Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Personal Update from Ukranian Missionaries and More

Here is an update from Ukranian Missionaries, sent from my brother in law today, my brother in law who just lost his wife.  He was once a missionary and knows this pastor personally who sent it to him:


"Here is a report from Tim and Ellie who worked in Moldova so have on the ground contacts.  Guys, I'm going to keep posting updates on here where possible, as it so important that we all hear.

From a friend... 

Message sent by one of the pastors of Kharkiv


I want to inspire prayer books with the words of familiar soldiers and ordinary people from all over the war.  

 Warriors of Ukraine testify

'We feel your prayer support.  Sometimes something really inexplicable happens as if someone's invisible hand really takes bullets and shells away from us, and they fly past us.  We emerge victorious from very difficult situations, as if someone is accompanying us.  We become invisible to the enemy, we ourselves see even in complete darkness, and we know what to do it.  

It inspires us and gives us strength.


We believe that the Lord Jesus Himself is for Ukraine.  We ask you not to stop, support us and continue to pray.  

We really need you

 Come Lord Jesus, Come!!'"   

(three praying hands and two profusely weeping face emojis)


I thought some of you would value this most touching and heart wrenching, even encouraging update from our brothers and sisters in Christ over there as we lift them up in our constant prayers.

Edit: 3.29.22   We lift up all innocent people in both the Ukraine and Russia.  We're seeing this is a very, very complicated conflict that involves a lot, much concern on a lot of things....  Talk about a matter of prayer!



Thank  you SO MUCH for those who relayed their prayers towards our fur angel, Coffee Belle.

This contains an image of: Yesterday.  

It's a miracle she was up and playing with the other doggies.  We are so praising the Lord!

This contains an image of:.  I must brag on one of the sweet technicians at the new animal hospital we found, when I went in to tell Coffee bye-bye and that I would see her the next day...The precious lady, a very sweet and precious technician was laying down by her on the exam table with her head on Coffee to comfort her.  Wow, is that not wonderfully precious?  

Coffee Belle's History:   Our secondborn daughter, Joycie brought her home one day when she was showing a home back in the day.   Someone had dumped this precious girl and we nursed her back to health from mange etc.   I think at this point all of our pets are rescue animals except for two kitties born from a rescue mama cat.  They are all a blessing to our family. 


This contains an image of:  

A recent evening sky here.




Closing with our beloved Keith Green, this was done in '82.  I was carrying our first little baby when we saw Keith Green in concert.  Keith Green died in a private plane crash just months later when I was five months along...I remember it like it was yesterday.


Enjoy, be blessed on this Sunday afternoon:



God bless and be with you.  Peace be with you in Jesus name.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

...Just Real Quick

...Just real quick.


That's what my daughters and I say when we call each other for a quick question or just to relay something quickly.


So this is going to be a quick blog.  ...Just real quick. 

 loading ...

But first we have coffee, ... or tea.  My mom and her mom, my Italian grandma would never have you in their home without offering a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea or something.  Even if it was real quick or a even a business call, they were just wired to make the other person feel comfortable.


I have coffee...I have iced hibiscus-peach tea, I have hot teas available, I love them all.   In the afternoon sometimes I have myself a cup of hot tea lately, it's so nice I think.


It's been stressful!   I knew it very well could be because I wrote about stress and that's usually how it goes.  


Our dog, Coffee went through a rough patch.  Our old vet's office is just not the same since he sold it and our pet almost died because of it.   Jem and I rushed our sweet Coffee as she was about to go into septic shock after a very bad chaotic vet's visit (you don't even want to know)  on to a new vet and it was so the Lord.  We found a vet, a new animal hospital right in our area and it was a beautiful thing.  I felt like Mary and Joseph frantically trying to find an inn!  The youngish vet there was very thorough and they even kept her overnight to watch our dear Coffee.   So great to see the farmers and the huge trailers leaving their horses for different issues, a precious little man who has worked for the same vets even in another town for years...shoeing the horses etc.   Coffee is home now, we're watching her closely and the Lord has been with us, it was a  bit frightening.   Let me just say, please research medicines and even research symptoms because if it wasn't for that, the first vet's office would not have even done an xray at all.  I was having to tell them what to do, I had to ask them if there was some sort of blockage because of recent symptoms that I had already told them.  They were trying to say that Coffee not using her back legs was arthritis which she does have but obviously if I'm telling them she's listless something is wrong!  Her bladder was huge, 3 times the normal size and she was not able to relieve herself!  



A Movie Suggestion:

We recently watched a very sweet movie, it's called Bright Road (1953)  At first Jem wasn't sure if he would like it, it does start differently, he thought it odd but after just a few minutes he said...This really is a sweet movie!  The movie focuses on C.T.  a darling little boy that many thought to be awkward but not...This little boy was a thinker, and oh there are some precious parts in the movie.    This movie was recently on the (regular antenna t.v.) Movies! channel.  It looks like it comes on the 26th at 12:25am if you would like to tape it.  Here's a link to Movies! channel schedule.




In closing here is a beautiful song by Fernando Ortega.  We love Fernando Ortega's music.  This is so peaceful and so beautiful.   Jesus, King of Angels

Enjoy, be at peace:




Take care friends, be at peace, as we look to the loving Prince of Peace.   


Psalms 91.  Read it slowly, let it sink in.  Closing with a thought-filled, pensive but gentle smile to you all.