Thursday, October 19, 2017

Autumn Days, a Skeletal Escape and Total Randomness Fun

A Morning here at the Forest Cathedral. 

Do you see Howdy?   A shy ginger man.

Sometimes Jem and I like to go for an outing, a day-date of sorts.

The Museum District is a Good Place for an Outing.

Let's eat food first... 

A simple lunch.  The real genuine, delightful hole in the wall original restaurant, the area is an eclectic mix of old but posh, strange but charming, both cottages and large estates.  This little place is known for it's tamales.  The original owner, Mr. Walter Berryhill sold the tamales in this area from a little street car, the old street cart is there on display.  

 Love this old tile where our little outside table is.

   Jem reads a text from the girls...Marianna tells us we are acting like old retired people.  We stuff ourselves. I had the most delicious, chubbiest spinach and corn tamales ever..

So now what do you want to do?  Let's just drive around and see....

These guys must be escapees from the Rice University lab.  Is this display not great?  The skeletons are seeking refuge here.

The skeletons will have a nice view.

We pass the lovely fountains and onto the other side...

The hospital where Marianna was born in the distance.

Sam Houston Statue.  I remember this museum area from when I was a little girl...Deep thoughts and contemplations here since I recently lost my dad as many of you know.

...My dad and his friends climbed this statue one night in his college days, the task given was to take a plaster mold of a part of the horse.  The story goes that the police were amused and actually stood and watched.  Oh the stories I have..

Yes, those young men were full of "honesty and goodness"...their task was not detoured. eh hem.

...Fascinating area 

Well I guess it's time to go home to the Forest?  

I do hope you enjoyed the sampling of randomness and fun. : )

So do you like simple outings too?

Back home....And to all a good night...
Mo-Mo and Howdy.  Sister, brother peacefully sleeping while their naughty mi-mi and po-po are away..

*a smile*            ~Amelia

P.S.   Thank you for prayers for our little Giuseppe, he is truly a little miracle.

May the Lord of Peace Himself give you Peace at all times and in every way.  The Lord be with all of you.     2 Thessalonions 3:16

Monday, October 9, 2017

A Really, Really Good Short and a Sick Little Dog. Do you Like Fake Church?

The Crumbling of the Church  (If a tacky ad starts, please skip after seconds, I'm so sorry.)

Good Morning, I was thinking of the above video.  I have posted the greatness before and thought I would post it again.  I'll let it speak for itself.  It really tells the tale in my opinion and is pretty much how I feel on things.  The reason why I bring this kind of thing up is because it's important to me. I can't stand fake religiosity whether it's liberal or conservative.  Both stink. 

I've seen some messed up actions and thinkin', and as a young biracial pastor once said at the old downtown Methodist;  I've seen some... jacked up stuff.

I remember it like it was yesterday...The adorable young preacher named Terrence asked:

"Who likes fake church?  Who likes jacked up church?  Raise your hand if you like fake church."  

He had everyone repeat after him as he said...."Say it with me... J-a-ck-ed. Up."  He then explained that in his day it means: Messed up.

Marianna and I were up in the balcony that Sunday and almost could not contain ourselves we were laughing so hard.  You know how it is?   Something can be so hilarious because it's so true!  

I hope those of us who claim Christ *are* the church at every angle.  : )  And if you do not claim Christ I hope we can still be friends and that I will exhibit Christ-likeness. : )


I'm taking care of a sick little dog right now so please pray for me, pray for my husband and our little Guiseppe.

Guiseppe is our precious little elderly dog, almost completely blind, an angel, a little heartbeat at our feet.  He's especially close to Jem, the highlight of this little guy's day is laying next to Jem on the couch in the evenings, putting his head on Jem's lap.

As I type, he is resting on my lap, he's a sweet little angel.  

God, give us the wisdom to care for him at this time.

loading ...   
Photo by Robert Stock

Take care all, may we be that Christ.  Let us not grow weary.  It's tough out there I know.

Hope everyone is having a nice week so far.      ~Amelia

"Some people think they are all that and a bag of chips."

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Show 'n Tell, Heartfelt Contemplations ...and a Most Special Song


I hope everyone is doing well and lifting our great country up to God in prayer.  I'm sickened hearing the stories of innocent people who love and respect our country innocently attending a country concert and facing such a demonic attack.  I will touch more at the end of this entry. 


