Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Edited: How are we All Doing and Some Practical and Artsy Ideas for Everyone. A Song.

Hi Everyone,  How are you all doing?

I was thinking.

On the subject of thinking:  There are always many thoughts in the theatre of Mrs. Amelia's mind.  I'm a cross of Joan of Arc and a sensitive artist with some Francis of Assisi in there major so many tabs are pulled down at all times trust me.

One big thing I've been thinking of  are things we can do while we are staying in.   These following things are Gifts that I am thankful for and that I do in my spare time: 


I've been enjoying doing some sewing and fixing up, I thought to myself:   I'm so glad I sew!  I can re-purpose outfits, and make clothes I love!  Am I an expert?  No.  Do I have an expensive machine?  No, I sew on the least expensive Brothers machine Walmart offers and it's a beautiful thing.

So sewing is something I would encourage people to learn, even the basics.  My sewing is not complicated.   I even know a young man who made his sister an outfit for Christmas and made himself a quilt he took to war.  Yes, seriously he did that, in this decade.

Typing.  Typing is another think I'm so glad I know how to do, I typed 70 words a minute when I was in school.  So in blogging, I can rattle off my thoughts.  Sometimes I'm a little long winded I know, I know.  *huge smile*     Being an INFP personality, I communicate well through print so there ya go.


I love art and it is a Gift from God.  I can think of things, and see things in nature, even a design in the grass or wood or whatever.   I can see an outfit in an old movie and try to re-create the look in a flattering way and be bold enough to dress the way I want not being a slave to skirt lengths, I've always loved ankle length.  Even in school when I did fashion illustrations the outfits I designed were ankle length.


I like to cook and tweak things but nothing too foo-foo.   When I cook, I see my Italian grandma's hands.  Her cooking spoke love.  I hope we can speak that love too.

Leisurely Reading

I think of my Grace Livingston Hill books or my Reminisce magazines.

Contact Paper

I know that sounds funny, but Dollar Tree has the cutest black and white contact paper with flowers, it looks like toile.  I have covered my file cabinets and boxes for my sewing patterns ....and get this... I'm working on my chest freezer.  It's in my studio so why not match?

Top of my chest freezer.

One of my file cabinets I enhanced...

So those are some things I'm thankful for be it ever so simple and actually used quite a bit in homeschooling and now in my family and beyond.  All Gifts and little things I'm thankful for.

Keeping our Children Happy

In this time of stay-at-home I think I might have some good ideas for moms with their children in the Art and Create department.

I homeschooled for many years and it was a huge blessing.  We have four daughters and I homeschooled all of them, (our youngest daughter is 25) we homeschooled all the way through highschool and beyond.  Those were wonderful years.   And I'm still learning myself!  I always enjoy learning things on my own.

Here are some art projects we used to do together, and some are things I did as an only child at home:

Paper Mosaics

When my girls were young one thing we did was we would get construction paper and make mosaics out of it.

We would cut little squares of different colors of construction paper and perhaps make a tree.  We would maybe cut a brown trunk or draw one and place it on sky blue paper if you have it among green squares of grass if it's a springtime picture.  Then we would glue the little squares with spring colors on top of the tree to make the canopy.  If it's autumn?  ...And autumn is usually when we did these we would cut autumn colors and of course autumn color mosaics on the "grass" too.

Perler Beads

I'm not sure if I spelled that right, but these little plastic beads are fun.  You can get them on Walmart's craft aisle.  They have little plastic forms you place the beads on to make designs and such and mommy irons them!  So fun, and you can make coasters and things like that.

Pony bead Jewelry

You can buy elastic string and plastic beads from Walmart or Hobby Lobby and make bracelets and things.  We would make bracelets and bring them to the nursing home.  These were received with a happy heart.  One precious lady, Lucille, loved hers so much, she was wearing her red pony bead bracelet the day she was passing away along with her red blouse.  She tells us, when I asked if she knew Jesus...Oh yes, I can see Him right now in all of you.    I'll never forget that day...It was very emotional to say the least, not the last like that.

Paper Dolls

Remember paper dolls?  We can make our own!  : )   Just glue your doll or draw on cardboard and make some cute little paper clothes to go on the dolls.  I bet little boys might like animal figurines and such.

Shadow Boxes

Get a shoebox and place little figures in it, you can make them from paper and stand them up.  You could make an entire nature scene or whatever you like complete with rabbits, and all kinds of things.   Put the lid on the top but cut out a rectangle "window" in the lid and place tissue paper on it.  Then make a hole to look through on the end and it makes a most enchanting scene.

Cardboard Box Doll Houses Etc.

You can get delivery boxes and go to town making cardboard furniture and lights made out of caps etc. to fill the rooms.  You can stack the rooms.

Boys can make cardboard guitars with cardboard and tape, and hideaways, make a train where brothers and sisters can sit and ride to where?  Who knows!  Let's go!  

Fairy Gardens

You can get foil plates and place dirt in them and make little pretty gardens and things in them.  Dollar Tree has the tiny little figures and of course the shiny pebbles can be found there as well as Walmart.  You can make your own little miniature figures too out of paper, cardboard or clay.  You could collect little pebbles, make a pond in yours too.

