Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hope. New Camera Shots, Today. Sharing.

Hello Loves, Signing on from The Forest Cathedral here.   I just received my simple little camera so I thought I would try it out a bit.   

 The evening sky here at the Forest Cathedral...It speaks Hope I think.

 Trying my camera out in the guest bath, a bit different yes, but a most convenient mirror.  Do you like my apron tunic?  I'm wearing it with black leggings, hair tossed back in a clip, glasses on my head.  Very typical.  The pattern is Simplicity 1080.  I found the top part to run large, so I ruched the shoulders as you can see.  I made the dress version, knee length, it hits below the knee. The bottom border is black with white flowers. It's evening and I'm a bit rumpled I do believe. : ) 

 I'm fond of old retro things as you know, and this framed TCM old movie print is one of my favorites; it says:  "Amelia, Honestly yours, Jefferson"  

 Speaking of Jimmy Stewart, this is another favorite movie of ours....You Can't Take it With You.  Highly recommend!   This is an original poster from 1938, pretty neat I think. 

Here is a real "Mr. Smith"...   Senator Ted Cruz.   This is the man of the hour in our home.  Yes indeed.  
Praying for our country, praying for our world, Brussels.  The sounds playing since this morning are chilling, the crying child breaks my heart.  It breaks my heart...

God help our land.  Oh what a dividing line it seems...

Prayers going forth, and let's be the real deal.

Keep it real, keep it kind Love is not rude.  Whether it be in omission or commission, Love is not rude.   1 Corinthians 13: 5

Goodnight Loves,       ~Amelia
(Edit. 3.23 The refurbished camera is being sent back, lens not working.  Booooo.)

*Closing with this favorite song by Sara Groves I heard today, It Might be Hope  

*Please continue to pray for Michelle, she is making progress but still on much bedrest due to a major case of adrenal exhaustion, the doctor has told her six months of mostly bedrest, it's an emotional time.

*We are so thankful to the Father for His Blessings.    He's always been faithful.  Speaking of... Please oblige as I also add,  He's Always Been Faithful, also by Sara Groves