Monday, October 31, 2011

What Shall I Give Him?

Last Saturday it was a gorgeous day out, Hubby and the girls were outside doing things, the man had a lit torch to fight off the Texan mosquitoes that weren't scared by the coldfront. Hubs turns into Jem when he comes home from the office. I'm a cross between Scout and Donna Reed.

Me? I did my walk through outdooors several times. It is beautiful let me tell ya but I can't bend over like my girls to garden yet until my back heals completely, things like that take their time don't ya know and I will always use caution. So I asked the Lord what I could I do for Him with my time?

It reminds me of the poem by Christina Rosetti, "What Can I Give Him?"

What can I give Him as poor as I am?

Sometimes when I'm feeling in a quandry about some things I just ask God what He wants me to do, or rather What can I do so I don't dwell on these quandries.

My oldest daughter Lea is a Christian counselor at a prolife clinic, (This is Lea Saturday night getting supper cooking) I used to be a counselor at a prolife clinic too but when I became pregnant with my second little baby girl I realized hubs and I could no longer make the trek to the clinic in Midtown with our Little-Lea. I then took calls from home and then we moved to the country and it was long distance.

Today. I live in the country once again, I have four little-big girls and I homeschool. So I asked the Father, "What can I do Lord with my talents?"

A couple of months ago, Lea, our oldest baby girl came home from the clinic letting me know they needed bags. Bags? Bags for what? Bags for prolife literature, baby booties and a blanket in a non-see-through bag. Material bags would be nice, something simple with handles. I listened and pondered for a while...a month or so. I know, it's a long time to ponder. I do that sometimes. I pray and wait, wait and pray. I like to sew simple projects, it's so wonderful and liberating I think having a sewing stash and when I need something I can sew it up simple.

Well God started nudging me to sew up a bag when I sew me up something.

I made a couple and Lea brought them in.

Last Saturday when I asked the Lord what I should do, He said to go get that snowman material, the time was now. Today. Last Saturday.

Let me confess. That snowman material has been with me for at least ten years. I once thought I'd do a jumper with it. I don't wear jumpers much anymore so I made a little skirt. I still had a lot of snowman material left.

It's cute snowman material. Last Saturday I put the snowman material on the table thinking about those bags...It suuuurrrrrrrreee looked awfully cute on that table. I had to talk to myself..."Amelia don't be selfish, you have a couple of more Christmas table cloths in the closet and unborn babies are more important" ...You know I'm ashamed to type it, it sounds so selfish.

I promptly got my little self to the sewing machine.

I got eight bags out of my material! Yay! I even made some curly little handles out of some interesting gingham material. It curled as I sewed it and I thought it looked cute like that.

As I sewed I prayed, "Thank you Jesus-thank you Jesus" I prayed for the babies and their futures and for Life in Jesus name. I prayed these little snowmen would speak love to these mommies, some scared and confused. The Love that only Christ can give.

Pray for these mommies and their unborn babies that these mommies will choose LIFE in Jesus name!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cool weather. The above photo is typical here, flannel shirt, pants -capris rolled up, my girls tell me these pants are too short for pants and too long for capris. I took the black socks off...and they said that was an improvement in itself. Frumpy is comfy in the cool of Autumn. Yes indeed.

Pray for the unborn, it seems our unborn are getting lost in the shuffle of the country.
What can we give Him? How can we use our natural talents? His yoke is easy and His burden is light...

Love in Christ, Goodnight. ~Amelia

Friday, October 28, 2011

Nice Telephone Talk This Morning...

I talked with my daddy on the phone this morning. Some of you may have seen my mom and dad's portrait when they first married circa probably say...1954:

I think they made such a handsome couple. Both of my parents are 81 years old, they divorced when I was around 19. They are friends now...Oh life is a crazy thing indeed. Of course when things don't go right in our lives it makes us very sympathetic to others. It's the school of brokeness, the companionship of brokeness....The School of Christ.