Fairy Rock Garden

The recipe is on the back of old fashioned Mrs. Stewarts Bluing found at the grocery or wherever.   It's so fun and fascinating!  Crystal type formation grow!

Nature Walks and Nature Books

Take a walk with the children and gather neat things and make a homemade Nature Book, pasting the findings in your book.  Or have a nature table where the children or young adults can place things they find for display.

Cooking with Kids books

Teach them to cook!  There are some wonderful kid's cook books.

Do your own Musical or Performance

 We would make our own musicals, the girls would just do their own thing, classical music, ballet dances they would make up.  They can make their own costumes too.  Maybe soundtracks of The Sound of Music or Fiddler on the Roof etc.


Make a dolly dress, you can even make one out of a paper towel if you have extras, you can color pictures on the front of the baby-dress and tape together, I did this when I was little and sometimes sewed by hand too with white cotton.  Boys can sew too, see what I wrote above about the soldier we know. 

Play Nurse or Doctor 

I was a Nurse when I was a little girl when not creating masterpieces or being a mommy, among  performing in my musicals.  ; )  An only child, I lived in a neighborhood with no other children so I made my own fun.  My audience was my parents or even a pretend audience.

I would take care of my patients, stuffed animals and dolls.   Oh I had a wonderful little nurses kit and I would tend to my patients.  Always fun.

Just go outside and Pretend.

Oh so many stories can be created outside... not to mention making and decorating mud pies.  Dressing up, our girls would always have their baby dolls with them and be hiding out etc.  Always the adventure going on!    I'm sure boys would love to join in on the adventure.  I remember once when my neighbor's grand daughters were in town we played werewolf.  We had the best time!  One of the girls would howl behind the fig tree and oh my, our imaginations!  It was so fun.

Watercoloring with those little sets, I still use those little sets!   You can color underwater scenes with crayons and do a wash over it in black or dark blue paint and the crayon scene stands out.  So fun.  You could also do an outer-space one too.


Our girls had a wonderful time with creating little miniatures and baking.  I tink you can purchase colors of Sculpey at Hobby Lobby.  I believe Walmart has a white baking type clay that you can even paint.  Dollar Tree has regular clay in colors.

Edit  4.1.20:
Cereal Pictures 
You can glue cheerios or plain cereals to a picture drawn on construction paper such as a sailboat etc.  You can then paint the cereal if desired.

Pasta Jewelry Box
When I was little I had great fun in school making these for Christmas gifts for our mothers.  We glued different shapes of pasta, seashells, maccaroni, rigatoni, etc. to a cigar box or something of the sort.  I suppose now-a-days you could get the paper mache boxes from Hobby Lobby and glue the pasta on that.  You glue the pasta in designs, groupings of pasta shapes to make a pretty design.  When it is very dry you spray paint the box with gold spray paint and it is a lovely box for trinkets.

Perhaps I will add on some ideas as I think of them.  But I just thought what a shame not to share!  Shame on Mrs. Amelia!  *big smile*

Mom Dressing Cheerfully 

Oh, and one more thing.  I hope we are presentable for the children and hubs.   I personally like to apply makeup in the morning, get dressed to my shoes and pull my hair back, maybe a side swept ponytail.  I think much better like that, feel alert and my family loves it when mommy (Mom) is taking care of herself.  I remember a few times when things were not going well in our home when I was a teenager and there were a few times I would find my mom in her robe after school, it was not a good feeling.  Our kids need to have a happy home, one of a carefree world while they can have that.

An Example:
Last week, my mother's cardiologist was scheduled to call me for a consultation about her lab work.  I will say these things nerve me up.  I wasn't always like that but because of being burned on situations in life I have  become a case when it comes to these things.  We all have buttons that get pushed right?    Well, I got dressed even put my earrings on and cologne.

Why?  You might ask. It was over the phone.  Well, it was an appointment and even though the doctor couldn't see me, I knew I was dressed and professional and it gave me the proper outlook on things.  I knew I was properly dressed. Actresses in the movie, 'Gone With the Wind' wore a historically correct petticoat, when one of the actresses asked why bother?  The director replied:  You will know.

And ho, ho, ho....The doc stood me up.  I guess now a-days, people think they can do that,.  No call from a secretary or anything.  Disconcerting.  The next day I received a text saying to my mom she missed her appointment.  So I was on edge that afternoon for nothing.   But at least I was ready.  Crazy times we are in.  I hope we'll be ready, spiritually and physically.


Speaking of Consultations:

Well.   Now, please pray for me.  Things like that do nerve me up.  My button is pushed once again.  Tomorrow my oldest daughter arranged for a zoom meeting whatever that is with my mother's nutritionist.  It's probably going to make my mom nervous so that will definitely make me nervous. Anyone hear me on this?  I'm an only child.   Do I say more?  Prayers please.

