Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ugly Rejection Equals Beautiful Savior

Sometimes I really do believe that Jesus would be rejected at many churches. I just have to shake my head and weep sometimes...I really do. Sectarianism is a very ugly thing and it hurts people. I just don't understand why people don't see it. People are like teeth, ignore them and they will go away. No, I do not feel rejected, I feel like I have had the privilege of being treated like Jesus was treated and that makes me very sensitive to others. Thank you Jesus.

This is what sectarianism does to people:

But on a positive note this is what it does for me, it draws me closer to the One who hung on the cross , the One who suffered and died for me, He knows every feeling we have felt. I can worship Him and rejoice in the fact of knowing He is protecting, sometimes He needs to be brutally honest in the spectrum of the spiritual realm for us to SEE:

What He must feel when He sees this lowly sectarianism? I cannot even imagine, I just cannot even imagine... I just know this, it's not the Lord's fault what is happening in many churches today. We see it on every front. Very conservative and very liberal we see it on every front.

I am the church. Jesus is in my heart, I will serve Him in my community and with love and truth. Please Lord Jesus help us to be your mirror...When people see us help them to see Jesus in us. When we are rejected of men and man-made rules and religion help us to remember that is what they did to you too...

And may they remember what happens when they offend a little one.
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