Monday, July 21, 2014

A Movie and Music Great we are Enjoying...Oh 40s How I Love You...

Show N Tell Time!

I would like to share these goodies our family has enjoyed these past several weeks:

Nominated for FOUR Oscars and other wins as well:

Ernie Pyle's story of...  The Story of G.I. Joe (1945)

This movie stars a loveable Robert Mitchum playing one of the most heartwarming characters ever, a loveable but strong ...gentle leader.  Throughout the movie (beginning to the very end) you will see a precious little white dog with our soldiers...Oh my.  If this movie doesn't touch your heart nothing will.  Our entire family loved this movie great.  Our children, our youth need to see these movies.  The real deal folks....the real deal.  (Check out the history of this poignant movie for yourself).   Very interesting...  Enjoy.

And what is a Monday without some great music????

This should put a nice little zip in your doo-da!  We are loving this song...So. Great.

'The Lady's in Love With You' by Glenn Miller

I like to dance around the house to this music...great stuff for balancing a laundry basket and cookin' dinner.  So. Fun.  Our daughter, Marianna called attention to the greatness of this song on one of my Glenn Miller cds...  So glad!

Here's some of the cute lyrics that open the song...I typed'm as fast as I they probably are not exact but you will get the drift of the cuteness here...

It starts with wowee music, then whistling then dialogue with Tex Benecke and Glenn Miller: 

Hello there Texas what you say?  I'd like to bend your ear if you're goin' my way...  Okay Glenn what's worrying you?.... Tell me the story and I'll see what I can do.  ...Well I've got a gal whose a real killer-diller but I'm not so sure she's interested in Mr. Miller....  Don't you know how to go about finding out?  No. You tell me Texas.  

Soooo cute!  The music is fantastic.  We get a real kick out of it!

No one else is going to make our homes a haven but us.  We have the freedom to enter or not enter into the present culture.

I choose to keep things wholesome.  Why not?  : )

..and trust me, our daughters are ages 20 to 31 now, it doesn't hurt them a bit to live in a purposely wholesome home.  I can't believe I even have to type that (shaking my head).  Most young people who know and have been around the real thing will certainly know a counterfeit when they see it.  Trust me. 

What have I been up to?  Sewing.  Sewing.  Cooking.  Cooking.  Nothing like it...  If we don't create for ourselves who will?   The Father gives the greatest ideas, He is the Master Creator.

There is such freedom in sewing, if you don't know how, it's great to learn!  I'm having such a great time sewing simple dresses etc.!  Let's teach our girls and guys to learn too.  I loved to hear of a soldier friend who made his own quilt and took it to war with him...not to mention making an outfit for his sister for Christmas.  No, he's a big manly guy.  From what I see, a godly guy too.

Our girls?   Oh working and doing and doing and working.  Laughing, pondering... One day at a time.

We found a sweet little church we are visiting, it's tucked away in a little country village out of a system of sorts, it's nice.  We shall see what we shall see.  We must remember, we are the Church. 

Today at the Forest Cathedral I may start to cut out a dress if I have time after my home blessing tour. (cleaning my bathrooms!)  lol  ( is a great resource)

For supper?   Well....Don't quite know yet.   I'll see what I get the druthers to make later.

Love comes while we rest against
 our Father's chest.  
Joy comes when we catch the 
rhythms of His heart.
Peace comes when we live in harmony with those rhythms.  
-Ken Gire

One thing the Father is showing me whether the day contains bathing doglets, sewing, cooking...sending a card to my dad...Listen to the heartbeat of the Father.  It's not my list, it's His list.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light...

I am trying to take His rest.  I'm my own worst critic, the creative mess I am...I just need to do what the Father is whispering....His way is best.  We can't go wrong like that, right? : )


A Recent Sunrise over the Pond at the Forest Cathedral

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sewin' up a Storm, and Show N Tell on a Sentimental Journey

I'm sitting here listening to Glenn Miller, so neat I think.