Edit:  4.1.20   The nutritionist called and all is well thank the Lord.  My mother is low in a few things and allergic to a few things.  My mother needs to be off wheat including her beloved Ezekial bread, she wasn't too happy about that, I promised her we would find another bread for her.  Thank you for any prayers for any of you who did pray, there is a peaceful feeling now that that part of the day is over and I can relax now this evening.   Now my mom has the cardiologist appointment for a lab report at the end of April or later due to the virus, and another to the main nutritionist/doctor to read another set of tests to be taken yet next month or later due to the virus.  I had written I would edit and update and when I ask people to pray I feel they will and deserve an update. So that was the update.

White on white, our little kitty, Elbee, this morning, napping in my bathroom sink!  He is hilarious.  We have four kitties and five doglets.   They bring a lot of joy to our hearts.  Elbee's eyes are a beautiful blue and he wears an aqua colored collar that matches that soap decanter.

My husband's music room outside the window this morning.  The golden morning sunshine looked very pretty upon it.  My husband can play all kinds of things, this is one of his little get-aways.  I now have my studio in the house so I think that's pretty good!

Well, I know you are all lifting up our country and this world in prayers.  There are some very strange things going on.  I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on this.   One of the best radio shows in my opinion lately is Mark Levin. Ultimately besides being informed by a viable source, I try to center in on home, and be content doing the next thing.  And pray.  There are some serious things going on, very serious.

I heard flylady say something that was a good idea the other day, besides our personal prayer times with God we can say the Lord's Prayer while we are washing our hands.  

Well, it's a beautiful spring day here. 

Let me know how you are.  Your comments are a blessing to me.   If I think of any other ideas for children or young adults I will post later here too.  You can ask me things I may have forgotten to explain too.  I tried to just get this entry up, I am seeing so many that don't seem to know what to do with their children being home, I figured since art is my thing and our home was always full of some sort of creativity maybe this would help.  I hope so. I wanted the entry to be a mini booklet of sorts for little activities.  I hope you enjoy it if you were in need of the ideas. 

I'll close with this song we heard yesterday, one of our favorites by Twila Paris, I thought this was so appropriate for the times we are in.  

Good afternoon, Loves, praying for those who are ill and praying for our country.   ~Amelia

Edit 4.1.20  If this entry was a help please leave a comment.  If I don't hear from folks I have no way of knowing if the entry was helpful in any way.  Also, many of my entries have prayer requests, a response is encouraging.  We are the Body of Christ.  Thanks for understanding. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Lots Going On. Thoughts, Creates, Prayers

Well, I'm making lemonade over here out of lemons right?

But.  Oh my gosh, so disgusted on the way businesses are being handled.  Many people who work for the government have no idea...I heard an epidemiologist yesterday say the amount of heart attacks and suicide caused by the way certain things are being handled with private business will be our worst problem.   I agree!  Oh how I agree!  And most people do not question things. Frightening.  I could be reserved on this but I'm too honest for that.

On the government officials who are receiving their paychecks and making these rules destroying people's businesses and lives;   Michael Barry on morning radio today was saying something to the effect of when speaking of government:   Many say we are in this together but no we are not.  No we are not.  Many people have no idea or even want to have an idea. 
I'm married to a realtor broker and have always struggled with the ignorance people have on being in private  business, you just would not believe what I have seen people do and not do.  But this recent situation with small businesses being shut down has really made me livid.  Not so much for us personally, for we've been through thick and thin (trust me) and are in those middle age years having made many short term sacrifices for long term goals but what about the private business owners or private ministers who are raising a family who are not in a good position financially?   We have renters who lost jobs who are scared to death, one young lady who rents from us texted my husband saying she doesn't know how she will live.  Hubs and I are George and Mary Bailey but many landlords are not, what is to become of those poor people who rent and have business that shut down or worked for those businesses?

Rules yes, common sense rules.  But this extreme control where it is not even needed in specific situations is frightening.

Our veterinarian had it right.  He put a sign on his door that says something to the effect of   If you have Covid symptoms please do not come in.  We want to stay healthy.   There ya go for commons sense.  We the People.

“As government expands, liberty contracts.”
Ronald Reagan 

Okay, moving on.

Here's some fun stuff I did the past week or so.  I'm decluttering major getting things  cleared out for a happy middle-age here to live.  Let me live.  Yes.

I try to do something creative for at least 10 minutes a day.  Sometimes it's going for a walk in nature and spying a beautiful lavender wild flower and replanting it in my garden.  Sometimes it's taking up a blouse to get a better fit, sometimes it's all out-break-out- the paints or fabric.


 The view from one of my kitchen windows...We can decorate and create with fruit and veggies too.

To save on my paper goods, I've made some easy-peasy cloth napkins out of scraps of my fabrics.  I usually make them around 7 inches or so...depending on the size of  the scrap.  I didn't hem them because I wanted to get them out and running.  I placed them in a glass bowl, easy to grab.  Paper will be used for icky messes only.   I'm also using the smaller scraps for facial wipes etc.

I put this together for our kitchen table to bring some good cheer.  All silk flowers are from dollar tree and walmart.  No flower bush cost more than $1.50...  I had the floral foam already on hand and the flower tin from dollar tree.  I've never used the foam before, I usually just use a crumpled bag or whatever.  I also lined around the bottom of the flowers with green  moss from dollar tree.

