Monday, January 5, 2015

You Made the Cow Kneel to Show Me...

Hello everyone, hope all is well and you have had a sweet Christmas season.  As for me?  I am already wondering how I can simplify Christmas for next year.  It seemed this year I was a bit hurried and I don't even know why... It's strange, I don't even know why.  I just could not think about Christmas quietly, too much goings on for some reason.  Strange.  I tried to simplify but things were whirring around me something awful.

One way I think I jolly-good messed things up was at the beginning of the season Mar and I got a wonderful tree from Walmart, by the way... Walmart has the most beautiful trees for only $20.  What was the mistake you made Mrs. Amelia?  Oh...I became anxious because the tree was sitting in it's watering pan and sitting and sitting for more then several days... (poor sweet tree) and no one was decorating it.  Hmm.  That chapped me.  I don't know... I do not think I was all to blame there was definitely some lameness! Ha! Yes-siree-bobbie but my mistake was falling into a bit of a bloomer wad over the sight of the lonely bare tree.

Yeah... the commercialism bugged me as well and it was playing in the theatre of my mind since the Thanksgiving parade.  I can't tolerate the modern rap, rock etc., (cheapness) they try to push on Thanksgiving and Christmas... It plumb depresses me.  Does it you?  All the boyfriend lyrics mixed with a rather secular Christmas...It's empty.  Just give me Bing Crosby and perhaps James Taylor...maybe Glenn Miller for a sweet old fashioned cheerful pop sound.  We all enjoy listening to the old Bing Crosby radio 40s broadcasts. There is no mistaking, Christmas was a sweet season then, there was a healthy fear of God.  I like to keep things in that atmosphere of sweetness.  As I often ask, why not?

Next year?  The girls will have to do what they can.  For me?  I will carefully take out my little Baby Jesus on hay, the mule and two sheep figurines that survived one of our cats pouncing on it, thus breaking the shepherd, Mary and Joseph and the wise men crashing to the hard floor.  Yeah... It was disturbing in a way... I come out unaware in my Christmas p.j.s and the girls tell me they just swept up Mary and Joseph.  It's terrible if you think about it..  Gosh.

I've had the precious manger scene for over 30 years...It's a sweet little ceramic set I had carefully chosen from Target years ago . But the weird thing is it didn't disturb me as much as a sentimental thing like that would have normally disturbed a sensitive soul like me.  I think I was so filled up with the unwanted noise and stuff... I was numb. Marianna says Mary should not have blonde hair anyhow.

Actually the sweet remnant of my manger scene looks rather neat simplified...Maybe next year I will take my Baby Jesus, two sheep and the precious mule, all three of the animals adoring our sweet Baby Jesus... out to display.  The rest will be up to the girls.  And that is that. ; )   Now you must know I may change my mindeth.  I do have some rather glorious old ornaments all the way from the 20s and 30s and our tree is one of the only ones I know of with old retro icicles but gee whizz..  No one even commented on it.  That's kind of disconcerting.  Mr. Lee years ago had said our tree was the prettiest he had ever seen... Now no one  even appreciates the old sweet things (it seems).  Please tell me you do?

On my plans for next year Jem says he wants to tape-record what I am saying and re-play it next Christmas season for a reminder. : )

Okay, enough of that,  I do want to share with you one of the sweetest movies ever.  It's one of the sweetest movies we have ever seen and has precious life lessons.   Even Jem loves this movie, may I share?

The movie?   Tenth Avenue Angel  (1946) with Margaret O'Brien, Phyllis Thaxter, and George Murphy...Oh so darling.   This is great for anytime of the year, but a really good one for Christmas time!

The ending part is the sweetest thing ever.... but I do encourage all you sweet folks and friends to view this in entirety to capture the precious full flavor of the movie.

At 3:54 you will hear the bells ringing Christmas in and the precious cow in the train car kneels as did the animals in the stable when our Savior was born.  Flavia's mother already on bedrest has delivered her baby prematurely after falling down the stairs running after Flavia and is fighting for her life.  Flavia had been told by her mama that the animals kneel every Christmas for the Baby Jesus just as they did that Holy Night....George Murphy and Margaret O'Brien are so precious here as the men at the railway are too - astounded at this miracle from God!  Listen to the precious prayer....