A Bit of a Show 'n Tell

loading ...  As you know if you read here, designing and sewing is therapy; an art for me.  I also love the WWII era and anytime I can sew a vintage pattern it makes me happy especially if it turns out wearable!  : )

This is me above colored photo, wearing a top I have sewn from a genuine vintage pattern:  Jiffy 4438. I had found a size 14, 34 bust on ebay a while back and it works fine.  I normally would have needed a 16 but there is plenty of room on this pattern.  I have adjusted the neckline to a square neck, making my own facing.  I used navy cotton lawn cloth from amazon.  I made a matching A-line skirt and a little tie belt too.  And no, I didn't cut my hair but I do have it pulled back. : )  I tend to wear my hair back in one way or another, it just feels better that way and it's timeless and I like timeless.  Let the hair fall where it may otherwise!  *big smile*

The pattern is swell with a little tiny bit of a kimono sleeve, just a very slight kimono sleeve.  You can see the way the hem turns up a little?  It makes it a bit more flattering on the arm.  Plus I was able to squeeze the top into 1 yard since I'm on the shorter side!  Yabba dabba doo!  (Did you watch the Flintstones when you were a child?)   I remember when that program was an evening sticom! 

loading ...  Does anyone have a favorite color of lipstick?   My standby lipstick is Pacifica, color xox, not too dark and not too light, it's healthy and Pacifica doesn't test on animals.  Also it does not contain castor oil, castor oil tends to really dry my lips.  This color is a nice pink with no orange in it.  Another very economical makeup that does not test on animals is e.l.f, I like their waterproof mascara and it's around $3.  I use their foundation (sand shade in this pic) at times as well, it really covers.  You may find the e.l.f. brand at Walmart or online.  I order the Pacifica lipstick online from their site, or various online vendors. 

Where the above colored photo was taken:  Jem and I were at our one of our favorite Greek restaurants in downtown.  I love their spinach and goat cheese feta pita sandwich, plus the french fries are very much like the ones my mom used to make, delicious.  The proof is the remnants on the table!  Ha!


loading ...

-    There's a lot  going on in America right now.  I'm disappointed on players protesting during our anthem.  I disagree with it on a couple of accounts and I think it's wrong.  ...How our veterans must feel.  If it really is the main reason I am hearing....I would think many of these folks would do some research on Margaret Sanger and her evil agenda to exterminate certain races of people (there are many videos and transcripts of this woman). Her evil agenda is being carried out through her Planned Parenthood til this day. And trust me I am no proponent of any kind of prejudice at all, I despise it, and thus would stress to study up on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.  It seems the wrong thing is being protested.

-    And the commentators making cruel comments on people dying at the concert in Las Vegas because the attendees support President Trump and so that was okay that they died?   Shameful.  Shameful.  So those commentators call themselves compassionate and tolerant? 


loading ...

A Final Thought

There are things that grieve my spirit and maybe you will agree:  Just for some basics...People can smother their blogs with scriptures (nothing wrong with that if we walk the talk), churches can modernize to up the numbers.  On the modern emergent church?  God is God, and He never changes.  We mustn't forget God's truths.  Those who may understand God's truths, let's remember Love is not rude, it's polite, Love thinks of others and how they are made to feel.  Love is Kind.  Good manners is putting others first, to make guests comfortable and welcome even on our blogs and how we relate to others in reciprocation.  Love is speaking from a sweet and a kind heart.  If someone takes the time to encourage me, may I be the kind of person to encourage them too. It seems so fundamental doesn't it?

EDIT 10.5.  How do we have a kind and sweet heart?  I think it comes from spending time with God in a personal way and being keen to His Spirit.   I wonder sometimes how many are hurt by those who claim to be Christians who aren't spending time with God and are not keen to his Spirit?   It ought not be. I can say I know a very famous person and I may know who they are and much about them, but if I don't spend time with that famous person I do not know him.

I appreciate very much those who take the time to comment here from time to time.  It's a Gift.

Hoping you all will enjoy this most beautiful and heartwarming song by Louis Armstrong:

When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say, and she always says it kindly.

Proverbs 31:26

loading ...

May we lift our country and world up in prayer.