All great change in America begins at the dinner table.    ~Ronald Reagan

I made this cheerful bouquet for my studio out of dollar tree silk flowers...I simply tied them with a cloth ribbon and lay them on this little table as if a maiden lay them fresh from the garden.   These florals are great, they have the wires in them and you can bend them to perk them up a bit.  Four little flower bushes were used.  $4.00

My little deer friend was out on my screen porch, the little guy makes me smile and he is so realistic I want to pet him.  I decided I would bring him inside for decoration.  I used my silk ivy from the dollar tree to make my own little sanctuary here on our woodburning stove.

It's very calming I think... I love the color, green.

More silk ivy from the dollar  tree as well as the 99 cent store...I keep things in our living room more deep rich jewel tones, greens, maroons...More like an old library or lodge.

There are some great people out there on youtube that I watch on my t.v. through my channel master.

One is Olivia's Romantic Home.  She's a cutie pie and a Christ follower, I get a lot of inspiration from her.    She is also very kind in responding to comments.

I've been listening to Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings, the ten hour version on youtube as well as the cd, Hidden in My Heart, a lullabye journey through scripture.  Vol.  I.  That is also on youtube and my husband put it on his phone.

My prayers go out to those who have been touched by any sickness, my mother is 90 years old so I get it.   My daughter has autoimmune issues, I get it.   Oh how I get it.  It breaks my heart what happened in Italy.

One good thing that has come out of all of this!?   No abortions are being done!  Innocent babies are being saved! 

“I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”   

~Ronald Reagan

 In closing...

 Ready daily, Psalms 91.  Maybe twice daily or more.

And my husband reminds...

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  -II Chronicles 7:14

I am having a full day today so I better run,  *big smile*  Take care.  Be wise.  Be safe.  Laugh often and much.  Be silly, dance while doing chores and........... Think.  ...And Pray hard.

Love,  Amelia in the Forest

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Edited: "Heartwarming Moments. Quarantined Italians Sing Together from Balconies" An Example. My Grandpa.

My daughter, Marianna sent me this and I just loved it:

The bald headed man singing Puccini reminds me of my Grandpa Oddo.  The way he picks up the little boy at the end?  Yes.  That was my grandpa...He so loved children and he and my grandma lived simply.

It reminds me of this quote, and you can easily substitute he instead of she:

What constitutes success?  She has achieved success who has lived well;  laughed often and loved much;  who has gained the respect of intelligent people and the love of little children;  who has filled her niche and accomplished her task;  who has left the world better than she found it;...who has never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty, or failed to express it;  who has always looked for the best in others and given the best she had.     -Bessie Stanley

My grandpa was from Bisaquino, Sicily where Frank Capra was from, my grandma was from Naples.

My grandpa sang opera when he was young and when he would sing to us even in old age he sounded like the man singing Puccini.  When Grandpa immigrated to New York around 1915 with his cousin, Jerome, he was hanging his clothes out of his apartment there.   He sang so beautifully that a lady walking down the street from the opera heard him and asked him to come sing in the opera.  He did until he was called to this southern state to unite with his family who came to America later.  He was so proud to become an American!  

I am half Italian and half German.  *big smile*   My husband is also of Italian descent, we met at an Italian wedding! 

So there you have it.

Have a blessed Saturday and Sunday as we concentrate on the Lord and rest in Him.

Let these great Italians be a good reminder of how we can make lemonade out of lemons, right?

Love to all,    ~Amelia in the Forest.

P.S.  Grandpa and Grandma?  You would be so proud, I'm living out in the country and gardening too!

EDIT:  3.15.20  Sunday morning.   I really enjoyed this little video below by Minimal Mom.  At around 4:35 Minimal Mom's twin sister who is about to deliver any day now,  gives a very good word to all of us.  Be encouraged, and let's all be in prayer on this mutant virus known as Corona.
Minimal Mom and Sister- Corona Virus- Let's be in Prayer-Let's be Encouraged. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Peace Be With You...

The other early evening I walked into our master bathroom and I heard the most beautiful song on khcb, our traditional Christian radio station, it was as if Christ was giving me soothing refreshment to my soul, it was an ethereal feeling.  I was almost stunned and stopped in my tracks.  I closed my eyes and just received the refreshment.

Later the announcer made an announcement of the song and specific artist on the variety cd.  I now have the cd, Scripture Lullabies, Hidden in my Heart Volume I  to play in my kitchen..I also play it on my channel master on youtube on television and it goes from one song to another.  There are several volumes, this is the first.

I just wanted to share the Beauty and Peace with you all.

This second selection is just gorgeous, remember when you were a child and there was a special movie on around Easter time?  Or just something that struck your soul...a miracle of sorts?  This music is the kind of music that would describe that feeling or moment...  Enjoy.  I like the ten hour version but there is also a single selection by Samuel Barber on youtube as well.  

I have the above playing now as I type...

Closing with some special recent photos here.

Cardinals are very special to me, they are God's messengers and comfort.  Here is one I spotted through my back screen porch perched on a bird feeder I made with a dollar tree cup and saucer on a metal hook-hanger also from dollar tree.


