find Out...

I so enjoyed this; this man is precious.  What a great message to get us through the week!


...And me being the music lover I am...I have been once again so encouraged, just so feeling His Love by this song and music.  Such a rush.  Such encouragement to keep things in perspective.

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Oh may we pray for this country.   Does it amaze you what people claim is simply politically incorrect when it is simply grievous to the Father?

Stay good Loves.  Let's keep a Beautiful Mind...You and I...A Beautiful Mind...Heart...Soul...Mind

Have a sweet day....   amelia in the Forest

Friday, August 7, 2015

Let’s not pit the Senseless Death of Cecil the Lion Against the Slaughter of the Unborn. Not an Either/Or

"As God’s image-bearers and as caretakers of His creation, we must not choose between Cecil the lion or Planned Parenthood.

...So let’s not fall into the trap of pitting the senseless death of Cecil the Lion against the wanton slaughter of the unborn. They are not the same, but they both speak powerfully about human dignity—our dignity as God’s image-bearers and as caretakers of His creation."   Eric Metaxas


I've prayed and prayed that the churches would wake up on this issue.  This is a MUST READ ARTICLE in my opinion, Eric Metaxas states my sentiments exactly.

Article in entirety, highly recommended!  Click this link-title:



Wilberforce, of course, fought the British slave trade for many years because, as a Christian, he could not allow that brutal institution to continue undercutting human dignity. But the outworking of Wilberforce’s Christian worldview didn’t stop there. The great member of Parliament also fought for a “reformation of manners” in England, seeking to preserve an otherwise decaying society by reintroducing people to God’s standards in numerous areas of life.

And did you know that one of his passions was getting people to treat animals humanely? In 1824 Wilberforce actually founded the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, saying that the ugly contemporary practice of bull-baiting was evidence of a “degraded human nature.”

So let’s not fall into the trap of pitting the senseless death of Cecil the Lion against the wanton slaughter of the unborn. They are not the same, but they both speak powerfully about human dignity—our dignity as God’s image-bearers and as caretakers of His creation.

loading ...I hope you too are encouraged as I was on this article by Mr. Metaxas.  My daughter, Marianna sent it to me knowing this has been a matter of prayer.  


Once in a while someone will ask how we taught our children, now adults a true love for the Lord.   The main way we taught our children is by our lives.  They see us in quiet time, they see us feed the homeless when we run into them instead of making a sarcastic remark.  They see us care for homeless animals...not making hard calloused remarks on tofu, cats, lions etc.  (My heart weeps at times)   They see us live out that Bible we read...and yes we teach the Bible I hope in a gentle, loving way.   Jesus Christ is a living thing, not a dry crusty doctrine.   If we are busy loving the Father, living that lifestyle out in our lives...repentant hearts, not perfect, but perfectly repentant...Then our children will see the real Christ-Life.   It's not going to be ridiculous comments on someone reading the King James-version-only of the Bible or if Ann Voskamp is a pantheist because she loves the beauty of God's creation. (ridiculous accusation by the way).  It sure will not be from those who hatefully call the Duggar family - names, those who despise goodness.   I'm sure you too could add to my sentiments of hurtful and most ignorant comments coming from those in their robes so to speak whether the robe be of silk embroidery or denim grunge.

Marianna and Lea were eating lunch with a homeschooled friend, now married with a beautiful baby girl.  They were discussing how some of the homeschooled adults now have turned from the Father.  The young women agreed it was because many of those who have turned, ...they saw compromise in the home. 

That's my heart for this morning. 

So thanking God for the article above.  God truly hears our hearts and does answer prayers.  There is truly a Remnant of Followers of Christ in the World.  

Good afternoon Loves,    amelia

Friday, July 31, 2015

God is With Me...God is With Me...God is With Me...

God puts each fresh morning, each new chance of life, into our hands as a gift to see what we will do with it.

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I walked the other evening solitaire...the moon was gorgeous...I could hear Lea talking with my dad (85) over the phone... I love she hangs up her cell...We had been passing each other up on the long driveway, she talking to Daddy, me walking and contemplating, thanking God...and thinking...Praying...    God is with me, God is with me, God is with me...Just like a heart beat.

Ever since I read Ann Voskamp's blog entitled, something like...We Hear You.  I have remembered...  God is with me...God is with me... God is with me...