Have a sweet week dear ones, we have Joy and Peace to give, let's give a sincere, toothy smile from a sweet and kind heart.     ~Amelia

All black and white  photos by Robert Stock. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Going to the Chapel! ...And Pics to Show it Too!

Well, this could be called The Wedding during Harvey but actually it is the wedding postponed one week after Harvey!

Wow.  The night before the wedding, Harvey came rolling in... It was the craziest thing ever.  Obviously the wedding was postponed and the next week worked and fell into place, it was interesting let me say!  : )

The florist was displaced in a hotel in the next town not even knowing if she would return to a home or not, the water from this storm was huge.  She is a precious friend of mine as I had gotten to know her during Michelle's wedding.  God bless you Sylvia.

So at the last minute, the groom's friends in his hometown made the most beautiful bouquets ever!  A precious, precious family.  And get this?   The bride who married the day before at this venue left her flower decorations so we could enjoy them too! 

Here are some pics I hope you will enjoy:

This is Marianna, our daughter and bride.   Rebecca, our youngest daughter and sister of the bride, and Lea driving, our daughter and sister of the bride as well!  Going to the chaaa-pel....!   Michelle was riding in with her husband after being displaced.  She and another bridesmaid were displaced but remembered to grab their bridesmaid dresses and accessories on the way out from being evacuated!  What a story!  It reminds me of the story of my Italian great-grandma fleeing her home in Naples, Italy with her bridal embroidery project in her hand as the volcano erupted! 


After arriving to the venue, Rebecca our artist daughter applies make-up to Marianna in the suite.  The feel of this photo that Rebecca Slater, our precious longtime friend and bridesmaid captured has such an ethereal look and feel I think...
Image may contain: indoor

Sisters!   Baby sister, Rebecca and big sister Marianna.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

My 87 year old mother adjusting Michelle's corset back on the dresses as Michelle adjusts Lea's corset!  Talk about team effort!   Little Emmaline is here too, a little angel.  I recently had the pleasure of playing with this little angel in her playroom at her house, she had me take a 'nap' on the floor.  (so cute).  We also played with her stickers and I was quite honored to have stickers all over my dress, and I mean that.  God's heart is with these little ones.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Michelle, our married daughter looking on while Lea and Rebecca are adjusting Marianna's veil.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and wedding

Pretty and sweet bride, Marianna.  Aren't the bouquets the groom's friends made beautiful?  The family is a large homeschooling family that served on the mission field.  Many of these friends drove far more then several hours away to come to James and Marianna's wedding.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and wedding

Isn't the Conservatory pretty?  The glass was shipped in from Europe.  You can see the bridesmaids: longtime friend; Rebecca Slater and sisters; Michelle, Rebecca and Lea.  The bride and groom.  After the ceremony the entire congregation there at the wedding sang:  Great is Thy Faithfulness

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

Lea and Rebecca Slater.  Rebecca, now a mommy herself who I used to rock in the church nursery!  Emmaline our sweet flower girl angel is her little girl.  Rebecca took most of these beautiful photos.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

Lea, Marianna and James.  So happy!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and wedding

Presenting the bride and groom!  Marianna and James

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Our longtime friend, Cat caught this image on her way back from the wedding.  This tells the tale I think.
Image may contain: sky, cloud, bridge and outdoor

I have more photos too taken by caring friends.  Perhaps I will share more in the future?

Well, everything turned out beautifully, the good Lord sure had His hand in this wedding.

We are resting now, trying to get used to a new-norm after all the whirlwinds.  Even during stressful times God is there working His hardest though we may not realize it at the time.

And by the way, if you would like to see what Harvey was LIKE in our area?  Click HERE 

I was able to see neighbor helping neighbor and it was a beautiful thing, the adversity seemed to bring out the best in people.  I learned that in our county people were told where animals were trapped that people were to cut the locks on the gates and let the creatures go.  I say Bravo on that! You can see in the link, cattle being led to safety.  Our area looked just like that.

In our daughter's subdivision, the levee was breached and people who stayed  behind got sandbags and worked night and day to repair the levee.  These people saved the entire neighborhood from flooding!   

Well I better run dear friends.  I will be fixing a pasta gravy with roasted yellow squash for supper tonight.  I am listening to the old 'Little Women' (1949)  movie, it's a sweet one.