I love the time period of Glenn Miller don't you?

Thought I'd pop in and say hey, let you know of a fun outing and rumors of Mrs. Amelia sewing like a mad artist mom. : )

I also would like to say thank you to the sweet friends who posted comments on the last blog.  That was very nice and made me feel better on things...For some reason I'm not feeling the urge to blog, I guess because it's not as social as xanga once was and I feel like I'm blogging to ?.  I don't know, the twilight zone?  But then you never know who the Father has listening in the twilight zone. 

And blogging friends, those who posted sweet comments on the last, I think, I know you will agree.   I've been observing culture intensely lately, (I'm an observer of lots of things) I also observe sewing blogs to get ideas and learn.. I see a lot of stuff on some of those blogs.  You know..... stuff.  Sometimes what people write or say blows my mind.  So why would those folks want to follow me back?  (smiling, grimacing, giggling turning into a half (painful smile) this:  :/ 

Jem and I have been married 34 years now and time sure has flown!   Our girls are so busy, it's very difficult to get them in a pic together and I know those of you who I call friend would like to know how they are.  They are good!  But busy. 

Here's one example,  last month all four daughters were out at the Republican convention as delegates.  So.  That leaves Jem and I to make mischief.

Here's a field trip we went on while the girls were away.

I'm also going to include one of my homemade 60s shifts!  I've been getting into the 60s styles a bit of late.  Sometimes I do a sewing fusion of 40s and 60s mixed.  Go figure.

Here we go...
Me & Jem 34 yrs ago

 Me now in my new shift I made on our 34th anniversary weekend!  Jem and I were getting ready to make some mischief going on a day field trip.  We had a blast by the way as you will see.
I used the Colette, Laurel pattern. I really  like the way the pattern fits.  I really like the way Colette explains things in her pattern booklets too!  (I nixed the zipper on this one)  Nice!  By the way..these beige flats are so versatile.  They are comfie, they are dexiflex from Payless. I add an insole for an arch but I know the padding is plenty for most.
The print I thought was so cute. I think black and yellow is so reminiscent of that Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda era.  The time period reminds me of when I was a little girl in a good way when my Uncle Bennie got married.  My girls and I love most of those old Mary Tyler Moore shows.  I think Lea and Marianna, our oldest daughters relate well to the opening pilot where the doc decides he's not ready for marriage after making Mary wait for him to finish med school etc.  That idiot.  

Okay, now on we go...

Here is Jem as we arrived at our destination that day.  This is an old restored battleship used in D-Day. Tours are given.  Fantastic.  (Where are our girls to take our pic together?!) : )  Alas, this happens when our little girls are big girls now...

The grounds are absolutely gorgeous.  The feel of things were from another time in our country, perhaps the 40s or 50s?  A very wholesome time.

 Look at that sky...
An adorable vet visiting.  Was he on this ship during WWII?  The D-day Invasion?  If you know me hardly at all, you know I love our vets.  When our big girls were little girls they each kept a little handmade booklet out of construction paper and decorated the booklet themselves.  Whenever we would run into a vet, like this...Our little girls would ask them to sign their booklet.  Such good memories of our adventures when they were little.

 Did you know Louie Zamperini died yesterday? Oh my, he will be sorely missed.  Check the book out, "Unbroken".  Our fam listened to part of it on tape several weeks ago. Fantastic.  Louie Zamperini has quite a testimony.  I had bought the book for Jem one year for Christmas, we checked the book out on tape from our library recently and our entire fam including my 84 year old mom are spellbound by the Zamperini story!  HIghly recommend.
This restroom pavilion is very ornate, carvings, a large open area in the middle to separate ladies and gentlemen... awesome. Very, very old.  Lovely.  From another time.  I'm staying in that sweet culture.  Will you join me? : )

 Such a lovely day.

So that's a portion of an update from the mad sewing artist mom.
What happens when the scissorhands mom tires of a shirt and tries to update it.  I get a bit radical. I did save the buttons. 
A retro, vintage silk scarf I sported with Jem one night.
My little sewing machine serves me well. Just a simple, most basic little model from Walmart online delivered to my door for $50. more then several years ago.