This is Liesl yesterday evening, she is the sweetest, most affectionate and loyal dog we've ever seen I think.  Look at the love in her eyes...She had gone from one home to another and my daughter had her but the surroundings were not large enough so we are so very, very blessed to have this most precious fur-angel here...  And she is that, a fur-angel.

Wherever we are, she is there. Whether it's on a walk or a precious heartbeat at our feet in the living room, her sweet little head resting on our knee looking up at us...She is there.  Even if the little Dachshund takes her treat she lets him...Oh if humans would learn to be like Liesl.  (And yes, I give poor Liesl another treat.) 

More photos from yesterday evening and night.  It's hard to capture the peace and solace the forest brings...  Sometimes I stand and just quietly and being very still...Take it all in...

I saw the moon last night as  we sat in the living room watching an old black and white movie.   I couldn't let this pass me by...I grabbed my phone and stepped out quickly to capture the Beauty.

Well, I hope things are going well for you dear ones.   The nutritionist will be sending an email soon to my daughter to let her know if further testing through yet another doctor is necessary at this time for my mother.  We have a very good report on my mother's heart.  She is 90 years old and her heart is in very good shape, the sweet cardiologist with a Christian staff tells my mother...Oh my goodness, you cannot be 90!  You are very unique!   Thanks be to God.   So we'll see how the arteries on her neck are doing and I'm a firm believer in doing things the most natural way possible.

These kinds of things have the ability to be very trying for me emotionally, I've had my feel of bad people in medicine, no, I wasn't always like this, I have good reason to be this way believe me. I know they are not all bad but I have heard some personally, and I know some, some good and some bad.  There are a few angels but many are in the system.

I think all the testing is emotionally trying for my mom too and is even causing her to have faint spells even more.   I pray that the nutritionist-doctor will get down to the bottom of things and that will be that!  *gentle smile*

Prayers are appreciated and special thanks to those of you who have prayed, it blessed my heart and I am grateful. 

I do know many of you have experienced the same or similar and the same moon that shines over me shines over you too.  It's a comfort isn't it?  To know that brothers and sisters all over the world go through these things?   I'm very blessed to have good daughters and a good husband to help me with this situation who aren't wired quite like me; in such a delicate way or who haven't been through things to make them quite like me.  I do know God works things for His good, if we have been through things?  I think it's to help others and to be that understanding one.

God is our refuge.

Thanking God for each one of you!  Your comments are a Blessing to me.  I think God works greatly through blogs, I really do.  

Have a sweet evening, Loves,   ~Amelia in the Forest

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Two Weddings, Not Entering Heelotville

Well after my last blog, some may wonder...

What did your daughters do for wedding dresses you may ask?  What kind of weddings does your family do?   Well, we try to keep it sensible.  Probably to a more extravagant person, they may think they are very simple.  Perhaps to a family on a very limited budget it may seem very nice.

So far, two of our four daughters are married so here goes.

One thing we did to try to save money and keep things sensible is order the wedding dresses online.  We found lovely dresses overseas.  Didn't that scare you Mrs. Amelia?  There was definitely some trepidation I must tell you!  Haha, especially the first one!  But for the price we really could not go wrong.  We found a vendor with very, very good reviews and rating.  The vendor answered our questions within 12 hours and answered them well.  The vendor had detailed instructions on how to measure for the wedding dress.  They even gave us a choice between a lace-up back or buttons.  They recommended lace up back because that was easier to fit but we wanted buttons, we also asked the vendor if we could 'up' the neckline an inch so it would not be low cut.  The dress later arrived in a plastic bag and ....  It fit!  It even had french seams!

The one thing we did tweak on Michelle's was the sleeves.  She wanted the sleeves to be a teensy bit more fitted.  We found a precious sewist in uso-town who fixed that problem very, very reasonably.  I also had the sewist hem my dress.  I could have tried to do all of this myself, I do sew simply with a Walmart simple Brothers machine that I adore and depend on, and I sew by hand, but with delicate fabrics requiring special machinery to get that handkerchief hem....I wasn't equipped to do that unless I sewed it all by hand, the simplicity of someone else doing that for me was wonderful and with the french seams?  I don't think I could have attempted to keep the french seams.

The flowers were done by a precious master florist right here in our little smalltown.  A hidden gem.  A young doc friend of the girls, also a prodigy with his violin, played that violin and it was gorgeous. The cathedral organist was included, a wowee winning combination. The church was a beautiful, an over one-hundred year-old Wesleyan cathedral in downtown where my parents were married but in the chapel back then.  The grand cathedral  has beautiful stained glass windows with Jesus and His little lambs.  Around five years ago, they had a pastor there that I loved, we would sit up in the balcony across from the stained glass window with Jesus with the little lambs...The place just had the breath of the Holy Spirit that whispered to my soul.  The first time we attended, my husband and I both had tears running down our faces up there in that balcony.  Unfortunately some different progressive thinking hit the place, a different, more progressive in a not-such a-good-way thinking pastor and I'm grieved about that major.  We can't support that.  (another blog).  Please pray about that with me would you?  I am counting on God to restore that beautiful place.