I know that God is faithful. I know that He answers prayers, many times in ways I may not understand.   -Sheila Walsh

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Winding Down...Thoughts, Remembrance, Skirts. Yes, Skirts.

'When any church will inscribe over its altar as its sole qualification for membership the Savior's condensed statement of the substance of both the law and the Gospel, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself” that church will I join with all my heart and soul.' 

 -President Lincoln

I've posted the above quote before but I thought it was very timely indeed these days.  I had originally found this quote on a very old downtown church's site...

The old Episcopal church was built in 1917-20.  It's the Episcopal church my Uncle Wesley was married in.  it's very near Rice University where Uncle Wesley attended back then.

It's after the wedding festivities for Marianna and James and so it's a winding down time for me...

It's also after Harvey.  

All I can say is a big wow.  ...And thank God we are okay.  Praying for those who are not, Jem rode around today checking on neighbors seeing if they needed help.

People who have never been flooded were flooded in their homes this time.  We were surrounded by water and some still cannot return home.  The emotions with  my father's death, a week-postponed wedding due to a historic hurricane have been overwhelming at times, but now I'm feeling somewhat of a release...

loading ...
I've been sewing and having a very nice time doing so, it's a very satisfying hobby and creative outlet.

loading ...

 After Harvey had hit and sat on us, one day the electricity went out so I robotically cut out three fall skirts as I listened to the radio news.  I placed the cut out skirt pieces in a clear bag much like a ready-to-sew skirt-kit.

The other day, I had a skirt-a-palooza of sorts and I now have two plaid flannel skirts with matching belts and a beige skirt with antique beige lace on the bottom edge.  I also made a beautiful apricot, peach fall-like color calico floral maxi with matching belt as well..It will look nice with my signature black knit top.

I use Simplicity 4881 now out of print but it seems easy enough to find.  It's fantastic belted with a matching belt.  Very slenderizing skirt.  I make the simple two piece version.  

My signature black knit top with skirt.  Walmart offers a White Stag knit ladies top that fits beautifully and the price is right.  The above skirt is my Museum skirt.
This Museum skirt is made with a different skirt pattern you may see on the link.  Also a very good pattern.

I will start to close now with the Theme to 'To Kill a Mockingbird'... Marianna and I love this music and she chose the part, 'Boo Hoo' of the theme to play when I was escorted down at the ceremony.  *love*

Today I was looking at a poster of To Kill a Mockingbird to hang either in my living room or even the dining room for a totally different look that reflects my personality a bit, the seller also offers a poster of The Sound of Music.  

...So that led me to think back to when I was a very little girl, my mom and dad had taken me to the movies in LaPorte to see The Sound of Music.   Upon arriving home it was late night and I had fallen asleep, I remember so distinctly my dad carefully getting me out of the back of the old 50s green Chevrolet in our old garage and carrying me over his shoulder, I was young enough for him to place a flannel blanket over me...I can remember seeing the little yellow flowers through the blanket from the garage light...My mom and dad were a fine looking couple, I was sharing with Jem the other day that I thought my mom and dad were the most beautiful people ever.  ..Those are thoughts and remembrances in the theatre of my mind today...

I've noticed the more quiet it is here, the more I see the face of Christ...God is with us.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful evening,   Amelia 

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Vintage and cardinal photos by Robert Stock

Friday, September 1, 2017

Day Before the Wedding Frantics. Thanks Harvey.

This shot Lea took is from an old Dick Van Dyke episode where Laura and Millie are quite frightened, they are so frightened and so frantic that they are looking at each other and shrieking. Lea had checked this series out from the library and it is great as all the Dick Van Dyke episodes.  Our oldest daughter, Lea reminds us of Mary Tyler Moore who plays Laura Petrie. 

The reason Lea took a pic of this is that it reminds us of today, the frantic emotions we all are feeling!  We had to postpone Marianna and James wedding to this week due to the Harvey phenomenon.  I'm being nice and diplomatic calling it a phenomenon when it is a history making disaster. 

Lives have been lost and destroyed, actually we thought about postponing the wedding even further due to the heartbreak and misery.  Prayers would be appreciated for the south.  Thank God for those volunteers that are helping.

loading ...   In our home, it's a whirlwind.  Becca is hemming her bridesmaid dress, I see constant glimpses of Marianna walking around in her veil she is sewing a clip to, and arranging.  Food at a low because of the hurricane.  Crazy.   It's all crazy I tell you!  I have lentil soup cooking and I will serve it over seasoned brown jasmine rice.  It will work and it might be just good and comforting.