Well, this is a newsletter of sorts...Just a slice, there's lots more, Imax D-day doc, museum visits, many more sewing projects, feeding chickens etc.

Life moves on. I'm at a little bit of a weird age of 53.  The Father is good though and He gently leads me through this journey.  I'm definitely not part of this popular culture and never have been, it's nothing new. : )

Signing off from the Forest Cathedral.  

What did you make for supper?  I made my Grandma Oddo's pasta gravy over pasta, pizza bread with artichokes, Italian veggies. It turned out rather nicely! 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This is My Anthem...This is my Song...The Theme of My Journey...

Me and Michelle on a Most Recent Luverly Sunday Afternoon

This song is the anthem of my life.  Would you like to hear?  I think you too will be so blessed.

This morning I awake once again to a mommy deer outside...she guards her baby somewhere here in the Forest Cathedral...I am in awe of her, I call her 'Pippin'.  I remind myself that the same way I should not take for granted this sweet doe, I should never take for granted the sweet Lord's Presence.

I remind myself of God's blessings, He's always been Faithful.  I also don't ever want to take for granted our sweet family, a Godly husband and gentle leader who has grown into an even more wise and gentle leader through the years.  The other night I was having a difficult time with a relative and felt so beaten down, so upset but trying hard to put on a happy, cheerful face for my family...I see my husband's face across the dinner table and am so thankful that he would never behave in the same  way of the given relative.  I'm thankful for Godly daughters, they are ages 20 to 31 now.  They are all serving the Father and we are so very thankful for that.  So very thankful.

It is trying for our daughters at times, so very trying in this day and age.  They were raised to be mommies and homemakers and it seems so many young men are either into strange doctrines named for a man or they are into various things.  Sure, our daughters could do or say anything and be quite married if they were posers.  They could pretend to be this or pretend to be that and even agree to this or agree to that.  We could go along with movie choices... etc.  

Sometimes I think the Father allows these things, these difficulties in our lives so we will not have pride in our lives and so we will have an understanding and a mercy for others.

I smile when I think of the 90s and the homeschool magazines with the precious sweet magazine covers of Godly newly-married couples and I wonder what happened?  Now we have the mod-squad so to speak in many of our homeschool families...It just goes to show, once a parent places academia or an immature need-to-belong; either to a clique, group or church whether it be a family integrated church forsaking false doctrine for "family integration", culture or social iota ...trouble lurks.  What are we to do?  It seems if it's not strange doctrine it is a culturally worldly church who equates a rock concert with worship...Where warnings of deadly sins aren't mentioned...The older set seems to even have a "That's the way it is now-a-days..." attitude.  No!

Anything we put before the Lord, any manmade doctrine, our will not the Father's will...Cultural relevance...Oh please beware.  Beware when we place theology above the Bible, the study of doctrine before our sweet hour of prayer, oh beware precious readers!  Beware of allowing things in your home that you would not allow your young people to do or say...God's name in vain?   Smart-Alec talking or jesting?  Crass talk?  Glorification of a lady's body?  American Idol?  Doesn't it blow our minds when we hear churchies speak of American Idol as if it should be a given that we watch it?  How about the love of money or possessions?  Recently I ran into an old acquaintance, she is ten years older then I and she had her iphone with her.  She didn't know how to use her phone by the way...but she asks me much like a little girl would:

Y'all don't have iphones?

What has become of us?

I go back to the above song....

And yes, I know my blog will not be the most popular blog on the block. I've reconciled my heart with that. That is okay, it might breed pride.   I want to be true to the Father and His precious quiet, sweet, sweet spirit...

Father, please help us to know your Presence to be Still and Know...Help us to know You Father, You are what we need to be fulfilled.  