My dad is a very common sense kind of guy. He used to write, he used to speak on his woodwork, he's an artist with natural wood, at least he used to be before his eyes started deteriorating, city counsel, ... he's a very independant hardworking man. He's a trip and a compassionate trip but also a bit of prophet too. He now has macular degeneration that I'm praying for the Lord to heal. I believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

This morning we were talking over the phone, email isn't working very well with his eyes doing a number on him.

We were talking about the college loan thing with our president calling executive order and reducing college loans. Ridiculous. Typical.

I love what Dr. Paul said on it and how he shared on working his way through college and medical school.

Rush Limbaugh has been excellent on the subject lately as well.

In our family college has never been a given unless needed. : )

The phone conversation this morning went like this:

I do believe it's a story that may make you laugh.

He tells me that after I was born and was a little girl he decided to go back to college in Midtown to finish his degree. He doesn't realize it but I remember. I remember he would go to night school in dress pants and cardigan sweater. It was the days of the movie, "Space Odyssey" was the year Baskin and Robbins came to the suburbs near NASA and Daddy brought this carton of strange mint greenish blue, cough drop colored ice cream, a flavor called "Daqueri Ice" to our old 1930s home, in the little spotless kitchen my mom kept so nice. Our home was neat as a pin. My mom's not a creative messie like me. ; ) She's an artist but a very neat one. : )

The background to this story is when my dad was in the army as First Lieutenant I think it was his Captain. We'll call him Captain York. Captain York was with Patton during the war and they worked closely. Captain York always told my dad that knowing the answer wasn't important, it was knowing where to find the answer that was important.

Okay back to college in Midtown. 1960-something. My dad was sitting in the classroom and the prof. decides to call a pop-quiz. My dad took one look at the pop quiz and thought to himself...I do not know the answers to this.

He remembered what Captain York said... that knowing the answer wasn't important, it was knowing where to find the answer that was important.

So what does a common sense man do? He pulls his textbook out and looks the answers up unashamedly.

The prof of course notices and walks over to my dad and stares for a bit and finally says:

"Mr. Mickey you are using your book and this is a test."

My dad replied:
"Yes, I have learned that it's not knowing the answers that is important it's knowing where to find the answers, and I am here to learn."

The prof. didn't say a word and quietly walked away.

After class the prof and Dad talked for a bit. Dad found the professor to be a p.h.d. Dad also found out that he himself made more income in his own waterfront business than the good professor.

Daddy came home that night and I remember he and mother talking there in the little formal table area. Daddy tells Mother he saw no reason to go back.

And he didn't.

In following years, I saw my father on city council, Mother and I always met him in the bookstore on our shopping evenings. We were a threesome, me, an only child. I loved meeting Daddy in the bookstore after Mother and I would shop for what we needed. Trust me, it was for what we needed, my Mother and Father were very practical and still are, they were children during the 30s and they vowed I would never be spoiled as an only child.

Daddy would learn to make a Civil War cannon (he never calls it the civil war though, it was The Battle of Northern Aggression according to the red-caped nurse who attended the young men at the private military school he attended in Biloxi Mississippi)... Daddy being the fun loving practical joker would shoot things out of the cannon over the Bay. : ) He would continue flying airplanes for a hobby and attend to his pets...his cat named Sam and his dog named Minnie Pearl. His salty editorials and such were scattered up until ten years ago or so...

So many great stories to tell here in the future.

Life is a story may we live it. Life is a story may we love it and love others. Life is a journal page what will we write?

I wrote a little about my dad when he was just a little boy in the blog entry "Booger Men and Small Rebellions". And dad is not the booger man, although his nickname for me was and is booger bear from when I was a little girl dressed like a little bear for halloween. I should send the picture in to the Reminisce cute. And noooo we don't celebrate halloween for anyone interested.

Me and Daddy the other week, yep my hair back in a ponytail again. It gives my face a lift pulled back and do you know I thought that back in 6th grade too? Ha! A 6th grader thinking she's looking older.... oh my.
Rebecca our baby, 17 and Michelle, 21. Lea 28 and Marianna 26 somehow didn't make it into a picture this time. But they were there too. Marianna once said her grandpa was such an amazing man in a sweet, contemplative voice as we drive down the street...It's always an emotional time leaving. The car is very quiet for for a little while. I try to just look out of my window...