When my dad is not doing well...When my heart breaks because I see him, hear him sometimes ask the same question he just asked...I see his eyes not focusing...asking which grand-daughter is which because he can't see with those once beautiful blue crystal starry eyes, that Tony Curtis-look he heart breaks.  I just don't know what to do.   So I pray and say in my heart... God is with me, God is with me, God is with me.   It all frightens me soooo much.   But.  God is with me. 

Daddy is a stubborn one.  He is still insisting on living 3 hours away.  There is only so much we can do but pray for angels to help him (edit 8.1...And that justice will be served.

It still unnerves me to hear the phone ring.  I'm unnerved extremely easy these days.  But I also know...God is with me, God is with me, God is with me...

I tell my husband, I just can't take this world sometimes, that world out there.   Bad things happen too much.  Animals being mistreated, unborn babies being murdered...the abused children, the girls in other lands.  Too horrible to think of.  I tell him this as we are eating at the cool Greek restaurant in midtown amongst the trees and the joggers and all the other "cool" people.  Heh.  He tells me I know...I know...I know...I feel the same way many times.

I tell Jem about a little bird in the grocery was trapped in a high window and crying out loudly...frantically trying to get out, the shoppers were like the walking dead...They kept shopping as if they did not hear the little bird nor did they seem to notice.  I stood getting my cellophane bag and observed.  My youngest tells me the store management is trying to do something for the little bird...But the people ...No concern, no care, no ears to the walking dead.  I walked in the produce department just watching what seemed indifferent, insensitive people ignoring this poor little frantic bird, it made me sad.  

One of the most attractive things I think in a man is when they are tender towards living things...I love to see the nightly scene of our blind dog as I place him next to Jem on the couch and Jem takes care of him...It is so sweet.  I see Jem shake his head and make a clicking noise with his mouth as it hurts his his heart he is saying it's a shame.. this precious little creature, not seeing, knowing we are his little world...  I love to see Jem as we take our evening walk in the Forest here and we run across a small turtle, ants are all over the poor thing.  Jem thinks to pick it up and put it in the pond to try to save it and remove the ants.   That is so attractive to me.

I've been reading, 'To Kill a Mockingbird', but especially the biography of Harper Lee.  'I am Scout'.  Fascinating.   In the car on our dates, I tell Jem about Harper Lee and all of the stories of she and Truman Capote, and Gregory Peck and how neato Gregory dressed like a bum to see the flavor of the little town...incognito.  It's funny, around one small town in particular, (one we now know to stay away from) you don't have to dress like a bum.  You wear matching clothing, it can be walmart clothes, it's just a look so to speak that I didn't even realize until told ... and if you have a european face, perhaps pointed features, perhaps you dare to wear faux pearls.  We are labeled.  Outsiders they say.  Prejudice is an ugly thing.  Many church-goers don't see it do they?   It's so bad I think when we can't be safe in church.  I do thank God we are seeing some nice churches in some of the other nice small towns that seem to have sweet spirits.  What is really funny and interesting is that it may be liturgical type churches that others may judge.  Ha.  

I tell Jem about 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and I play the soundtrack in our bathroom... Jem tells me about the old 'Yes' group concert (I remember hearing about 'Yes' in my art class, I was a nice kid, the clean cut artist so I had no idea who Yes was) : P... he found and 'The Wrecking Crew' band and how they did themes for the old shows and groups...we both love music but he had more of a hippy background although he is a loafer wearing broker now...and I am more of a geek of sorts with artistic inclinations.  We are so silly but we compliment each other.  

How do our children, now adults learn about Christ?  We taught them, we teach them by our lives, what they see, what they have learned from short family devotions...May they see me feeding a poor person instead of making a sarcastic remark.   Hopefully they see Christ, though not perfect but hopefully perfect repentant hearts?  They know the American church is not the answer but the real Church is in our hearts.  Sometimes community is found in a church, sometimes not.  Lately not and that's just the state of things.  God is God and doesn't change though.  : )  He lives in our hearts and lives.  ...Let's not forget about kindness right?  The other week our oldest told us she was so thankful that she had kind parents, she is running into young adults at church who didn't have kind parents.  