We live in the forest but like to step in our Jetson mobile of sorts and go to downtown every now and then.  Memories of me as a happy child with my parents are there in the zoo and museum district, also where both my husband and I were born.  I guess I'm very sentimental and eclectic...  The forest and artsy classic downtown.  The suburbs?  ...Not so much, not a fan of the busy system of cookie-cutterism.  Haha.  I've lived there too, and yes there were good points but I missed my forest peace and simplicity.

We had the reception in the reception hall at the church.  Why not?  *big smile*  It was rather neat, dark teal heavy vintage curtains hung as a backdrop that gave it that vintage vibe we so love. The hall also offered low reset lighting and parquet floor so what was there not to like?  For our family it worked nicely.  We kept the food to finger foods (good, heavy finger foods) we didn't want to make people hangry so to speak!  lol  We had the hors d'ouevres catered from a Mediterranean place in downtown we love.  Lot's of hummus in large cabbage leaf flowers, olives, many cheeses, pita chips, a variety of little mediterranean dainties, fruits etc.  We served iced tea and coffee.  On the invitations it was printed, "Cake and hors d'oeuvre reception to follow ceremony."  This way, no one expected a seated full dinner.  The wedding was an afternoon wedding at three.  The lady who made the beautiful tiered wedding cake made the most delicious Italian cream cake with a chocolate layer under the white icing!  We had so many compliments!  For music we had a piano player play background music to give things a relaxing vibe.  We used burgundy table cloths with short stacks of  old vintage Grace Livingston Hill books placed artfully with a vase of fresh simple fresh flowers  atop of  each.  The bride and her sisters and special friends worked hard I must say on this.  We would hire that out if we did that again.  Way too much ironing for them. The tablecloths were from...ebay of course!  Great value there for the sturdy tablecloths too.  We didn't have a ton of tables, just enough for people to land and visit with each other if they wanted to.

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You can see where some of our thoughts were running here on my HEELOT entry that may give you some laughs!  Probably because it's the truth!   lol

In our family we try very hard NOT to be a HEELOT!   lol

To save on trauma or money on tuxes when Marianna got married 2 years later?  My husband and groom had the epiphany to buy matching  black suits from J.C. Penneys on sale, much, much more economical and and looked  stunning on my husband, groomsmen and ushers.  White dress shirts, white handkerchief squares and matching ties purchased online.  My son in love wore his own suit in grey.

So, when Marianna got married, we took the same path.  We ordered her dress from the exact same vendor.  She also took her dress to a sewist to have it taken in, and the day before she even decided to make it sleeveless so Marianna did that herself by hand!  The dress was made with excellent construction and once again, french seams.  The venue was a lovely glass conservatory, part of a  historical museum in Galveston from the Victorian age.  More of a garden feel this time.  The food was once again, heavy finger foods from our own provider, iced tea and coffee, and we used the same lady to bake the same exact cake.   We picked some of our beautiful favorites from 'To Kill a Mockingbird"  instrumentals as the bridesmaids and myself were coming down the aisle.  Congregational hymns were sung before the ceremony started.  A professional young musician friend played violin as a gift. We were to have a trio to play old time 40s background music such as Nat King Cole selections but the wedding had been canceled because of Hurricane Harvey so was postponed one week.  So we forfeited the trio and played Nat King Cole and other old charming classic cds overhead for background.  The conservatory was so loud with visiting no one heard anyhow so there ya go.  The guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  After the ceremony, before the reception, the guests were able to browse the historical museum as the conservatory chairs for the ceremony were being set to the side. The museum in the huge old Victorian home actually at one time was an orphanage for Christian and Jewish children long ago.  Very beautiful grounds.

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When I was looking up past entries finding pics and such I came across  this quote.  I know it's a  bit off-topic but in lieu of this day and age of churchdom, it can be quite fitting depending on what we are personally dealing with or have dealt with.  The one thing I try to get over to people that have  been hurt by churches though...It's not Jesus who hurt you, it was some manmade thing or person who hurt you.  It's not Jesus who did that and  trust me, it grieves His heart too.

'When any church will inscribe over its altar as its sole qualification for membership the Savior's condensed statement of the substance of both the law and the Gospel, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself” that church will I join with all my heart and soul.' 

 -President Lincoln

 And one of my favorite all time favorite quotes!

"Too many people are buying things they can't afford, with money that they don't have... to impress people that they don't like!"   

-Will Smith


Need encouragement avoiding the Heelot syndrome?  May I suggest my blogging friend, Mrs. Sharon White's delightful book?   An Old Fashioned Budget.   I've enjoyed all of Mrs. Sharon White's books, they just bring a song to my heart.  It's like having a sweet neighbor to have coffee with. 


I hope you all are doing well, I try to keep up with others' blogs as I am able and I do enjoy them.  

Please pray for me right now and our family, my mom is being taken to the nutritionist and cardiologist by my daughter and it is entailing a lot.  Way more then we bargained for.  Lot's of pressure going on of various degrees.   Our heads are spinning.   Prayers please!