That's all for this evening. Goodnight All. Love in Christ Jesus, the Lover of Our Souls. ~Amelia
P.S. It's not the answer, it's where to find the answer. Christ Jesus, He is alive and listening. Seek, Knock, Ask, Listen...Sometimes it's the Eleventh hour...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lil Muff's Snazzy Safety Vest

Yep, my mama didn't know what I was thinking when she gave me a red blouse that didn't fit her. Yep...yep, yep. I thought, I now have me some nice fine red material that will be perfect for our Lil Muffie's vest I'm a-plannin'. I say in a perky voice: Um hm! : )

Now you must know that my dear husband is starting to call me "Edward Scissorhands" around here. Not that we've ever seen that movie, it's not our style but the looks of the poor character in the movie with the radical scissor hands...why the artistic side could be me on some days. I'm an artist by nature. Sometimes I'm a quiet contemplative artist, sometimes I'm a broadway dancer artist, sometimes a ballerina, but sometimes, oh yes....sometimes, I'm a radical Edward Scissorhands. In highschool I was known to turn out a fashion illustration in an hour, a fashion illustration design that would hang in the showcase. Did I ever tell you the time I decided to get into the showcase with my friend and pose like a statue? Just to see if anyone noticed? I told you I had more than one side didn't I? And that doesn't even count my artist brush of words.

So, to make a long story short, it's hunting season in these parts and we really don't care for that. No matter which way you look at hunting it is dangerous. I know. My dad accidently shot himself in the leg cleaning his gun once in his waterfront gas station for boats. I'll never forget my poor daddy coming up the walk way to our house for supper time limping with blood stained khaki pants and the horrible look on his face as he grimaced. No, I really don't like hunting for man or animal unless protection is needed, guns and the like frighten me if not used properly and with extreme care. I've been in the presence of other accidents as well...let alone poor animals wanting to naturally roam and not to be shot for sport for pity's sake.

Now Muffie-man above in the picture? He's probably all of ten pounds but this little guy thinks he is ten feet tall and is my husband's right hand man. Hubby takes the four doglets out to the back of the Forest Cathedral here and Muffie thinks he is Charlie the cow-dog's partner in crime. Yes, Charlie has been known to take off into those woods and we go to prayin' because we want our little guy back.

Well my pinking shears went to work while hubby was talking to a client on the phone. I smiled gleefully as hubby shook his head amused talking to the customer. My pinking shears went to work as I tried my little red safety vest on Muffie smiling all the while at hubby smiled back shaking his head even more while discussing business over his phone.....and voila... A few minutes later and a few stitches of some leftover elastic and it works!

Just in the mood to blog this evening...Yes, I'm watching Hannity and Rove (that Romney head). Hm. I just thought I'd share on this cute little vest I threw together.

I'm doing fine. I rejoice over the Lord's blessings.

And please pray for us concerning church situations. It's tough out there, I think most that read here understand exactly. We want a nice loving church with nice sweet standards when we do visit an organized church other than our homechurch and I really do want to visit with this pastor at the church we have been visiting. Mr. Pastor, (said like little Scout to Mr. Cunningham in To Kill a Mockingbird) if you read this I would really like to visit with you and talk about your grandpa's hardware store. After all....My daddy, grandpa and great grandpa frequented it there, my daddy said it was right by the pharmacy, I have an old bottle from the pharmacy, I would sure like to talk with you along with my hubby of course and our girls. If you would please see fit to give us a few minutes or so you may be awfully surprised and perhaps amused by the two waterfront families I am from. (I respectfully smile) : )

On those families? Like the old sports car ad said...."Italian styling & German engineering". Enough said. : )

Yes indeedie.

Signing off for the evening dear friends for an Audience of One.
Love in Christ, my Lord and Savior, the One who never lets us down.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Temporary Post Edit

Temporary Post Edit:
Just showed the below post to my dear husband, sharing I had taken it from the blogroll and put it on private. He looks at me with sincere brown eyes over his glasses and asks?