The other week we were in a bay town at a lovely old family Italian restaurant with seaside view...a youth group was there from a smalltown up north.   Jem had tears in his eyes because he could tell these youth had had it rough.  After our lunch we were sitting quietly on their outdoor patio under the Francis of Assisi fountain, love those gentle Francis of Assisi statues don't you?  Especially the ones with the birds...    Two of the girls from the youth group came out, one passed us up sizing us up.  One sits on the edge of the fountain looking at us but not.  The chill or perhaps rejection was apparent.  My husband asks where they are from, if they are a youth group, the girl answers 'yes' shortly looking away not making eye contact.  Jem gets it.  He quietly asks if I want to go...he walks, as I get up and throw my purse over my shoulder, I tell the girl as I motion to Jem,   

He used to play with a group called Dark Terror. 

She looks me in the eye shocked and murmurs Really?    

Yeah...He did...  I left her with a smile, with much to think about.  I hope Christ was glorified in it all.  

It's funny isn't it?  All those prejudices, but it shouldn't matter if a person played with Dark Terror and if that gives a testimony "clout".  ..Although we know Christ uses those things.  Many things are dark, many things we are saved from when we turn our hearts to Christ entirely we see were very dark.

It's almost supper time, it's just Jem and I this eve, our girls are having a girl-sister time, wedding plans are revving up by George!   Our prayer is that this upcoming fall wedding will glorify the Father.  I pray the people who are kind enough to attend will be blessed and this will be a way of saying quietly....nicely.... Please stop the insanity of keeping up with the Jones's.  Michelle and Josh are keeping things traditional and I think it will be a breath of fresh air...  May God be glorified.

I've really been enjoying evenings here in the Forest...I say to myself... Thank you Father.  I must never, take this for granted.  A Gift.

I don't have a camera yet...Bandwidth here has been troublesome.

I do hope to post pics one day again.  Please oblige.

Goodnight Loves,  amelia    God is with me, God is with me, God is with me.......................

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Up on the Roof at the Forest Cathedral...Yeah...

I love this song by James Taylor, James Taylor is my INFP "brother". ; )

When Jem and I ride down the country roads, sometimes city streets...we listen to this song.  We are up on the roof so to speak.
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When this old world starts to getting me down....and people are just too much... for me to face... ....On the roof it's Peaceful as can be...and there the world down below don't bother me....

Not only do I go up on the roof with Jem at times, but I go up on the roof with God and trade anxiety for His Peace and Company...

When people turn into this:   loading ... 

(To God's Creatures:  I hate to insult you in this manner, perhaps you could teach some humans some manners so they will not be called such slang)

To make a long story short...we can go up on the Roof with God when people get to us.

Love this song, it makes me smile: Up on the Roof by James Taylor

We can go up on the Roof!  : )



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My creative projects have been a lot of sewing lately....I sew for fun, designing as I go.  Sewing is so important I think, we can create what we may not see in the stores.  Also we can add to length, necklines etc. We can use a dressy material on a simple pattern if needed.  We can re-fashion a top from a skirt etc.  We can use un-used clothing, table cloths or sheets for that matter!  I really enjoy beating the system myself.  So, sew fun!
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Creating is something we should do every day, even if only 10 minutes.  (I wish I could remember where I read that!)  ...God Creates and He likes us to Create too!  : )  

Four Favorites:

See & Sew B4957:  I only need 2 yards for this!  I use either bias tape or facings, I don't line.  I also have enough to add length!  It's a wowee pattern and flattering.   I do take in some of the ease under the armhole grading out to waist seam ever so gradually.  I also add 1/2 to 1 inch to the v-neck so no cami is needed.

Here are others you may want to check into:

* A great little top; you may sew a shorter (one yard!) 40s version (fitted at waist) or even longer tunic length:  Simplicity 8523  To make a fitted waist I take a seam down the back and go in at waist. 

* Another tunic top or dress, this is a nice one too, flattering, I sew this up in sleeveless with a modern black background 'city scene'.  Very cute top. :  Simplicity 4220

* Great pair of palazzo capris:    Simplicity It's so Easy 1186:

My favorite pair of palazoos so far are out of a Walmart twin SHEET in white!  BEAUTIFUL DRAPE.  For around $4!  You need a good drape for these palazzos to work properly I have discovered.  (I do take the middles of the legs in, every so slightly and add an inch to the top of the rear, the height being at the middle seam and grading back down to meet the side seam of the front).


