Monday, October 26, 2015

Church Wedding Photos, Sisters and Precious Friends Who Are Like Family, Cozy Soup Recipe and Truths that Flow in Solitude

The church was built in 1910, now amidst skyscrapers, just a block or two from where Jem and I were born, the church is just how it was back then, if you scroll down to the next older post (check the music out too!) you will notice the floor of the bridal chamber, it is the original.  The lady whose husband had put down that floor attended the church until even recently.  There are brass plaques one I saw of those lost during World War I.  The messages here are of basic solid Christianity.  It's one of the only churches I know of where people of means sit next to people who are very poor.  The homeless sleep on these very steps in safety at night and some are members.  The poor are fed here five days out of the week.  

Becs, Lea, our precious friend, Jon, who played violin for the ceremony and Marianna.  2. Lea and little doll, Emmaline 3. Emmaline, Marianna, and Rebecca, Emmaline's sweet mommy and our precious life friend.

I hope you are all doing well...I am enjoying being here today enjoying the autumn weather, taking a walk, making cozy bean soup with sauteed onions, bell peppers and lots of fresh tomatoes in the mix for supper.  Oh.  So good.  The fragrance wafts through our home.  It feels so good to wear my long sleeve knit tunics again!  Marianna is practicing her court reporting, Becs is off from work making a card for an ill friend, and Lea is doing paperwork upstairs.  Michelle just emailed me a Lentil Burger recipe she put together, adding a free range egg and gf flour,...That Josh loved. 

Oh Autumn how I love thee!

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Here is my Heart-Warming Soup for an Autumn Eve 
(I used a crockpot.)

2 pound bag of Large Lima beans, today I used Mayocobo beans, small Navy beans work nicely too.
10 cups very hot water

2 tsp. salt

olive oil
1 -2 onion
2 bell peppers
fresh garlic cloves sliced, at least several
1 1/2 tsp. chili powder
lots of fresh roma tomatoes cut in large chunks.  around 4 cups

I put the sorted, rinsed beans in the crockpot with the hot water and a 2 tsp. of salt.  (I used almost boiling water)

Sautee the onion, bell peppers, garlic and fresh tomatoes in generous amount of olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  This will make a most wonderful gravy!   Then you carefully ladle the gravy into your crockpot with the beans. I cook the all day on high before switching to warm. (These are un-soaked beans)  I serve over brown rice with a bread for supper. We topped our soup bowls with more fresh raw tomatoes, cilantro, tortilla chips and fresh avocado. So colorful. So cozy.

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Good deal!  Do you know that Walmart and has 7 quart crockpots on clearance for around $19?  I needed a new one so badly so this was a blessing for me.

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Here are some excerpts from Streams in the Desert Devotional for Oct. 26. This morning:

"As a child of God, how much more do we need times of complete solitude --times to deal with the spiritual realities of life and to be alone with God the Father.  If there was ever anyone who could dispense with special times of solitude and fellowship, it was our Lord....Yet even He could not maintain His full strength without His quiet time...

Oh, the thought of having God all alone to myself and knowing that God has me all alone to Himself!
-Andrew Murray

Lamartine, the first of the French Romantic poets and a writer of the nineteenth century, in one of his books wrote of how his mother had a secluded spot in the garden where she spent the same hour of each day.  He related that nobody ever dreamed of intruding upon her for even a moment of that hour.  It was the holy garden of the Lord to her.

Pity those people who have no such Beulah land!  (See Isa. 62:4.)  (Matt. 6:6)...for it is in quiet solitued that we catch the deep and mysterious truths that flow from the soul of the things God allows to enter our lives.

Oh my soul, practice that solitude!  Practice dismissing the crowd!  Practice the stillness of your heart!  Practice the majestic song "God and I!  God and I!"  Let no one come between you and your wrestling angel!  You will receive conviction yet pardon, when you meet Jesus alone!"  -George Matheson

Good Evening Loves,   "...For it is in quiet solitude that we catch the deep and mysterious truths that flow from the soul of the things God allows to enter our lives."

Signing off from the blustery autumn eve here in the Forest Cathedral,    ~Amelia

P.S. 7:22pm  Our family saw more then several little deer in the Forest out our back window as we ate our soups..How sweet was that.  A Gift.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dear Al, You Would Have Been so Very Proud...So Very Proud...(Music, Photos, Thoughts, Tears, Thankfulness)

I posted this most beautiful music composition I've recently discovered, it invokes so many feelings, thoughts...memories.   Please enjoy while reading and browsing...