It's been bizarre.  My married daughter, Michelle is displaced because of the hurricane, one of our precious bridesmaids, she and her little girl, our little sweet flower girl are displaced. It was just yesterday I was rocking this particular bridesmaid in a rocking chair in our old church nursery, now she is a mommy with a babe of her own.  In fact, it was just yesterday that my little girls were running around, playing outside with their baby dolls...  I try to be like a willow tree and sway with it all. 

We just received great news that a previous bride is leaving all of her beautiful flower arrangements in the wedding venue!  Since our florist is also displaced, a precious, precious homeschool family, friends of the groom and now Marianna are making up the bouquets and corsages.  God is so good and I thank Him for so many, many Gifts and Blessings in our lives that go far beyond decorations.

   I am missing my dad right now, I know he should have been here, if he would have moved our way he would have been so much better off at every angle.  It's so fresh, so sad to me still for obvious reasons.  Actually the storm hit where his home is.  This thing was huge and so many are affected.  I wonder if people keep up with world news...  Even our friend, the country of Israel has offered help.  Many people are giving to the area and it is a beautiful thing.  A furniture store owner is so great, he let evacuees and their pets come into his big store and stay, sleeping on the beds, sitting on chairs with their pets!   How great. 

Well Readers, I thought I would touch bases since I had the photo above taken by Lea earlier today.

If you would like to enjoy the episode from above it is really funny and I think it will make you smile and laugh too, I remember when I was a little girl, my mother and I just laughing hysterically at Laura and Millie calling to each other in the house as their husband's were away in this 1966 episode.  I think this will make you laugh, it sure did me today.   

Take care all, have a sweet evening.  God is our refuge.    -Amelia

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

 -Deuteronomy 33:27

Friday, August 4, 2017

EDITED. A Worth Hearing Sermon and Thoughts - A Remembrance

Hello Dear Ones,

Thank you so much for the sweet and loving comments concerning my father.  I cannot tell you how much it blesses my heart.  

That's what it's all about isn't it?

I always think of what the Bible says about Love.  ...For without Love we are clanging symbols.  For me?  When I read blogs whose author writes of our Lord and then the author actually takes the time to comment and to care... That's what it's all about.  It's about loving not only in Word and words but in deed too.  I do believe there is a Remnant scattered throughout the world who are true blue.

Without one the other just isn't worth much is it?   Some ask me what Christian faith I am...I usually will thoughtfully say, I am a Christian, a follower of Christ.  I guess you could call me vertically straight up. Juris Naturalist.  Straight up to Christ.   Christ is my standard and plumb line.

Jem and I love to listen together in the car to a good sermon from on Sundays.  We have found doing this to be at present one of the best churches ever. 

Here is an excellent one that really hits the nail on the head by Zac Poonen. 

Here is the sermon, I think you too will enjoy it, it's an excellent sermon and that is why I'm taking the time to post it! : )

  I'll call it A Worth Hearing Sermon by Zac Poonen. 

EDIT 8.5.17    The reason that I enjoyed this sermon so very much is because Zac covered both problems in various churches and groups, both liberal and conservative.   We are veteran homeschoolers and have sat in and participated in teachings on a Godly Home.   Having said that, it is about the heart only!   We have visited churches seeking fellowship with other homeschoolers and because I have mascara and a hint of pink lipstick on, my daughters wear knee length skirts instead of ankle, we are in a way froze out.  And that is okay although I know it makes Christ weep, it becomes obvious God would not want us in that place.  We have visited other places where they are so very mod and aligned with the emerging culture that they have forgotten truth and perhaps they label me as 'rigid' because I love being a stay at home mom.  We also do not think it necessary  to be in a church several times a week as that tends to fragment the family and gives a false insurance policy instead of personal relationship with Christ.  Being in church three times a week does not guarantee a strong Christian. 

Enjoy!  I'm thinking many of you will say, wow, Amen to certain elements in that sermon!

 loading ...