God's Quickening

The other night I was getting ready for a night's rest when God spoke to my heart...He spoke to me while I was thinking of my old ob/gyn...The quiet, polite disagreements we would have on nutrition and estrogen and all the things we herbalists do and what we study...  But I was also thinking of this man's most kind heart, his godly pro-life conviction, he was like a brother at times.  He delivered Michelle, he would tell me to be careful driving home that one rainy day, he told me not to be so hard on myself when he saw me make a yuck-face because he caught me with no makeup on in the hospital one morning.  He had a settling effect on his patients.  He was just a kind person. Charity was number one.

...One of the last times I saw him in his family practice, it was that rainy day.  His son who helped in the office was in the drivers seat of their generic looking gold-colored suburban...Doc crawled in the backseat and laid down with his chisel faced handsome son at the wheel...The silhouette image of the large German man who once lettered in baseball, tiredly crawling in the backseat had stayed with me.

The other night God spoke to my heart and quickened me, strongly quickened me, specifically quickened me to look my doc friend up online and see what was up.  I did just that within minutes.

I saw his obituary...63 years old, he passed over to the other side; he has been gone for a couple of years now... I had thought of he and his wife many times, their four young men...Many grandchildren he spent time with....   I often wondered how they were doing..  His educational accolades were great but never a name dropped by this humble man.

God's quickenings are urgent, we pray immediately which I normally do, but this time it struck me in such clarity... it was just so living color to me to go see... to go check.

I don't know why the urgency was two years later...  Perhaps it was in part-answer to some things of late...I don't know...  Perhaps God was trying to show me things...

In most cases use words if necessary to get in touch with the person.

I thought of this old fashioned doctor, his old fashioned bedside manner and his sweet voice ...I had always known I could call him if I needed him.

loading ... 


Life is strange like that.  It amazes me the people that can hop along, and not think much of any of it...  They treat someone passing on like they dropped their bag of chips or many times even less importantly.   Oh.  ...It's very strange to me.

My doc-friend would tell me when I was three weeks overdue...

Amelia, you may want to talk with the Man Upstairs about this...

This man has gone to be with God, I think that's a pretty big thing.   ...Don't you?


One way I can create Peace in our World, Christ's simple way is ministering to my family, not with a museum-house but with a loving home, a warm meal on the dinner table my family can count on!  Stability.  Peace.  The Love of Christ.  The real deal.   The real deal.  Let my family see me serving Christ in small ways from within.   May my home be that sweet place where the Holy Spirit will not be quenched.

Creating in the Kitchen:  Cooking
loading ...  Here is a recipe for a crockpot recipe of beans...this is so easy to throw together, and it makes quite a bit of leftovers!

Really.   You can make an enchilada casserole with veggie cheese and beans, green salsa etc.  You can make a bowl of beans over rice with avocado toppings etc.   Why I even made some delicious bean, quinoa, gluten free breadcrumb Italian veggie-balls yesterday!  Garlic powder and basil serve as a wonderful Italian seasoning.

Crockpot Beans.  Makes 16 cups

2 pounds raw pinto beans. (I used half red and half black-eye pea this week)

1 large onion chopped.  (I do big pieces, cut it ugly and throw it in!)

4 T. jarred minced garlic

1 T. salt

1 tsp. black pepper

2 tsp. cumin

10 c. hot water

1-2 T. olive oil

Cook til done.

You can add chili powder, paprika or whatever if you like. But the original recipe stands on it's own.



My dad is doing better thank God, he is home with a walker.  We are visiting churches in uso town, the people have a very sweet spirit there, so common sense tells us to go there for checking out churches.  Please pray for us concerning.  At our age, empty nesting in our faces, we need the Body out there.  We need sweet friends ...But not until God gives the okay.

On the Roof is the only Place I know.   Signing off from The Forest Cathedral...Let's be fearlessly authentic.     : )  amelia

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The World Needs Better Friends and What's Up Short and Sweet. Also a word on the Duggars.

Ann Voskamp has done it again!  : )

"It was after Mare Griebe said she was done with me, that I knew."

No matter which end you are on this, this is a great article, it touched me greatly.  So glad to see some 'Mare-human-like' feelings honestly written.