In our times of bewilderments let us see the Beauty, let us add to the Beauty...   Oh Father help us to see ever so clearly...oh so clearly....Help us to hear your voice and do Your will.   We love you Father.     ~amelia

I hope you also enjoy this song too...'Add to the Beauty' by Sara Groves...Such an awesome song...

This is also one of the theme songs for my Life.

Redemption comes in small spaces, strange places, calling out the best in who we are....

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meet Buddy, Ben Hur, Valentino and sometimes...Brutus

We have a newly adopted doggy.  He is truly the Gentle Giant, perhaps we could even call him Gentle Ben?  Usually "Buddy" is the first thing to come to our lips though...This recent big baby is here at the Forest Cathedral and is just precious.

This day Jem and I went on an adventure and on returning I captured these following shots.

If you read about Mo-Mo in the last entry, we have been praying over her, and Mar has had quite a few runs to the vet with her. Even Dr. Hester was a bit puzzled over our very, very sick, but still sweet kitty.  Thank God she seems to be back to herself after several very touch and go weeks.  ...Just in case anyone is wondering how she is these days.  We love our pets.   

I feel now would be a good time to thank the pastor from India, the young homeschool mom who had messaged me a while back, and the anonymous commenter who replied favorably to one of my comments on another blog, (even though a meanie-boots erased it) it was auto messaged to me.  What a precious lot and Godsend you all are.  Usually at various times of discouragement in blogging, a tiny Remnant of Saints will message me or comment and are truly the typing fingers of the Father.  We serve such a personal God, He knows our hearts and sure knows how to show that He does...I am in major awe at times.

It's all for an Audience of One and my Family here is also so wonderful on verbal encouragements as well. 

Meet our most precious gentle-giant fur-angel...Buddy.  He is actually in front of me on a concrete table outside one most enchanted eve after Jem and I took a drive...He just hopped up on top of the table!  He thinks he is little.  But we don't mind..

Jem and I arrived from our day-adventure and these family shots ensued..

Dad, (Jem) quickly gives his wisdom to life's questions...Buddy at his side so glad to see Jem.

 Our feather angels, Jem and two of our daughters just enjoying that beautiful evening.

Lea discussing the world's problems as Buddy officiates in his most peaceful way..

So cute, Buddy and Henrietta visiting... Mar and Lea are thoroughly amused. So great.

Buddy and Coffee...Isn't it funny?  He makes Coffee look so little!  Coffee chews Buddy's legs and cheeks and Buddy doesn't even mind... They are the team.  As you probably know we have four small little doglets too...and kitties....and chickens...

Buddy our sweetheart.  The gentle giant...Thank you God for sending us Buddy, we will take good care of him. 

I've been busy sewing the Jasmine top from Colette patterns and enjoying that, just taking my time, sizing it, altering it as it needs be...just designing a pretty little top I will be proud of.  I have several other creation waiting my creative hand as well...So fun.  Sew fun.  Our daughters are doing well, just having fun in life, a Life in Christ.

This week's movie for our family will most likely feature the old movie, Seven Days in May (1964).

Tonight's dinner will be a Mediterranean pasta dish made with cashew flour, lemon juice etc. and it is so gooood.  Jem tells me to make it again!  It's a keeper! : )

When we reflect on God's goodness, pure gratitude wells up in our hearts for all He's given to us.  And it's easy to be joyful and at peace.   

Randomness:  I love pretty ballet flats.  That's all I wear....So dainty I think.  I say I've been liberated from geisha-girl shoes. (high heels)   Yes indeedie!

Take care now, Amelia:  The Last Child in the Woods, just happy to be here.  Thank you Father.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Listen, Look...the Cross. God is Everywhere...Everywhere

The Cross.

At the cross at the cross where I first saw the Light and the burden of my heart rolled away...

This past week Mar and I had to rush our kitty, Mo-Mo to our country vet's, she was in pain and had come to my door meowing loudly at 3amish.  This is a mild mannered kitty, she is.  So we knew something was wrong.

..a quiet moment...Mo-Mo and Rebecca...