I loved this photo by Robert Stock.  It shows such love and contentment.  A rare thing these days as I'm sure you would agree.  This photo reminded me of my dad when he was a little boy with blonde wavy hair and his love for animals.  This dog looks like our dog named Minnie Pearl who my dad would bring to work with him.  One day Minnie Pearl ran into the street and was hit by a car.  My dad ran out into the road sitting down in the road, holding her and crying.  His friend, Harlan, a very sweet friend, a war vet guided traffic around my dad and Minnie Pearl.

Minnie had been a stray who my dad doctored up and he loved her with all his heart.  This photo really looks like the both of them!  I've never noticed this photo ever.  It must be for me today.  Perhaps that is my dad now with Minnie Pearl.

A middle aged invalid man I visit with at the nursing home tells me he was left for dead in a car accident (the accident is why he is in the home).  He shared that upon entering Heaven all of his precious dogs he had ever owned came to greet him.  Then he shared that he awoke to paramedics doing what they were supposed to do on this green earth to bring him back.  It's an account I won't forget. 

Many a day I look into the sweet creature's faces here at the Forest and they minister to me greatly.  Never underestimate or scoff at what our Father uses.  

"Ask the animals and they will teach you."   Job 12:7

For a wonderfully sweet and meaningful little book may I recommend:  Lessons from Lucy About Loving God
 by Wendy Murray Zoba, Illustrated by Carla Sonheim

The other week after Daddy died I went outside to the fig trees. (every Italian family has them!)  And it was so comforting to gather the figs and recite the complete Lord's prayer.  Many have forgotten there is such strength in our Lord's Prayer aside from our private conversations with God.  I just kept repeating the prayer over and over outloud, just me the birds and the trees under the beautiful clouds.  ...It gave me such comfort.  There is something about our Lord's Prayer. 
"My heart has heard You say, 'Come and talk with Me.'  And my heart responds, 'Lord I am coming."   Psalms 27:8
Good evening, loves,  blessings to you,   Amelia in the Forest
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Of Rainbows, Chapstick and Memories

I opened the blinds the other morning and this is what I saw:

Rainbows are very special to me and at this time especially.  God was showing me something here...And it was much more beautiful in person as you may imagine. 

It's been a difficult time and sometimes I feel confused in my own thoughts.  I've had to deal with quite a bit lately on the death of my dad.  I don't want this blog to be a sad sack of sorts but I'm a firm believer in opening my heart, 'Open a Vein'. so to speak, with discretion of course.

I have flashbacks of Daddy in the hospital the last time I saw him.  He was restrained, his lips were chapped, Lea and I tried to cover his feet so he wouldn't be cold.   I (silently frantic) ask the nurse with tears and furrowed brow...

Can we put some chapstick on his lips?  He hates having chapped lips.  I'm his daughter, I'm the same way....

He always had chapstick in his pocket. He always did.

You could have cut the emotion with a knife in that far away hospital room.

Daddy always kept chapstick near just like I do.

I am so glad I was at least that day able to care for him.  Our daughter, Michelle was able to give him the little sponges with water on them.

The nurses said his vital signs were the best ever that day we were there.  Now you tell me how one is to feel on that. I do believe it tells the tale in more ways than one. It touches my heart that in his last days his heart and soul knew we were there and taking true care of him.   It makes me extremely sad because of the horrible and painful situation.   If you are a new reader you would have to read the past few entries to see the sad, sad story on this.


I was watching a documentary on Harper Lee, author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird', the Documentary is on dvd and called 'Hey Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird'

In the film, Harper Lee's  older sister said that when their darling most handsome brother died, Harper's way of dealing with the grief was to stop writing and to paint.  I so get that.  It seems for the past two years at least I've felt very stilted with all that was happening.  Very mixed emotions and my mind has been full of disappointments yet blessings.  Confusion yet clarity.  Bravery coupled with great fear.  Sometimes joyful clarity sometimes sad clarity.

The midwife that delivered Rebecca, 23 years ago tells me after the delivery...You have a lot of inner strength.  Boy do I believe her but I think I've been stretched to an overflowing point these days, it's done a number on me.   One day I turned the water on in the kitchen and walked out.  Perhaps I was turning the water on waiting for a warm temp. to treat our blind dog's eyes?  I don't even know.  Our daughter, Lea smiles and says...Mom.  Mom.  The water...