Flavia played by Margaret O'Brien praying to the Father:

I can't see You but I know You are close, please listen to me, I've been a very bad girl, I didn't believe, but now I saw...You made the cow kneel to show me.  I know you're close listening, make my mama live, only You can,  it'll be one more miracle... Please, please dear God make my mama live...

Oh God please give us sweet eyes, precious hearts one to another and the sweet faith of this little girl. Thank you Father for miracles You have done for us.  All miracles, private and public, we thank you Father.  Please give us eyes to see.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Closing now this wintery eve,  all the way from the Forest Cathedral.... Goodnight Loves.   Amelia

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Don't Be a Heelot! See This Blog for Instructions and 'Meet John Doe' (1941) Such Greatness for the Holiday Season...

Oh how I remember the first time I saw this movie, it was 21 years ago as I lay on the couch with our youngest, my newborn baby girl Rebecca, just arriving from the Birth Center after a 24 hour labor...Oh what a lovely eve upon returning home with our precious baby that was.  So you see this movie has such special meaning to me.

This movie is another Frank Capra movie great.  When I say great, I mean greatness..  Total Greatness.  Capra Greatness.   Look up Capra's bio and see, the man had his ducks in a row on many things plus he came from the same Italian village my grandpa Oddo came from.  How can I not love that?  : )

You Can't Kill John Doe:

Timely words from the clip that stand for today just as yesterday...

Why your type's as old as history, if you can't lay your dirty fingers on a decent idea and twist it and squeeze it and stuff it in your own pocket you slap it dogs , if you can't eat something you bury it!

...the meek can only inherit the earth when the John Does start loving their neighbors.

Wake up John Doe you're the hope of the world!

Who's Gonna Get'im?   The HEELOTS!  Beware of the HEELOTS!   Listen closely for instructions!  Because..."When They got ya,. you got no more chance then a road rabbit!"

I think we get the picture right?  Let's keep it simple, K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple sweeties. : )  Thoughtfulness?  Yes, by all means.  Excess, greed and materialism?  No thank you.

It's bigger than your ambitions, It's bigger than all the furs and bracelets in the world...

(spoiler alert)  Closing Scene, almost untouchable in Greatness.  Check it out at 3:41...The real and original John Doe is spoken of here in true Capraesque fashion that I so admire and adore.

A very distraught Stanwyck appears...

Oh John, if it's worth dying for it's worth living for...Oh please John, Oh...Oh, please, please God help me...

John, John, look at me, you want to be honest don't you?  Well you don't have to die to keep the John Doe ideal alive, Someone already died for that once, the first John Doe, and He's kept that idea alive for nearly 2000 years, it was He who kept it alive in them, and He'll go on keeping it alive forever and always.  For every John Doe Movement these men kill, a new one will be born!  

That's why those bells are ringing John!  They're callling to us!  ...Not to give up but to keep on fighting... Don't you see darling?  This is no time to give up...

Would you like to see the greatness in entirety?   I hope so. : )  Enjoy and see the greatness before you turn into a HEELOT this Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas!

'Meet John Doe'  (1941)  in entirety:

Remember what Stanwyck says in the closing clip...   The original John Doe 2000 years ago...He died for mankind.

The Little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay...   Oh so much to say I do...Just so much to say...

Your friend in the Forest...    Merry Christmas Loves.   ~Amelia

"Wake up John Doe you're the hope of the world!"

"Don't you see darling?  This is no time to give up."

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Photo by Robert Stock

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Forget Cliques. Real Community, It's Under Our Very Noses

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I learned a long, long time ago not to complain about not having what I think are 'friends'.