Mar and I hopped in the truck and Mar asks me to drive...Just call me 'Sister Steve' from Father Dowling mysteries in cases like this.  My adrenaline knows how to do it's thing.  I've been known at 9 months pregnant and overdue how to calm my husband holding a tot (Marianna herself!) with a bleeding wound as he was about to pass out, that was one of those ER visits back then.  I've done my share of freaking out and done my share of calming and miraculously doing and thinking fast.  This was a fast moving moment and I drove.  

Mo's symptoms?  Her breathing - rapid, she couldn't walk, she would try and flop over, so pitiful. Her eyes were moving oddly. She was in pain when picked up.  

On the way to our precious Dr. Hester's I see a cross on the front of a mactruck...It was early morning and the cross was lit up...Oh how it spoke to my heart.  What a beautiful sight!  As we pull up to the clinic, Mar bolts in with Mo and I follow a very thin little lady with a dark tan, short grey hair, she looks like a very hard worker reminding me of someone from the waterfront where I grew up.  She was so precious she picked up on the emergency and held the door open quickly, another athletic man with a worried, compassionate face quickly stood back. 

Later I sit on the waiting bench, it looks like an old church pew, probably is, knowing Dr. Hester.  I see up close the very small and thin, hard working tanned woman's hand as her hand is relaxed on her jean pocket...A silver band...with a cross.   The Cross.

Never underestimate what a cross, the Cross will do for people who are in trouble or perhaps are seeking.  I like to wear a Cross these days, it speaks to people who I am and why I do what I do. 

In the exam room I talk with the helper and I hear a little goat bleating in the back...So great.  Dr. Hester appears in his jeans and rodeo buckle, the dude was a rodeo clown and that got him through vet school.  

I watched Doc Hester with our little Mo.  He was so sweet and gentle to her...chastising the helper for not holding her properly.. He tells the helper:  No, you leave her there on the blanket, you leave her there.

 I think God might tell some that too...He is saying, No leave her alone, just leave her alone. 

Mar is at the vet once again with Mo, hopefully things are winding down now...Hopefully a little light, Light shone on the last of the problem will be a happy and joyful end to this mystery. 

All of these people speak various messages to my heart... The merciful tanned, hard working lady, the merciful jogger man with the worried face who stood back... our gentle vet.  They all speak messages.   The mac truck with the cross on the front lit up, the Cross-ring on the precious tanned lady's hand... All messages.  All encouragements and whispers from God the Father.  Quiet, sweet messages... They were there.

More shots of Mo-Mo from a little over a year ago...

Lea with Mo-Mo as Rebecca captures the moment that Holi-day season...

  Howdy and Mo-Mo our precious kittens big boy and big girl...

I'll close with Guisseppe that same year, remember Guisseppe?  He just went through eye surgery, God sends these fur angels and we care for them...A Blessing. 

Ask the animals, and they will teach you.   Job 12:7

St. Francis of Assisi used to talk to animals and never felt the fool.  More to the point, they listened.  He loved animals because to him they were God's special messengers, bearers of his secrets.  

From the book:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Author says Calvinism can't Make Sense of the Cross"

An excellent article:  Author says Calvinism can't make Sense of the Cross

   I hope you are all having a sweet day in Jesus,   ~amelia

Friday, April 4, 2014

God Gets Me...And an Epic Dye Fail

To be so smart I sure am dumb sometimes...

Do you ever feel like your thoughts look a little like this? 

loading ...

Mixed with this?   loading ...

The outward manifestation and hurt may feel like this?   Kind of  like...This is nutso, crazo and soooooooooo  unfair.  What do I DO?! loading ...

Yeah...We get our thoughts off of the Lord sometimes don't we, we start to worryin' and a-frettin'.  It's not that we are abnormal for being upset but we forget that in the background God is doing His best in the situation...we forget to keep praying to the Father.

Today when I left for the store my thoughts were a combo of the above but I kept praying but was still assuming some things, past and recent things...when I got home things looked different.