Yeah, I tell the girls and Jem, I'm doing the craziest things lately...  I told Jem before bursting out in tears soon after the death, we were expecting company of all things.  ...I'm not doing so well...

But.  There are Gifts to be thankful for. ...And this makes all the difference in the world.

There are many, many things to be thankful for.
One thing that I thought was so sweet was our married daughter, Michelle (dark gold hat) and my son in love, Josh (light gold hat) had everyone over for James' birthday.  James is my future son in love.  He is the gentleman below in the dark gold party hat, he will marry Marianna in the green party hat.  Lea is in the red hat and Rebecca is at work.  She has no party hat.  I smile as I am typing that Rebecca was working because Rebecca always seems to be at work when a pic is taken thus no party hat.   ; )

These are our super sweet kids and bring things back to earth many a day.  You tell me, how can these smiling faces not bring cheer? 

James Birthday

On a day to day basis there will sometimes be a poignant but sad reminder...Marianna soon to be married, and I are at Walmart as she is having her satin fabric cut, I help a sweet grandpa find a roll of measuring tape in the plastic container roll like his little granddaughter's mom and dad have at home.  He also grabs a pink bandana to match..He shares...She is "helping" her mom and dad install a new floor. 

I tell him...You are a good grandpa.

It struck my heart and brought deep thoughts, memories.    People around have no idea the innerworkings...the emotions, the private pain...

...Which made me think of the segment below in this sweet, sweet movie, Penny Serenade; the segment is  between 1:34 and 1:49.

'Penny Serenade'.  I love this  movie so much.  It reminds me of my mom and dad years ago when things were nice.  Maybe this is a sweet Christmas in July piece as well. 

Jem and I were driving home Sunday from Midtown and a plane flew overhead buzzing our car and I immediately think of Daddy.  He flew planes like that.

I can remember just like it was yesterday as a very small little girl, small enough to be in a  very small free standing baby-toddler swing outside with my mom pushing me.  Back when I was  very little, I remember seeing legs and skirts, maybe shoes from my view.  My mother was wearing a very lovely cotton dress with a white background with kelly green vines with small primary colored bright flower print, the skirt was a gathered puffy one.  She had white wedge backless sandals on.  Up above a plane flies close over our house, a man's voice echos......Heeellllloooo!  A jacketed arm is waving from the window way up there.  It was Daddy.   We still have the dress my mother was wearing, Rebecca uses it for photo shoots.  Many memories flood the theatre of my mind.

This is Daddy just days before I was born.  He is sitting here with his and mother's old longtime friends.  This is his fun-loving side and I'm sure if you could see his pants pocket you would see that chapstick in it. He was probably discussing his adventures with Mr. and Mrs. Jeske.  My mother must have been taking the photo.

Mrs. Jeske, my dad the Jeske's little girl

Just plodding along here enjoying the Forest, a most special bright red cardinal, good natured sparring with Jem, our great kids and fur angels and that small town all the while taking in preparations for a very sweet wedding, realizing the more I travel here on God's green earth the more I am a pilgrim and alien here.

"...I always was aware of an ethnic difference because we were Italians in a small southern town so we always felt like we were from Pluto." 

 -Adriana Trigiani from the documentary Hey Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird

    Good evening, loves, God bless you all.    ~Amelia

Friday, June 23, 2017

He Teaches Us to Sing

Our sweet daughter, Lea took this day before yesterday evening.

My dad passed away last week and things have become stranger and at times even more heartbreaking but I do know this... God is faithful and He is Just.  I have seen some of the loveliest signs from God, and I do hope to share with you soon as the Lord allows.  So many of these little signs are so hard to explain adequately in writing...

The Lord showed Lea this verse the night after he passed away. 

The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light;  Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined.    -Isaiah 9:2  

The Lord has been very, very faithful to show me, teach me and encourage me daily.  I know He is Just.  Oh wow, I so know this to be true!

As it was written in my original version of Streams in the Desert;  He teaches us to sing in the dark times.  

No, my friend, it is not raining afflictions on you.  It is raining tenderness, love, compassion, patience, and a thousand other flowers and fruits of the blesssed Holy Spirit.  And they are bringing to your life spiritual enrichment that all the prosperity and ease of this world could never produce in your innermost being. 

-J.M.M.  Streams in the Desert June 15.