Often I remind myself of this in what could be lonely minutes the girls are away, Jem is at work and I sit in this weird but off-the-wall gorgeous season of life, living in the beautiful Forest here.  As beautiful as the Forest Cathedral is, I have found the people in various communities as a whole to be hard as nails.  But.  It's everywhere really, the concrete jungle of the burbs is no better, people are prejudiced these days all across the board, many women are just plain envious.  It's been that way since the beginning of time.  Think Eve and her nature.  It's everywhere, and it always has been.  I remember times as a filled-out little girl in ballet, dancing a solo, other moms snubbing my mom, angry that my mom's brunette baby had a solo.  Yep, it's always been there.  The earlier we learn to contend with jealousy and envy the better.  My ballet teacher back then told my mom so.  (She was right.)

I'm so thankful my mother was independent in this respect.  A content woman, both my mom and dad were content.  Our sweet old fashioned and modest home was paid for, car and truck were paid for and we used them in peace, out of debt.  Our sensible vehicles were paid for with cash and driven til they could be driven no more and that was good.  We didn't buy new vehicles just because we needed a change.  How shallow would that have been?  Why would I want my identity to be in a vehicle?  Good food and generosity coupled with love were mostly served.   To heck with the rest.  My parents would be the first to help the needy because they could.  Very rarely was my mom blabbing on the phone, I never heard my mom calling a friend to gossip.  Ever.  She minded her own business.   Yes she did.

I could go on and on dear readers but I think you get the picture...Many of us see the smallness even here in blogging.

Last Sunday I sat in a precious church where old fashioned hymns are sang and great sermons are preached but there was a problem.  All over the little church, minutes before the service, there were groups of several blabbing among themselves, in one case, the symptom of gossiping was there.  They were so into their little worlds that not only did they not bother to look up at us, but there were also several other isolated women as well also feeling the chill from the open-doored frigidaires throughout.  We see the same scenario in many institutions these days.  We must remember this is how Jesus was also treated.

You know what?  Next time this happens I will remove my backside from the pew and go to the other few that are also alone surviving the chill and I will introduce myself.  Perhaps I will be accepted, perhaps I will not.   My husband tells me we have a 'look' they don't like unless they are truly Christians, perhaps from that glorious WWII generation or perhaps a true Christ follower with babes at home.  It's kind of funny, in the burbs we were looked upon as too homie.  In the the wee towns and villages we are pegged city-people or outsiders.  I half-laugh...shaking my head.

I read the article linked at the bottom of the page this morning and it hits the spot of temptation in so many, and it's this very attitude that makes us miss the real sweethearts out there.   The lovelies...

Close your eyes, open them, our blessings are under our nose.  Look at our children, whether they are one day old whether they are thirty-one...Are we able to cook family dinners and bless our homes?  Let's thank God for it.  Thank God for quiet times. : ) Would we want any other?

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Other forgotten places where sweethearts dwell?

For me, the nursing home visitation is soon, ....  thank you Jesus for those beautiful lovelies.  Yes indeed.  True roses in this plastic world...Don't forget the grocery store..many hidden gems (saints) roam there too just waiting for a smile and a kind, heartfelt, hello.  You would be surprised what can bleed out of precious saints wounds...We hold the healing balm.  In healing others, many times, our wounds are healed.

loading ... 

Following is the article link over at Ann Voskamp's blog, get yourself some coffee and enjoy,  maybe there is someone who needs a hello?  Maybe the real roses are under your very nose, in your own home?

How to Get Over Cliques and Get Real Community

"The quest of the Inner Ring will break your hearts unless you break it."  ~C.S. Lewis  Memorial Lecture at King's College, University of London. 1944

Black and White Photography by Robert Stock

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) ..More Frank Capra Greatness

He's a guy that's wholesome and fresh...To us, he looks like a freak...

He's got goodness Mabel.  Do you know what that is?  No, of course you don't , we've forgotten, we're too busy being smart-alecs....Too busy in crazy competition for nothing.

If you haven't checked into Frank Capra movies you are missing some wholesome greatness of a better time.   

I say let's bring it back, why not...why not.  That is what we do in our family, we bring it back right here.  Why not.  We at least try to obtain a higher standard of a sweet home that honors God.

Why in the world do we want to buy into this culture layin' down? 

We can be that culture of goodness to the world.  It's so much more refreshing!  So much more Peaceful...