Al, you would have been so proud, so very proud.  She looked lovely.  Could you see?  I think you can sometimes because I can feel it (Hebrews 12:1).  

 Remember how you would hold baby Michelle over your shoulder, singing with her little baby noises, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh and you would sing with her comforting her...You would walk tall and strong, a peaceful cadence with baby Michelle, your sweet grandbaby you treated as your own.  She was, she was because you were like a real dad.  A real dad.  A real grandpa.

I remember craving time to spend with you, Al.  I wanted to sit and and sit with you...It was very definite, and then I found out why...For you passed suddenly on to the other side with God soon after baby Michelle's first birthday.  We miss you so, Al.  So.  Very.  Much.

Do you know that baby Michelle would run up to silver haired men at the grocery store putting her little arms around their legs?  Thinking it was you?  It broke my heart.  It even broke our pediatrician's heart when I shared with him...It did.  I saw my pediatrician tear up too as he slowly backed out of the room.

You would hold Lea and Marianna's little hands and take them to the corner grocery in the inner city for treats... Little Marianna would later say in her five year old sweet little voice to another child at a birthday party, He was my best friend...

You should see Baby Becca too, Al.  She has light hair and grey-blue eyes...much like yours.  She's an artist like you, Al.  I wish she could have known you.

There are lots of thoughts whirring around, many things in the background.

And may I say that I am very blessed, I have the Gift of precious daughters, son-in-love and a wonderful husband who is a spiritual leader and protector.

Do you see her?  Do you see little Lea and Marianna?  Baby Becca?  Do you see them, Al?

Do you know, Al, that the young man Michelle married is strong, gentle, and kind like you?  You should see their new little home, it's lovely...

So many things to be thankful for...

I hope you enjoyed the photos and music, thanks for visiting with me this autumn eve...Jem found this special music on spotify on the Christian instrumental or either the Sunday genre.  Enjoy and be blessed.

This evening Jem and I, hand in hand took a walk through the woods, I wearing my plaid rubber boots, cotton skirt, old linen jacket, hair thrown up...I saw a mommy cow with her baby calf in the woods...So very precious, soooo very precious.   

Good Evening, Loves,   ~amelia

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Wedding Pics and The Blessed Normalcy of the Day

Hi-Di-Ho Everyone!  Here are some more shots of the wedding I would like to share with my blogging friends.  1.The first is the ceremony, before their very First Kiss!  Notice violinist in the loft? He is our fellow-homeschool friend who is now an eye surgeon.  This guy plays for his patients in the hospital, has a real heart for the Lord, and the reason for becoming a doctor?  To help people, mission work and starting a ranch so to speak for children and youth from bad circumstances.  2.After the ceremony, the new couple!  Ain't they pretty?  3.Our longtime lifetime friend, Mike with my husband, Jem. Happy-happy!   4.Me and Mike's wife, Cat my beautiful precious friend, three decades worth of precious friendship.  These people are real family.  5.The precious new couple! And  6.The last shot is one of everyone (Three sisters in their bridesmaid dresses) bidding farewell as the couple parts into the glorious autumn eve that only the downtown area can capture with this historical church smack dab in the middle.  The autumn's golden light that evening was unbelievably gorgeous.  I do have more pics to share that our friends are sharing with us. 

One thing we are so thankful for and count as Gifts are the friends who came in, many from many miles away and many of my husband's distant cousins who are precious to us, and stayed to ring the farewell bells (and looked like they were having a jolly good time!) What a comfort to see those faces! 

Today I made some cucuzza with pasta, a light sauce with toasted ciabatta bread.  I sooo enjoyed watching The Bishops Wife. (1947)  Love-love-love this movie!  The settings remind me greatly of the church where the wedding was held.

..I sewed a sleeveless Collette shift-tunic-jumper in eggplant to wear with leggings and a black leotard top or turtleneck under it.  I made some green calico floral palazzo pants yesterday.  I ordered some black faux suede ballet flats to go with black tights and leggings, a nice clean look.

What's on my mind?  I'm wondering if this Christmas if I should participate in making crafts with children from the inner city?  Nursing home is always a blessing as well...what can I do to make Christmas special in these ways?  

Jem and I took a walk in the Forest...God's handiwork is beautiful.  Words can't describe the natural enchanting beauty and fragrances captured.

God Bless you All Loves,   Amelia in the Forest

'Beautiful church with beautiful music!'
Sara Jane Photography - Houston Texas's photo.

Cat Ello's photo.