What a Friend we have in Jesus is what comes to mind,  

Love to you all,    ~Amelia in the Forest 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Looking Back: Being Redeemed from Materialistic Thinking and What God Has Done!

Hello Dear Readers, I felt I needed to put an update up, and let precious readers know that I have not abandoned the blog here but just have been so busy trying to get things in order.  I have felt discouraged with the blog at times but God gently alerts me to who the audience is.

Going through many possessions  and things has given new meaning to the scripture from the Bible:

Matthew 6:19-21 King James Version (KJV). 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


Here is a good example up above.  You will see my once lovely wedding dress from 1980.  This dress is from Sakowitz and was heirloomed.  We paid $100.00 to heirloom this lovely dress made in France from Sakowitz that we paid over $1500.00 dollars for in 1980, just for the dress, not counting the veil or petticoat etc.  I know, (frivolous)  totally ridiculous.  Thank God I have gotten away from any thinking of that nature or world of the big city so to speak. Unfortunately, I was young and had gotten mixed up with materialistic people in town and started thinking their way on things, very sad indeed, just awful really especially in liu of the very non-materialistic way I was brought up.  Yes, we had nice things whether it was from Sakowitz or Kmart, but it was always in a sensible, practical way of what was needed and the quality.  I know materialistic people can be anywhere, not just the city, that just happens to be where the story setting was for me back when, when I was deceived on some things.

When my daughter, Marianna took the dress from the sealed Heirloom box when she was planning her wedding in 2017, it was brown!  The netting was rotted and when she lifted the poor deteriorating thing up out of the box, it looked like it was something from the Dickens novel, Great Expectations that Mrs. Havisham wore or worse!  

Because of my life in Christ, thank God this kind of thing doesn't bother me much, but I laughed and covered my mouth in amusement.  I know, it sounds awful that I felt that way but just knowing the way people look at that kind of thing, the name dropping etc....and just seeing the condition of this is really so very fitting.  It's a shame it had to be my wedding dress from my almost 40 year marriage but my heart is just not in material possessions of this nature any more.  In fact, I am repelled by things like that.  Actually this dress was going to the burn pile I was in such a hurry to not deal any longer with it over 2 years later after opening the sacred box.  (Oh my gosh).

If it would have been an old photo of a loved one or a handmade item that one of my little girls or husband made me or picked out for me etc., that would have bothered me much much, much more. 

I did manage to cut the border off the bottom in one large circular piece and cut the little white medallions and the one pitiful sheer, delicate long sleeve so meticulously beaded in pearls by little ladies in France.  The poor little pearls had turned a 1960s appliance-brown.  The pearls reminded me of my Grandma Oddo's dark brown refrigerator!

Yes, I've soaked those pieces and somewhat redeemed them back to white just as Christ does our hearts and just as He refines my Heart day to day as I abide in Him!  I spend time with Him!  I walk with Him and I talk with Him...  There is nothing like that and no price can be paid for that.  *big smile*.


For encouragement, this is a video done by one of our daughter, Michelle for her doctor.  It tells of what she went through, and actually she and her husband were having to stay with us after Hurricane Harvey when she started feeling better!  You will hear why and how God moved.  That was when the dress above was uncovered as Marianna was thinking of using the dress for her particular wedding.  We all had a good laugh on that dress thank God.

Michelle spoke of the Lord and how her healing was His doing and how He leads but sadly, the producers took that part out.

Now Michelle and Josh have a little miracle baby, Asher Samuel.  He is pictured here with our little dog that was dumped out here, a little Godsend fur angel for us to enjoy, Peanut.   They were both resting so peacefully a couple of weeks ago on our couch, I thought it was so sweet, the two of them. 

This is Peanut another day, just resting, resting, resting...  Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.  I'm tempted to worry at times, but it's much better to take the cue of Asher and Peanut I think and trust Jesus and rest in Him just doing the next thing...


Before I close, I would like to recommend a Pastor that my husband and I enjoy very much.  His name is Zac Poonen and he is on sermonindex.net. Zac Poonen has podcasts as well, and we usually listen to those once a week or so, he is on youtube as well.   If you are looking for good sermons there is an abundance on sermonindex.net..   You will find David Wilkerson and Carter Conlon as well as other classics.

I'm still decluttering and trying to just take life one step at a time!  Praying for you all, I know Brothers and Sisters are reading from different parts of our country and world and I appreciate you so much!

Until the next time,   Amelia at The Forest Cathedral,  praying for you and I covet your sweet prayers as well.

A peaceful evening here at in the forest...The moon is so pretty I think.   

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Onward, Un-Nerved but Ever so Thankful. Going Straight Ahead.

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"The irons of sorrow and loss, the burdens carried as a youth, and the soul's struggle against sin all contribute to developing an iron tenacity and strength of purpose, as well as endurance and fortitude.  And these traits make up the indispensable foundation and framework of noble character.

Never  run from suffering, but bear it silently, patiently, and submissively, with the assurance that it is God's way of instilling iron into your spiritual life.  The world is looking for iron leaders, iron armies, iron tendons, and muscles of steel.  But God is looking for iron saints, and since there is no way to impart iron into His people's moral nature except by letting them suffer, He allows them to suffer....