Fix your thoughts on things that are true and honorable and right and pure and lovely and admirable.  Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise...  ~Phillipians 4:8b

Check out Frank Capra, he was from the same Italian, Sicilian village as my grandpa.  In fact, my Italian grandpa's family name as a neighbor is mentioned in one of the Capra biographies...Capra and my grandfather were both around the same age. To me, when I see photos of Frank Capra, he bears a slight resemblance to my Grandfather... My Grandpa Oddo was one of the sweetest best natured fellas around... I miss him.  At this holiday season I especially miss him, my Grandma and my step-Daddy Al.  I miss so many precious, sweet loved ones who are with God now.

Remembering these precious loved ones make me long for those Capra times...thoughts and hopes.  With God though... we can be those Capra times right in our own homes!  Why not?

Praying for our country and the Church.  

Gotta love that Capra...

When we see this movie, who will we see as Mr. Deeds?   Will it be us?  I hope so.  (big smile). 

May we follow Goodness, Justice and Mercy all the days of our lives...  To heck with the my Grandma Oddo would have said...

Will we be that guy or gal that's wholesome and fresh? 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Must See: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

I wouldn't give you two cents for all your fancy rules if behind them they didn't have a little bit of plain ordinary everyday kindness and a little looking out for the other fella too...thats pretty important all that...   
~Spoken by Mr. Smith played by Jimmy Stewart on the floor of the Senate.

Good evening dear Readers, our family has been watching this movie classic with Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur, Beulah Bondi and other great actors directed by Frank Capra.

I have such a burning in my heart when I see this movie!...Perhaps you will too when you view this classic movie great!

In the movie we see the same twisted attitudes and hearts that are just as present today in many places and institutions as yesterday.

Oh me oh my!  Such fabulous quotes by courageous Mr. Smith!  

Another place, another time but very much the same today in many places where it ought not be as I'm sure you will agree.

You will see Mr. Smith reading out of the Bible as he fillibusters...Such a fantastic movie!  So great.

I hope you and your family will also enjoy and be inspired by this movie classic great!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So Much to Share and Say, Projects, my Heart, Finds, Let's have a Cuppa?

Beloved Father, help me to expect you as I travel the ordinary road of life.  I am not asking for sensational experiences.  Fellowship with me through my everyday work and service, and be my companion when I take an ordinary journey.  And let my humble life be transformed by Your presence.  

Some Christians think they must always be on the mountaintop of extraordinary joy and revelation, but this is not God's way.  Those high spiritual times and wonderful communication with the unseen world are *not* promised to us, but a daily life of communion with Him *is*.  And it is enough for us, for He will give us those times of exceptional revelation if it is the right thing for us.

Excerpt from today's devotional; Streams in the Desert, 366 Daily Devotional Readings by L.B. Cowman.

Good Morning Friends and Dear Readers, I thought I would treat myself to a nice blog of a 'Show n Tell' style today, I love sharing treats with y'all...  Kinda fun, and realness will be included as always from this artist and lover of home, my little family and the Father who makes my Life so possible, so real and gives me any creativity I have.  He gives me Hope and helps me cope with those heavy loads that come from the outside and try to wreck my soul.

Sometimes I have to just grab hold of myself and say:

Now Self, stop it.  Get hold of yourself.  Okay, a few women with insider ignorant smalltown (fearful of what?  I do not know) mentality dissed you.  Self, you must remember, for every dodie that swanned by you there are several lovelies.  Self?   So what if that loved one out there has once again disappointed?   God WATCHES FROM AFAR.  ....None of it is Eternal.  Make your Life the beautiful thing it is intended to be!  Count those blessings!

That is one beautiful thing about knowing the Father and having an infp personality; money doesn't impress, cliques do not impress, name brands do not impress and small town mentality is just ignorant. Suburban gossips are ridiculous.  It really doesn't mean much to me although the smallness is stunning at times... and the shallowness of Vanity Fair to me is akin to 'The Emporor's New Clothes'.  I bet you also agree if you read here for the right reasons.