...If God has chosen special trials for you to endure, be assured He has kept a very special place in His heart just for you...

- Streams in the Desert June 19.

Prayers are always, always appreciated dear readers and friends. 

Well dear ones, I felt I should touch bases.   I'll be out of pocket for a short time, but I hope to at least visit blogs in between times.  I so appreciate those who read here.  You are a Gift to me.

Love,  Amelia in the Forest

Friday, May 26, 2017

Thanks for Reading and Praying Friends.

Hello blogging friends, just touching bases.  Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, I need, needed them more then ever.

loading ...

I was able to visit my father last week (see last entry) and able to run my fingers through his hair...He wasn't recognizing me.  I kept telling him, It's okay Daddy, it's okay.  I just felt he needed to hear that in his soul.  I told him I love you Daddy,  and I think he was starting to recognize me and he said...I love you too babe.

It was tough.  Real tough.  There are times I feel as I could faint and this was one of them.  I'm reading this blog writing and it sounds a little cold and I am so sorry about that, I'm just a bit confounded on how to word my feelings and it's showing up here.

This all is one of those things you think of in life and know it may happen one day, but this thing is bad, a bad gig as my youngest artist-photographer daughter would call it. ...A bad gig.  My father has been stolen from me and he made bad choices.  But God is bigger. God knows all about it. The nurses on staff knew the full picture and were sympathetic as well. I'm sure they felt very helpless as the perpetrator has medical power of attorney.  It's unbelievable and horrible.

A Gift:  I was so thankful my son in law, Josh was there in the hospital room with me along with Jem of course, Lea, our oldest too along with our Michelle.  At one point I just buried my face in Josh's huge Welsh chest and cried as he had held his arms out for me after watching me with my dad.  He gets me and I get him.  I laugh, I tell him he's my real son, he arrived late. : )  We both are infp personalities.   Jem. My Jem was almost humorous he is so very angry at this situation that did not have to be.  He hates what it has done to us all. 

Please pray over this situation.  I feel God is saying to me to be quiet on it even at home, not to talk about it too much at all. Trust me, there could be a lot to talk about!   I am to let Him do His work, He has ways of doing it up good especially in justice situations.  ...And trust me it truly is a justice situation, as the system does not work.  It's unbelievable what people think they can get away with and do many times.  I will try to write more when God releases me to do so.  And we know, those of us who know God, know that those who look like they are getting away with evil are not.  No, not at all.  God watches from afar (and up-close!)   God is there watching!

I've struggled with anxiety for many years, it's a good thing that I do have a living relationship with God let me tell you.  I would like to share this wonderful book that has some very good biblical reminders and  rules along with true stories:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. (1948)   This is one of those books many people read over and over again. Very, very, very  helpful!  Mr. Carnegie writes in such a gentlemanly way and such a matter of fact way so typical of the 40s. He covers our enemies, ingratitude etc. This book hits home. Timeless.

More Gifts:  I saw a prayer buddy of mine at the grocery store, she works there, a manager who is normally very busy.  The day after my visit to see my dad, she was standing their with nothing to do.  Normally she is so busy I hate to even ask her how she is.  We were able to really talk as I told her the situation and to please pray.  Hugs were given right in that grocery store.

And more Gifts:  We saw the mommy cows and their baby calves in the fields and they are so happy.  The calves frolic through the green grass under the oak trees, they look up and kiss their mommies.  If God takes care of these sweet free creatures will He not take care of me?

Another Gift: I was able to sew a little bit.  I made a navy lawn cotton (super lightweight) maxi skirt with a yoke.  It will go with some woven one yard tops I want to make.  It's therapy I tell you. : )

Something that made me smile: I saw a little spider scurrying across my bathroom floor so frightened, and I felt God smiling and saying, That is how you are too at times Dear One.

There was also someone Jem and I talked to that gave Peace and made us feel protected.  It was God watching over us in in a very major way. 

I'll close with some songs that I enjoy that you may enjoy too!  Sara Groves has some very unique and meaningful songs if you would like to look her up on youtube.  I've seen her and talked to her in person more than once and she is one of those true-blue ones.  She was very kind, the second time I saw her after a concert she says to me and our four girls, I remember you!

Have a sweet afternoon and evening, loves,    Amelia in the Forest.  God is watching over us.