...Your iron crown of suffering precedes your golden crown of glory, and iron is entering your soul to make it strong and brave."             F. B. Meyer

But you will not mind the roughness, nor the steepness
   of the way,
Nor the cold, unrested morning, nor the heat of the noonday;
And you will not take a turning to the left or the right,
But go straight ahead, nor tremble at the coming of the night,
   For the road leads home.

 Excerpt above from Streams in the Dessert devotional.  December 27.

Oh my soul is full with thankfulness, joy and feeling a bit un-nerved.  The above devotional struck to my heart this December.

The night of Christmas I didn't know I would be seeing ambulance lights through my mother in law's glass door as I was taking my own mother's pulse.

Thanking God my mother is okay but also knowing that she is approaching 90 it's bothered me lately.  Someone came to me and asked if it was normal for my mom to be sleeping in the dining room chair chair at the table drooling.  (No!)   I couldn't  believe the sight I saw and shouted for someone to call 911.  Audible prayers were coming forth.  Thank God we were in the midst of Christians no matter what the slight differences.  What was in our teabags in that boiling water was coming out trust me.  Prayers still going forth as I finally started calling for my mother to come back!  Not only did I  I stand there amidst audible prayers of those around us ...In the name of Jesus, but a shout of a young lady ordering to start cpr (never needed thank God)....a scared young man calling 911...my daughters crying, young ladies taking my daughter's baby to help out, a new guest, a new precious girlfriend hugging my daughter telling her it will be okay, people scattering everywhere, my sister in law who just lost her husband months ago suddenly and tragically, she calling out my mother's name as my mother finally peeked her weary eyes to her.  My adult nephew, an emt so sweetly helping out, such a fine young man raised right.  My daughter's boyfriend coming through the door, medicine is his thing, I wanted to hug his neck.  I stood there stoic just doing the next thing trying to keep my cool (I think we mothers are specialists at this at times, as God gives that supernatural strength) but afraid at the same time just trying to walk on water so to speak like a little duck on the water with his legs peddling like mad underneath.     The emts coming in with the stretcher...a colorful vivid strange dream of flashes.

Thank God there was a happy and joyful ending.   My mother, smiling says to the emt...Hey handsome.

My heart is blessed on an extended family with differences of course, but coming together and making that beautiful bridge to help when it  mattered most and especially in prayers coupled with action.  What a beautiful Tiffany lamp, with all the different pieces coming together.

I will start to close with this video of my mother with one of our grandbabies, Elliott.  I think this shows my mom when she is most happy!  She loves children and this is her element!  She's doing great, she will be going to my daughter's doctor, a natural doctor seen on pbs, also at one time, a specialist in medicine leaving behind the tradition as he sojourns to better, natural healing that works thanks be to God.

Thanking God for His goodness and just knowing He is there with me.  It's in the times above we must have faith.

My mother this past year with Baby Elliott, one of our precious grandsons.  Very typical of my mother with children.

I'll be decluttering at this time, just taking it easy.  It's been such a strange several years and I'm no stranger to loss or pain, I'm also no stranger to great blessing from God.  He holds me in the palm of His hand.

My husband and I are enjoying just being and doing simple things together.  Our precious little grandbabies are a joy.   My husband and I were even able to go the Museum of Fine Arts to view the Norman Rockwell:  American Freedom exhibit. Oh a  beautiful day, just a day of building great memories.

Turning 59 years of age I'm just taking a deep breath for now, I covet your sincere prayers.   I'll be seeing you, until  the next time...

God be with you.    Amelia at the Forest Cathedral.

P.S.  I feel strongly in my spirit that I need to give an exhortation.  Please friends, if you are running a Christian blog, please be that Christian in action and response as well as what is written or shared.

Edit. 1.6.20:  To ward off confusion on the above exhortation and clarify:   It's most important as a Christian blogger, to visit other blogs and leave encouragement or just an interesting comment when able.  It's also very telling on  follow up on personal messages in a sensible time frame when possible and if seen.  For myself, I have had to go back and apologize to a precious pastor from India because I was not checking the personal message section as I should have.  Let's concentrate on fellowship and our true witness as much as numbers if we are looking at numbers at all.  The mostly anemic American church is a good example in many cases of the problem of "The Numbers Game".  For  me?  I will not play The Numbers Game.  If you would like to join me at my kitchen table here with a cup of coffee or  tea so to speak, that is a great thing in my book and close to my heart and I appreciate that so much.  I do think it's important to sensibly let people know we are gleaning from a blog author's writings as we see fit and are thoughtful, prayerful and considerate in that.  And if someone takes the time to visit our blogs?  Let's reciprocate and visit their blog too from time to time, it's nice to be nice and it's the Jesus thing to do.  If you are out there, not a blogger so to speak and just enjoy reading, having found my blog, I appreciate your cyber footsteps very much and please know you are in my prayers whatever part of the world you are in.  I appreciate you reading here and hope it is an encouragement to your heart as we sojourn in this world together.  May the Peace of God be with you.

Blessings to All, and may this New Year bring close, sweet fellowship to our Savior.