Cat Ello's photo.RebeccaandDave Schlater's photo.
Cat Ello's photo.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stay as Sweet as You Are

Our sweet bride, Michelle arriving at the church...Rebecca quickly captured this breathless shot on this most lovely and enchanting autumn day...The next shot is of our daughters (little sister) Rebecca, (big sister) Marianna, our longtime life-friend Rebecca (I held her in the church nursery!) and our eldest daughter Lea.

Time sure has a way of flying...It was just yesterday these little dolls were in my arms, we were making cookies and carrying baby dolls...Stay as sweet as you are, you're divine dears...

I would like to share:  Stay as Sweet as You Are by Nat King Cole.  Enjoy.

Goodnight Loves,  Amelia

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here Ye Here Ye!!!!

Last week we were paralyzed with wedding planning, on an ongoing freight train so to speak!  Wowza.  One afternoon I lay on my bed in the sunlight cherishing the quiet and peace and I hear Delle laughing from the kitchen to her sis..."I heard Dad over the phone at the tux place..He was saying... 'This is RIDICULOUS!'"..  I lay there and smiled hugely.  Oh my.  Yeah...The tuxedo places just ain't what they used to be I tell you, they were overcharging my husband to the tune of $200.00 with no apologies...I think their attitude is what got his goat.  Understandably! 

We all got a real kick out of it, we immediately thought of this clip above!  I don't endorse this movie in entirety but this scene is hilarious to me...It's about how one feels as a wedding approaches.  Truly so. 

But Let me say...We are resting and re-cooping after a lovely wedding that glorified Christ. We are so happy with the wedding in this most beautiful cathedral (1910), it's the kind of church you walk in and your breath is taken away...One guest was heard saying in a hushed tone as the pipe organ played..and our precious friend played violin...This is incredible. 

May God be Glorified.

The freight train has abruptly stopped now.  My head is spinning and ya know?  I'm actually glad to see Christmas catalogs.  It's a sign of normalcy in a way.

Tonight I was able to see the clouds reflect in the pond at sunset, I was able to walk in the cool grass at dusk.  Beautiful. 

Here ye Here ye!  Tally-Ho and Away we Go! Delle and Josh our precious new son in love.

We had so many life-friends there who we love so much like real family and so many distant relatives who behave as a sister and brother to me.  We are so blessed.

More pics to come!

Good eve Loves,  Amelia at the Forest Cathedral.

Lea Orlando's photo.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Do Any Human Beings Ever Realize Life While They Live it? Our Town (1940). Thoughts.

"It has been said that no great work of literature or science has ever been produced by someone who did not love solitude.  It is also a fundamental principle of faith that no tremendous growth in holiness has ever been achieved by anyone who has not taken the time frequently, and for long periods, to be alone with God.  from The Still Hour"    Excerpt from today, Sept. 29, Streams in the Desert  devotional.

This page has always resonated in my soul.

Today I was re-viewing this movie, it's from a famous classic play I had studied in highschool.  The name?   Our Town by Thornton Wilder.  I highly recommend.

This movie has some huge glaring truths in it.  Live Life, appreciate it.  In the end all that is left is Eternal.

I highly recommend this beautiful piece, play for your family...this copy is not the greatest but I'm almost certain you can check a video out form your local library if you would like to see a more clear copy of the movie, even with the grain, it's worth it in my opinion. EDIT: 9.30.115 I have found the above second copy as well, you may see if the quality is  better on this one.

This morning my heart was struck when I heard a conversation about bottled water, needing it for a lunch at a sweet relative's home.  I suggest the dollar store, my suggestion is somewhat ignored and the amount of $5.00 for a bigger lot (not really needed in my opinion) was mentioned like it was nothing.  Nothing. It's not a big deal at all, just perception of an attitude(s).  I do wonder what my Italian immigrant grandparents would have even thought about bottled water?  Think about it.  What is our attitude on things.  The conversation I'm speaking of brought me to tears, the attitudes, etc.  No, I have nothing against bottled water, but I don't think it's a given or an entitlement, my issue was attitude.  I cried and shared that for me?  Five dollars means a lot.  This mommy once stood in a grocery line with my firstborn little girl having to choose between a banana she wanted and something else to put back because I did not have enough money.

Here is another excerpt from yesterday's Streams in the Desert:

"Dear tested and tried  believer, it is your mission to walk onto the stage of this world in order to reveal to all of heaven and earth that the music of life lies not in your circumstances or external things but in your own soul." Excerpt from Sept. 28, Streams in the Desert

I am thanking God for Life, and so many miracles God answers for this child.
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I've been busy painting a porcelain blonde bride's hair brunette, washing tablecloths,and spending time with God.  Tonight for dinner?  I think I'll throw together a light pasta dish.

"Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?—every, every minute?"  

"We all know that something is eternal. And it ain’t houses and it ain’t names, and it ain’t earth, and it ain’t even the stars . . . everybody knows in their bones that something is eternal, and that something has to do with human beings. All the greatest people ever lived have been telling us that for five thousand years and yet you’d be surprised how people are always losing hold of it. There’s something way down deep that’s eternal about every human being."

Excerpts from Our Town by Thornton Wilder (SparkNotes)

Have a sweet evening Loves,     Amelia in the Forest  

P.S.  Been having some wonderful ministry opportunities coming, going, receiving, giving at the little grocery store in smalltown. Real Church indeed!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

To Tell the Truth

     "My mother, Vivian Baxter, warned me often not to believe that people really want the truth when they ask, 'How are you?'...No one really expects to be answered, or even wants to know 'Well my knees feel like they are broken, and my back hurts so bad I could fall down and cry.'  A response like that would  be a conversation stopper.  It would end before it could begin.  So, we all say, "Fine, thank you, and you?'
     I believe in that way we learn to give and receive social lies.  ...I wish we could stop the little lies.  I don't mean that one has to be brutally frank.  I don't believe that we should  be brutal aobut anything, however, it is wonderfully liberating to be honest.  One does not have to tell all that one knows, but we should be careful what we do say is the truth."

~Maya Angelou excerpts from Letter to my Daughter, Chapter 7, To Tell the Truth

Well friends, to tell the truth...I need to be bathed in prayers.  We have this wedding coming up you see.  My dad was not doing well healthwise last week at all to the tune of our oldest daughter, Lea crying Sunday morning talking with him over the phone, pleading with him to please hit the emergency button necklace if he needed it, trying to make sure he knew the Father in that personal way... Me sitting at the table with a twitch in one of my eyes,  as our thirdborn, Michelle shares her bride's photo shoot stills with me.  Oh dear ones!  What is a mother and daughter, only-child to do?!  A child at heart that thinks, feels and discerns on steroids. Not a bad thing most of the time when helping people or dealing with foes.  I know what's up before they do usually.  Comes in handy but tends to nerve a person like me up. The same thing that makes me feeling makes me feel.

There are soooo many facets to the story of my father.  I know that my saintly mother, the wife of his youth, whom he left when I was eighteen years old would still care for him...  But he is hours away and most of the time seems to like it like that...until something really horrible happens and usually not then.  Then it is only briefly considered.  Some justice-injustice questions prevail at this very time.  You know Sisters, Brothers?  Sometimes we are just not sure what is a Blessing and what is a curse!  So.  Please pray for me.  Pray for all involved.  This only child can only take so much.  This mama can only take so much.  It's hard, really hard.

Today was nursing home day and oh what a precious blessing that was!  Calvin the precious almost blind, almost deaf man was there and I gave him a handmade bracelet from wooden beads I made with his name:  c-a-l-v-i-n.  He shrieked with joy...Sooooo precious.  Marianna reminds me that this would also help him to tell people his name! 

Becs and I rode together and that was a sweet blessing. I would look up every now and then and see Becs standing sweetly with a resident, just listening patiently, smiling and sharing quietly.  Lunch together was such a sweet time and then back home to the Forest riding past fields and birds and crop dusters...Lovely drive. 

Lea our oldest came to the home too...Do you know what a blessing it is to hear my daughter giving a public message on salvation and encouraging the room full of elderly friends?  Oh may I never lose sight of what God has done!  How blessed I truly am!   GIFTS.

Lately I spend a lot of alone time talking to God, yesterday I sat on the side steps of our home and just kept quiet and looked up at the clouds, thanking the Father for the clouds and trying to remember that the Father created these clouds.  He can help me too.

I'll close with another excerpt from Letter to my Daughter by Maya Angelou.  The Chapter is entitled To Tell the Truth, Chapter 7.  

     "Let's tell the truth to the people.  When people ask, 'How are you,' have the nerve sometimes to answer truthfully.  You must know however, that people will start avoiding you because they have knees that pain them and heads which hurt and they don't want to know about yours.  But think of it this way, if people avoid you, you will have more time to meditate and do fine research on a cure for whatever truly afflicts you."

~Maya Angelou

I will go create in the kitchen now with Marianna...Enjoy our fur angels who minister to me daily.  ....I will also meditate, pray and yes.  I will research and pray in my Kerith Ravine.  Check out Sept. 16 reading of Streams in the Desert.

Wedding plans bubbling along on the surface. Prayers going forth the Forest deep in the Kerith Ravine...
Good Evening Loves,     ~amelia

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