"Why did you take it off? If the shoe fits wear it"

So it is back, I am afraid of coming off wrong at times, you cannot hear my voice you cannot see my face, so many times I am apprehensive about my honest heartfelt writings. I will say this, as I sat at the pc today this seeped out of my heart within minutes.

Ugly Rejection Equals Beautiful Savior

Sometimes I really do believe that Jesus would be rejected at many churches. I just have to shake my head and weep sometimes...I really do. Sectarianism is a very ugly thing and it hurts people. I just don't understand why people don't see it. People are like teeth, ignore them and they will go away. No, I do not feel rejected, I feel like I have had the privilege of being treated like Jesus was treated and that makes me very sensitive to others. Thank you Jesus.

This is what sectarianism does to people:

But on a positive note this is what it does for me, it draws me closer to the One who hung on the cross , the One who suffered and died for me, He knows every feeling we have felt. I can worship Him and rejoice in the fact of knowing He is protecting, sometimes He needs to be brutally honest in the spectrum of the spiritual realm for us to SEE:

What He must feel when He sees this lowly sectarianism? I cannot even imagine, I just cannot even imagine... I just know this, it's not the Lord's fault what is happening in many churches today. We see it on every front. Very conservative and very liberal we see it on every front.

I am the church. Jesus is in my heart, I will serve Him in my community and with love and truth. Please Lord Jesus help us to be your mirror...When people see us help them to see Jesus in us. When we are rejected of men and man-made rules and religion help us to remember that is what they did to you too...

And may they remember what happens when they offend a little one.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

BOOGER MEN and Small Rebellions

Small Rebellions...
You may ask what in the world are small rebellions? Well....They are small but powerful acts of kindness. In Christianity today we do not hear about plain old kindness much anymore.


Brutal Acts of Kindness? YES! DARE TO DO IT. Beware of the BOOGER MEN, SLAY THEM IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Muffie Rests and the Squash Plant Grows

I thought I'd tell of what we've been up to in pictures... This past Sunday we finally had a downpour, a welcomed downpour after the horrendous drought here. At church Sunday morning we walked into the foyer and I spied the younglady, one of ten siblings. The family lost their home and all trees on their acreage by wildfire. What a sweet sight, the young lady was singing hymns sweetly to the music in the sanctuary as she was tending to her little siblings. A precious sight indeed. Here are shots from that evening after the downpour...I wish I could say the red leaves were fall leaves. They are dead leaves from the drought, still beautiful though. We can see things either way... Datenights are always so nice. On our way we saw beautiful handiwork of the Lord. Our Destination...A delightful order-at-the-front cafe in the middle of the square. We ate outside hubs and I while listening to some nice saxophone music from another restaurant enjoying the night-ambience. We don't have to spend boo-coos to have a nice romantic night out. Last Night the moon was huge and it was so beautiful... I awoke early and waited for things to lighten, my old friend the moon greeted me... Today we are getting satellite cable installed just basic. We have really missed seeing the debates lately and feel rather helpless having to go by clips on radio programs. Muffie rests. The squash plant grows, it's crazy...Hubs and girls have toiled over the garden and here is a squash plant flourishing by the back door. My material awaits my next project... [IMG_9559-1.jpg] And that's the wrap for now...You may enjoy my thats-italian blog for a wonderful recipe by our daughter Zuzu and several wonderful old movie suggestions too along with a great poem. Praying for our country, may we elect a prolife, pro-Israel president. ~Amelia

Friday, October 7, 2011

Grocery Store Day in SmallTown (I so needed that)