There have been days gone past when I quietly, in a whisper to my step-dad Al who has gone to be with the Lord.... (I do that sometimes when things are troublesome) just as I do Mrs. Blount my old confidant' and friend.. also with the Father now.  Why did they have to leave us I do not know...   The conversation goes like this:  Why did you have to go?! What am I to do?!  Why can't you be here?!  If you were here you would know just what to do, what to say and be such a presence of comfort... oh what a gift you were!  

God sends signs through these times....  If you don't believe me, that is a pity, don't be a scoffer.

I'm also amazed in bewildering times how God places us in the deep, quiet, depth of the sea...where nothing is disturbed... like a graceful little fish swimming quietly...peacefully with the Father.

... sips coffee

Sometimes I see Christ in people.  He is there if we look.

Here is an example:  Hubs, Lea and I were at an order-at-the-counter little restaurant in smalltown, a darling young man with dark hair and eyes, looks at me for my order, I notice his arms filled with tattoos.  He speaks with a kind voice and I ask if they have veggie burgers for crazy people like me.  He looks at me for a second with kind, large dark brown eyes.  And with a soft, kind, sweet voice says... You're not crazy....... And actually you are the second person to request them recently...  I smile appreciatively and suggest to him a good brand to order...  Just that kindness shown from the young man with the large brown eyes with that kind, soft voice...Yes that was Jesus with skin on to me.  


Another sip of coffee...

I rather enjoy being 53 years of age, yes I do.   I know myself and I do what I like and I don't participate in what I don't like...  Now I realize things that bothered me since I was a little one were for a reason.   That conscience alert and heartfelt care was from the Father.

My husband and I get each other most all of the time and enjoy being with each other...When we don't get each other?  We can playfully knock each other in the head, roll our eyes and go on with a hug or two...  Our four daughters are blossoming in their lives.  Becs is attending art school part-time and as I see her go through the door with her huge, huge! Half her size! ...Art pad under her arm, I smile.  She is an extension of me.  It's neat.  God has given that Life, that abundant life through my daughters in so many special ways and hopefully we have fed the sweet sensitive things of the Father in them, through them and may it shine to others now...

May it shine and may God be Glorified...

Marianna our secondborn with Mo-Mo our precious kittlet.  Studying hard in court reporting school.  Photo by our youngest daughter, Becs.  We have quite the menagerie of animals here...God's sweet little and large creatures in our care.

Lea, our firstborn, a counselor at a pro-life clinic at a banquet here with a real WWII bombardier and his precious wife the other day, our vets, real heroes. I hope we appreciate them.   I also pray there will once again be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover.  Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  Joltin' Joe has left and gone away...

Michelle, last Christmas.  Working for a campaign scheduling events for the candidate.  The fragrance of a courtship with a godly guy is wafting... : )


Becs, our baby girl... resident photographer, artschool student getting to know a young man who loves the Lord.  : )

Jem, my sweetheart, on a lazy day of sorts...doing work at home....

Me.  Yesterday and today.

This is how I do my hair on most days...hairband I made myself out of an unused black jersey t, tied in the back. Hair clipped up.  Gives an illusion of short hair but I have the luxury of letting my hair down when I want too.

What I've been up to...

Sewing Art!

Simplicity 4881 
This pattern is my easy-breezy go-to standby, it goes with casual or elegant material.  The belt I made covers the elastic waist in case I tuck my top in.

  Loved this flannel... What I was going to use for pillowcases I decided to use on a skirt!   Much more fun!   I ordered this delightful flannel from  I love that site!   I also enjoy Hobby Lobby and Walmart as well.  They are all three reputable companies for sewing materials.

My girls looked at me skeptically when I told them I was making this material into a Muffie skirt. (Muffie is our little beige mini schitzu...he looks like this little bear)  Why not wear the material?   I will wear it to shop in and have fun with it.  I'll sport it with a navy turtleneck and boots, tights...maybe a fitted denim jacket. We shall see.


I also have grown to LOVE this pattern lately as well!  New Look 6843

I use view A.  I have the older version of the pattern and it's fine...and it's less expensive many times.