I received a delightful note from my dad and talked with him over the phone...some major weirdness and discouragements had been going on...  Other major discouragements too were brewing on the radar...some things weren't quite what I thought.  One concern was what I suspected and actually was an answer to prayer that it crashed! I was cor-rect on that one!  : ) 

It's been an intense week and season but God is really good.  There were also some things I prayed about and ya know?  I shut up about what I was praying about.   And God came through!   Why should I be surprised?  dummy-dummy-dummy  ; )  Absent minded professor here.

I am glad to say I have shut up, did not say a word on some things that were being misunderstood even by those I love and God came through when I least expected it!  It's very hard and can be extremely hurtful, being intuitive on things, many things and being with those who have different spiritual giftings...and they don't get us.  You want to scream! (you know... like Donna Reed in it's a Wonderful Life when she's caught behind the bushes?)   So I've learned to shutteth-uppeth if at first, maybe even if at second, ; ) ...if I'm not received. ; )  God gets me and gets me sooooo well.   When only a few folks do, God gets me!

God is moved by our prayers, His answers will many times vindicate, soothe us in mercy or He will gently correct us in a way we can receive and sometimes He corrects the other party..we sometimes are even allowed to see it.

I'm not giving the Father enough credit I know, I could write a book on how He moves, He is just so intricate, so multi-faceted...I'm 53 and I'm blown away at times... Just blown away and sometimes?  Maybe I'm not so smart.  Maybe?  I just need to pass the test of trusting the first time missy?   


Here is a Dye-fail I would like to share with you:

Dying Clothes of a Different Color:   Oh noooooooo....Do not try this kids.

We are a bunch of creative geniuses over here don't ya know? ; )   Actually we do try...I tell Jem that I will be in my studio on days like this... I tell him I am CoCo Chanel on these days and the artist will be at work creating.  At one time I could illustrate and design fashions pretty quickly.   After being married for 34 years we get each other on this stuff... I can be as little girl as I want with Jem...Plus.  I was saving money by George.

Marianna and I thought we were going to have some fine new clothes in one of our favorite colors, Dark Navy...Honey Child, I thought I was going to be spiffy in my new navy blouses and Mar in her eyelet no longer school bus-yellow dress... oh yes indeedie. We were going to rock our worlds!



As the Italian Mama in the old movie, Marty (1958) said about Marty's date...She don't-a looka like-a no Italian girl-a to-a me...

This-a-don't-a-looka-like-a-navy to-a-me....
The white turned lavender.

The white turned  purple-pink.

The yellow turned...I'm not sure...a mix of khaki green on the lining (kinda pretty), purple mud with hints of red on the outer. Oh dear me...

Isn't this awful?  Yep, two entire bottles of navy dye, cotton material, a cup of salt and way too much time... and this is what we got.

I knew the trim wouldn't dye but I figured the look would be neat.  Well, I've dyed items before, say, a black cotton cardigan - black, or a brown shirt - brown, faded pink worked fine and dandy in brightening... but I haven't tried this type of thing over a different color in a long while if ever.  The last time I saw such a drastic dye, I noticed my friend's mom's dyed green cotton bathing suit 42 years ago.  Yep, I could see the blue dots through the green but I still thought it looked neat and I admired that beautiful and glamorous woman's thrift.  My project here was not so neat... *eh hem*.  (nor is it glamorous) 

So friends, don't waste over $7 for the bottles of dye, more $ for electricity used on rinsing and rinsing not to mention the water... and clorox used on bleaching your washing machine... on clothes of a different color.

No use crying over spilled milk but maybe I will save you grief, time and money.  I have no idea why ours came out like this... Such is life. : )   Maybe yours has come out differently, nicely?  Have you had dye fails too?  Let me know!  I love to re-purpose clothes, let me know if you have tips on successful dyeing! 

  Take care all,  from one creative messy blogger.... It's me, Amelia.  Last Child in the Woods.  : )