Yesterday we decided it would be grocery store day in Smalltown and a sweet chance to celebrate our femininity. I decided to belt my knit top with my Autumn skirt I made; green background and beige leaves, cotton material, oh yay, I love the fall. Now you must know the drive to Smalltown is a huge treat for me, it's like stepping into a moving painting, almost like the old movie, So Dear To my Heart. Now that movie is one of the sweetest movies ever for the entire family, made in 1948. This is so precious and nothing is made like it today. Zuzu and I hopped into hubs little car, and away we went... I love the people in Smalltown, they talk like friendly people should! I receive more fellowship from the stores in Smalltown than anywhere else in life at present and that's okay with me...Yes, I'm thinking God has things for me there. Sometimes God dries things up and we don't understand and there is such sweetness from Him in such unexpected places. If we're not careful we'll overlook what is under our very noses. It's a bit like the Roma tomatoes yesterday at the store, I was examining them and quickly put an older very ripe one to the side, I felt bad for the poor little tomato (Only me, only me would do that) and I bought it out of mercy. It turned out to be the best little tomato ever! When Zuzu and I arrived home with our groceries the skies were clouding and we did receive some welcomed rain, not a lot but some relief thank the Lord! A Very Good Deal! Michelle and I stopped by Dollar General for a few things, and purchase this huge box of laundry detergent for $3.50. This box contains 5lbs. 6oz. of glorious soap. But wait there's more! When Zuzu and I arrived at H.E.B. our little grocery store, they had the same size box for only$2.79! Now that is a wowee in my book! I also enjoy using the Foca brand too. It sure beats making my own. I tried making my own once and almost lost my religion if you know what I mean. ; ) On most of these powdered soaps we can experiment and use a smaller amount then what is recommended. My Bookshelf... After loading groceries and marveling over the nice clean windows and clean floors (thank you Hubs and Joycie) I took myself a wee nap. This is my private bookshelf on the side of my bed...My books are some of my friends. Hubs has his own bookshelf too. I become a bit overloaded at times, not to mention framed prints and such that I'm waiting to hang...I just need that special place. This is one of my favorite things on my bookshelf, this is hubs when he was a little guy...So cute. Just got back in from our family vacation (a lovely sweet time for us all) remnants shown here, my favorite black flats and my book light...Oh to be so minimal. Never fear, I had more than several pair of shoes I brought...and I used them all. Janie comes home from our office in Oldtown checking into our pita chips from Dollar General and Muffie lounges on our couch, this little guy is something else...A typical eve in our home. In the Working Kitchen?  Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna by Zuzu, yesterday's grocery store buddy. [IMG_9559-1.jpg] Some shots yesterday evening on a typical autumn eve here. Last weekend we heard a rap at the was the boy from the family with the cattle lease. He was complaining because his deer was scared away by one of us on our property. Oh dear me. I could smell the fragrance of fabric softener wafting from his shirt as he stood there. We told him we did not want hunting on our property, we have daughters walking and running on our property (not to mention we do not believe in hunting for sport). And no it 's not a girly thing, Hubs feels the same way. Protection when a must, yes and so far we haven't needed that, and sport killing a definite no. We also reminded ourselves that the boy's family has plenty of acreage of their own. Hubs, Michelle and I went for a walk an hour or so later and there was the boy hiding, camoflauged on the back of our property with a bow and arrow ...He sheepishly looks up at us from his crouched position... I asked the boy in a most dignified but clearly aggravated way (think Christy to Mundy) "What are you doing here?". Hubs tried to be nice about it as the boy put his arrows away. *sigh* It was disturbing, it made me want to cry. Thank God they moved all hunting gear and deer feeder away to their own property. I certainly don't want problems and I don't want people hurt or animals. It's a shame. Can you imagine? I'm not so afraid of panthers or snakes but I'm afraid of people at various times. Trust me, it was and is a matter of prayer. Psalms 91. Our family enjoyed Operation Pacific (1951) the last two evenings. We checked this one out from the library, and we are so glad we did. Not only is it the battle between the Americans and Japanese it is a battle of a husband winning his wife back and being a true man. John Wayne and Patricia Neal star in this movie. I love one of the opening scenes with nuns and little orphan children taking refuge in the submarine. Well take care everyone, the day's getting by me and I have a lot to do today. : ) I hope you all are doing well, prayers going forth for our country. So much going on. I think the best thing to do besides prayers and participation is making our very homes the peaceful place unto the Lord minding our own business, training our young men to be men and our young ladies to be young ladies in our homes, hopefully they will see examples of contentment within us, why mix things up with the world's way? If everyone would do this just think what the country could be again. EDIT:10.11.11 I now have some wowee recommendations on Vision for a Godly Home. Enjoy! Let me know how you all are doing when you get a chance! ~Amelia