This pattern has helped me with my zipper skills!   Now I put that back zipper in like a boss! lol  (No, they are never perfect but who cares) ; ) 

I make this skirt 6 to 10 inches longer then the pattern.   The 10 inch longer version is great.  I can go with hose or without.  It is a tea length on me and uses 2 yards of fabric.  I used a dressie fabric I had on hand and had almost tossed out after an epic fail on a dress.  The slippery fabric behaved fine for this skirt and we shook hands. It may be used for dress-up with my black Audrey Hepburn turtleneck or with various tops I already have for less dressy datenights; black, navy, white, perhaps a burgundy scarf etc. and my signature cardigans of course.

loading ...  Both of these skirts were made 10 inches longer to make that pretty ballerina length worn with ankle strap ballet flats.  So fun.  So feminine.  So comfortable.  No geisha girl heels for me anymore. 

Love this green, I bought this from Walmart and it was around $2.77 per yd.?   It's the poly/cotton broadcloth, it doesn't wrinkle easily and I think that's pretty good.  It goes with several tops and cardigans, beige, black, navy. 

The above skirts remind my girls and I of these gals's skirts and this glorious time period!  Enjoy!

 Come on, admit it...That made ya smile. : )


I have also done some serious Franken-sewing!

I used this for the topNew Look 6262 or 0981 (Use the exact measurements, err larger on this one ladies, runs way small!) Measure your pattern pieces!  They are not playing on the measurements here ladies!  No ease!!!  at . all.    I also had to add an inch to heighten the neckline plus the sleeves run small so went with the largest sleeve.

I used this for the bottom McCalls 6503.  The pleated bottom.  I added inches to  make it a comfortable length.

A tie belt from a fave tie belt as a pattern was also added.  I used grey broadcloth I had on hand for the dress.  I'm thinking this will be a versatile little dress with different colors and prints of belts, plus layering possibilities!

 Mar decorates so cute for the fall!  If it was up to me? may not happen. ; )


...another sip of coffee and a break to turn my music on: 

 and other music I have been enjoying?  This. Is. So. Beautiful as well as the movie!

..refill on that coffee...
and my favorite fall candle burning now?
The *large* jar of this is only $5  and it works just as well as expensive brands!  Mulled Cider.  Greatness... oh yes.  A great Walmart find I've used for more than several years.

And what are you cooking Mrs. Amelia?
loading ...Cooking Tonight?
Well I will perform some more art in the kitchen here this evening with several bags of frozen asparagus, making a light sauce with fresh garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and jarred artichoke hearts...plenty of basil, some beans here and there.  Over gluten free pasta over course!  Bellisima!


I'll close with a shot this morning of our elderly little fur angel,  Guisseppe:
He has lost most of his sight, I don't know if you remember his eye trauma last winter but it was quite a scare.   I have to keep a close eye on this little man...He goes outside and will become lost in the Forest, his eyes also need treatments more than once a day...Isn't he so adorable though?   When I care for Guisseppe, I think of the Father and how He cares for me.
  Better run now....I have enjoyed sharing coffee with you. The Father cares for you and me!  Oh how He loves you and me!   Don't give up, this world is nutso I know..   But don't give up.
That is one of the main reasons I write this blog, to share Life and to encourage.
You are loved...   Amelia, the last child in the woods, signing off from the Forest Cathedral. 

Black and white photography stills by Robert Stock

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh Saints...Let us Remember Lot's Wife. Just Give me Jesus...

Below are the words of saints shared in love and humility. I share them with you now not in legalism, but in the Spirit of Christ as food for thought in a time when the deception of the enemy of our souls grows daily more subtle and powerful leading up to the great deception that precedes the return of our Lord. I pray these various thoughts from other brothers and sisters will be a blessing.

"As you sit down to watch TV, count the minutes. How long until you hear the first swear word, how long before the first sexual joke, how long until a violent act takes place, or how long until a child shows clear disrespect to a parent? Probably not too long! Start watching for these things, and you will be amazed. Analyze the humor in a show. Often it centers on foul language, sexuality, or disrespect or rebellion, and the limit is always being pushed."