I won't add to the blog,  I sure don't want to get in the way.  I do hope you too will enjoy this blog as I did.


loading ...
As my dear old dad has always said...   The more people I meet the more I love my dogs.   Ain't it the truth!  Ha!

I'm doing a little better this week, so thanking God for my blessings and praying through anxieties.  (Trying to!)  : )

So thankful Michelle is fine, I didn't write about it last week but she had a strange lump on her arm and we have found that it is fine, a great doc said so.  (A Gift).   ...Why mother's get grey though in the meantime?   Is it any wonder why the emotions of this gal were flying last week?

I have a feeling as I look back on this season of my life, an only child, two parents, divorced, both 85 years of age, four sweet daughters and hubs living in this crazed age we are in...   We also see and are discouraged by but not destroyed by nutty people full of the false kind of churchdom, or without.   You get the picture. ....I will see how the Father carried me. ...Because He is.


On the Duggars.   I miss their program greatly.  Our entire family does!  I cannot tell you the encouragment we receive from the Duggar family.  Is it because we idolize them?  No.  Do I think the Duggars are perfect?  No, of course not. Are we a.t.i.?  No, never have been, we have always believed we have the same Bible.  ...But in this day and age it is difficult to find fellowship, in this day and age of the drop of the name, Duggar even some pastors and their wives say suspiciously... "The Duggars..."  ...As they intentionally say no more.  I want to say... "Okay.  I get it."  I get it in more ways then one. ...At least I think I do.

Many people really don't like goodness do they.

As my husband so wisely said the other night...

If the Duggars were lukewarm this would not be an issue now.


Signing off from the Forest Cathedral...

This morning I saw two doe and a little spotted fawn.  It was the picture of God's Perfect Handiwork, Sweetness, and Innocence.   It was so, so precious, the mommy was galloping around in the back property near my back door... She was having the greatest time ever!   She was showing her baby how to play. A Gift to see.

Oh God help us to know and learn to play even more so...   Please help us to depend on You as You provide for us, emotionally and physically.

Good Evening Loves,   amelia from the Forest

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Bunch of Boogers and a Few Good Ones

On the Pringle family from the book, Anne of Avonlea:

...they either accept someone, and that someone is automatically integrated into the town's activities, or do not and that person is completely ignored.

loading ...

Yes, they are amongst us,  it is very difficult to focus on the precious saints when the Pringle is wishing us to be gone and showing it clearly.  Green is one of my favorite colors, but not envy.

...We think to ourselves as I do at times...  If only they knew what was going on in the theatre of my life now...  Would they behave differently?   Perhaps not, the coldness is chilling.   It is the very gall they gave to Jesus on the cross.  

You see, I've been concerned about my dad, trying so desperately to give it to the Father and leave it there.   My dad has taken another fall in the rehab center...   The entire situation has driven me to tears.  

I read in my Streams in the Desert devotional this morning...

An excerpt:

We were under great pressure, .... so that we despaired even of life ...  But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.   2 Cor. 1: 8-9.

Pressed beyond measure; yes, pressed to great length;
Pressed so intensely, beyond my own strength;
Pressed in my body and pressed in my soul,
Pressed in my mind till the dark surges roll.
Pressure rom foes, and pressure from dear friends.
Pressure on pressure, till life nearly ends.

Pressed into knowing no helper but God,
Pressed into loving His staff and His rod.
Pressed into liberty where nothing clings;
Pressed int o faith for impossible things.
Pressed into living my life for the Lord,
Pressed into living a Christ-life outpoured.

It's a good devotional this morning if you read that particular devotional.  You can receive them by email as well.  The emailed ones seem a bit more contemporary then my hardcopy, so I prefer my hardcopy, but some may enjoy the convenience online.    Streams in the Desert.

I hear such a sweet song this morning...  Listen to the words and enjoy, I heard this yesterday after arriving home...It made me smile.

Yeah... It made me smile yesterday, only God knew how I needed to smile!

It seems sometimes when we do visit a church no matter how great the sermon and how kind the pastor is, there are always those boogers.   My daughters arriving from a burb-church, and I were discussing in the kitchen a most unfortunate, immature person in a church.  A Pringle.  

She's a booger!  I said, a bad one!  She looked at me with such anger as if she just wanted me gone!  She was so angry that she was oblivious or didn't even care that I was smiling at her!    But then there are those sweet ones...those good ones... 