- Karl Graustein

"As we think about consistency, let me just emphasize the whole area of entertainment, and the kind of entertainment that you approve for yourself and for your children.

You as a mom (and dads as well) are responsible to make sure that your children are being protected. Particularly as younger children; before they know how to discern right from wrong, you’re responsible to help them make those choices.

Entertainment is an area today where we are so influenced in subtle ways by a culture that is contrary to God’s ways. It’s more subtle because we laugh at entertainment; we’re amused by entertainment. It’s fun, so we don’t think of how dangerous some of what we’re being exposed to might be in its philosophy, in its behavior, in what it’s promoting as a worldview."

- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"Statistics show that the average child living at home in America watches at least twenty-eight hours of television each week. (For some kids, the total is much higher.) Programming that targets young people is often the very worst at deliberately glamorizing sin. By the time most young people graduate from high school, they have been overexposed to the grossest kinds of evil through 'entertainment' media in mind-numbing ways—so that nothing seems particularly appalling anymore. After all, drug use, immorality, violence, and profanity are standard fare on television. When a whole generation has been raised on a steady diet of that stuff, it's no wonder that sin no longer seems exceedingly sinful to them."

- John MacArthur

"When we sit in front of sights, images and messages that are the opposite of God’s Kingdom, we allow our minds to be subtly manipulated by the voices of darkness, whether we realize it or not....

But it’s not just movies and T.V. that has us in its controlling vice. It’s an overall pre-occupation with pop-culture. Music artists, professional athletes, and movie stars claim far more of our applause and attention than Jesus Christ does...

Idols are not just golden statues that people bow down to in ornate temples. An idol is anything that claims our attention and affection above Christ. Most of us verbally declare that Jesus Christ is more important to us than our fetish for music or movies. But what does our life say? Where do we spend the best hours of our day? What do we turn to for enjoyment and comfort?

Tauler wrote,
A pure heart is one to which all that is not of God is strange and jarring.

Pop-culture floods our minds and senses with things that are not of God. But for most of us, the glamorized sin that surrounds us is not strange and jarring. It’s normal and accepted. In fact, we go out of our way to enjoy and participate in it. We even spend a huge amount of our time and money on it. And we allow it to capture our mind, emotion, and attention. Christ makes it clear that we cannot love both Him and the things that charm and ravish this world. We cannot be dazzled by the images of pop-culture and captivated by the King of all kings:

"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world." (I John 2:15-16 NKJV)

"Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God." (James 4:4)

...Does God stand up and cheer over American Idol? Does He smile with delight over the new Twilight movie? Does He get excited about the latest Cold Play album? Or does He grieve over our distracted, wandering, divided hearts?"

- Leslie Ludy

"Today, there is a whole generation... laughing at things that ought to make them weep, and not a few of them will suffer shipwreck, and some—the loss of their souls. Let the indiscriminate viewer beware."

- R. Kent Hughes

"Do nothing unworthy of Him who represents you in heaven, and whom you represent on earth. He is faithful to you; be you so to Him. Let men know what a Lord and Master you serve. Be His witnesses; be His mirrors; be His living epistles. Let Him speak through you to the world. Let your life tell your fellow-men what He is, and what He is to you. Speak well of Him to men, as He speaks well of you to God. He has honoured you by giving you His name; He has blessed you by conferring on you sonship, and royalty, and an eternal heritage: see that you do justice to His love, and magnify His greatness. . .Be true to Him who loved you, and washed you from your sins in His own blood."

- Horatius Bonar

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I hope all are doing well.  I've been under the weather and that's okay.  God is here, He speaks to our hearts in these times, He loves us so!  

Let us not be deceived, we are seeing more and more blogs that are totally omitting the Father. I'm wondering if they are worried about offending, or about numbers on their blogs?   Oh dear me!  In this time of troubles let's be that Blessed Hope for others.  Let us not forget our precious Jesus.

 Remember Lot's wife...The love of the world...and all that goes with that. ...Nothingness.
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(photo by Robert Stock)

Let's remember Lot's Wife and not ever forget about our precious Jesus.  You can have all this world...just give me Jesus.  This song sure puts things in perspective...Please be blessed!