Lea thoughtfully says...Yea, it's kind of like human kind in general...A bunch of boogers and a few good ones. 

Marianna:  It's everywhere we go isn't it?  Even in so many churches... A bunch of boogers and a few good ones.  

Pringles.  Forward snobbery, reverse snobbery.  Insecurities that equal hurt to others.  Pringles.  .... And it sure isn't Christ.

So correct.   So correct.

Yesterday hubs and I went to USO-Town after I dried my tears of concern over my dad coupled with a misunderstanding in the car...Coupled with the boogers, coupled with mixed feelings because after all... There are a few good ones there.   I had stood in church as it closed watching my tears plop down...hoping it wouldn't be noticeable, hoping my mascara would behave.  I felt like someone had taken their finger out of the dike and the water works were not going to stop.  It was a culmination of everything.  Just everything!
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After the service as we drive I sense the change of atmosphere in townships as I silently watch out the car window..

We are upon USO-Town.  They even have a charming buff-colored period old 40's brick USO activity building for the WWII servicemen.  A long lost cousin of my mine has a pharmacy there, a friendly man with striking blue eyes.  He knows all the elderly by name as they come into the pharmacy.

Hubs and I adore this town.

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Now you must know...USO-Town is one of the most polite if not *the* most polite towns I have ever seen.    It's very interesting the various spiritual entities over various towns and areas.   This is a *good* one.

We arrive at the restaurant greatness and see an old friend exiting the restaurant and he tells us..."Did you know?

I have cancer.  ...The people at my church are really nice, y'all need to come visit.  They've already made a list of people to take me to M.D. Anderson for treatments.   They'are really nice..."  

So precious.  Les is form the burbs where we are from, it seems both our families landed out this way to live a simple life... We taught the Sunday school class he and his wife attended back in the burbs...

I've always noticed Les's humility, the son of an elderly Assembly of God pastor.  Les and his wife adopted a precious little boy after they raised kids of their own, I remember just as it was yesterday, the sweet chubby fists of that baby-boy who grabbed my pearl necklace, breaking it as beads bounced over the gym flooor, seeing Les's wife's horrified face...I yell!  Don't worry it's dollar store!  (It was funny)  The good thing about cheap jewelry, even if you really like it and in my case had taken good care of that cheap necklace for years... it looked good by George...Hey.  It's (say it with me)  Dollar Store!  *big smile*

This precious baby has grown into Les's running buddy.

Perhaps it is Les who should have taught the Sunday school class?   Yes Les, we just may take you up on your invite dear one.

We see our precious chinese friend, she and her sweet husband own the restaurant.  They are a darling young couple.   We've befriended them and enjoy their friendship of sorts although brief in conversations.   We've taken a liking to each other.  I had noticed she was not herself yesterday...    She tells me through tears of her own, "My mother called from China, she has a tumor in her pancreas, I'll be gone for a month to visit her..."

I tell her Jesus is already there with her.  We will pray, I touch her arm, I think touch is important.  This woman is so precious, she nods through tears.  I'm thinking..

We all have problems dont' we?  Some are much, much more severe then others.  Oh God help us to support one another!   And the support comes in strange places at times doesn't it?   The Church is everywhere.

...And I have to remind myself of what I told Jessie, the precious young chinese woman...  Jesus is already with me too!

That is what Elisabeth Elliot wrote me once when I was expecting our youngest, Rebecca and on bedrest with some complications.   I still have that little postcard she wrote, I have several from her.

I wonder if Elisabeth Elliot's daughter feels as I do sometimes now that her mother is growing older and ill?

This is a photo of of several of our daughters; Rebecca, Lea and Marianna with Elisabeth Elliot and her precious, precious husband, Lars this photo is from a couple of years ago.  I think Michelle must have taken this particular pic.

I will close now, just wanted to share some thoughts and food for more thoughts here this morning.

I do hope you are having a sweet morning Loves,  we must be the *Good Ones*.  We might have to stand alone (kneel alone) in order to do so.  I hope this blog will be a place to come and be encouraged and share.   You are not alone.   Our reward may be in Heaven.  God sees all and knows all. That goes as a double reminder for me.   ~amelia, the last child in the woods...